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It seemed to me that the general consensus on this board was that Craig was clearly a fraud and a document forger?
Why the fuck is this still going up? Should be crashing to 0 not fucking going up.

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It's easy to pump a coin with no liquidity. Anons were shouting this will smash four figures, yet I would not be surprised if this bounces off $400 and goes back to $150,

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Muh consensus kek this isnt plebbit.

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It’s just a PnD anon. Craig is a fake scammer.

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maybe you should DYOR and stop listening to random people on the internet, here's a free hint

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Shut up false flagging faggot

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One final pump before craig gets embarrassed in court

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If you've ever visited /pol/ it's about 40% shills, /biz/ is about 4% real people

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February is the deadline to show the truth. Till then it is all an exit scam.

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Legit question...what is liquidity to you?

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Legit question, what is wash trading?

Kek remember when Scam Version had a higher volume than market cap?

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How is it going to crash if there's no liquidity? Craig and Ayre can just keep afloat until their money runs out.

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yep you're low iq and fell for the fud.
no need to feel ashamed, i also feel for it and shorted bsv when it was sub 200. almost got liquidated but some miracle saved me. i was literally spamming all over /biz/ and reddit how bsv is a scam in panic and literally didn't know what to do, didn't sleep at all just posted how BSV is a scam in every thread they opened about BSV and also kept opening threads trying to convince people that satoshi is a fraud.
then finally closed the short at $260 and just bought in. now feeling comfy. know that truth will win, tho there must still be shorters out there who are like me and didn't close yet and are going to try to deceive the gullible

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we were just trying to suppress the price with FUD while accumulating op, hope you didnt fall for it.
But you can still buy in pretty cheap, it's gonna be at least around 5-8k by eoy

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>It's easy to pump a coin with no liquidity.
yeah it was 1 of my lines. unfortunately for you i checked since that there is over $15m worth of BSV buy orders on bitfinex alone right now, and it's like the 10th highest volumve exchange BSV-wise. so the low liquidity display was a glitch on coinmarketcap. sucks to be you lol

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This is hilarious. So CZ delisted the coin so his shill army can say this is all wash trading...and the masses believe it....yet wonder why the coin keeps going up...I mean this is some high iq shit right here.

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What % of your short did you lose? How much in dollarydoos? Well done for getting in anon.

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Meh FUD, shill. Two sides of the same coin.

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kill yourself, sanjay

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its a scam OP youre smart for staying away from it

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kek I remember you I told you you dun goofed anon
at leaset you bought back in
desu I lost 4 BSV also fudding myself out and selling low. panic bougt back in around $100 kek. thats probably 4 million dollar less in 10 years but oh well. the fud was getting pretty heavy at some point.

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check the exchanges directly, retard. look at the amount of buy and sell orders already placed at this moment. coinmarketcap liquidity calculation is glitched.

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It's probably the biggest PnD scam after XRP. But whatever, a fool and his money are soon parted.

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>coinmarketcap liquidity calculation is glitched.
implying theyre not fucking with BSVs numbers on purpose to make it look bad. the real buy signal was when all these scam exchanges decided to delist BSV because aussie man bad and it tanked to $50. thats when the smart anons started buying.

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He is either a shill or just in disbelief...he can't be this retarded
Yup...I wanted to buy more at 250 but didn't know this would be spiking soo soon. W has been formed. This shit is going to the moon.

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The general poster here is also a clueless idiot.
It doesn't fucking matter what you think Craig is, the risk was really fucking asymmetric. Saving them post fork and buying a few in a dip was hardly a 200 IQ plan, it was a pretty safe bet you'd see a return.

>but muh sotoesheee

Biz is full of idiot normies with no self awareness, craving a drama of sorts. They're not into sports teams nor reality TV, but they seek out the same superficial sideshows all the same. They just happen to be infesting biz, clinging onto personality clashes within fucking cryptocurrency. Consider the fucking irony of it for a moment if you can. Decentralized, depersonalized technology, but these plebs just want to revel in the sitcom of those creating it.

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Yeah yeah
>It doesn't matter that Picasso emerged to the public and stated:
>"No no no, I only painted this one."

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So you are saying you didn't do the research? Lolz! Welp this just proves your into sports teams and reality tv instead of crypto drama...but you left out those that actually did the research...Buy the real BTC which is SV and stop being cringe.

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>buying altcoins in 2020

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Imagine being this low IQ...

Biz is clearly a bsv board (amongst the non shills real people). Has been since bsv was created in fact.

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>he can’t be retarded enough to buy something that went from $50 to $310

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Watch this based anon get attacked by muh creg retards. He didn't even say Craig is not satoshi and they will sperg out. Who satoj is doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is to buy BSV low and sell higher kek

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Can't even rebuttal without dragging in another cult of personality anecdote. Fucking priceless.

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Reminder the last BSV pump was due to manipulation. If you're smart enough, you'll stay away from that coin. Or don't. I don't care.

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>muh research
There is no proof of him being or not being satoj. You are making a choice to believe one side over the other. I did the research and if you come out of that saying he definitely is satoshi you are a brainlet. I hold more BSV than you because it will go up not because Im a retarded cultist

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Holy shit, a functioning person.

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Checked and your meme shits on BTC but your words seem like you shouldn't buy BSV...let's put it this way...if Craig is wrong about how to run BTC it will show...and so far he has shown that it works. Patents are key here too. He is putting his name and neck on the line by saying he is the creator. He is cautious enough to say he is but doesn't show the proof fully since why would you show the world your bank account info? It clearly is a funny game he is playing which inevitably will push BSV to be number 1. No wonder nobody wants BTC blockstream as an etf...keep up.

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Go join Twetch and figure out who the important people are (ones who have been on Twetch since the first month it was launched). There are about 7-8 users that you should go back and read all the discussions. Some of these guys have thousands of posts, but if you take the time you will see what is going to happen. It's going to be glorious. Either every crypto goes to ZERO, or, every crypto will be wrapped in BSV and still exist within the BSV protocol. BSV is going to suck up the entire market cap of crypto.

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>There are about 7-8 users that you should go back and read all the discussions
which ones?
Im guessing coinyeezy, nondualrandy, desantis
who else?

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This is unironically true but be careful which BSV all inners to trust. Even though they are right a lot of them are followers simply clinging to daddy-figure Craig without a single critical thought of their own. Craig could tell them the protocol needs to be upgraded and isn't locked tomorrow and they would support it

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>listen to the consensus of morons
>doing your own research

Only one of these will allow you to make it, anon; pick wisely.

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I unironically got banned last year from the BSV subplebbit because I disagreed with some shit Craig said/did. theres a reason they call it the BSV cult then again most of these folks have listened to so much fud and bullshti over the last year I can see where they are coming from when they get a bit paranoid.

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Imagibe taking investment advice from anonymous shitposters on a guatemalan chinchilla-grooming enthusiasts imageboard. Stay STIFF homie

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the early BSVers were comprised of 50% high IQ OGs and 50% retards and schizos who want an authority to tell them what to do

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high iq OG reporting in

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>Why the fuck is this still going up?
pump&dump exit scam

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Is there a supply cap on BSV?

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BSV is the original Bitcoin protocol; 21 million is the maximum supply, technically the last will be mined in around 2140, but due to halvings it will all virtually be mined by 2040. Exactly the same as BTC, except miners will abandon that shitcoin post haste.

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>coinmarket cap
u wut m8?

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bitconnect entered the top 10 before it crashed.
absolute scams having a high market cap isn't uncommon. the best thing is that bsv will never abruptly dump 99%, since he can just continue to lie and make excuses forever.

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21 million but circulating supply should be a lot less than BTC due to BSV miners not selling and people not having split their coins across forks, exchanges being too fucking stupid and losing them etc.

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How do I make money

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Even the elect can be deceived

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>It's only the public keys

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You guys crack me up.... Your the fakes....fake community members.... How's this .. Stop focusing on Craig and thinking your coin could go to million tomorrow morning. Craig never told you too hold.... He told you to build cause the tech is like nothing else out there. It follows the original Bitcoin White paper. That's what makes it Bitcoin...... Not weather Craig can prove he is the guy who wrote it or not. It follows what Bitcoin was meant to do.... That makes it so. Craig should have no impact on how the coin performs. As far as I'm concerned the real fakes here are you . The leaders of this project do nothing but spend money on it.... Does that seem like a scam to you. Grow up.... Leave if you don't believe in the project. Eventually, the best coin will win and for me.... That's still Bsv.

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Based af

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>Craig never told you too hold....
hurr durr all the BSV cultists are busy virtue signalling about how they don't care about price.
NONE of them would be in BSV if they didn't think it will make them rich. I hold BSV for profit exclusively, just like you.

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unironically kill yourself

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Stop thinking about short term price. Everyone on this board does this and it's a solid way to get rekt.

The only thing that is predictable with investing is long term trends, otherwise it's just degenerate gambling.

The fact is BSV is the only version of Bitcoin that is actually scaling and building out infrastructure to attract big business. That is all you need to know. The CSW stuff is just an IQ test, don't fall for it.

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I think Craig said it best when he said that ETH is not the original Ethereum chain, that is ETC. In just the same way the BTC ticker is no longer held by the true Bitcoin protocol. Bilderberg group and banks big-money have hijacked BTC and made it unusable on purpose, to neuter it. They have thrown computers and hash behind it as is the economic model, to sustain it as the longest chain.

The next half a year will be very interesting as the hash wars play out and the halvening reckons.

I recommend you do the eye-opening test of transferring BTC from Wallet to Wallet and then transferring a micro transaction on BSV, like a cent, to test. Speed and transaction costs. Just try it.

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Simple owning one pumpkin seed doesn't do anything, it spoils after 10 years.
However, if you plant that seed, it will produce you crop with huge returns

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>It seemed to me that the general consensus on this board was...
You unironically deserve to be poor.
>It's easy to pump a coin with no liquidity
You are a clueless moron. I bought ~100k worth (not joking) last time it was at 250 without moving the price at all. Low liquidity my ass.

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Not everyone in BSV is a faggot like Ari. BSV is about capitalism and making money foremost. The anti-speculation faggots are either a gayop or useful idiots.

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There is a difference between holding and "HODL"

The thing is, for the price to go up, there has to be something going for the coin other than just "number go up".

BSV is about building something that will gain in real value over time which is the only sustainable way to increase price.

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Interdasting. I thought the Q in the logo was just another reptile pretending. I'll have to look into this coin. I'm intrigued by the fact none of the major exchanges support it. Any recommendations on where to buy?

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>BSV is about building something
that's the biggest joke sv only destroyed so far and added nothing of value.

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BSV is playing chicken with the market and winning. Being highly agressive pulls in a certain type of crowd

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Bitfinex is one place.

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You can absolutely make money off of outright scams and totally unnecessary shitcoins, but unlike when you buy into a genuinely useful technology, your success depends entirely on being lucky enough to get out at the right time. There is a nontrivial chance that Bitcoin SV could drop to $0 tonight. You are gambling on forces outside of your control.

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Bitconnect never had this type of attention or a functioning ecosystem of startups developing on it. There is a lot fishy about BSV but this is a brainlet comparison.

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Thanks m8. I also notice that BSVs pump today led the bitcoin pump. Am I mistaken or is it usually the other way around?

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the market follows bitcoin. BSV is bitcoin

>> No.17001073

BCH pumped first today. Corecucks are waking up to big blocks working and some would rather buy the friendlier big block coin

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How does BSV compare to stinky linkies?

>> No.17001485

BSV isn't premined, its ownership is just as distributed as the Bitcoin forks'
Sergey holds 70% of LINK.
fine, he vowed to spend 35% on "node operators" but there's 0 specification on it. he literally can make a specification where in practice he's the one taking all the funds that should be given to node operators, by, for example, raising new constraints on nodes so that his stromans will be the only people capable of running them. he has already dumped 700k links like 15 times and going to do it in the future.
Craig only has 1 million BSV (less than 5% of all coins mined by 2040), but even when they stop being locked up, he'll obviously only dump the forks, not BSV.

tl;dr link resembles very much of pump and dump scams, pyramid schemes where the founder takes everything. BSV is a very balanced ecosystem and the foundation of cryptocurrency itself.

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you are only like 4 months late to the party, Kek

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That is literally not liquidity

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Where do you buy it in the US?

>> No.17001604

1k next checkpoint, still early to the game. 1 enterprise investor = 5,000 individual private investors

>> No.17001617

buy ETH on coinbase with debit card, send the ETH to coinswitch.co (ETH --> BSV)

BTC is too slow

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use something like kucoin or bitfinex for swapping the ETH to BSV. coinswitch takes much higher fees plus you need to learn to trade crypto anyways.

also use coinbase pro for buying ETH, much cheaper than normal coinbase.

>> No.17001843


>plus you need to learn to trade crypto anyways
i disagree. unregulated exchanges are toxic and rake in millions from lost user funds through price manipulation. never before has an exchange created a market, it has always been that a market creates an exchange (credit: CSW). why trade BSV? just park some fiat there until teranode and use whenever you want. it's a utility token with an ever increasing utility as the block size increases, it's not a trading token or a hodling token

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This 51% of network attacks are well managed and a threat to the whole ecosystem. May be that's why the US regulated exchanges like Binance US and CoinZoom never listed BTG!

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Did you forget about bitconnect? When shit hits the fun there is no saving the brainlets. And we get some good memes out of it.

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I don't know guys honestly. I've tried to look up what the arguments on both sides were today and I learnt a bit reading this thread too.
The story line saying that Craig is a fraud doesn't feel so true anymore. I was sure he was a blatant scammer but the actual situation is a lot more nuanced.
I need find more information. Feel free to share sources you consider good.

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babbys first pump and dump

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Craig embellishes things, makes unsourced or unjustified claims, and doesn't do stuff that he says he will. However, he also makes good arguments about competition, creating value, and atttracting miners and users. At some point, you have to stop paying attention to him and see what other BSV people are doing. There are a a handful of projects that have made useful things on BSV, BSV itself works very well, and it looks like everyone involved are making an aggressive bid to compete against the rest of the space. No idea if it will win in the end but it seems to me that the BSV community is sincere and hardworking, a fact which is more important than craig.

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Shut up idiot

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Actually I've been in crypto since early 2017 so I've had my fair share of those.
Thank you this was an interesting read.

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