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Guys reddit is making fun of us again...

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Your mother post don’t fall for it

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holy shi-

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What is this, a post not for ants?

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Oh god oh fuck

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What is wrong with you retard the picture is not readable post something clear or just post the link.

Absolute retard.

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what the fuck

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Can you post a readable version?

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kek I made this
not the original image, but I recreated it by zooming into the thumbnail, managed to make out a few words and found the original thread on reddit.

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Oh don't click on Wall Street Bets' sub. You'll feel even more retarded than you already are.

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have sex, you need it

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Im always laughing at redditors.

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This is the original, I started this meme btw

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here we go again

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At least for the crypto ecosystem, 4chan has more credibility than Reddit. Speaking of credibility, as speculators are watching high cap famous crypto making move, one should not miss considering dev friendly Dapps ecosystems like Centrality which recently launched a decentralized merch store on their Sylo messenger Dapps which recently got featured in top 5 utility Dapps ranking.

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>tfw saved my mom from dying in her sleep tonight

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I never understood the point of this picture, what does "the game" even mean?

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He's pretending to be new here faget

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