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Bros I ask you for one thing today, can you please say a prayer for my dad. He had heart failure last night and is in the hospital right now. My dog was sick last June and your prayers worked so please pray for my dad. Thanks also janny please no delete this have a heart janny

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Praying for your dad fren <3

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Hope he gets well fren...sending my prayers

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Thoughts and prayers fren. Heres to recovery.

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Blessings to all in this thread, let's pray for OP's father

Loving Father, you bring healing to the sick and make them well again.
Trusting in your great love and mercy, and believing that
whatever I ask from you in the name of your Son, Jesus,
You will grant me if it is what is best and in accordance with your Divine Will,

I lift up to You OP's father who is in need of healing of his heart disease.
Hear my prayers and bring OP's father into your loving presence.

Let the grace of your divine love flow to the different parts of his body,
reaching the inner recesses of his being.
Touch his heart and all the areas afflicted with sickness
and let his body organs function normally.
Touch his blood vessels and arteries and let his blood flow properly.

Bring healing to all his nerves, muscles and tissues,
especially those surrounding his heart.
Console him, ease his pain and suffering and restore him
to full health in body, mind and spirit.

May he find hope in his suffering and offer it as a share in your own passion.
Create a new heart in him and renew his life, loving Father.
And after he has been healed, may he be a witness of your
healing power and love and bring glory, honor and praise to you.

All these we pray in Jesus’ name through Mary with all the angels and saints.


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Checked and done anon

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Thanks brothers <3 God bless you all

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Hope your dad will recover, god bless you and him.

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Tell your father to get well, and buy link when he is better. But seriously get well. And buy link.

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Rex tremendae majestatis salve pater anon.

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Great to hear puppers is doing well, pretty sure I remember the /Thread.

Anons dad, have a speedy & painless recovery!
Anon, all the best during these times, when he's out you'll forget quick & create more happy times!

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sending prayers your way fren. Make sure to stay with him every chance you can it helps mentally for recovery

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Prayers for your pops, fren! He's got this

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Ill pray for your daddy anon

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Praying for your dad, fren

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Thanks frens
The one with the injured leg, she had a relapse but is much better now, thank you
I’m a 2016 crypto fag, he doesn’t need to buy any I have enough to: I have enough for our entire family for generations to come

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Thanks fren <3 I love all you guys so much

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we are all in this together fren

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Checked and yes we are I like all you anon frens more than most people I meet irl

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Prayed for you fren, God's will be done.

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Praying for your dad fren - I hope he turns the corner quick and pulls through like a champ

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Sending my best wishes, my dude.

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get well soon

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All these blessed digits itt, thanks frens. I went to the hospital and it’s hard to see him at a weak point like that hooked up to all those damn machines. It’s not fair he just finally retired last month and escaped the wage cage and now this :(

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I don't believe in invisible boogie man but I hope he's going to get better soon

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Thanks bros <3
I just came home from the hospital, had time to read this again, really beautiful prayer thanks anon

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Lord God, we ask that you please heal Anon's dad as quickly as possible. Please watch over the doctors and nurses and guide them in their decision making. Please allow Anon and his dad to get closer to each other, and closer to you Lord.

Thank you Lord, we love you. Amen

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Thanks bro; to each their own. God loves you too though.

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Unfortunately prayer has no effect on reality aside from placebo. But I hope your dad gets better man.

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Amen :)

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normies will never expereince this bond we all share fren

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best wishes, hoping for a speedy recovery

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Thanks bro, we all have our own beliefs and I believe prayer works. Never underestimate the power of positive thought.
More beautiful digits thanks bros

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>I went to the hospital and it’s hard to see him at a weak point like that hooked up to all those damn machines
I know what your saying anon, I struggled to hold back my tears when I saw my dad like that...Is almost an unbelievable thing. Again, I am praying for your father & your family through this time.
Even though we've never met nor likely to my thoughts are with your dad & yourself.
Tearing up as I write this Anon desu

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Yeah it’s tough man, we look up to our fathers as the strongest men in our lives so seeing them at their weakest is not easy. Thank you and god bless.

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Even placebo is measurably effective, fren.

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Thoughts and prayers.
Never underestimate the power of positive thought~~

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That’s true.

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Hope he gets well soon, anon.

Praying for you, fren, may whatever force that rules this universe bless your dad, you and your whole family.

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Hope he gets better anon. We love you

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Love you man...we’re all here for you Anon.

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Biz is the best fucking board. So many frens wishing the best

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>making it, and then being loved by anons
Is this what a good ending feels like?

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Thanks bros I love you all
Fuck that scene with the crib at the start made me tear up a bit

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this is not a licensed pepe. clearly made by a normie and probably a woman kys

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Stay strong fren

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That’s Apu not Pepe you normie tard
Thanks man I have to, for my mom one of us has to, she’s handling it like a champ though :(

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Yeah there is something about 80s love, so pure and real, not like the commercial stuff nowadays. I hope your father gets okay and you get to spend some time together going on vacation or whatever.

One more for the feelz;


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Sending my heart and mind for a prayer to your father

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I am praying for your dad.
May he live.

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Was a different time, nothing feels pure these days, thank you.
Here’s one of my favs that always makes me think of dad
Thanks bros love you guys

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Hey Anon, if you ever need to talk.../Biz is always here for you. We're all family.

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ur dad will live fren

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Your dubs approve.

Your dad will be alright. I pray for him aswell, take these digits, fren.

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Have faith bruh,
We are praying and sending good vibes for your dad and pupper!!


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do not underestimate the power of positive thought, especially collective positive thought

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You're dad's got this bro, I will say a prayer before i sleep tonight for him

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I hope he gets well soon, fren

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My first prayer in years, good luck anon

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Good to hear that
Maybe my ID can sheer you up a little

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hey fren, i'm sorry to here what happened to your dad. i immediately spoke a prayer for him. i'm sprry for just calling you but i'm in another timezone. god bless you.

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If he dies you should buy link with the inheritance money

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Praying for your dad fren, hope he gets well

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Be well OPs Dad

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Best of luck, thoughts and prayers

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Best of luck Fren and hope your father makes a quick recovery.

>> No.17070194

Will lift for your dad tomorrow anon

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Hope he gets better OP.

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sending some prayers for your papa OP

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Best wishes for you and your Dad, fren.
I've said a small prayer for him.

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Everytime I feel like killing myself, I look for a fren thread and I always feel better

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that's what Frens are for! :) love you Fren!,

btw that was a beautiful prayer indeed>>17070278

>> No.17070426

get well soon OPs dad

>> No.17070437

Wow I have never seen a more well wishing thread anywhere on 4chan

Good luck anon

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Hope things improve OP. Said a prayer

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i wish him safe&fast recovery and you big gains in the next bull market

take care fren

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Sad to hear this OP, hope everything gets better for your dad. Thoughts and prayers.

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Praying dad gets better, anon !

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Thanks frens I love you all :)
It did heh
I already have enough link for him and I, I’d rather my dad alive than any inheritance money, I’m not a Jew

I’m gonna eat and try to take a nap, I haven’t sleep in a long time frenz, if this thread is still alive when I wake I’ll try to thank you all,

With Love


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Death and sickness is an inevitable part of life, it will teach you to cherish the moment and learn from it and embrace it. This experience will break you, but also make you stronger.

Prayer will help manifest positivity, but you should focus on spending EVERY moment with him just in case he vanishes before you're ready.


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Prayers sent. Best of luck for your Dad OP

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prayed for your dad
pray for my cat pls

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Hope your dad is alright OP. Sorry to hear he’s having health problems. The world is an unfair place and something bad things happen to good people. Just stay strong and be there for him

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I sincerely hope everything works out for you and your dad OP

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We are all with you.

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Praying for your dad fren <3

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nobody edge lording huh

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I pray for Jesus so he protects and blesses him, hope he gets well soon, anon.

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bump. and thanks to jannies for not deleting this thread.
god bless everyone in this threads and especially op's dad.

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what does it feel like to have a father?

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I pray for your dad fren.

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your dad will turn good, i promise it

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Wholesome thread
I really hope your dad gets better.

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I hope your dad recovers fren... Don't forget to spend time with your parents while they're still here.

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Best of luck to your dad but for posting this reddit thread i hope he recovers and decides to come out after this near death experience and enters a relationship with a nigger.

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Dear Lord God, please save anon's dad. Amen.

>> No.17071210

Dubs and OPs dad will be ok

>> No.17071216

Bit annoyed my wishes didn't have digits. This post kek will surely bless for your dad's health (and new sexual orientation).

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Ok I will make my first ever prayer for your daddy.

>> No.17071380

Tell your nigger dad to dry fast idiot. I hope he dies

>> No.17071438

Lost my dad out of the blue 2 months ago. He was my best friend. My soul is savaged and i am completely broken. Id give all my link away to talk and hug him again.

Your dad will make it op. I know it.

>> No.17071558

sending him my energy good luck

>> No.17071604

>Your dad will make it op. I know it.
you dont know that. why give false hope? how will he feel reading that if he doesnt make it?

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Speedy recovery and good health to you and your senpai, senpai

>> No.17071753

I wish for your dad's health. gl anon

>> No.17071769

How about you guys pray for me to get a gf

>> No.17071798

Sorry to hear that. Can't imagine what it's like but all i can say is its an inevitable trial of existence, in time we'll all be there and our sons too. No-one escapes and those who still have the chance should pay attention.

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I hope this nigger gets an massive herpetic sheboon who insists on fingering his asshole with her clubbed fingers for his pleasure because that's how her ex had it done.

>> No.17071816

Okay I will light a candle next time I go to church too.

>> No.17071824

Sent a quarter of my prayer your cats way! Gotta split the prayers up to all my frens. Thoughts and prayers

>> No.17071847

Hope he's alright lad

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Prayer does not work. This does.

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I pray for you and your senpai and also fuck jannies

>> No.17071919

youre a MANIAC

>> No.17071967

Dear lord look after OP's dad and all of our dads ITT praise Jesus the lord and the prince of peace :)


>> No.17072082

Best of luck fren

>> No.17072086

All the best to you and your senpai bro

>> No.17072122

Bless all that needed it Lord, you know them well.

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Hope your dad gets better, fren.

>> No.17072967

Your dad will get better, OP. I believe it.

>> No.17073052

I did it even though you’re probably racist faggots and we’d be better off

>> No.17073059

Good luck, anon. Hope it turns out well for your dad.

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>> No.17073146


Dear Lord Jesus Christ, please help Anon's father, and let it please be in the will of God the Father to be granted to him.

As we are free to ask through Christ that anything be done for us, may this please the Lord, that anon has another day to live another day with his dad.

We ask in Jesus's name, who we proclaim amongst men to be messiah and savior of the entire world,


>> No.17073169

Stfu faggot

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>> No.17073563

First time I've prayed for anything in years. Hope it helps your dad, OP

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>> No.17073574

I know no one likes my (((people))) around here but I'll pray for you and yours tonight anon. Maybe the sorcery we get meme'd for 'having' will help. Best of luck

>> No.17073584


>> No.17073597

its over for your people on a large timescale. be careful because your people have to eat themselves and war with each other to survive. might be darwin to convert to another religion and change your name

>> No.17073608

your dad will be ok op. he is going to recover

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Thank you and done.
Wise words
I talk a lot of shit on janny but they’re alright to be honest, they keep the illegal shit off here and give us a place to speak without being worried about getting our account terminated for wrong think like most social media
Feels beautiful like the pic in my OP, if I had one wish it would be that every child born on this planet had a loving father and mother in their lives
If this was reddit no one would be praying but sending well wishes instead, thanks I guess
I wish nothing but good things for your father although judging by your attitude you probably didn’t have one in your life.
Sorry to hear bro, said a quick prayer for the lord to watch over your fathers soul until you two meet again
I will feel good reading that even if he doesn’t make it because that anons heart is in the right place, I’m hoping for the best but prepared for the worst
I said a prayer for you to find a wife and lifelong soulmate. How’s that?
You’re alright in my books fren, a saying I like is “Not all jews are kikes, but all kikes are Jews”
Thanks bros I love you all, we are all in this together. I hate tripfags but I just added one so good or bad I will update you all when I know more

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Prayed for your dad fren

>> No.17073739

how old are you fren?

>> No.17073788

Thanks frens
Not a big fan of giving out too much info online but somewhere between 20yo zoomer and 30yo Boomer

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you are young fren, stay strongk

>> No.17073879

Anon these are my only friends to. So you are my friend. I pray for your dad and hope everything goes well. Godspeed anon. We will all make it soon.

>> No.17074037

Praying for you and your dad anon.

>> No.17074046

Praying for your dad, Anon. God bless.

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prayers sent. lost my dad when i was six and my mom a couple of years ago. know that they'll always be watching over you even when they're gone.

>> No.17074243

You know what, I will anon, I hope your dad gets better.

>> No.17074269

Hope your dad gets better and is able to manage his condition well afterwards. I also hope you are doing ok all things considered. My parents are getting older and when shit like starts to happen to them I know it is going to be rough for me to deal with.

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Seeing a parent in such a state is very hard, stay strong fren. We're all praying for you...

>> No.17074420

hope your dad gets better

>> No.17074500

>My dog was sick last June and your prayers worked

it only appeared that way because it was His will. God works in mysterious ways. Matthew 15:28

"Then Jesus answered her, 'O woman, great is your faith! Be it done for you as you desire.' And her daughter was healed instantly."

Have faith fren. Mark 9:23

"Jesus said to him, 'If you can believe? All things are possible for one who believes.'"

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I give you and your dad my best, anon.

>> No.17074551


>> No.17074559

God bless. I have your Dad in my thoughts. Love you fren.

>> No.17074601

I work in a hospital, he’s in way better care than some men who refuse to go to the doctor because to them it somehow hurts their masculinity.

I go to the doctor even when I cough the wrong way just to be sure my life isn’t cut short. Praying for you and your dad anon. Stay strong for him. :-)

>> No.17074634

Yeah and my dad is fairly young too, thanks I will
Very true they’re just gone til we all meet again once they go.
Yeah I hope he gets better and isn’t in too much pain or tarded after this all. As sad as I’d be, I think I’d rather he leave us than live his last days in agony as a potato
Fuck, that hits home he’s a stubborn guy for sure he didn’t want to go and it was my mom that called an ambulance for him, had she not done that he would be dead right now. :/
Thanks frens I love you all, God bless all of you and your families.

>> No.17074661
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And wallah! Just sent your dad some of my positive energy. I am going to need to some time to recover after that.

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>Wholesome thread on biz
Oh my. Get well, OP's dad.

>> No.17075128

4chins are boreds of pisces. Good luck to OP dad.

>> No.17075164

just sent prayers. good luck op

>> No.17075173

prayers for your dad. biz is here for you

>> No.17075194

I hope he makes a full recovery very soon. Don’t worry about anything.

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Anon I am an agnostic from a broken home and haven't spoken to my father for over a decade now. I was always resentful of people who are in good terms with their family but you and other anons here are the closest thing I have. However, I sincerely do hope your dad gets well and you and your family get out of this happy. Not only because I never had what you have but mostly because you seem to appreciate the gift that life gave you. We may shit on each other but deep down some people on this forsaken board are genuine and kind hearted. Take care of yourself and those close to you.

>> No.17075285

Thanks bros I love you all.
Break the cycle fren, give your children what you never had. Thank you, I agree we do all shit on each other here but through all the bantz you guys are all my frens

>> No.17075324

your dad will make it, and so will we

>> No.17075376


>> No.17075382


>> No.17075409


>> No.17075418

amen brother

>> No.17075454

Prayed for you anon.
Gl and have faith

>> No.17075501

My grandad died today. The tough old bastard went through 4 strokes and two types of cancer yet my last memory of him is him closing our big curtains by himself and sitting down to drink his self-made tea. Independent to the end

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This entire thread put me into tears, I couldn't believe so many anons actually cared about each on a place like this.

>> No.17075553

hope your pops makes it out on top condition lad

>> No.17075560

in on vibes

>> No.17075573


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the power that dwells in the hearts of men

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Sending prayers for your dad anon i hope he recovers and you find happiness.

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Prayed for your cat too fren.

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>> No.17075742


>> No.17075780

Buttholes will be mean on here...don’t listen to them. Praying for you and your father my friend, may the Lord do His work. God Bless you and your family during these troubling times and remember...you are not alone.

>> No.17075868


>> No.17075896


Hope your dad pulls through.

>> No.17075925

God bless you anon

>> No.17076022

Checked and prayed

>> No.17076026

God speed anon

>> No.17076040

Get well soon!

>> No.17076764

yee we are all equally retarded thats what unites us! <3

>> No.17076766

God Bless your dad man

>> No.17076774


>> No.17076878
File: 47 KB, 460x444, 1573117637837.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I feel like my two only real irl friends and me and drifting apart day by day. One moved even further away, the other is there.. still kinda far too. Might visit him soon to play some vidya. But no matter what I know I will always have like-minded frens on here.

>> No.17077396
File: 106 KB, 500x422, 1548911377273.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good vibes your way

>> No.17077424


>> No.17078391
File: 145 KB, 646x700, 1509770424554.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.17078748

i prayed for your dad yesterday and will do it again tonight.
also the jannies of biz are actually pretty based i unironically like them

>> No.17078805

sending positive frenergies your way fren

>> No.17078828



>> No.17078833

Prayers for all of my frens and OPs dad. May we all make it and make our fathers proud

>> No.17078901



>> No.17078931

Thoughts and prayers fren

>> No.17078949

Prayers your way fren, we will all make it.

>> No.17078976

I pray for your dad

>> No.17078983

Thoughts and prayers, friend

>> No.17079083


>> No.17079092


>> No.17079698

My condolences what an absolute chad may god bless his soul
Anons are a different breed, lotta good folks on this site
I don’t mind the trolling, you post here it’s expected. Surprisingly very few edge lords ITT tho
Thanks bros love you all, update on the situation, his heart stopped but they revived him, he’s in a coma now but doing better the doctors said his kidneys are improving thanks for all your prayers lads

>> No.17079742
File: 29 KB, 200x358, BDD9F938-84AD-4419-9395-9D400272703E.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I’m sure in no time he’ll be out of there. Happy for you anon

>> No.17079773

hang in there anon your dad will recover, believe in it.

>> No.17079803
File: 90 KB, 820x500, two sad poopoos the lizards.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Inshallah he will make it

>> No.17079804

Thought this shit board was nothing but edgy teens and discord trannies. Refreshing.

>> No.17079897
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>> No.17080077

Shut up newfag

>> No.17080126
File: 262 KB, 656x800, christ_pantocrator_mosaic_hagia_sophia.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Unironically praying for your dad tonight anon.

>> No.17080293


>> No.17080384
File: 8 KB, 257x196, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

pray sent
hope your dad gets better

>> No.17080397

based and plant-pilled

>> No.17080415
File: 84 KB, 300x302, thumb_please-be-patient-i-have-autism-apu-meme-pepe-freetoedit-49098947.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

prayer for cat sent.

>> No.17080870
File: 209 KB, 663x672, 1517975557784.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

praying for your father today anon may he make a swift recovery

>> No.17081056

I hope he gets well soon

>> No.17081068
File: 83 KB, 1024x518, 1499233372765.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Praying to Jesus for your dad and your family fren.
That's what frens are for
I'll continue to pray!

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