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>"So tell me anon, we have had a lot of questions come in asking what was your first big investment break?
>"Well you see, it is hard to explain. I struggled a lot back then and ended up on some crazy websites. I took a gamble on a little known project known as ChainLink after reading bits here and there about the Smart Contract revolution."
>"Wow anon, you got in the SC revolution early?!"
>"Yes, it seems crazy back then. Blockchains were so primitive compared to now, but yes, myself and I would say, couple of hundred maybe, guys on those websites, we took notice. They called us maniacs."
>"Do you keep in touch with any of those guys now?"
>"Oh yes of course, we meet up annually, I've been to a few of the guys weddings as best man. Sergey has flown us out to his private island a few times, did you know he had his own personal McDonalds outlet built on there?"
>"Seems like it paid off for you all then huh?"
>"Heh, in the end, I guess there was a bit of maniac in all of us after all"
>lights cigar
>screen slowly fades to black

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based and delusionpilled

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haha nice to dream about those days... just visualize as much as you can!

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anon gets seasick he would never do this

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It always annoys me in this pasta that at the start anon acts like Chainlink is little known at the start then assumes the interviewer knows who Sergey is at the end
Like, you're not taking this LARP seriously enoguh

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The most hilarious thing: there are people who think like this. Unironically, they are creating this stupid situations to cope with reality.

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Lol idiot

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Maybe I am, but at least I'm not a chainlink holder.

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Go back to work retard, Shekelberg is getting mad

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yeah, people of the same stripe of steve jobs, musk, Thomas Edison, da Vinci, Archimedes, etc.

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Post the one tipping a hot asian waitress just 0.01 LINK so she can retire and then having her swallow your cum as a 'thank you' afterwards.

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>Well my dear lovely buttercup, since you asked as a matter of fact my current focus is as an investor in a promising silicon valley startup that promises to disrupt the global economy and the very fundamental nature of legal agreements, it's in fact the key to backoffice automation and the fourth industrial revolution. My typical work day consists of researching scientific papers as well as industry reports and consulting with like minded experts in the field of cutting edge dlt technology and analysis of market sentiment... We're quite the successful bunch... Did you know that we in fact collectively beat the top firms in Wall Street in terms of ROI for the last 4 quarters with our little venture? That's not all, we're also quite creative and produce a lot of valuable artwork... Yes my dear, you see this wonderful painting, it represents an old Egyptian deity, and the numerological symbols depicted are rooted in ancient prophecies... Ah, you wouldn't understand the depth of it all, but yes, I do all this from the comfort of my humble home, meaning I have perfect control over my schedule and do not suffer from the shackles of employment, or as I like to call it... Slavery... N-not that there's anything wrong with you being a Walmart cashier, my sweet angel...

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I hope we can all meet at the yacht, you better not bail frens, I want to meet the autists that made me rich.

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They are literally shaping reality itself with their "delusions"

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For me? It was when I witnessed the first few seconds of this video back in 2017:


The pure, unadulterated autism revealed in that simple wave... it was then that I knew that Sergey was the chosen one.

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i just want to meet some doctor who has spent years of slaving away getting his degree sacrificing his entire 20s in order to drive the same car that i do and wear the same watch that i have and when he goes "oh anon how did you become so successful" ill just be like "i literally invested in a coin that i have no idea how it works which i read about on 4chan and it made me into a millionaire" and then laugh right in his jew face

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How much would a boat like that cost?

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>>screen slowly fades to black
as you get choked out by a chainlink hired assassin


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how can one man be so based?

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Not gonna lie this is fucking based kek

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500k used 1,000,000 new depends on the spec's

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Easily one of my fav pastas

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Based. You will make it anon.

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This, I also want to get a Tesla and make the paint job like Pepe NEETs blanket and just drive through places during peak wagie hours honking the horn and blaring songs about freedom and not being a slave.

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This is the meme that made buy 3k of them on ethdelta at 7 cents after the "smartcontract.com" not running an ICO through a smartcontract weekend fud after release.

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Checked. This numbers confirms any yatch party attendee will die in a coordinated terrorist attack there

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This, and pic related, made me think 10k was the lucky number to own.

Look at her crotch, the guy is an pussy magnet autistic fuck god

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Temporary embarrassed millionaires