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Look at this shit, they don't even know how an exchange operates. It confuses the fuck out of every person that used any established exchange like Coinbase or Binance or whichever, it's always the same. But not for the notorious horse rimming fanclub.

You see, when a BUY order is filled in the order book, it's registered as an active sell. Because the BUY order was already there, someone actively pushed a button to sell into it. Therefore it's a sell. The same goes for SELL orders in the order book. When you want to buy a coin you fill a sell order. When that order is matched by your BUY it is registered as such and appears GREEN in the trade history. But horse fucker Johnny got it completely backwards. To him, when a BUY order is filled, that means someone actively bought huehue. Means it is green in the order book, well retard, it should be red because it's an active sell. Just look at pic related, from the spread you should see the dumb fucking mistake, I'm posting a coinbase screenshot for LINK/USD although it should be obvious.

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As you can see, the complete opposite of what shitpool does and guess what, coinbase does it right.

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thanks just sold 100k

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youre welcome, when you sell into a buy order check for the color in the trade history

spoiler: it's not gonna be green ;)

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We are back to fud this again? You recognized linkpools role...at a pretty late state...
When will /biz learn

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Who the fuck cares faggot. The exchange should not even exist, it was developed in order to allow trustless exchange of LP shares since a lot of people began attempting to scam others through otc trades

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Very little demand for LP right now. People still think the only purpose of the shares are for the rights to use the pool.
But thats not the main purpose at all. You become a literal shareholder - you will get part of all the income sources of the pool, including pic related when ETH staking gets implemented as well.
Jonny will become a billionaire in the next couple of years and we all can share the cake.

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Also, every share is currently paying 1 Link per month and that is without the pool even going live.
Thats just from the one node that Sergey is paying to directly.

Imagine the payouts once 1000 times 10000 Link get staked on LP (see pic).

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>t. Ameritard still mad he couldn't buy Linkpool at ICO
How mad are you that my 5K euros are now worth 50k? Yeah you mad.

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Try to get 50k for your shares right now

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You just have to play the linkpool game. Wait for the price to dip then buy some then make a post on biz. Clear the order book and post higher prices. You just have to wait until you haven't seen a linkpool thread for a couple weeks. I watched some guy Jack the price up from 17 to 55 overnight.

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>doesn't know how to use a DEX

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Buy Ari's Jewels or stay poor.

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regret buying? or what is it you're upset about

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coinbase sucks

it won't let me sell

it has all these requirements and restrictions. why do i have to have a certain before i can sell?

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honestly, looking at how centralized linkpool shares are, I think LP will continue to stagnate over a long time. staking will boost the price, but ultimately will just trigger the whales to sell.

I haven't checked the sell orders right now, so may be wrong, but if you wanna try for yourself.. check recent LP contract interactions, copy the sender address, click the cogwheel in top right of the LP site, paste the address ("view as"), and then check Ownership/Sell tab to see how much LP they're holding.

Most sell side activity lately is tied to wallets with anything between 10 and 100 LP. What do you think will happen if staking boosts the price? It's fucked desu, and the price will be squished by whales trying to lower their LP holdings, for a long fucking time

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>i missed out and im salty
the post

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I still have LP since the ICO, and have sold off probably 2-3 LP. sure, I wish I bought more in the ICO. who doesn't.

just look at the buy side. there's 1k LP in circulation and there are buy orders for like, what, 0.2 LP before the price is down 50%?

we'll see. price doesn't matter if noone is willing to pay.

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I was right. try copy this address yourself:

go to https://staking.linkpool.io/dex > click the cogwheel in top right > paste it in there.

Check the "Ownership" and "DEX" tab.


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being a linklet, would more link or some LP be a better buy?

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I see buying more Link being better in the short run. Any Link you earn from holding Linkpool will be meagre until aggregation is running.

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link. linkpool is great, no doubt. you will both be able to stake (super small amounts tho) and also get a share of all their revenue sources, all nodes, listing fees, future eth staking.
but it's not worth to buy now just look at the DEX. someone will come and say I'm salty like this guy >>17111373

but just have a look at the DEX yourself:

yes, I'm salty that I didn't sell more LP months ago.
buy side is non existant, and has been for quite a while. the market is shit for LP atm.
wait for the book to stabilize atleast.

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Pool not needed

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pool, or managed nodes, are needed especially for link. it's not like brainlet staking. you gottahave some data sources to provide.

but there are already a few competitors out there, can't recall their names atm. none of them are as far ahead as linkpool tho. keep in mind that Jonny is also on the Chainlink team and are building key pieces (like the link node listing etc)
the key thing to consider is that with LP staking you must hold LP, which also entitles you to a % from all their revenue streams..
while other services likely will let you stake without buying any shares, they just take a cut. whichh LP also does. but all LP staking = need to hold LP. Holding LP = revneue from all nodes, listing service ,etc.

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based and checked. I've got 4k link and 0.4lp how am I doing?

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>staking will boost the price, but ultimately will just trigger the whales to sell
The price will be dictated by their revenue, which is the main use case of the lp shares. If every LP share yields 500 LINK a month regardless of how much you stake, would you sell? The staking pool of pools, eth staking, naas. Lp holders are set for good

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But who does the actual staking? Who updates the nodes? In other words, who is risking my stake?
If they only get paid in LP shares like me that incentivizes lazy operation of nodes, which means my linkies would be at higher risk of getting slashed.

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>If they only get paid in LP shares like me
Wut? LP holders get paid in LINK

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My question is, what's the reward for actually running the nodes and who does it?

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Because when staking is released you will get contracts which require difficult, hard to verify data. Stakes at tht point will run a real risk being slahed for providing wrong data. Who decides what Apis to rely on for each specific contract?

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>You should buy linkpool shares because they make you buy them to stake, unlike all the other staking pools
>This is a good idea

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>unlike the other staking pools
what other stsking pools you absolute nigger, you are in EVERY lp thread trying to fud it, literally kill yourself

Everyone who holds link but thinks lp is shit is absolutely retarded, you faggots have not idea how closely they are working together. Linkpool, link.market and honeycomb.market are all INTEGRAL parts of chainlink

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You are the biggest buy signal, stop your obvious fud

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Secure data links is one example and there will be more. no token required to stake
>Jonny works for Chainlink so you should buy his unnecessary token

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>Haha you're such a big buy signal please stop now I don't want all these people to buy

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Its literally the most useful token i am holding, i am getting passive links already now BEFORE adoption, you know exactly how this will blow up with adoption

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>secure data links
Literally only a fucking website, my sides. Kill yourself

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Furthermore, linkpool holders will also get passive income from people staking on secure data links. Linkpool wrote the staking contract and will get a piece of EVERY staking pool faggot

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Nah, they are legit. They work with Australian banks and they are developing the reputation contracts

>linkpool holders will also get passive income from people staking on secure data links
That's only if SDL decides to use the pool of staking pools

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>to use the pool of staking pools

>> No.17112774

Answer my question you fucking assholes

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>My question is, what's the reward for actually running the nodes and who does it?
Nobody knows yet, read the whitepaper faggot

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>Nobody knows yet
Sketchy as fuck

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This is not like a fucking PoS blockchain, contract requesters will come to faggots like you running a node or fucking pools and ask them for fucking data, but they won't trust you because you are a just a dumb nigger and they will ask for a beforehand deposit (staking) so if you send wrong data or go offline like the pussy you are then they will obtain your deposited Link. If you provide proper data they will pay you (staking returns).

The higher the fucking stack of LINK you stake, the higher the payment should be. This is a fucking free market approach you brainlet

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Also competition is damn irrelevant quantitatively talking, competition will stand out by the quality of the data they provide

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>contract requesters will come to faggots like you running a node or fucking pools and ask them for fucking data, but they won't trust you because you are a just a dumb nigger and they will ask for a beforehand deposit (staking) so if you send wrong data or go offline like the pussy you are then they will obtain your deposited Link. If you provide proper data they will pay you (staking returns).

The system you described does not exist.

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link = good
linkpool = scam

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Oh no, the namefag woke up

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You've been arguing ferociously all thread and now you've shut up like a bitch when I entered and proved your imaginary system doesn't exist. You're unable to refute that.

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Oh my buy orders got executed there. Nice to see this posted here before I go and check what's going on on linkpool.

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Cry more, Moboktu. No straw roof for you next winter.

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For real tho why don't they just fix it

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because it literally doesn't matter
it's not an "exchange", its was a side project for jonny just to allow trustless transfer of LP tokens

>> No.17113002

>a brainlet asking retard questions in telegram proves anything
Kys. Also at worst, Linkpool is part of these top selected nodes participating in the network. A real trustless ecosystem won't exist until staking goes live, so business won't have to trust node operators, since if they behave in a dishonest manner they will suffer a huge loss (in link and reputation)

>> No.17113012

You didn't understand my question.
In fact it is you who underestimates.
What is the incentive for running a node properly on LP if you don't get rewarded any more than people who simply make their link available for stake?

>> No.17113022

>running a node properly on LP
the fuck you talking about

>> No.17113035

And I'm not giving you 30 eth for that sorry.

>> No.17113099

>You didn't understand my question.
>In fact it is you who underestimates.
Sure buddy, whatever you say

>What is the incentive for running a node properly on LP if you don't get rewarded any more than people who simply make their link available for stake?
Your question doesn't even make sense. You don't "run" nodes on LP. Let's clarify this once for all, you have a few options to interact with LP:

- With LP shares:
>You can just receive passive income in LINK (and other currencies in the future) just by holding LP. This income will come from NaaS monthly fee, market.link premiums and listings, staking pool fees, pool of staking pools fees, the Linkpool node rewards.
>You can have access to priority staking (this is irrelevant to be honest).

- Without LP shares:
> Pay a monthly fee for NaaS (they manage the infrastructure of the node for you and you just manage the APIs and the data you provide).
> List your own node in market.link or pay for certain premiums like additional management or being promoted
> Use the secure and audited pooling contracts in order to turn your node into a trustless staking pool in exchange for a fee.

These are going to be the options. You don't "run a node in LP".

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But someone runs the nodes that make the LP money retard, that's the fucking point.

>> No.17113180

Holy shit, how retarded are you? Jonny runs the fucking Linkpool node, but I fail to see how this is relevant at all

>> No.17113209

You fail to see it because you're a retard.
You are litterally trusting the quality of the nodes that stake your precious linkies to some guy because he is on the CL team?
What happens if "Johnny" decides he's tired of running the nodes and sells his own LP shares? Why would anyone run the nodes then?

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based retard
new levels of retard
>what if mr goldman or mr morgan want to retire

>> No.17113250

What do you think it will happen if Sergey dies? The same can be applied to Chainlink perfectly. You are trusting that someone won't have an accident or just exit scams on you. Once said this, there are several economical incentives to keep running the nodes. Jonny can be a billionaire in the next 15 years easily, just by holding his 1500 LP shares and being a central piece of the Chainlink ecosystem with his marketplace. Once SWIFT, derivatives, insurance are using connected smartcontracts on a daily basis, they will ask for millions of USD worth of LINK as a deposit stack. You can thus assume that the payments for delivering appropiate data in a 1,000,000 USD contract request will be higher than the average request's payment. Only pools and some future whales will be able to fulfill these jobs.

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The difference is, frens, that there is no incentive for anyone to step up. If Sergey dies, other people will want the authority over Chainlink's private stash and run the company well. But if Johnny dies, you have two options.
1 buy LP shares and waste valuable resources running their nodes so those shares stay valuable
2 buy LP shares and let someone else do the work, while making the exact same amount of money
It's a classic tragedy of the commons. Doomed for failure.

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Actually, I didn't explain the difference too well.
Chainlink will, in the end as a company, be obsolete. Ideally the network will run itself and Link will retain its value.
But for LP to retain its value it remains necessary for that specific node to be ran well. Yet there is no decentralised extra compensation for the node runner.
That makes LP bearish on the long term.

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It's a level of traditional ingame item markets.
Probably same design.

>> No.17113406

you get revenue from all their revenue streams, and linkpool is and will be a key player in the Chainlink network.
it's not about just being allowed to stake, that wasn't even the initial plan. It's about receiving a piece of all Linkpool revenue. part of all their node revenue, managed node fees, listing service fees(https://market.link/), eth nodes..

with that said, I'm trying to sell my LP because the market is shit and it's too centralized.

did you look at "secure data links"? what do they have? are they the guys with the 1998 html site a few months ago? now they just got a launch page.
secured by what? kangaroos?

so many brainlets in this thread
linkpool is over priced today for what it is. supply far outweighs demand. the guy with 4 LP posted there at 30 ETH price, has 48 LP more.
that's just one example, there are plenty more (muh transparency, check the addresses interacting with the linkpool contract on etherscan and you can check their LP balances and if they are trying to sell ro buy).

every linkie should want to have some LP shares, but the price/market is in a terrible state atm, and be aware that there are individuals holding 0.5-10% of the supply who are actively cashing out as soon as some buy pressure appears.

inb4 all the fud blabla trying to accumulate. I'm not. look at the buyside, where would my orders be. and there are already 100 ETH worth being sold at 30 price.
too many whales keeping price down and cashing out at any chance they have.

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