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In the last 3 weeks, cleaners have:
>Moved fruit on my desk to the fridge
>Taken confidential shredding without destroying the documents
>Mixed piles of reusable paperclips with rusted paper clips that I will now have to throw out

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imagine being butthurt over such mundane shit lmao ragie wagies

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At least I'm not a degenerate gambler.

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>toxic chemical spills
>zoomer coworkers clean it up with a fabric towel instead of spill pad
>tosses it into towel bin instead of hazardous waste

Said zoomers also all have college degrees

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Based retards

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Lmao I used to be a night shift cleaner. Had a mental breakdown in the middle of mopping from the tedium, isolation, and the existential dread that that was all there was to life. Ended up getting an office job at the same place a few months later but none of those feelings of being unfulfilled have gone away and the pay isn't worth it, it's hardly above state poverty

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