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It's over for bitcoin isn't it?
nobody seems to care about crypto anymore in 2020

>> No.17091979

but i do, am i nobody?

>> No.17091985

no fren, you are special

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>nobody seems to care about crypto anymore in 2020

that's why you buy now rather than when everyone cares, coz by then it'll be too late

>> No.17092005

the only time anyone cared about it was when it was pumping. otherwise noone ever cared about it and never will.

>> No.17092011

Should have bought tesla faggot.
I bought at 580 dollars

>> No.17092020

Hi dDKRIOqM, where do I get a 4chan gold pass? I'm kind of new here but i'd love to see your image!

>> No.17092021

it's hard to get normies excited again, especially now that the stockmarket is tearing crypto a new one

>> No.17092083

The halvening is soon. Be patient.

>> No.17092290

rumor says halving is priced in

>> No.17092410

Halvening is never priced in
Bullrun starts in 2021

>> No.17092604

> event known years in advanced
> not priced in

>> No.17092614

That’s why you buy now tardbrain

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