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Last OPs are fucking retards edition

List of popular brokers:

List of basic stock market terminology:

Risk management:

Real-time market news:

Live Bloomberg stream:

Educational sites:

Free charting tools:

Stock screeners:

Pre-Market Data and Live data:

Bio-pharma Catalyst Calendar:

Pump and Dump Advertising:

Boomer Investing 101:

Dividend Reinvestment (DRIP) calculator:

List of hedge fund holdings:
last: >>17036203

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Fuck tripfags

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and most importantly

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Based. LCI will never recover.

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man, can't wait for more AMZN love tomorrow

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Brexits today, with the one year of them having no influence over EU laws while having to obey them.

Any idea on how to profit from this? The most likely scenario for me is them just keeping the deal they have now with some smaller changes.
But there should still be some companies that gain or suffer from it

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NOOOOOO not the heckin' leveraged ETFerinos. You can't just grow your portfolio value at three times the rate of mine.

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No way they will rise above the pre market levels of ~2050. Probably swing right back to 2025 and stay there for the day.

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oh cool.. another thread where people rather talk about tripfags than stocks

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What will you name your spaceship when it's time for takeoff?

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Anons >>> niggers > anime avatars > low cap shills > jannies >>>>>>>>>> tripfags

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If a stock has already hit a massive high, but there is a possibility of it hitting an even bigger high, should you take it? Or is it more likely that it drops after the high?

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Oh cool, another thread where you talk about people complaining about tripfags.

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Did this individual get destroyed?

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All of /smg/ will be invited to the wedding, but GALT holders get the best seats.

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Futures still trying to pump. We might still make it boyz. That P/L looking extra pretty right about now. 37 points I'll let you do the math

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Smg has been overrun by normalniggers and /b/tards who are simply here for the memes instead of cooperating to make money.
The post quality lately is abysmally shit even if you ignore the tripfag related spam.
Feels a lot like the decay that happened to wsb.

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I asked this in last thread but got no reply. Can I capitalize off Valentine's day? Should I buy stocks in HSY, RMCF, FLWS, LB, etc. to sell in two weeks or is it too late and/or not worth it?

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wow... i wonder who couldve started it?

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Seeing as trips are persona non grata these days. FWIW I only put them on because I'm here to try to help people and the name serves as a modicum of accountability. Not really but at least in spirit

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>will i have an edge based on public information that everyone knows
probably not

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Why are you asking us? Just open the graph and look how they performed these last three years. Takes like three minutes.

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I've noticed the past few months there have been a lot of newfags coming in here asking questions... which is all good to me.. thats what the thread is here for.. to talk about stocks and learn new things... but sometimes if you go through some peoples post.. every one of their post in the whole thread is bascially talking shit on someone..

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>not a single mention of NNVC

/smg/ late yet again

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and checked

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We all hate you. Kill yourself faggot.

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Sweet....the retard...who cant....construct sentences....is back...

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You don't even have a trip.
You're just a common namefag.
Keep buying the tops, Anon. That will certainly work out well for you.
Speak for yourself.

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these threads are for shitposting and answering dumb questions. did you actually think there was some thesis here that hasn't been hashed out a million times? maybe you're just less dumb since you've lurked moar.

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>wow... i wonder who couldve started it?
You, when you decided to use a trip on an anonymous image board. Do you have any more questions or are we finished until the next time you decide to whine about people speaking ill of tripfags like it is some great slight against you?

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>You don't even have a trip.
>You're just a common namefag.

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>Futures are green
Bobo hardest hit

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The amount of slowjak posting also increased dramatically the last few weeks. We didn't have that before. It really feels like we're getting raided.

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nice weird baseless projection brother

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I've told you already. I don't want your bags and now go away.

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>A thread about stocks.

Your comment really makes me want to download a slowjak and use it. It's just mostly one guy.

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>It's just mostly one guy

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Can someone explain what is going on? Why are Tesla and Amazon blowing up every fucking month? How much higher can these go? Tesla was just $400 on December and today $640? And Amazon just went up by like $300 in a single day?!! The FOMO is hitting me so bad right now bros.

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The USS Pendulum

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How about reflecting on good times and new opportunities.
SOXL is the answer. Face it. Semiconductors are crack in all but name. The desire for newer, faster, more is insatiable. Computers, GPUs, self-driving electric cars, AI enhanced smartphones, medical devices, microcontrollers, networking gear, machine learning, surveillance, infrastructure, military, the list is endless. No matter how many cores, how fast or efficient, demand requires bigger, faster, cheaper, better. The clamor for fresh silicon gives nary shit for national identity, creed, hue, gender, asshole virginity or other vain conceit; the multitude speaks in singular. The plea: semiconductor.
SOXL couples a single ETF entry point with the the best companies the space has to offer then pushes these already stellar returns to the limit with 3x leverage. With SOXL your economic interests are aligned with powerhouses Nvidia, Qualcomm, Intel, Broadcom, AMD, Micron, Texas Instruments, Applied Materials, et al. Real tech companies with innovative products people want, not """tech""" """companies""" pushing shitty ads. And like all leveraged ETFs, SOXL is rebalanced daily, deftly mitigating margin risks.
In the last 7 years, SOXL has exploded over 55x yet still we are early. Semiconductor growth will proceed exponentially until every viable space is saturated with it. This is a fait accompli; the sheer number of interested parties and compelling outcomes make it so. The injection of increasingly compact and efficient sensors, microcontrollers, information processing and storage into everywhere and everything will be this era's seminal revolution, a revolution with SOXL holders planted firmly at the receiving end.
Stop waiting for the "pullback". Where we're going, fretting over a few dollars is meaningless. The deliberation is over; waiting is a failure mode. Now. Buy it now.

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GALT will 2x it's current value in 2026, that's it, unfortunately.
>t. medfag

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No, retard, otherwise I wouldn't need to download a slowjack to use it.


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>No, retard, otherwise I wouldn't need to download a slowjack to use it.

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i mean.. you could just ignore my post... but i mean.. that seems a bit too hard for you to do

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holy fuck.. the amount of shit posting going on in these threads lately is incredible.. will the mods do their fucking job?? and get rid of these faggots so we can get back to stocks?

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the shitposting is better than watching you lie about your cost basis in LCI, which has been documented to be in the $20s after the archives were searched

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We will name it after what we will call our first child, Astolfo.

>t. asswiper

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Imagine being this much of a crybaby simply because someone uses the site like intended

>> No.17039604

>b-b-but im very VERY g-green

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>tfw sometimes a professional asswiper

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Post your DEA # then I’ll post mine, kiddo. ;)

>> No.17039618

>stealing my jokes
This will cost you, Sir

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You could just ignore their posts about tripfags so I wouldn't have to ignore your posts complaining about it. That seems a bit too hard for you to do.

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>missing the 2 year stock market bull
how do i end myself?

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>i say start my sentences with "i mean", so you know what i mean

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by putting it all in on on the SPY NOW

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This is /biz/, if you wanna post pics of yourself then goto /soc/ or smth.

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>People in this thread are legitimately upset about what happens on an anime website.

Just walk away from the screen, nigga.

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Q: But, SOXL_shill, what if I buy SOXL and it, heavens to murgatroyd, goes down like that time everybody lost their minds over the virus thing in, when was it, 2020? Remember that and how the bears lost everything betting on it going down after the WHO announcement? Hilarious, but seriously.
A: If the market corrects, you thank the gods for their grace in allowing you to buy more SOXL at a discount. If you are already all in you start selling valuables. If you have literally every single last dime in SOXL then you start rolling shares over to out of the money S M H (without the spaces (damn filter)) option calls. If it corrects more roll more shares. If it keeps going roll the calls themselves out until the inevitable rise. Then rest easy as multimillionaire status is assured.

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>This is /biz/

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Gimme more (you)s

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i thought it was amzn?

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what's with the spy shilling? how is it better than other etfs like vanguard?

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>(you)s mean something

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For me they do, especially when they come from...(You).

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I will keep cheering on ONTX every thread until you believe in me

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volatility still in play until we ascertain truth of corona-chan. 8 Days of "lockdown" in China.

The market is behaving so bizarre but predictable based on improper or lack of prediction power on virus total effects.

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And another thing about this glorious market of ours
It's been going up since 2009 and yes it will continue
Central Bank of Japan printed 150% of GDP in the last 10 years,
Japan government debt close to 300% yet they are still close to zero inflation and they say they have a lot room to ease
Switzerland printed 100%+ of their GDP in the last 10 years, imposed negative rates of -0.8% and their currency just got stronger
What makes anyone believe that the Fed which prints US$ - the world reserve currency cannot get to those numbers?
Current balance sheet is just 25% of GDP but because the US$ is a reserve currency they can probably sustain 100% of the world GDP which I believe is around 80 trln
Yes it seems crazy but get back 10 years ago and think about what we have now - it seemed totally crazy that central bank will monetize federal debt
So in our lifetime this charade can easily be sustained
They will just print 1 trln per year maybe increasing this number 10% per year. It will get stocks 10-20% per year growth on average indefinitely

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Corona is not going to alter the market any more than it already has. If you can't see this, you're either underage b& or doomed to remain poor. Screenshot this for the next general or whatever.

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Hedging my long positions with and short calls. You guys can suck my dick. Markets are in bull mode 90% of the time, so people with more than a 1 year outlook can afford to be patient. The downsides right now are greater than upside.

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I kind of want to buy Netflix it's getting pretty obvious none of the other platforms will be able to compete with their content. Sure most of it is bad but there's so much of it and the quality is getting better and the nostalgia of watching 90s Disney movies wears off fast I bet a lot of people are already canceling their Disney+ subscriptions.

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>53 more shares to have 400 SAVA

I'm gonna make it.

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The bears gonna win on this virus

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Babbys first strategy for newfrens. Start with a firm belief that in the long term the market will go up and in the medium/short term there will be tradeable volatility. Then look at what tickers are the least likely to ever go to zero which leaves the indexes like SPY, QQQ, etc. Then, realizing the indexes move too slowly, look at leveraged ETFs with indexes as the underlying so SPXL, TQQQ, etc. Upon realizing the dangers of margin consider that leveraged ETFs are daily rebalanced and the market has circuit breakers that make is unlikely in the very extreme a leveraged index (INDEX) fund will drop enough to liquidate in a single day. It's essentially never gonna happen (remember leveraged index fund not commodity of volatility). Then look at the leveraged index and sector based ETFs and see which ones have the most plausible narrative for going up highest in the shortest amount of time. This leaves the tech ETFs like TQQQ, TECL, and SOXL. Of these SOXL is the top dog so that's where your money goes. First always keep enough SOXL in your account to beat the S&P 500 index soundly even when it's going parabolic, this means always maintaining at least 1/5 of the account invested (that 1/5 is leveraged remember and 1/5 of SOXL is roughly equivalent to 5/5 of SPY). With the remaining 4/5, strive to destroy the S&P through trading the volatility around you core position with a mean reversion strat (you can do this I believe in you).
Worst case scenario you maintain pace with the S&P which isn't too shabby. If you're good and I think you are or I wouldn't waste my time then you beat both the S&P and SOXL and that is a 1st class ticket to Making It(TM)

>> No.17039828

Well if things go as planned after my meeting with the retirement people I'll be able to knock off 1.3 years of time I have to put in to "retire" and still draw a full pension/benefits from my job. At worst they say no. Kinda bad I end up having to "pay" for it. At best they just add the time and I sign some paperwork. The time in question is getting credit for working in the private sector before joining state gov. So I'll end up just having to work ten more years and be "retired" at age 47. But there's still more loopholes I can use. I have assloads of sick time. Which is piling up each month cause I'm never sick. So right now I've got 7 months of time. Give it a few more years and that ends up at being another year I can knock off. So age 48 would be my "retirement" point. If things go as planned.

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The virus is a meme. I won't affect anything besides a few selected companies. Buy the SOXL dip. A little bit more downside seems possible but it's really just a dip in the end.

>> No.17039832

We maybe looking at a mincyclical spy tag of the 20 sma, which is around 312.

>> No.17039846

Weekly time frame

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Nice blog

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Is this what a H&S looks like on jap markets because they’re so blocky?

DCA is $48.66

Fuck me... I think I’m going to continue DCAing down as the Japanese economy craters. They’re China’s second biggest trade partner aren’t they? Fuck.

>>17038798 #
>>17038773 #
The sales numbers do not suggest that the “boycott” of pokemon by the autists like /vp/ did not work. And they don’t even include the sales for January. There’s a good chance this will be the first pokemon to outsell the first generation Red/Blue/Yellow.

Also, if the rumors about a switch pro are real, that could be a big moneymaker and rejuvenate sales. And then there’s Animal Crossing, as long as it doesn’t get delayed again. And the sequel to the best selling Zelda ever BOTW.

>> No.17039886

Thanks op

>> No.17039898

>99 patients in the UK, with 10% confirmed mortality rate
You stupid niggers believed chink lies.

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Good. We need more bear grist for the mill. Hopefully they can send this market down at least 3 or 4 percent. I been looking for an excuse to liquidate these worthless shitcoins and buy more SOXL but the price just keeps going up. It's frankly not even funny anymore

>> No.17039973

The mortality rates are higher in the UK because it was genetically engineered by the Chinese to kill whites.

>> No.17039983

>official Xi govt numbers
So we can assume they’re in slab official contraction?
>Chinese manufacturing activity was unchanged from the previous month in January, according to official Chinese data released Friday. The official manufacturing Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) came in at 50, said China's National Bureau of Statistics. January's PMI reading of 50 came in line with expectations of economists polled by Reuters. The 50 level for PMI readings separates expansion from contraction.

What does he say next? What is what matters?

>> No.17039994

Those are chinese they're treating, stupid nigger.
If you can't read, you're a stupid nigger dumber than homeless people living in tents. You deserve their fate. Don't ever post again.

>> No.17040009

I didn't click on your link you dumb nigger.

I didn't know the UK was a chink filled cesspool I thought that was Australia and Canada.

>> No.17040031

god you people are retarded. It literally says in the article they arent UK patients they're from fucking chinkistan.

seriously though,

fucking kill yourself

>> No.17040036

>This does not mean the death rate of the disease is 11%, though, as some of those still in hospital may yet die and many others have such mild symptoms they do not end up in hospital.
Many unknowns, n=99 is a start but inconclusive.

However... I will likely be closing some longs into the weekend. All we need is some maniac at the super bowl or bad virus data and boom, bad things.

>> No.17040041

Maybe it won't affect the market as a whole but there must be profit here somewhere.
Buying stock of medical suppliers? Face masks are already out of stock even in Europe. Am I wrong?

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I dont understand bulls

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The PPE manufacturing companies like MMM don't exactly exist in a bubble, there are a lot of other variables to consider. Just because there is increased demand for a certain product, it doesn't mean that it will nessecarily benefit the company in the short or medium term. There are a lot of different factors to consider and I suggest, memes aside, that you do your own research, there are facts and figures from previous crises for you to review so you can come to your own decision.

>> No.17040100

>What does he say next? What is what matters?
I couldn't tell you cuz I came so close to falling asleep after reading the first five words I just closed the tab. The dude doesn't know shit and his only purpose is to herd his sycophants to selling their shares to me for a cheaper price so I can turn around and sell them back after the fear wears itself out and we rebound. Wash rinse repeat in the next "crisis" and the next and the next
>nb4 sharp edge

>> No.17040106

You retarded fucking pajeet have 0 experience in healthcare or reading comprehension apparently. I need to stop getting so annoyed with this faggot doomsaying.

>> No.17040118

This is a refreshingly based and realistic perspective.

>> No.17040136
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well that's comforting

>> No.17040145

>pardoning trips
The posts about tripfags have been annoying, but not half as annoying as the tripfag and all the new tripfags.
Slowjak, hadn’t heard that. It’s just one anon who has a new favorite meme and has been spamming it incessantly all week.
I am very concerned about Japan. I don’t think this relief rally will continue. The nikkei looked like it was finally breaking out of consolidation.
>not going to alter the markets
I’m thinking we really do see a weakhands shakeout/beartrap. The curves are freaking out, and the virus is still in incubation. No indication it’s undercontrol yet.

>> No.17040172

Does anyone actually believe this "milder symptoms" bullshit? Wouldn't they be hospitalizing everyone to try and stop it from spreading?

>> No.17040199

Means those who have the virus but aren’t displaying obvious symptoms don’t go to the hospital.

>> No.17040208

>movies streamed straight to your TV
>games downloaded straight to your console or PC at midnight on release day
>uber eats delivering your tendies straight to your house
>all the social interaction you need on 4chan

Fuck life is so fucking comfy now bros. It must have been suffering back in the old days having to go to a movie theater, or the store to buy your game, or to get your own fast food. I'm never leaving my house again.

>> No.17040209

>it's ever worse than ever imagined

>> No.17040226

Thoughts on LCI earnings on the 5th?

>> No.17040228

asymptomatic spread has been talked about in multiple countries

>> No.17040230
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thinkin about gettin pizza
finding something to watch
and catching this APT train early tomorrow morning

>> No.17040240

>>all the social interaction you need on 4chan

>> No.17040259

Not a clue... buuutt

what i'm looking for is if they started selling their adderall and how their debt is looking. Imo once they take care of their term loan A it puts a lot of worries behind... always want to know what they plan on doing with the shares from the s3

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>> No.17040280

Even with the new of China ONTX still has a bad technical rating.


>> No.17040281

Let me guess...you bought LCI at the top of the short squeeze?

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It's fucking so bad in china right now.
Buying more YANG tomorrow.

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he probably doesn't even trade.. he just comes in here to shit up the thread

>> No.17040324

You think I would buy something shilled by a brainlet leaf who posts...like...a..5 year..old?

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>doesn't like people focusing on him tripfagging
>continues tripfagging because reasons
yeah what's up with everyone other than you, huh?

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>> No.17040338

You should stop doing Adderall you fucking moron.

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>site was intended to use trips for shit assed shilling
y i k e r s

>> No.17040351

can’t wait to short SPY into the ground tomorrow.

>> No.17040352

Tfw only comfort seems to be butt corn, debt tools, and large caps. Maybe swoop in on airlines... I'm pretty much at a loss.. Any crumbs?

>> No.17040355

I have low needs.

I'm holding with you friend.

>> No.17040360

Explain your reasoning.

>> No.17040366

just keeps talking about me

there will be around 300 post in this thread and 200 of them will probably be about me... I post one thing and get 3-4 replies about nothing.... let that sink in........... let it sink in about how many fucking post you guys have replying to me... I get it.. i really do.. but holy fuck.... really gunna shit up the whole fucking thread?

>> No.17040376

>funny money
>chink market opens Monday
Need I say more?
Puts are easy money tomorrow

>> No.17040383

>get my biweekly wagebux
>immediately go all in on tech stocks
>tfw this time went for MSFT
thank you based gates

>> No.17040385

>why yes...im 12 years old...how could you...tell...

>> No.17040387

china market is most likely not opening

>> No.17040390

Anyone getting GUHd with INO or LAKE?

>> No.17040394

As a buy and hold lazy ETFer whose first every yolo pennystock was ONTX I must say I do not like this checking everyday hoping for random meme magic to moon it lifestyle I'm living. If it ever somehow gets into the green based on where I bought in I may just bail

>> No.17040402
File: 115 KB, 1024x640, steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Cramer waking up

>> No.17040404

comfy we know it's you... stop being such a faggot and do something right for once.

>> No.17040406

Do you have a TBI my dude? Fuck off tripfag.

>> No.17040408

Do you have multiple trips or what?

>> No.17040410

All tripfags will die.

>> No.17040414

how the fuck do you get GUHd by LAKE? I only spammed it here when it was under $13

>> No.17040420

>I post about nothing
>wah tripfag haters shit up threads
I know, right?! LCI is about to start selling Tylenol massive catalyst why can't everyone see the validity of your totally-not-a-shill namefaggery (lol what a bitch)

>> No.17040425

it’s opening....and it’s gonna bleed like a stuck pig.

it’s going to be fucking glorious
shorting this shitter to 322 tomorrow
do yourself a favor and wise up kid...don’t be a delusional bull.

>> No.17040428
File: 522 KB, 500x737, ▄█ █▄█ ▄█▀ ▀█▀.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

who here getting JUSTed right now?

>> No.17040430

I went all in with 20$ calls expiring next friday, think it has a chance?

>> No.17040444

yes, but all-in is crazy. That's an outside shot bet you should do with a very small %

>> No.17040454

So explain to me this? Simon... this reit bull shit that's paying out at the end of the month... are they actually collecting enough to pay their rents or is this shit going to become sour as fuck? I'm going to buy at least a share of it since it's the only thing that pays out according to calendar, but this has got to be the worst decision... wait nevermind there was that time that other time, that other other time, oh yeah there was that time.... fuck ok so while I think this is stupid simon is the only one who's paying the 5th week months.... fuck it pay me.

>> No.17040461

I unironically sold 2 SOXL puts because of this copypasta

>> No.17040462

I use 2 trips, some one brute forced my insecure trip code, which is 727... took literally no effort for them to get that, but my secure trip code proves im a jerk and got G_D on my side, and yes i change the name from time to time.

>> No.17040474

at least we are missed and mourned, unlike assholes like you who spew garbage like that.

>> No.17040508 [DELETED] 


>> No.17040509


>traders, analysts, etc
Look at SARS, check flu death totals, China is doing a hug effort

>Virology experts and Medical experts
Laugh when they bring up the blockades, say it's going global or endemic, scared and serious


>> No.17040514

>t. premedfag

>> No.17040527

>dude man bro I found this really cool investment called RLTWHEL
>basically you go all in and say either red or black and double your money

>> No.17040533

Just because you want to be me, doesn't mean you are me.... You will never experience the same shit I have, and try as you may.... you aren't me no matter how hard you want to be me.

>> No.17040543

Baggie here, I'm a huge faggot and I keep losing money buying TSLA puts because I'm also a massive retard who refuses to learn his lesson.

Anytime you see me posting here, please tell me that I'm a retarded faggot so I don't forget. Thanks.

>> No.17040552
File: 92 KB, 374x363, 1555707710842.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I already got justed. I'm bagholding a bunch of put options right now. They don't expire until 2/14 and 2/21 but still. I'm mostly just pissed off. The manipulation in this shit seems worse than crypto.

>> No.17040557

Saw it shilled here at some point I think, no option chain so I said fuck it

>> No.17040560


But tell me more about these tesla puts they sound intriguing.

>> No.17040566

well i guess that settles it. this retarded faggot needs to find heterosexual experiences... he needs to find a woman and separate himself from a woman long enough to get that omg i can stare at you and hold you and kiss you for a million years experience...

>> No.17040568
File: 64 KB, 522x680, 1580440043825.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.17040576

Yeah, I'm feeling like it'll hit $5 with the news incoming (hopefully) in February but as soon as it spikes and I'm in the green I'm checking out.

>> No.17040584
File: 73 KB, 480x559, 1580440491996.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.17040596

dude lol it's just a cough

look at the charts during SARS

>> No.17040598

>muh chinkvirus
When will you learn?

>> No.17040599
File: 314 KB, 960x895, 1374211442007.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not every tripfag truly lives

>> No.17040607

It’s SPX for poor people

>> No.17040613
File: 154 KB, 500x593, 1551458942712.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're gonna make it

>> No.17040636

>more stock threads than crypto shilling on /biz/
>constant influx of "how do i into stocks" with braphogs
time to cash in lads

>> No.17040639

Futures predict a green day tomorrow. Just kys already.

>> No.17040652

/biz/ is back baby.

How do we get rid of pajeets for good is the only question. You think they'll start invading this and the precious metals generals? I despise those cunts.

>> No.17040653

it's the penny spread. it literally has so much liquidity in its option market, that you're a fool for trusting a company who's lost it's founding leader and is just searching for new applicants.

>> No.17040659
File: 40 KB, 640x628, 1573777783587.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>futures can predict the future

>> No.17040660

You think futures traders have access to secret information or magic precognition?

>> No.17040666

Yeesh 5. I was thinking like 80 cents

>> No.17040678

Did you miss Amazon's earnings?

>> No.17040679

We're ending the 1st inning and entering the 2nd of this 9 inning chink virus game. I wouldn't discount it completely. We might crab like we have over the last few days for the next couple of weeks at best and retrace 10% at worst in my opinion.

>> No.17040686

>chinkvirus matters
People are already losing interest. It is pretty much strictly killing chinks and not doing a great job at that. The mortality rate is dropping with every passing day along with the percentage of patients who are being admitted to critical care.

>> No.17040687

This move is already priced into FXI/YANG, unless it’s like some crazy 10%+ down day. I bought FXI puts the day HSI opened back up, HSI proceeded to tank 3% that night and FXI gapped up the next day cause it didn’t dip as hard as expected. Then it dipped another 3% yesterday and I was able to sell at a nice profit. Flipped into $42 calls for next week cause I saw there was 52k volume on that strike today, gonna sell those for a small profit tomorrow hopefully if HSI can stay green and then go cash into the weekend/Monday for Shanghai’s supposed opening back up.

>> No.17040688

How? We all bought on one or two days and sold right after. With like 10% of our money. Then we all went out and maybe 2/3 continued the ride for better or worse.

Unless you went into options with 50% of your stuff I do not see how you can get JUSTed here.

>> No.17040693
File: 19 KB, 369x387, 1544842208669.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Either way I'm well into the green satan trips

>> No.17040698

uhh /biz/ never left... you can't ignore pajeets i anticipate growth in emerging markets to flurish once this pandemic is over with. like i literally hear of food recalls and shit all the fuucking time here in america... so and so processor recalls shit that's potentially infected 100s of excuse me dozens of dozens and hectares of acres that result in grosses of imperial tons of losses.

>> No.17040699

ACB is the best accumulation of the decade
basically guaranteed 10x within the next few years

>> No.17040702

Just buy SH puts you fucking morons. Mine are already printing.

>> No.17040707
File: 105 KB, 583x583, 2020-01-30_19-39-32.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Could he be, dare I say...

>> No.17040709

>he/she is not all in on NIO when it is going to be for the same price as TSLA is now in a few years

You really hate free money, don’t you?

>> No.17040718

guys I called TSLA at 180 and BTC at 7k and LINK at 40c, just GET THE FUCK IN you will not regret it, this is how you make the big boy dollars

>> No.17040730

me and my gook gf made love and we shared love and she's stopped vomiting she's stopped sweating she let me eat her pussy and she even got on top of me for some in & out... the whole thing is done. literally who can't stop shit.

>> No.17040737

I can actually see the amount of pajeet scum rising on par with their economic growth. Fuck.

No one wants to buy your dude weed bags, anon. Stop it.

>> No.17040740

fidget spinner... you're full of shit.

>> No.17040746

I wait for the dip
Once Chink stocks start recovering Im joining in, until then Yang all the way.

>> No.17040759

why am I telling you this?
#1 I want to pump my shit to make the trade even better (although if you dont pump it for me then I still am going to make money)
#2 there is no reason to take your opposite side of the trade because if I would have sold of it would have been at $10
#3 look at the fundamentals for yourself, weed will be the new caffeine, the new starbucks, it's a drug, drugs will exist and be consumed at high margins FOREVER

>> No.17040780

wait... aren't we supposed to buy this shit... laws were different 4 years ago, and these offshore shits we can trade through are like fucking great and all... but isn't panic done? or does it need to hit the united states worse than it has impacted china?

>> No.17040783

Thanks to the /biz/ genius who suggested I buy AMZN last night :DDDD

Hot tip

>> No.17040790

actually.. it's all holiday earnings and previous consumer confidence... just sell... fuck just sell this is going to impact quarter 2 harder since travel restrictions will impose less travel in quarters 2 and finally we buy mid may after mayday and parades are done.

>> No.17040795

look you guys ACB is the MOST OWNED STOCK ON ROBINHOOD open up your eyes, this shit is going to explode in the 2020s, boomers will die and millennial and Gen Z will take over the customer base. This thing got oversold to 85% of tis value within a year, guys seriously this is JUST PUMP MY SHIT

>> No.17040798

Shut up faggot.

>> No.17040807

>a blind YouTuber tricked me into holding his bags

>> No.17040818

Yeah we got it

>> No.17040830

dude I didn't even own any bags, I avoided the marijuana bubble like the plague, right now you get the fuck in because everyone is at a loss, do you understand what that means? that means you are getting a better price than everyone else in the last few years and the fundamentals are much better withe huge huge upside. you get mean reversion back to $10 as a practical guaranteed with an upside greater than that in the case that it explodes in 2022 and beyond, they are investing heavily in retail stores and the demand for marijuana far exceeds the amount of retail stores and supply that exists in the market

>> No.17040831
File: 2.18 MB, 498x372, tenor.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

im not bullish on this market... we don't get a good run this summer, bad earnings and changes of guidance will be keys to watch... everything is not able to price in a pandemic, and those who have it, don't have time for this shit quite yet, and once it blows over the.... memories will be like Kobe Bryan, may he rest in piece and we all forget about him like that movie he stared in with Tommy Lee.

>> No.17040832

That's terribly bearish.

>> No.17040834

That's a sell signal

>> No.17040851

>most owned stock on Robinhood


>> No.17040878

Ban those fucking spamming tripfags reeee

>> No.17040887
File: 724 KB, 600x771, Bears.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.17040900

TSLA was eaten up at <250 on robinhood if you did your market research, guess robinhood investors are just stupid millennials who buy what they use... yeah that's the customer base that will make those companies grow

>> No.17040904

This is your last warning bulls. After this you're on your own, DOW to 20k.

>> No.17040906
File: 42 KB, 766x517, 1575298161139.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can feel it
coming in the air tonight

>> No.17040909

lol marijuana and fundamentals my dealer does it has a hobby and delivers pizza i think his margins are lower then the grow ops avoid all marijuana stocks

>> No.17040921
File: 10 KB, 900x900, 7DBD36C5-2918-4204-9ADA-525751C1B97D.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>they told me to buy Microsoft and Amazon
>I want them both but they just won’t dip!
>both fly to the moon
>left here with my bag of Nintendies

>> No.17040923

I didn't get a you.... ffs... I hate it. can we just look at dividend bro, and ask our selves why is simon the only fucking shit that's paying week five?

Do we even double check his work, like ffs REITs are bullshit, how is simon going to compete with amazon... these malls are getting fucking screwed... unless we can put sports betting and relax liquour laws turn them into outfits for prostitution and get every single last dollar out of the space where is the growth in revenue outside of turning them into medicare approved final beds.

>> No.17040945

That doesn't prove anything. Robinhood (I don't even wanna say investors, let's say...) people don't even have enough money to pump anything.
When somone sells someone else has to buy which means that in this case someone just sold his shares to the robinhood userbase. Whoever this someone is, I'd rather be on his side than on the robinhood side. In short: I don't think that the robinhood userbase is a good proxy for whole market buying/selling. Check the filings for tsla if stutes are still holding....cause I don't think so(I haven't checked, you should do this)

>> No.17040946

and seirously guys dont listen to boomers, dont buy large cap companies, there is more downside than upside, everything is like 3% YoY growth with like a 10x price to revenue multiple, that shit is pumped by central banks, and will be dumped by hedge funds faster than you can say boombox

dont buy boomerbags

>> No.17040956
File: 211 KB, 891x597, 1580096134450.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you know what you find on beaches?
you know what you also find on beaches?
do the math

>> No.17040972

Just wait until Q3 2020 earnings.

>> No.17040985

For Apple, Microsoft, and amazon to triple their market cap and every stock I own to collapse?

>> No.17041032

>pumped by the central banks

That’s why you buy it retard

>> No.17041052
File: 35 KB, 484x497, 1574590090059.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Investing based on fundamentals hasn't been a thing since '08 due to Fed money and algos. We may unironically be living in a new paradigm and can't see it because we're involved. Kind of like a frog in a pot where the heat slowly rises if you will. Any anons want to refute this?

>> No.17041057

no it was ALREADY pumped by central banks, now you buy things that WILL BE pumped by central banks going forward

if you invested based on fundamentals you would have bought the bottom and sold right now, sounds like you beat the market

>> No.17041060

An anon was asking how to spend his money a thread or two ago and I suggested he go in on SH puts. That was right before the pump after the WHO thing today. I hope he heeded my suggestion. Was that you frendo?

>> No.17041086

Ok I have a bulletproof biz meme portfolio figured out


Protected all around

>> No.17041100

don't be a pussy, let them feel it too.

>> No.17041134

meh, these days gen x are now boomers, just be unretarded and do a fucking jeff bezos, or bill gates... tim apple got a fucking windfall, you're whole idea is looking for something better? so what volvo? the EV market? honestly i don't care, but you're fucking a fool for not buying an early model tesla and putting it in a garage as a collectors piece.. some piece of junk that doesn't run and just let the owner liquidate and sit on it for 40-50 years and bam that's a million dollar car.

>> No.17041148

nobody answered about simon and the fifth week dividend, so i guess yeah it's retarded... fuck it i've done worse.

>> No.17041160


i hope your kids end up looking like that op.
for thinking this is funny.

t. Satan

>> No.17041165

>have an EV sit in your garage for 40-50 years and hope that someone pays a million dollars for it
sounds retarded when you can just buy the EV factory

>> No.17041178

part of the phase 1 deal was to allow these offshore companies that allow investors into the chinese market to have legitimacy so they're no longer shell companies that can be dropped and cut off at the bud.... it was part of the bi-lateral trade agreement signed forward in the phase one deal right?

>> No.17041192


>> No.17041197

yeah it's probably retarded... but like 50 years from now, the first model tesla, it's going to be worth a fortune. fuck i mean better cars will be on the market, but damn that car will be worth something to some one.

>> No.17041205

i've been here since before reddit... i'm not fucking leaving.

>> No.17041225
File: 69 KB, 550x710, -___-18.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why are there three threads?

Also these futures look like garbage. Tomorrow feels red.

>> No.17041229

55/45 TQQQ/TMF is actually the bulletproof gains portfolio.

>> No.17041242

Futures look fine fag.

>> No.17041244

This, when anything becomes the most traded stock on robinhood is a sign to get out.

>> No.17041248

They look like there is no confidence in fresh highs tomorrow. Dry humping resistance like this is not fine.

>> No.17041276

>Says we're in a "new paradigm" of golden bull
Where have I seen that phrase before?

>> No.17041282
File: 474 KB, 669x848, rttxttr.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

tommrows the big day. Heres to myself, praying XOM and CVX dont both Crash

>> No.17041312

>keep telling you Nintendo is only running on hype and that hype is fading with new product on the way from SNE and MSFT
>but black friday, but christmas, but innovation, but pokemon, but animal crossing, but zelda, but smash
Are you going to take my advice I've been giving you for months?

>> No.17041320

Yeah but that will be a while and the price will fall until then. Look at how marijuana stocks boomed before legalization news and then busted to where it is now. A rumor can sell a lot of stocks but sales do a better job.

>> No.17041325

It's like you're a poorly programmed bot to be set off by a certain words with zero attention to the context they're said in.

I said that we MAY be in a new paradigm. I was/am open to anyone refuting this.

>> No.17041334

I doubt you've been here since 2004 FAGGOT.

>> No.17041398

I’m bullish on Sony and Microsoft too, but I keep waiting for a bigger pullback than we’ve gotten. And i bet US traders overreact to japan’s overreaction, so it’ll be a firesale tomorrow. I don’t like to sell into deep red, buying is more attractive.

But Japanese market looks like it’s going to breakdown. I don’t know maybe I should run for the hills. Sell shit and buy TIPS and gold and wait for a better setup.

I don’t expect the corona FUD to be over by Monday.

>> No.17041406
File: 636 KB, 824x930, E54C3FB8-2D2B-42B7-9DFF-DD5E3BC2905A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There are other threads? Are they past the bump limit? Link us if not, I wanna see what those idiots are saying.

>> No.17041456

Trump: "We are going to be making some important announcements in the next 24 hours regarding the Coronavirus." - Fox interview


>> No.17041483

>inb4 well we talked with Pfizer and got them to make a cure so uhhhhhh crisis over!

>> No.17041508

>Nintendo has no plans for 2020 hardware
Get out of there, Jack.

>> No.17041523

Where’d you hear that?
You don’t think the SwitchPro will be revealed in 2020?

>> No.17041536

Check games sites, its ogre.

>> No.17041541
File: 48 KB, 640x529, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What he fuck happened to Kirkland Lake Gold though? I'm still baffled as to how 75 percent of investors can approve acquiring a new company, only for everyone to turn bearish and dump on the market this fucking hard.

>> No.17041552

no it's a little worse than that, it's basically the chinese have kept their markets closed during this crisis, they're nothing more than rats sending things to our country while we have to get hurt more and more. so we are stopping all trade and closing our borders with CHYNA and all countries who do business with CHYNA, especially you in britania who decided to partner with Huawei

>> No.17041575

you fucking moron they import chinese labor under your fucking nose and you fuckers in toronto allow this to happen.

>> No.17041584

What do you mean? Am I misunderstanding this deal somewhere?

>> No.17041595
File: 49 KB, 655x380, 96925EED-A8DA-44E4-BE33-C407691E061C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>x25 in a few years
>>w-w-wut hebbining?

>> No.17041598

oh aye i guess we can let them work, we need more bodies at this site, so it's ok, but like seriously i wish they didn't use the same oxygen as us and why can't a canadian get accolades at the NHL for best of best. This is bullshit, better go meet our newest group of trainees.

>> No.17041604

Fuck the Brits for that
They’re begging to be tariffed on whatever little exports they have.

>> No.17041607

We're in clown market anyways, this hardly has any meaning

>> No.17041608

Dunno. I dumped my position when it didn't follow the pump on the gold spot price very well during the Iran thing.

>> No.17041611

You do understand that both mine sites are impacted by this illness already?

>> No.17041620

I'm sticking with Barrick regardless.

May convert my cash to gold and fuck off for a while. No one expects inflation to ever tick up, so if it does, gold should do well. If not... well at least I have my paper rocks.

>> No.17041621

What? You mean chink virus? I thought that was stuck in Chinkland

That's a fair assessment. I bought back in recently, although I'm down because I miscalled the bottom pretty hard. Thought it was just gonna crab, but I am buying more at these prices. I dumped my previous position at ~41 so I guess it's just as well

>> No.17041624

I have 1300 available to trade, looking to hold for two months max, any ideas?

>> No.17041630
File: 162 KB, 1920x1080, 1569692041397.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Restrict travel! Do it! Let's get this party started!

>> No.17041637

2 shares of TSLA. How does 1 million dollars in 2 months sound to you?

>> No.17041656

Should’ve done it a week ago.

Could you imagine having to be a flight attendant right now? Cant do anything about where they schedule you, besides get fired.

>> No.17041661

Buy feb 14 spy 350c >>17041624

>> No.17041666

TO THE MOON! R-right guys?

>> No.17041673

Well, yeah fuck their whole system... the democrats in america are trying to emulate them... it's getting bad here on the home front... we can't just remove the president and call for a new leader and round of votes... it's completely not how we govern ourselves.... the real striking thing is how poorly democrats react when you tell them under the obama administration the same fucking things happened.... and what we did in and around that lybia to actual socialism and that some broad wanted to act like the labia doesn't exist because she didn't leave her husband after he fucked around behind her back... meh... some cunts are rotten and nothing good comes in or out of them.

>> No.17041678


>> No.17041695

you fucks better not climb that high... i'll have to buy puts for like 750k to even get in on this race.

>> No.17041704

wait crude oil is up 2%? I put all my smart money into that shit... I'm going to be like a 3 thousandaire.

>> No.17041719

>$500,000 a share
It's habbening. Satan (>>17041666
) confirms it.

>> No.17041720

Something about your chaotic post style tells me you know your stuff. 4 shares bought

>> No.17041726
File: 24 KB, 657x527, 601.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>admits to using multiple trips
>"like seriously"
>"like literally"
>"but like""
>"i mean"
>bitter leaf
Ha baggie is definitely LCIguy

>> No.17041729


>> No.17041741

tripfags gb2WSB
>t. 2009 newfag

>> No.17041795

Got so...BTFO...he changed...his...trip...

>> No.17041806

Dream more...

>> No.17041830

dude.... i don't shill for lci or big five... you are just paranoid, like fuck i used 0Trader(ZERO) the other day to fuck with some but hurt poster, I use Baggie with a secure tripcode, and just yesterday some asshole broke my tripcode on extraodinaire because like it's literally 727, 3 digits and super easy for a computer to brute force... now to accuse me of being the same person as that guy... you've got it all wrong. Just because me and LCIguy actually get laid and you spend all day trying to make us out to be the same person doesn't mean we are actually the same person.... maybe just similar personality types...

>> No.17041836

Honestly what is it gonna take to get the stock market to go down.

>> No.17041837

>You don't even have a trip.
>You're just a common namefag
And there he is with no trip, white knighting himself. Holy fucking cringe

>> No.17041855
File: 74 KB, 733x464, 2zutki.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>we're not...the same...we just have...similar...personalities

>> No.17041856

Now you're grasping for straws, man.
I though that you couldn't potentially get even more pathetic, but ...well here you are...proving me wrong. Congrats.

>> No.17041869

we have id's on this thread... what ever... the bogendoffs are on my side, they read my letter, and they're going to help me and autistic dividend calendar bro. you won't make it... too caught up in the gossip and small talk while big things are happening every fucking day around you... and you're theories are easily proven false with little effort to establish validity.

>> No.17041878


>> No.17041907

I will make so much fucking money, that I will offer to pay you to eat those words, then sue you for breach of contract and let you try to find a lawyer sue me for entrapment.

>> No.17041925
File: 96 KB, 720x303, 3547hw.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.17041936
File: 477 KB, 680x425, 1580333934539.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lel, maybe doesn't change the fact you're still speculating on a "totally new only goes up up up market!" Do you feel personally attacked you dumb bull? Good, because this shits going to zero no matter how much fake money the gov pumps in.

>> No.17041959

Wow pugchamp ID if I've ever seen one

>> No.17041961
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You literally have nothing left to say because your self portrait looks really fucking retarded. Why don't you do some research into what makes a champion, and how greatness is evaluated... Spend some time on how to evaluate companies and historical facts and lets meet again as friends.

>> No.17041966
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What happened to you SOXL shill? You used to be chill. Now I find out you're the one who's been spamming us with wojaks and screeching about tripfags? Disappointing. Even if that one you're obsessed with is extremely cancerous and looking to scam others. But Baggie is just semi-functional alcoholic with a little retardation.
Stop the spam, man,
t. PILLpopper

>I sure do love that feldspar!
>Why yes, I am too poor to afford marble countertops, how did you know?

>> No.17041972

And 2scoops. Comfy Is pendulum and the tarot guy. Snss is SOXL shill.

>> No.17041976
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Indeed. Death to granitards

>> No.17041985

Your trying so hard to compensate for the fact you've been exposed as a pathetic loser

>> No.17041986

you're wrong, but what ever... autistic dividend faggot... i'm on his side from now on... and im going to spend $200 everyday on bullshit i have to hold forever.... You faggots should do the same thing.

>> No.17041998

The option market has through market makers an insane influence on stock behaviour too. The index region of the market is certainly not organic anymore but there's still a lot of freedom in midcapland and below (for the cost of more single player manipulation). Most things really are concentrated on giant caps and the usual trendy newcomers though. It's not necessarily a bad thing since it enables things like dix and gex... also the index will go up..buy calls, buy dips. If you don't like it you can try asx, nz... should be a little bit more "organic". The market is confusing as hell these days...I don't get it either but this much I figure.

>> No.17041999

What are you trying to say? I'm not even black.

>> No.17042000

Kospi rekt

>> No.17042003

How new are you?

>> No.17042018

oh shit, you're 2scoops? sorry you got fucked by LCI... lol now you want to take out frustration on me because of your own stupidity... lmao, fuck you asshole. I've never been more certain... boom and you lose. I hope you understand and learn more. Fuck I've learned so much in the past few years.... nope dividends every week faggot is right... i'm too old for this shit.

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How do we feel about Reynolds? Best IPO ever? Can't believe they weren't public already. Or is it just like KHC where people don't really care about brands anymore?

Should I invest in Konami?

>> No.17042351
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Hmmmm.... yeah I'm interested in that. Aluminum foil and garbage bags isn't exactly sexy growth territory but the stock might be tradeable during the early few months of trading. IPO price was $26. I have added it to watchlist and will monitor the debut.

>> No.17042357
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i know it would probably take a 2 minute google search, but if YANG is exposed to the chinese market, and the shanghai exchange has been closed for over a week, then what is it attempting to track? chinese stocks that trade on the hong kong exchange?

>> No.17042379
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>> No.17042381

Oh, I guess thats why alcoa was/is crashing

>> No.17042401

According the Direxion's website:
>The FTSE China 50 Index (TXIN0UNU) consists of the 50 largest and most liquid public Chinese companies currently trading on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (“SEHK”). Securities in the Index are weighted based on the total market value of their shares, so that securities with higher total market values will generally have a higher representation in the Index. Index constituents are screened for liquidity and weightings and are capped to prevent the Index from being overly concentrated in any one stock.

So yeah it's based on Chinese stocks traded on the HK exchange.

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