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Today was not our day Edition

Reserve is a stablecoin system consisting of two tokens.

RSV the stablecoin currently pegged to $1.00.
RSR the arbitrage coin is used for stabilizing the value of RSV.

>10,000 new RSV minted

Upcoming Events
>Venezuela app goes on chain - TBA 2020
>Major exchange listing - TBA 2020
>Mainnet (RSR) functionality - TBA 2020

Where to Buy
>Huobi Global

How much to Make it?
It’s suggested to hold at least 500,000 RSR (~$1000). There is a consensus that an increase in liquidity (exchanges), adoption (app going on chain), and mainnet (proof of the RSR mechanism) will drive the value of RSR into the top 100 coins. Somewhere between $0.01 (42m m-cap or 5x) to $0.05 (210m m-cap or 25x). Anything beyond that would likely require massive adoption (which is possible), hype, major crypto press and the usage of RSV pairs on exchanges.

What about that huge supply?
RSR is will be burned as RSV is transferred and minted. Estimate say about 2%-5% per year. This is similar to Paypal, but decentralized. Regarding team tokens, please read here:


>t.me/reservecurrency (official)
>t.me/reservelodge (unofficial)

Further Reading

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