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do qts working in the grocery store judge you if youre buying toilet paper or diarrhea medicine?

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they also need to take shit from time to time

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The best part is they're forced to talk to you, they have nowhere to go. I will often go to my local target, and there's a few girls who work there I follow around asking question after question about embarrassing products. Sometimes they go into the back room for awhile when they see me coming, but they can't stay in there forever, and I'm always out there waiting.

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Do you ask them about the "sexual health" products too (vibes, lube, etc)?

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Dude, you can do it to those girls that try to talk to you about donating to niggers in Africa or whatever on the street. They approach you and try to talk to you. It's a good way to practice talking with women.

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No they don't, Anon.
Don't put the pussy on a pedestal.
Don't bother girls while they're working, they've got shit to do.
But do talk to other customers. Start small, just "excuse me" as you go past. Then maybe a "say can you help me decide between these two products?"
Then after you're more comfortable speaking to women, hit her with "do you like one ply or two? Myself, I always use two ply. My grandmother used to always buy the one ply stuff but whenever I went over to help her cook and stuff (she couldn't use her arms so good) she'd ask me to wipe her ass, and whooo! she really made a mess on taco nights. Anyway, that one ply used to just tear right in my hands and I can't tell you how many times I found myself two knuckles deep in Gran's dumper. Gramps thought it was so funny though, you should see the look on Gran's face in the photos he took from behind the shower curtain. I wasn't supposed to know he was hiding there in the bathroom, but I could always hear him breathing heavy. Anyway, it's always two ply for me now."
Good luck, Anon.

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Really based

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i actually feel bad for you. my life is pretty fucked up but you make me sick kinda

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how do i profit from qt cashiers

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Based. Those wagies deserve to feel creeped out by you, the superior NEET being.

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What kind of a cringe day time tv show does this Anon live in

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and I would want to watch them do that, hnnnnnnngggggggg. I would watch OP's pic related girl take a shit haha.

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>Based. Those wagies deserve to feel creeped out by you, the superior NEET being.

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i want to know which gay pua guru he got this from

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I bought some crap from a very hot girl who was being awkward and laughing alot when ringing me up and I couldn't stop thinking of her. Alas I never saw her again. Twas but a moment and I blew it.

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I steal all my toilet paper from work (various bars). If I ever have to buy other embarrassing stuff it’s usually from a pajeet at 7/11. And they have a whole nation or a billion to be embarrassed about.

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Dude, once you're through their line they forget you exist. Have you ever waged before?

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Youre always guaranteed 10 minutes of being trapped.
>lol i dont have a bank account, do you accept monero

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Sounds like a girl!

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if i buy something impressive i go to the sexy qt cashier.
if i buy something embarrassing i go to self-checkout, or to the ugly/african/old cashiers.
simple as.

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anon, they bleed out of their vaginas five days each month, because god has punished them for stealing his apples. If anything, you should judge them. Hold your head high, and loudly fart proudly while buying those things.

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>Working in a grocery store.
They're not worth my time.

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>be me, rich, thick dicked, and alpha af
> qtpie clerk at whole foods
>when she sees me, starts lactating instantly, cervix starts pumping immediately for my Buddha semen, and tongue instinctively Wants to suck some dick
>her: h-h-hey anon, I can help you over here.
>me : oh haaaayyyyyy, that’s my girl. Where you been? Long time, no see
>her: oh b-b-been around, you know, living the dream :nervous chuckle, starts scanning my shit, hands trembling: (large box of magnum condoms, Vaseline, coconut oil cuz it works even at high temp, etc etc) w-what about you?
>me : just came back from shitistan, helping the little orphan kids there how to read and write. Donated 1 million dollars to their cause through scryotonium instant crypto currency, no fee. Fight the bankers!
>her : ha-ha, right on. Ron paul for prez! :she tries to fist bump me, but I leave her hanging cuz she’s white:
>me : uh treat anyway I got a party to go to. Wanna go?
>rainbows shoot out of her eyes, literally starts crying: y-yeah!
>me : great I’ll text you the info :grab my bag and leave, knowing I don’t have her number and won’t text her shit.
>her : I-I-i love you anon....
>I walk out into my bughatti and peel out doing a 360 in the handicapped parking

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Read a book holy shit

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fucking kekd

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top crng

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qts don't notice you or what you buy. all day long scanning shit and taking money. it is just a meaningless blur, like your life.

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Guess I'll be the first to say it: Based.

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Nope, because toilet paper is a fundamental need.
Nope, because diarrhea medicine may well go to your emergency storage (or you may be just buying it for some family member).

TLDR: They only judge you if you try to flirt with them. Everyone flirts with "Public Girls" (cashiers, waitresses, etc), especially if they're cute (and they know they're cute, so they will pick up any chance to "monetize" it). That is, many dudes way richer&cuter than you already tried to flirt with her and failed. Don't be the pathetic one who thinks he's got a chance "because she smiled at me" (just like she smiles at every single jerk coming in to buy stuff). Also, even in the utopic dream about she accepting to date you, she's still a grocery store worker - that is, she's still got a constant flood of guys (at least half of them being better/cuter/richer than you) trying to flirt with her. And if she dated a random customer, she's prone to date some other random customer in future (and none of them was you. Forget about her. She's used to Chads trying their best pick-up lines while buying shit. Don't delude yourself "I know I can, I know I can"). She just dreams about some cute millionaire asking her out but -you know- that's a random grocery store, not a Ferrari sportscars store. Finally, she's not virgin. A cute girl quickly loses her virginity because of the massive abundance of dudes flirting with her: "I'm now carefully pcking my Charming Prince!", and gets pumped and dumped (and again, and again, and again, and then even when properly showering she'll still reek like a number of different Chad dicks).

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My wife used to judge people based on what they bought when she worked at a bookstore.

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if you wipe your ass with paper in 2020 just kys you fucking baboon

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absolutely based. keep doing it

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can you stop posting this dead arab pls

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>things that never happened

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those manlet shoes

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categorically, irrefutably, objectively (etc) based

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extremely cringe, but keep practising your writing

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haha what the fuck man

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>Oh no it's him again

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>loudly fart proudly
got a nice ring to it desu

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You're my hero.

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