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>you didn't bought @ $0.11
>you didn't bought @ $0.20
>you didn't bought @ $0.30
>you didn't bought @ $0.40
>you didn't bought @ $0.50
>you didn't bought @ $0.60
>you didn't bought @ $0.70
>you didn't bought @ $0.80
>you didn't bought @ $0.90
>you didn't bought @ $1.00

YES YOU WILL ONLY BOUGHT WHEN IT REACHES $1, when its about to dump again.
good choice my fren keep doing /biz/ work

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Icon $1 price is still ridiculous cheap

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>you didnt sell at 12 bucks

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nice english

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Pretty obvious you’re some foreigner holding bags. Good attempt though pajit

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didnt sold

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Most of biz isn't buying this. We are literally buying shit like FRM LINK and NYZO

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>tfw bought at 7 dollars

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I'll buy a few when it dumps to 1 cent

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>you didn't bought
Ok Jeetinder.

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only need this piece of garbage to hit U$1.6 so I can finally break free

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>Shitty obscure coin with no partnership,
>Using women over the logo of the shitcoin,
>Guaranteeing a moon mission,
>Has a volume of less than 20k btc,

My shitcoin analysis checks out

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jesus christ you'd have better luck with a real estate trust
what a fucking prick

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the taller girl looks like my neighbor who likes to change with her window blinds open. seen her pantied ass and bare tits so many times and im sure she knows the neighbors watch the lil perv

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Stop it with the lies! nobody bought the bottom of this! you're all just bagholders gaining back a tiny fraction of what you lost!

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> Shitty obscure coin with no partnership

ok, confirmed that you dont know nothing about ICON

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You guys serious? This shit was nearly $12 in 2017

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it was little a bit over $ 12 in 2017 when it still was just erc-20 token

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kek. u forgot
>didn't bought at $12

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Also if you didn't sell upon seeing the CEO kissing his money you're a retard. Dude probably laughed when you kept investing even after it crashed to a few cents

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all alt prices collapsed, BTC price collapsed, early 2018 started biggest bear market history in cryptoworld

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Well you still have a chance with ALGO. Breakout is imminent, clear bottom and listed on every major exchange.

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