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where my homies at?

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Ayyy I need drugs

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Yeah I'm thinking I wasted my life

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im not sure if i wasted my life. my life has been pretty fucking hard and childhood was even worse. been homeless. gotten a BA in ART basically. No prospects for earning more. im just hoping link moons enough to where i can go back to school and become a PT. Not a virgin. Had sex. Did tons of drugs. Faced my own death and i was fucking scared shitless. i dont know man. this doesnt feel like a wasted life, it feels like fucking surviving.

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Unironically did the most basic to survive the past two years and nothing much else.

Chainlink will make us rich, right?

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>I wasted my life by not meeting societies expectations of me

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This for you too >>17085965

You've been tricked into thinking that's what you need to be happy.

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I really want to kill myself. There's no way to claw out of this hole I've dug for myself. What the fuck am I going to do? No Job. No car. Virgin. holy SHIT

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you wouldn't be happy as a PT, kenny, i think you could find your joy in a different realm of health care

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Same boat. I'm hoping this coronavirus wipes us out.

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>fell for the self improvement meme a few years ago and went to college and started working out regularly after 9 years of NEETing with a few shitty odd jobs here and there
>haven't had anything resembling a friend in over a decade, never had a gf or sex or even a damn hug
>now have a decent paying job and muscles but nothing really else
>just work and go to the gym, opted to not move out so I can maximize savings, got my living expenses down to $650 a month
>going to be 31 this year
>nothing I do will ever make up for my youth that was stolen from me, I could wake up as a 10/10 millionaire hyperchad with hundreds of friends tomorrow and it wouldn't matter
really want to get fired and bury myself in a hole so I can motivate myself to end it more easily

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I only have 2000 chainlink to my name. Worse comes to worse I'll have to be homeless and beg for money but it won't be so bad, Best case scenario chainlink goes to 1000$+ and I retire on a frugal mountain lifestyle. Ever since I was a kid I've always wanted to camp out doors indefinitely. Never liked the city. The best advice I could give to someone is suck it up and save as much money while living out of a truck shell and invest all of your money. Just doing that and saving hundreds of dollars in stock, crypto and gold will afford you retirement. Always carry a pistol.

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I make the world go 'round, I make it squirm, I make it scream.
Clean and Pristine.
Sleek and Unique.
I dreamt a dream.
If I could never run or eat again, I'd be happy with my body.
If I could see people naked, I'd want them all to see me watching.
If I could make people happy, I'd do it right.
The moon and the sky, filled with rainbows and little ants, falling all over everyone, tangled up in their hair, and falling into their shirts.

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You are scared.

You want a nice girl who could give a handjob while listening to The Muppets theme song but you are afraid she would walk out on you.

And so, what can you do?

Like most women, we're afraid of rejection, and often times we don't even realize what our fears are.

And so, we blame the frog.

We blame him for not being into us, for going off and having those crazy sex parties.

What a loser.

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I make the world go 'round!!! I make it squirm!! I make it scream!!
Clean and Pristine!
Sleek and Unique!
I dreamt a dream..
you were scared.
I'm the only one that can make it happen.
The way you see it, life is a 'mormon musical'.
Oh yea!
A jesus fever has entered my body!!
I was in fear.
I can't sleep without you.
You are the angel of death.
My body is dry.
Your skin is burning.
Your green talons are burning me.
The world needs a hero.
I've been given a gift.
That gift is my heart and soul.
You are the daydream

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Join the /trailergang/
Life is good, I feel like I've made it for <$20k. I go innawoods whenever I want, got a girl I'm gonna marry, got a dog and 2 cats. I'm still not rich but I don't care, I've never felt this good.

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instead of self loathing, start climbing up the ladder.

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>You don't need more money?! What do you mean you don't need more money?!

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>instead of self loathing, start climbing up the ladder.

When a dog lifts his front paw on the table, yes, it's cute. But don't make yourself out to be some sort of cyborg capable of unleashing a fire extinguisher. The backstabbing that unites humans is that they are motivated by the desire to better themselves. I'm not suggesting that your way is superior. But you want what's best for your family and you deserve to be better than anyone else, be it a dog or a celebrity or even a billionaire. Let that motivate you, but don't base your judgment on who is or isn't on the team.

Don't take photos of people, especially close-ups. Snap a picture of yourself instead, preferably one that's a little more abstract, preferably after hours when you've lost your mind.

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I think I've been broken into figuring out I'm never going to make more than $15/hr for the rest of my life.

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while you're all worried about wasted lives and thinking that the next happening is in Antarctica or some terribly obvious place... news flash: it's not.
Some serious fucking shit is going down in FERMONT QC and you are all looking in the wrong place. Listen to me. They found something out there. It's been excavated and suddenly a massive complex behind gated walls are being constructed. It's not a secret facility -- but an armed, gated community being built for the absolute elites of the world. The worlds most expensive aircraft are being seen delivering VIP's, and you all need to know about it.

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or maybe I should say: start improving yourself. I could have worded it better, I will say it right next time.

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it could be worse - you could be a retarded autist schizoid shillig shitcoins on an obscure burmese basket weaving forum

Oh, wait...

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