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.. or I am the one going totally mad and everyone is just normal and see nothing

>Stock valuations at ATH
>Tesla worth more than GM and Ford
>Low interest rates in Europe fueling a housing crisis and cheap speculation
>Virus affecting infrastructure and travel
>Oil crisis coming up with Iran drama
>Rents going up all over, leading to civil unrest
>No one even "invests" in companies anymore, everything is just VC PnD like WeWork to dump on retail investors
>FED doing an infinite QE , with much more than during a fucking CRISIS and no one bats an eye

I am the crazy one here biz ?Or what do I miss...?

I am not calling for some goldbug HUrr DURr COllapsseee but just seeing everything fucking mooning whatever makes me worried when something will happen

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The collapse wont look like what you think it will look like. It will be slow and boring.

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it's already been happening

everything just gets slightly shittier every day. every apartment you lease will get smaller and more expensive than the last. every job will pay you less even if you make more nominally. portions get small but the cost goes up.

just like the frog in the pot. when you look back to ten years ago it doesn't feel like anything changed but everything did

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I literally said i wasn't "waiting for a collaps" but ok

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when can we start killing millions of people?

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boomers planning the biggest exit scam in human history

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This is exactly right. There's a /pol/ (or was it /k/) post that's been floating around for years detailing how things will just slowly get shittier and shittier. The nice areas of town will become browner and more dangerous. People will stop going out as much, hold on to clothes longer, take fewer vacations, etc. Crime will slowly and gradually increase and earning will continue to stagnate.

The tough times are just kicking off.

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you mean like 5 999 999 of them?

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Tesla is a good company
>solar panel delivery and leased with gold business practices behind it

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Don’t become demoralized and definitely don’t stop lifting. We will make it.

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It definitely feels like we are in the late game of the current economic order.

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That's why this election is so important. Bernie has a real shot this time and he has built much personnel since 2016. Social democracy can help alleviate the contradictions of capitalism enough for some breathing room.

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"Democratic socialism" will crash the economy with no survivors. The adage "democratic socialism is something you vote your way into, but need to shoot your way out of" is 100% accurate. A financial system fundamentally based on the theft of the product if an individual's labor by force via the government is always and forever going to be a failed system.

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yes anon, the world has gone completely upside down specially in the last decade. In the future we will probably look back and talk about the Roaring Teens or similar.

I'm inclined to believe that the reset will be harder than 1929 or anything we've seen before. Algos have pumped the markets unbelievably high, so whenever the day of The Dumpening comes, they will dump unbelievably low. They profit on human emotions so it's gonna be a wild ride down for sure.

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This is why biz is the way it is. Unironically all in crypto, especially LINK. This is technology that makes the world run efficiently but at the expense of invalidating huge swaths of human labor. This is the only way to sidestep the collapse that will cripple governments, their currencies, and the businesses that depend on those currencies. Buy BTC, buy LINK, it’s the only way to out of the 99% who will find their job has been automated away and they have no value to offer society.

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>I am the crazy one here biz ?Or what do I miss...?
>pic related

>Bernie has a real shot this time and he has built much personnel since 2016
stfu and go back to plebbit

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>This is technology that makes the world run efficiently but at the expense of invalidating huge swaths of human labor
stop anon...I can only get so hard
can't wait for the middling office positions to become obsolete
it's been a long time coming and we're way overdue

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>a jewish communist will fix our economic problems
oh boy

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>Tesla worth more than GM and Ford
this one always cracks me up
total shit show
so much funny money swimming around that valuations of things are way out of perspective

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I was thinking the exact same last night man, something's not right

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>Social democracy
plebs still think voting is your (((duty)))
in the future, the masses won't even know who is in charge of the nation-state they are living in
we will go to more localized level governance with city states and fiefdoms and smart-cities (aka dome cities that block out the ghetto)

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We all know.

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like i said >>17023221

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this is what inflation looks like. the purchasing power of fiat currency is absolutely plummeting against anything worth owning

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yes but no one ever notice...

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Same mentality. Most people are smart enough to do a job, but literally retarded with anything else.

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Imagine thinking a Jew will improve the average american’s life. How’s Bernie’s R8 doing?

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Proof that chain link holders are homosexuals ^^^

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62% of people that support trump would support him no matter what. Aka it's a cult following, sheep. That faggot os also anti-btc
His economy is also anything BUT booming

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He won’t actually do shit though just like he didn’t do shit except cash his check after the dnc stole the vote from him. If he was actually a threat he would have been eliminated under the guise of health complications already

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So what are your solutions then? What do you suggest the average anon do in order to maximize financial success?

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>Let's solve a problem caused by communist Jews with another communist Jew

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Theres literally nothing you can do besides hedge against the dollar i.e. buying btc, gold, and/or silver.

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>caused by communist jews
Be specific with who you refer to as the cause

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This is true but if you start paying attention you can start to see a shift in global consciousness due to everything going to shit. Dan Fucking Brizelian recently did an interview talking about how materialism and roasties isn’t all that great and his best times didnt cost that much money, we have Youtubers like Wes Watson showing Zoomers and millennial cucks not all white men are pussy bitches and that get your mine body and soul right is the way to true happiness, Kanye West just made a fucking gospel album and is on a spirituality kick when he was previously the most influential materialist nog on the planet. This past decade was (((their))) death rattle trying to maintain control, if you can make sense of this video https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=65xLByzT1l0
than you’re in a good position for the positive changes to come. Don’t fall for doomer faggotry depression psy ops designed to keep you a weak, helpless little bitch that’s given up without even trying to make a change. Link and BTC will make quite a few of us multi millionaires and it will be up to us to create content to reshape this clown world. The day of the philosopher NEET kings is coming.

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compared to what? pre WW2 times? civil war times?

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not saying there is an alternative... and that is like the fucking problem. we just throw in money at the burning jet fuel fire to make it bigger

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You missed that the surveillance being done on a private level through the Internet. It's a need for a second to have a decentralized private network and Tachyon Protocol is working on the same using blockchain. They will have endless applications from VPN to industrial confidential data communication. The project worth checking if you are familiar with the blockchain ecosystem.

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Yang would be better as he is literally the only one who gives a shit about automation. Just about a month ago there was a self driving truck that delivered a load from one state to another. Retards saying automation isnt real just got utterly btfod by that. Obviously there are other basic examples too i.e. call center bots, sef-checkouts, book keeping, etc.

Bernie wont do shit, but still better than trump. At least universal health care would be a thing. It's retarded having to rely on an employer for that. The u.s. is LITERALLY the ONLY 1st world country (like 33ish) without universal healthcare. Not be unable to fund it is propaganda from the right.

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>Not be unable to fund it is propaganda from the right.
*being able (auto correct is shit)

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there won't be any collapses anymore, ever
we're in a perpetual state of propped up bull markets now until the heat death of the universe

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Doubt this is sustainable. All bubbles burst eventually

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Lets be honest they are both impotent and will do nothing. At their best they would push through policies that disarm citizens and increase surveillance. Maybe they throw you a bone with some gibs to prevent chimp outs. Bernie literally can’t even explain to you how much his health care “plan” will cost. Neither of these are viable candidates in actuality.
Good post. Ideally crypto will empower a handful of strong leaders who will have freedom to shape communities at a local level and create content that memes us back into a proper timeline.

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The culling has already begun. I love you Corona-Chan!

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Huh...? I havent looked at his policy, but I do know he's mentioned the calculation for the cost of it so youre full of it. Secondly, what the fuck is a better solution to automation? Im all ears and please dont say something ignorant like "lets just ban automation".

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On each other. Get your popcorn ready.

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Compared to the post-war paradigm. Every "tough times" is better than the ones before it due to the relative increase in technology. That doesn't stop them from being "tough times." Without getting too /pol/ here, The West was created and maintained by whites, and (since they've become suicidally altruistic) the world of light and color will be swallowed by a black and white nightmare of multiculturalism and diversity.

Things will slowly get worse for about a century/century-and-a-half before dropping off into a new dark age. Unless, of course, whites wake up.

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>How’s Bernie’s R8 doing?

boomers will believe anything

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this is not capitalism retarded normie. This is corporate socialism. look at all the funds from companies buying back their own stocks, sponsored by the FED

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