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>missed bitcoin
>missed ethereum
>missed chainlink
its over bros

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Not even close

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I sold and bought so much LINK 6 months ago that even when LINK went from 1.5$ to 6$ I didn't make any profit because of the fees from selling and buying every 5 mins

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>missed chainlink
Easy 100x from here, probably more. But yea, sit on the sidelines and mope.

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buy RIFT you idiot

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buy litecoin and hodl. charlie lee is buying back once MW is ready and it'll go to 6k

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theres still time


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Can still purchase ETH, if a bullrun occures it will probably end up around 5k.

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>Missing PNK as we speak...

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>just in time for XTZ

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that's a 3% pump

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A bus comes every 15 minutes...

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>Buy litecoin
>It'll go to 6k

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I really doubt Link is done pumping. I'm expecting double digits at a minimum.

Kleros looks like a good buy, but nothing is guaranteed in this market. The FUD around it is very similar to the early days of Link.

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sounds legit

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4$, but huobi pumped it to 6$ for a sec for literally no reason

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>missed chainlink

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UBT is litterally happening under your nose right now.

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Gotta jump on the PNK train before the sale ends

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the answers unironically rsr
hope you didnt fall for the satsgang nonsense.

good luck anon.

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>>missed bitcoin
>>missed ethereum
>>missed chainlink
>its over bros
I knew about the three of then and still missed them, get on my level pleb, i remember telling my ex gf about eth and she said fuck that scam shit we need the money for a vacation, she was a economist bachelor student i thought she knew better

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Every link under 100$ is stealing you moron

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your mistake was trusting a woman

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Don’t worry I got you. Buy this

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What is that

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>muh college

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>missed bitcoin
you haven't missed bitcoin

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Don't miss UBT

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PNK. That’s all I’ll say.

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Fantom is garbage. It has never and will never have any reason to exist.

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To late. Thanks for shilling a coin that's been pumping for a month lol

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Bro just download pi network and use my invite code :fededav and thank me later

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Is PNK legit? I still don't have enough LINK and I don't want to shift anything to another shitcoin. Any non-curry smelling anons out there know?

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Yes. It's a court on the internet using pnk tokens on eth. How could that fail.

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France sure seems to think so

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Because I know jack all about a subject but I want that sweet sweet PNK so I become a juror. The vote goes against me and I lose. Repeat until the people actually going into the PNK courts are feed up with know nothings messing up their cases and appeals start to stack up and people lose faith.
I smell curry in all these "organic" PNK threads.

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I should say I lose as the one going to court because NEETs are just looking for a handout.

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NKN is 2c and has potential to hit multi-dollar value. Genuinely worth a quick read.

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>Any non-curry smelling anons out there know?

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Don't miss Tezos

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Anon you need to read this. Buy PNK.

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You are going to miss BSV too, because you are a dumb cunt.

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it will moon again.

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retard detected

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