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He’s the one.

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why does this shit keep pumping?

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Do you think he ever felt pressure when he kept having failures, missing deadlines, bleeding cash and had investors breathing down his neck?

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FED keep printing

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Hysteria, panic buy, FOMO, idiots buying at the top.

The valuation was is beyond ridiculous halfway here.

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This is the exact same as Bitcoin in 2017

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interesting this shit keeps pumping despite the China lockdown, I would've thought the chinks are the biggest lithium supplier in the world and the batteries for these toy cars need a shitton of it.

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i don't think the people buying tesla at this point really think twice

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the markets arent rational

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holyfuck this is ridiculous

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LOL no

BTC was and still is way undervalued

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Telsa will go to 25k
eventually people will realize something is very wrong systemically

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Where the Tesla stock chads at?

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>implying a PE of -3000 is bad

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Tesla isn't a car company. Look at what's going on on Antarctica.

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>The valuation was is beyond ridiculous halfway here.
Seething so hard he broke his brain.

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this, its 2017-crypto bubble / level of delusion

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TSLA $1000 EOQ

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w-w-what is going in antarctica

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The Thing was unleashed the other day.

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Sitting on 100 shares bought at $100/share. I need to cash out but this is like heroin at this point

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i posted this on the 15th and people said i was dumb. good thing i bought 10k worth

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Based and checked

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This. Still, there's money to be made. This train ain't stopping until the model Y releases at the very least. It's going to come down hard, though. A car company has no business having this high of a valuation. The market just isn't large enough to support it. This kind of scalability is only possible for software companies. The problem is people are treating Tesla like Facebook or Apple when it's more similar to traditional car companies like Ford and GM.

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Markets? There are no markets anymore.

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Just closed most of my position from 350, graph looks super peaky

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People are treating stocks like there is no risk anymore. And they are right. Check out all the Central banks world wide. Pumping in billions on a daily basis into the market as so called "non QE". And when the clock stops ticking, ppl wont have any money left to buy their ropes. Everyone is all in at this point since there is no financial asset left to put your money into.

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What if we just segue into hyperinflation and the stock prices never go down because the fiat is so worthless? I already feel like its a hedge against inflation to an extent.

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If we get to hyperinflation then the last thing you're gonna be worrying about is stock prices.

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Cash flowing assets, so long as they aren't 100% dependent on imports do fine in hyperinflation.

Suck my cock.

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lol buddy when hyperinflation comes around I'm gonna come to your house and beat your head in with a bat in front of your family
>thinking clown world will continue once the cover is blown

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Future earnings and market share.

Tesla will literally own Mars in 10 years, and all other companies will go bust no matter how much profit they're making right now.

Fuck your fundamentals.

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So you think that the military and the police that have tanks helicopters and bombs will turn on everyone and then dissolve and the bootlickers like you will have some amount of control?

Sad fantasy and shows that you are desperate for any amount of power in your life.

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There's no chance we get hyperinflation as long as the vast majority of the central bank pump doesn't reach consumers.

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He's saying the citizenry will turn on itself when no one can afford food so they start stealing shit. See Venezuela.

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The money being printed is there for the well connected to play the financial casino, not to fill wheelbarrows.

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What thing?

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jews and the FED

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because the jews own them. Gas the kikes.

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Checked you bastard

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Your IQ is reddit tier and it shows. Leave this website.

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You'd have to be absolutely retarded to pay that much for a business with no profit and a tenuous and shrinking market share on meme cars.

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Don’t weigh a ton
Don’t need gas to get away on the streets
From Mars the monster Mars will pop the glock to free humanity

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Fuck my ID
Fuck everything
Of all the possible combinations in the world

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damn ... please expand on this. you’re saying that it’s possible for the injected money to stay within derivatives and stocks and never “trickle down” to the asset-level. I think I’m following ...

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look at this cope

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The absolute state of TSLA "investors".

It's like buy shitcoins late in 2017 because they all promised shiny products in their white papers, 2 years later, most are collapsed or total duds or vaporware.

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Lol this is looking more and more like late 1920s where people were going all in on the stock market. Difference the fed keeps pumping money which makes me question if the stock market will even crash within 5 years time. Still I have no intent of investing in the stock market at this point. Just cause the fed can keep pumping money in doesnt mean all other countries will respect their choice. They lose trust in the us dollar and suddenly hyperinflation will likely happen quickly.

In light of that what can I stick my money into in xase the u.s. collapses?

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This is not like shitcoin. It's like the dot com boom. Mark my words Tesla is going to own a lion's share of the automobile while "traditional" automobile manufacturers are going to start dropping like flies. Get in while you still can we're gonna make it boys

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Oh so you're saying it's a new paradigm

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*notices your big stonk price*

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Gold is the obvious answer

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nice, but hodl
you're not getting rich with 75k
i'm not selling until 50 shares buy me a ticket to the mars

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> I almost bought $50k worth of Tesla stock at $200 but cancelled my buy order
> would have been $175k now

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Tesla is not a car company retard.

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Bet you woulda thought apple was a phone company too. You are retarded.

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>muh tesla is a tech company

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>T. .001%er share buybacks
Pump harder faggots, hope their dicks fall off.

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You don’t even know what it is either you’re retarded as well and why you’ll buy at 1k eoy.

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their pricing in the next 4 years of revenue

then again everything in the stock market is so over valued its just insane, anybody with a background in statistics and fundamentals is losing

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from a mathematical standpoint - the strong rejection of the 760 level is important and I have reason to believe that Tesla will make a very sharp and trade-able retracement back to at least the 580 price level

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okay take your tongue out of elons asshole and tell us what it is then

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Brainlet here:
So I bought in like $130 and am now over $300 what do I do bros?

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this is almost definitely a local top - take that for what its worth - will probably not return to this price level for months

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That's fucking bullshit, c'mon.
It has no right to pump like that.

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Largest FOMO in a decade.

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I mean I'm fine holding but if its just gonna bottom out again...
I'm pretty new to investments, obviously but bought in back around the time elonchan talked about going private.

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>The valuation was is beyond ridiculous halfway here.

Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like

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Is it too late to get in on this? Every time I check back it's gone up another fifty bucks.

>> No.17080804

It's gone up almost 100$ TODAY ... LMAO

the fomo is unreal

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>"yeah its all priced in" soiboi TESLA stock owner

>proceeds sideways for years

>> No.17080836

>lol buddy when hyperinflation comes around I'm gonna come to your house and beat your head in with a bat in front of your family
>>thinking clown world will continue once the cover is blown
honked and clownpilled

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>not selling the top and buying back in after the inevitable crash
It's 2017 crypto all over again folks

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Why the fuck is it even going up?

Was there some miraculous earnings report?

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Sigh, yet again here a copy paste of what I explained in 2 other threads now already.

It is bullshit and will backfire big time. Here is my explanation: It is simple. Sorties MUST buy now. To short this stock was cheap, because Tesla = doesn't pay dividend. If you short, you must pay dividend. The higher the dividend, the more expensive to short. Most shorts are on credit. When the course goes high, shorties must buy like hell and at all costs, because otherwise the costs will go nuts on the shortie.
This is what completely irrationally happened to this course

Stay far away for a while... my advice

I am doing this to be nice to fellow anons for once, as well as explain to them what they are seeing. And what led to what they are seeing, And why it is dangerous.

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Elon owns and is a based boy

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(1) Short sellers are being squeezed and must therefor cover their positions, (2) FOMO, and (3) Fed keeps printing

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Ron Paul pls go

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FOMO, FED buybacks and QE which is all from the jews. The majority of the actual pumping isn't even from people trading. people buying the top even though there is too much risk when it crashes. If you had a shit ton of tesla stock at the start this is great but newfag boomers and millenials making a measley 1000-2000$ are about to get BTFO'd in the coming months. And of course they aren't going to pull out because they are idiots and don't know how the stock market works. It just depends when the feds pull the plug which is entirely random since they are holding the market up, Which is even scarier.

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this, 100% bubble, get out normies please

>> No.17081769


Normies? They are the ones waking up with a huge loss soon. Professionals know what is going on already. And you do too, I told you.

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if we have learned anything from teslas recent movements it is that it goes against fundamentals not with them....
i think this thing will get close to 1k but not break it
t. shorted at 600 and 650

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this guy gets it

>> No.17081831

Buy TSLA puts

>> No.17081838

While you wrote this Tesla went up another 100 $. You'll be banned from Mars bro.

All hail Saint Elon! BURN THE DOUBTERS (positions)!

>> No.17081865

Got an option for an 830 call on Friday for 6.7, ended out at 14.20, looking for a close out tomorrow over 20

>> No.17081871

What happens next then

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18 yo (pure) math major here. considering double majoring in mathematical finance (UMich -- heavy recruiting). I can add roughly $200 per month, currently I'm holding SPY, AMZN, FB, PYPL, MSFT. how be rich? thx

>> No.17081918


Doubters? I am looking at the facts. And I tried to explain them to you in a language that even you can understand pleb. This isn't about doubters. What you see when you look at this chart right now is irrational. And doing the research you will find out what led to it. I am not gonna explain it a fourth time. Doubters you say, pleb? Facts that speak clearly I say.

>> No.17081948

no, he always knew it would work out - (or Larry Page would buy them out)

>> No.17081985

>Doubters you say, pleb? Facts that speak clearly I say.

This is like the China/North Korea will collapse thing. Just repat it. Over and over again. Over 60 years if you have to. It's gonna happen any day now you'll see!

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No it is not at all. Oh for fucks sakes... do you read other threads too? Or just this one?

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I want to build up some good reputation, that's the currency of the future. The big players are all or will monitor and evaluate the internet and all people who post there, you will be graded essentially. You think your Fed bux will be worth anything on Mars lol?

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lmao Balmer the legend!


>> No.17082172

fuck stocks buy options. youre young even if you blow your account youll make the money back

>> No.17082298


Honest advice here: if you are young and dumb, and don't know the ropes yet, option may seem very tempting. But they are your doom when you look at the stats. Dangerous grounds for inexperienced investors who don't yet know what they are doing and why they are doing it.

>> No.17082325

>he doesn’t know

>> No.17082342

until it does

>> No.17082354

This is insane. Just like December 2017 with bitcoin.

>> No.17082365

remember when Electric cars were the future in 1915? I member

>> No.17082399


OMG. Who are you? Should I bow now? Or will you accept an honest thank you?

>> No.17082455

Lol EOW at this rate.

>> No.17082489

Lol it’s at 780 right now.

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So- yyyy --- boyyysss actually buying the fucking TOP.


Imagine actually buying a car company stock which only produces electric cars (ok with autopilot and capacity wise they are ahead of the most establishes companies out there). But they got like literally 0 alternatives to electricity....i'd rather prefer a VW or any other car company

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Kek, not even +20%

>> No.17082945


Thanks for your appreciation.

>> No.17082955

How is that shit allowed? Why, when a stock goes down too much, there's a circuit breaker, but when a stocks soars too much for no reason, then it's all fine and no circuits breaker?

>> No.17082973

This kind of thinking is why you retards are broke, you live in some kind of fucking imaginary fantasy land.

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We are at greed.
The price could easily go above 1k$

>> No.17083014

i'm a bit of a retard can someone explain why Ford has 6x as much sales and is worth 20% MCAP of Tesla?
the margins can't be that much better

>> No.17083022

I thought the reason for recent howard trends was a major positive growth outlook in China. Now China is crashing hard and Tesla just rockets upward? I don't get it. Cause some guy said it should be valued at $800? Is he aware of what's happening in China right now?

>> No.17083023

Oh boy, you seem to refuse to read, really read or understand the only relevant information here that can actually make you money if smart.
... never change biz

>> No.17083036


basedyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hype

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s (0) y


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Because there's not enough zoomers market buying with $50 circlejerking Elon as there is for Boomer Ford

>> No.17083062


Tesla pump literally made up my mind that I sell 70% of my stock holdings, I wanted to wait until elections but fuck that shit.

>> No.17083304

>In May of 2019, the average price of a new car purchased in the U.S. climbed to $36,718,
jfc do people really shell out $36k for a new car? I paid $17k total a few years ago

TSLA's average sale is $42,800 which is way closer to average than I thought. maybe there still is room for growth

>> No.17083331

You underestimate the sheer fucking brainless stupidity of the average consoomer. They'll drop tens of thousands of dollars into the toilet and flush and wonder why they're in so much debt.

>> No.17083365

TSLA does not produce electric cars, they produce TESLAs. Your failure to understand the difference is why you're currently losing your dick, ass, and balls on short positions.

>> No.17083403

Great, but let's be real here, the average joe able to afford a Tesla is the exact same buying brands such as BMW, Mercedes, high end Audis, etc. Tesla's market cap is the exact same as those, maybe a bit more if you add in some hipsters. It's still a lot of people, but it's not the whole Earth. And that's assuming Tesla is able to take 100% of their market share, and they all go bankrupt. Which is a bit of a stretch there.

>> No.17083564

Even if Tesla were able to take 100% of the luxury car market. That's currently mostly owned by Volkswagen, which is currently has a market cap like 40% less than Teslas.

>> No.17083584

probably already has been said but daily federal reserve 100bil QE4 injections

>> No.17083984

The same reason why corona virus is causing a selloff, but opposite

>> No.17084014

Net profit is still negative. This Stock is way too overbought.

>> No.17084244

Corona virus in the end is the same bullshit panic as Greta caused. Normal INFLUENCA virus causes more deaths worldwide than this new Chinese wonder virus. Evacuations by military planes, are you kidding me??? If I had the flu they wouldn't send military palnes ( I hope)

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File: 412 KB, 1125x2436, Dem_Daily_Gainz.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Today Was A Good Day

>> No.17084282

is it too late to buy tesla stock i feel like i missed out on my chance

>> No.17084331


Listen, I should not say this, but if you buy now and sell in 2 or 3 days, you will win. Tesla stock price now is an artificial construct. An accident that worked. You can profit of it by waiting till it goes down and buying agin really. But in your case, take a risk

>> No.17084350


>> No.17084359

Nice brah
When you selling or taking some profit? I believe in the company long-term but wanna grow my TSLA stack (or lock in some profit)

>> No.17084378


>> No.17084396

based TAfag

>> No.17084429

what's wrong with your ID

>> No.17084437

How to buy TSLA?

>> No.17084469

I sold my option long at 10:10 this morning at 76 would 80 of been max?

Did I miss out on gains if I waited? Think I missed out on like 3grand..

>> No.17084475

TSLA btw, also bought another right after spent about 1700

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“Decentralized transportation is going to end all fiat powered cars”

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>what is cult stock

>> No.17084521

because normies want to jump in and out for a quick 2x. Except not all of em can make money.
>see: btc circa Jan 2018

>> No.17084577

wtf is a circuit breaker

>> No.17084594

I was arguing with someone on /o/ about buying new cars
>you're not a qualified financial adviser so your advice is worthless

>> No.17084610

100k in a few months well done

>> No.17084622


>> No.17084635


>> No.17084725

>OMG it's LITERALLY just like Bitcoin! The stock went up just like that! ITS HECKING GOING TO CRASH ANY DAY NOW

>> No.17084756

Is there really only ONE Anon amongst you who understands and gets it? Rest of u degenerate gamblers?

>> No.17084794

Chainlink partnership rumors

>> No.17084847


Lol the people who think we're gonna get people on Mars and start a colony are so ridiculous.

We couldn't even get a base on the moon and it's a 3 day journey. Mars is 9 months in space if everything goes right!! Lol what a joke. We might be exploring the galaxy 100 years from now, but we are a long time from putting a man on mars. Musk can't even get a rocket to land upright.

>> No.17085219


>business & finance
>comparing tesla to ford and GM

Damn, where are the non-tards in this place?

>> No.17085293

bro don’t waste your money on that shit.

>> No.17085310

As always: jews

>> No.17085735


mhm... yes, everything, you, me, the world all their fault. Please go back in your echo chamber pol cell now

>> No.17085812

and yet, plenty of big name stocks have been tanking since 2014. Its almost like the stock market is more complex than your zerohedge faggotry lets on

>> No.17086224

new fag here. what are options

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File: 90 KB, 1920x1152, 4800.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Imagine not knowing how to ZOOM OUT on a chart.

This is simply a repeat--a fractal--of 2013. I've said it for weeks, TSLA to 777 by Feb. Now I'm upgrading. TSLA to 1100 by March.

Anyone who shorts this is gonna get cucked.

>> No.17086320

Fuck Math muh nigga, we MOOOOOONING

>> No.17086618

Already up to 790 premarket lmao.

>> No.17086630
File: 47 KB, 759x431, always be checking.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17086952

what? its down.. like $76something

>> No.17087426

I like muh muney.

Normington will never be able to hyper infaltion agian becuase 1928~1928 seared that into normintons brain.

So now we can QE our infaltion in

uh duhh low interest lyfe but whuy is assets leik how goin exponential....i must upskill and get more of mr shekletons will hire me

>> No.17087435

but to be fair, musk could have a break though or semi space monopoly that lets him chatge FB google etc whatever hte fuck he wants

>> No.17087445

to be fair he was whoooing about haveing billions and likely amekign more billons for each whooooo

I suprised he can move that fast

but yes it not a good look.

>> No.17087473

Shorting now. 10k leveraged. Tardpump is over sorry dumbass normies you bought the top.

>> No.17087665

He said, stupidly, as it immediately rose another $50 a share.

>> No.17087792

$810 pre-market lmao loser

>> No.17087850

what now. $900 by when fren?

>> No.17087854

For a company growing as fast as Tesla and to STILL make a profit is already a feat in itself. Elon is taking over the world seethe harder you fucking retarded oil bootlicker.

>> No.17087859


>> No.17087861


>> No.17087973

im just going to buy puts AND calls of similar values. one of them will expire worthless and the other will moon therefore I will make money as long as the winner goes 100%+, i can only lose money if TSLA does nothing for the next few days which - looking at the chart - is not going to happen. rate my chad strategy.

>> No.17087983

...looks like i should have done this yesterday before market close given that TSLA is already up 8% but thats okay. i literally cannot lose money

>> No.17088010

Normie bubble: The Stock

>> No.17088029

> Tesla will literally own Mars in 10 years, and all other companies will go bust no matter how much profit they're making right now.

LOL no.

Maybe 100 years not 10. But we will be dead by then.

>> No.17088065

It's like 850 premarket. This is already outdated.

>> No.17088315

this, normies fomoing in -be rekt soon

> ONLY UP !!

>> No.17088358

This. As I said - when Jim Cramer is shilling it and taxi drivers are talking about "MUH TESLA", it's too late to buy.

>> No.17088382


>> No.17088403


>> No.17088438

unironically what is the drawback of this strategy?
it would be expensive as fuck but should almost certainly be profitable right?

>> No.17088587

That's called a straddle. You're going to put a lot of money into the premium on those options (especially with the recent volatility) and have to hope the price swings enough that you make back that large premium.
Disclaimer: I've never purchased an option.

>> No.17088614

TSLA is a new bitcoin.

>The same people that were buying bitcoin when it was $18k are the same ones buying Tesla at $700. Robinhood data showed 4,000 new traders buying Tesla above 700 for the first time.

Get out and take your profit as you can. Or just be one of those pink wojaks.

>> No.17088657

we´re at media attention, first tops gonna be 2,9k

>> No.17088664

lol the normies never learn


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I know right.

>> No.17088691

Same reason bitcoin pumped to 20k and then went back to 3k

>> No.17088720

>it pumped cause reasons

very high IQ indeed. let me guess, lardbrain?

>> No.17088740

Its pumping because of human emotions, retard. Fundamentals don't mean anything anymore

>> No.17088915

Normies buying tesla for muh planets are absolute retards

>> No.17088935

Also what kind of strain on the grid would mass adoption have? Maybe if we had more nuclear and updated infrastructure but as it stands electric truly is a meme

>> No.17089233

Over 900$


Did Elon discover Mars God or what the fuck

>> No.17089300
File: 124 KB, 400x300, 324232.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if that puppy reaches 1000$ im shorting it

>> No.17089416

Bought at 930 :(

>> No.17089419

yeah, just checked and it would cost so much to set up the position I decided not to

>> No.17089429


PHASE 1: AMAZON (complete)
PHASE 2: TESLA (complete)
PHASE 3: $100K BITCOIN (upcoming)

Welcome to the new financial world order.

>> No.17089464
File: 67 KB, 585x470, 1558300220510.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no thanks

>> No.17089475
File: 14 KB, 306x306, Sg2rPWTj3VTLf1aQMLMv6jIfBWaLg1EWu1_Q4Twgn4Y.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What a nice way to wake up,

>> No.17089510
File: 929 KB, 245x175, 1378443665809.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>people said this was going to die down



>> No.17089533

>retards trying to bank on cult stock
Both parties will get inevitably burned here. Never bet on cults.

>> No.17089573

We're gonna make it lads!
I should have bought more yesterday morning at $717.
Analysts BTFO buy at the top before you miss out we're breaking 1k

>> No.17089813

For me either stocks or crypto the base of a project is good fundametals and as to what the team is doing . a good project i noticed recently is Tachyon.

>> No.17089891

if any of you stock boomers are feeling left out, go buy SPCE today and hold for 1 year. As soon as Bieber, Decaprio and Tom Hanks are flying in space you will see an easy 10x time return. Or don't that's fine too.

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