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Thanks for posting from Plebbit.

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Look at these fucking globohomo agenda companies

You think this is great? These kind of companies will usher in the total NWO system, they will fucking enslave us

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Going to post this to reddit, thanks

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Smart contracts are inherently peer-to-peer.

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delete pls

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Funny how the tweet says "GC of Chainlink", when the Sherwin guy is GC of Uphold.
Timo asked for clarification specifically about this, so expect a correction of this tweet soon.

If it's confirmed that this is indeed Ben Sherwin, GC of Uphold, then hold onto your butts.

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I don't get the significance of this.

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Is Uphold big time?

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>Is Uphold big time?

>Uphold serves 184+ countries, across 30+ currencies (traditional and crypto) and commodities with frictionless foreign exchange and cross-border remittance for members around the world. Since our launch in 2015, Uphold has powered more than US$4+ billion in transactions.

>Uphold combines a platform app model with payment connectivity to offer financial services to a global market. Uphold empowers innovation in financial services through a platform approach where app developers and fintech partners can leverage Uphold’s reach through licensed relationships with banks and financial services partners around the world. Built on a core of proprietary technologies and e-money apps, Uphold embraces a future where people and businesses around the world have access to safe, transparent, fair and affordable financial services.

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explain this hmmmmm???

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>announcement of announcement
>mistake in announcement
>mixing UpHold for Chainlink
>think it's bullish

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Uphold also has a partnership with Brave, making you register for Uphold so you can cash your BAT payment from rewards out.

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>announcement of an announcement
It's an announcement of an event you derp.

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Ooof, i made like 20% off this scam good times

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>Ben Sherwin, the GC of #Chainlink
The fuck is actually going on here? Why hasn't butt boy edited his tweet yet?

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It's sleepy weepy time in the US.

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The tweet is over 12 hrs old

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I don't get why people are excited if this is true - that means chainlink have just hired uphold's lawyer. It's more substantial if it's a mistake and he's still with uphold yet turned up to this.

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Because he left uphold obviously. They've been looking to hire a general counsel since the 700k sell-offs and launch of the career positions page. GC position used to be on the page, now its not anymore. The salary must be quite generous. It also continues the trend of low key development, like adelyn not updating her LinkedIn for a long time. He's probably been poached months ago already. And Aaron being a top lawyer in the SC field must have helped them vet him. There's another connected SC lawyer in the comments showing praise for the announcement. If you have been following legal crumbs, it's a small world they all know each other. Sergey knows legal is key.

Anyway I can't find any videos of him, no idea if he's a good public speaker or how well connected he is, but Aaron announcing this is excellent news, it means they will now have a legal shark mingling with the right people in legal and banking conferences, Sergey or devs don't fit in these environments. Article about his role at uphold pulling a merger and acquisition and negotiating with regulators shows he's there to do real business. If you are not a brainlet and can see the big picture, this means he'll likely be chasing isda connections, talking alongside R3 reps and the likes, regulators, ws institutions and lobbies etc. Chainlink is the only crypto project that is getting on panels with the enterprise dlts like Corda. It's what we've been saying all along about why chain agnostic would propel it to the big leagues.

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He made a mistake obviously otherwise he would have received a night call to delete it.

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And it's still sleepy weepy time in the US.

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High IQ post.
Do you see Link to reach 30USD within the next three years?

Also Johann casually confirmed their work with Corda around 25:00


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I see. I didn't know GC position used to be on page and is now gone.

You're an absolute brainlet

Marco Polo and Voltron are confirmed to be using the fabled "gpi Link"

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But it is literally nighttime in America.

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Lmao $30 in the next three years, dream on.

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Pretty sure he is in the picture on their careers page

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>30USD within the next three years?
Bruh, it better go past that this year

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oh yeah that's him, nice find, I was wondering who the senior dude was in the pic first time I saw it

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Thanks for these

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ben sherwin? yeah he's thomas' dad
cant win against the sherwin

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>cayman islands
No no nooooooooo

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So he's a (relatively) new hire, based.

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kek we already know jason parser is rorys dad

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massive if this is ben

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If Link is a complete failure and nothing else ever happens it will easily still surpass $30 based on speculation alone by the end of next year.

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It must be him, he is in the photo for fucks sake

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Jesus I've been a sad wagie for years now, never thought of applying for crypto job. Damn I'll polish my cv and apply this week. Promise to post breadcrumbs if they hire me.

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clearly robin williams

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Thinking about this too. Also, checked.

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Let go of our coattails you disgusting batfag

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praise kek