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stock market, central banks, fiat currencies and society will crumble the next months. all you have to do is hold onto your shitcoins and don't leave your house for 3-6 months. congrats, you will make it.

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its 2k enough to make it

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Basically this. I feel really bad rooting for Corona Chan, but even something like Corona can be the black swan event we need in this absurd market

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what to buy now?

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won't matter. everything will pump.

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the world was already fucked before. corona chan just accelerated it

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daily reminder coronavirus is a designer virus test run against han rape babies and the end goal is to destroy Africa for the minerals

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Sell in may and go away

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tfw shitcoin holding NEET
never been so comfy

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almost seems like shitcoin neets will inherit the world

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Probably true

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Nothing will ever happen

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Everyone knows it's Airborne AIDS.

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>you will make it.

It's not fucking making it if the society I live in gets slapped with hyperinflation. If my shitcoins go from $1 to $100 I want to buy a burger for $5, not $50.

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oh shit a wojak, damn I feel stupid now

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absolutely based

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So true! Just wait until late February when the Chinese factories re-open and business will continue as usual. Those that bought the dip will profit big.

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Nothing is happening lol, you will never make it go back to work wagie!

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still in denial. it's fucking happening you little shits

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nothing ever happens fuck off doom cuck

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What is happening? The great collapse? It's been said to happen at least twice every year for the last few decades. Still nothing, kill yourself.

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airborne bioweapon, survives 24h+ on surfaces. infection via mouth, nose and eyes. it's spreading like crazy no other virus we saw comes close to it. infected survivors are not immune and can be infected again. rumours about airborne HIV. it's happening c u c k s if you like it or not

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I don't feel bad about it

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>Duetche Bank

I'm getting very sleepy

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>he thinks crypto will be worth ANYTHING

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Monero will

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Proofs? Also I almost never leave my house lmao can't wait for all the normies to drop dead if true.

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Yep it’s true. But it’s only severe for Asians. Everyone is going to catch this but white and blacks will walk it off.

This is going to decimate China japan and Korea, probably beyond repair

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When this is buried and forgotten in a few months what will you do then ? Realize how much of a brainedead retard you are, or just hop onto the next /pol/ happening ?

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