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anon. you are still in denial aren't you? it's fucking happening and you're ignoring your chance to survive. buy food & water for 2 months and don't leave your house. I hope you'll make it my fren.

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no ones gonna die

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I just moved out of my parents house I have no idea what food or supplies to get pls help

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canned food. things you can eat if your fridge/cooking station is not working. water is the most important. radio with batteries. if shit really hits the fan there will be no internet, electrity and flowing water.

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people are already dying. the gov is lies about the numbers you can add them x100. 1500 confirmed infections 42 dead = 150'000 infected, 4200 dead

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*is lying

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thanks fren.
>if shit really hits the fan there will be no internet, electrity and flowing water.
damn surreal to think that could be happening soon.

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it probably won't happen but you HAVE TO protect yourself and your family against the worst scenarios.

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I want to die though

Jokes on you

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Only old people die from what is basically the flu.

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probably a lie bro

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probably a chimera virus from a bioweapon laboratory. if you are infected there are no symptoms for 2 weeks while you can infect other people. then the flu hits. then you will start spitting blood. and much more scary stuff

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if you think it's just a flu and only old people die, that's exactly how you won't make it trough the apocalypse

19 Chinese Cities Quarantined:
>Wuhan (11 Million) - 2020-01-23
>Huanggang (7.5 Million) - 2020-01-24
>Jingzhou (5.7 Million) - 2020-01-24
>Xiaogan (4.8 Million) - 2020-01-24
>Ezhou (4.1 Million) - 2020-01-24
>Yichang (4.1 Million) - 2020-01-24
>Jingmen (3 Million) - 2020-01-24
>Huangshi (2.5 Million) - 2020-01-24
>Xianning (2.8 Million) - 2020-01-24
>Xiantao (1.6 Million) - 2020-01-24
>Daye (1 Million) - 2020-01-24
>Qianjiang (1 Million) - 2020-01-24
>Yangxin (1 Million) - 2020-01-24
>Enshi (0.9 Million) - 2020-01-24
>Chibi (0.5 Million) - 2020-01-24
>Zhijiang (0.5 Million) - 2020-01-24
>Dangyang (0.5 Million) - 2020-01-24
>Tianmen (1.7 Million) - 2020-01-25
>Lichuan (1 Million) - 2020-01-25
TOTAL: 55+ Million

>Shang Hai (Unconfirmed)
>Shang Guang (Unconfirmed)
>Beijing (21.54M) likely on 1/27

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Also don't forget to buy a P3 (FFP3) mask/gasmask

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please anons. I have gone trough A LOT of clips, information, insider leaks and I tell you now a last time: P R E P A R E FOR THE WORST

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Imagine getting this worked up about a virus that causes the common cold.

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Shut up faggot.

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what if this is not a larp? he also uploaded official gov documents to proof his identity

I'm an epidemiologist working for Brazil's Ministry of Health.

I will disclose everything I know so far.

These are facts confirmed to my team by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as we are comunicating with China.

1 - The disease is airborne, and spreads asymptomatically for 3 to 5 days before showing the first signals that something is wrong with your body.

2- It's very strange, since it isn't any strand of the coronavirus we know, this is just like someone had taken different parts and caracteristics of other viruses and stitched them together. It's actually surreal and we've never seen something like this before

3- Numbers are being held down, but not by much like you guys are saying (if it was 90.000 all airports would be closed and any travel would be impossible even by sea)

4- No effective treatement has been shared with the world yet, but the US says they have a way to deal with it if this gets too ugly, they just don't want to disclose it right now, they'll only do it if absolutely necessary, we don't know why yet.

5- The timeline of the infection is something like this:

zero-day infection
14 day incubation period
3-5 days asymptomatic transmission
7+ days to be hospitalized
estimated time-to-death isn't accurate yet, but from what I've seen I can say it begins to turn very ugly after 3 to 6 days after you've been in the hospital.

Lungs filled with blood, your digestive system stops working, tons of secretion (very contagious).

God help us if this doesn't get under control.

Get prepared right now.

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SARS and MERS are much worse. Go outside and have sex.

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Dude stfu already. I know someone in Jiangxi and they said everything is fine.

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I am prepared.
>tfw when only NEETS will survive this apocalypse.

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get cu ck ed
based neet will inherit the world

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this is such a pathetically bad larp, jfc

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>just like someone had taken different parts and characteristics of other viruses and stitched them together
now, who would go do a thing like that
>I know someone
course you do

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Doubles, checked.

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> "Surviving Disaster" TV show for purchase on Amazon
> Episode 10 - Pandemic
> SEAL dude says buy rice, oil, and tuna fish

Love that fucking show.... lot of other good shit int he episode. Kind of corny over the top too though.

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Got some sauce for this bait?

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Theres a chance it is not a larp. It could end up being like that anon who posted secret government documents on pol. Got a bunch of comments saying "fake and gay". Turns out it was legitimate government docs.

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Its legit. The people calling the dude a LARPER havnt even been on top of the news. Go dig on social media. More than half of what the " larper "said is confirmed. .... i dont think hes larping...better safe than sorry anons...look up "event 201 bill gates" and understand corona virus has a 50% mortality ratio for dead/recovered and the chinese government made it illegal to talk abt rhe virus, even in private message. Theyll arrest u for talking abt it on wechat pm. They have 40-50 mil quarenteened. This is not a drill.

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What's the best place for this info? Just pol?

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I'd guess eveyone in this /thread is young. Nothing ever happens, if it does you want to me one of the first one to go. This place is a shithole now imagine when people are willing to kill for food.

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It won't kill more than 20% of the global population even in a worst case scenario. Despite popular belief this will not cause collapse. It will cause economic contraction and a depression for sure. But your water will still run, your electricity will work and your internet won't go out if you're in a developed nation. Ride it out, enjoy higher wages in the aftermath when the labour market gets super tight and everything is in high demand because a bunch of specialists died. Stay in your house, only go to markets in the country if you need to shop. Sanitize your hands anytime you enter your car or home and you should be good.

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>Goes to store to stock up on food
>Gets coronavirus

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also get your binance mask

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more importantly, does /biz/ have their SIEGE mask?

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Meanwhile, the regular flu killed 30.000 Americans just last year.

OMFG get your hazmat suits

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no internet=pls kill me

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hopefully it wipes out the favelas in your shithole country then maybe that nigger shithole might finally flourish

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20% is still alot u could be one of the 20%. Fuck that is a huge chance

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Will i be ok if I order chinese?

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Stop hyping up the coming epidemic to intimidate your family.
You sound like a lunatic and scare your loved ones. please. Your family is very worried. Please take medicine to calm yourself down. If you swallow the pill, you will not regret it. You have to calm down and not fall into crisis.

Things are under control. We need to relax and enjoy life, shall we? You worry that the virus is meaningless to your loved ones, they will be as crazy as you. Just like the Ebola virus, nothing happened. For your family, please calm down.
You're talking nonsense. We are all safe. Your friends and family are scared. It's time to calm down. do you understand?

You need to listen.
You make people worry.
You are intimidating your entire family, friends and neighbors.
You must relax.
China has a cure. People are recovering.
Calm down now.
Consider your loved ones. You are scaring them, why? 4chan rumors?
It's time to calm down. It's going to be okay.

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Is no problem, very good very healthy.

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I don't want to make it

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Corona-chan just flu over my house.

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>20% of China and the West Coast of the US are eliminated before the plague finally fizzles out

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is he eating...bat soup?

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The 3 cases in US were all people who had traveled to Wuhan. It's probably from a massive food virus from foods eaten specific to Wuhan. Stop fear mongering. Ya'll are bullshit until someone in US who DIDNT go to Wuhan gets it. Go play video games or jerk off or something.

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How do I prepare with food. Do you mean like canned beans at the supermarket or buy actual military grade MREs? Where to get those?

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Triple checked.

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Imagine having such a shitty life you go on 4chin boards just to shill this shitty cold virus.
Kys anon

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