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Do wagecuck hiring managers only care about this because of some sort of jealous cope? Why the fuck do they care if you haven’t worked in a year or two? Industries don’t change that fast 99% of the time.

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Because theyre worried you’ll fuck off and leave them having to find someone to hire with short notice

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>we hire nothing but the most dependent and desperate wage slaves here no sir no 1 year gap allowed here
>should pick yourself up by the bootstraps and work 7 days a week!
They really do want you to be a slave

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they like cucks

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>it says here your last job ended in 2018
>What exactly have you been doing since then?

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They don't want people who will stop working. If you had a gap it means you might not care about whether you keep your job. They don't want to train those types for nothing.

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Gaps just require explanation.
Either you're hiding something,
Or you're just a fuck-up.
Or if the honest answer seems fine then you're good.

How long was the gap and why was the gap?

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also they love to hire people with lots of dependents like wives, kids, parents

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False if you are a woman

Male privilege... a wife gives points