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That chainlink is a Jewish psyop to keep anons for using their memetic energy to support the real bitcoin, notice how it came out right after the bcash split in 2017 and how most linkys seem to absolutely hate Craig now.

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I also notice that shills are starting recommend LINK and BSV together. Poisoning the well it seems. The colors of LINKs logo never fooled me same as Epsteins temple

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They have attempted to pervert the spiritually pure number 42. They use 42 threads to push more Jewish gematria. You can spot out the obvious likes talking about mixicles, hyping up schizophrenic tier theories about how Link will change the world (preying on weak minded, autistic anons). They make threads convincing anyone that has less than 10k links that they are worthless. All of the “old fags” of /biz/ were Jews it’s starting to seem. I have no respect for the old fags. Either they are low IQ schizophrenia prone anons whom became emotionally invested because of the Jewish rhetoric, or they are actual Jewish cyber trolls using chainlink as a way to fleece BTC from anons buying in. They make numerous LARP threads which often cover degenerative, sexual taboo topics. The list goes on and on. /biz/ you should be ashamed of yourselves for letting these kikes shill up this board with a coin that’s only function is to look up the price of ERC-20 tokens.

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The color of link is blue and white. What is Israel’s flags colors ?... the coincidences all start to add up . I also have noticed the LINK/BSV threads which most of the time result in anons telling anons that he should sell his BSV for LINK (they do this to to subvert current BSV holders, trying to psyche them out of their BSV)

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But our memetic energy is working with chainlink. We’ve made great gains so far

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The price movement of Link is entirely manipulated. Every time someone dumps it seems to immediately have these dead cat bounces . Pretty soon there won’t be any linkers swinging they will all be dumping their link for BTC so that they can possibly buy BSV (if they have any brains)

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>they do this to to subvert current BSV holders, trying to psyche them out of their BSV
opinion disregarded

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>They have attempted to pervert the spiritually pure number 42. They use 42 threads to push more Jewish gematria

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Yeah, really makes you think. Chainlink clearly is the jewish scam here

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Stop trying to use Trump memes to deflect you filthy kike. The jig is up JIDF. Your crypto scam is over

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>The jig is up JIDF. Your crypto scam is over
>shills BSV
>crypto scam

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>Stop trying to use Trump memes

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so this is the FUD nowadays? what happened to jason parser?

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They literally hate Jews, they gave the greatest asset to the most likely demographic to fund gas chambers. Bless Sergey

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take your meds

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>take your meds

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Bump. The chainlink Jews must perish.

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Good thread, chainlink is literally a jew coin. I'm happy some anons saw the light and switched to the god's side.

sad that the only anons left holding chainlink are deluded schizo fucks and their dumb followers who wants to believe they are somehow part of something mystical to give a purpose to their wasteful lives.
meanwhile, all the OGs are slowly transfering their gains into bsv and the slightly above average anons are starting to catch on. The smartest one did long ago.
Truth is, token unironically not needed and everything chainlink does could've been done on the original bitcoin blockchain. The blog post was unironically just a blogpost too. Linkies all thought those memes were marines being ironic, making good shitposts and such, but it was even better than that, it was unironic fud.
as always, no amount of anon posts should lead your investements. DYOR or be left weak-handed and broke

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kike satan worshippers seething.

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this is a good post

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Bangalore Streetshitting Virgins will ignore this post

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My linky stays super stinky $1000.00 eoy.