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am i ever gonna get a case with 100k pnk staked? im in 5 different courts and not a single case in a week...do these guys needs more custys or what?

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idc if i lose all my kleros, if ur black im voting against ur case...when i get a case

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Ive been staking 250k and have yet to get a case haha

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I was wondering the same thing. I have like 14k stacked. How many jurors are selected? What if the case is actually very ambiguous and I don't want to risk my PNK on such an ambiguous case, can I just say "fuck that" and not review this case? What if a certain group of people specifically decide to fuck with everyone else and specifically vote against the common logic every time?

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Wow, it's almost like Kleros is a nonsensical cash grab and you fell for it!

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> he thinks a government and investment bank funded project is a cash grab

explain anon

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>he thinks this isn’t a scam

Ahhahahahaohohohoho whew lad you looked so serious there I almost believed it

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I staked like 10k and got a case in the on-boarding court. I just answered "switch tracks" for the trolley problem and made $2.

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what do you think governments and investment banks do re: cash

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I have 500k staked and im not getting drawn :*(

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>he thinks people will submit real, actual disputes to know-nothing NEET jurors

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>he thinks they won't
The New World Order is upon us.

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>What is an appellate board?
You should really try reading for at least 30 seconds before trying to fud something. Attempts like this are so transparently bad it just acts as a blatant buy signal.

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just like the real courts

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Thats odd, i only have 1346 staked and I just wrapped up a big double homicide case for a cool 12 PNK to add to my stack

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> Trusts Investment banks

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The investment bank or French gov did not get any tokens. Think about that for a second. They were grants.

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how does it work? cant some rich guy distribute it to bots and make himself right?

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Nah they got mechanisms in place called "forking" to stop that. Part of the reason Kleros needs a token I believe.

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trips making me buy more next paycheck
I notice abnormal amounts of kek love on this coin
Truth pilled