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Seeing some of these wagie threads is nightmare fuel. I literally saying a morning prayer thanking God for my NEETdom everyday. How you wagies holdin up?

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>snarky cunts in the open office constantly talking retarded shit and have to listen to all their conversations
>the computer is outdated and the programs are slooooooow
>every click = wait 10 seconds
>chair is not comfortable and ass is sweating because sun shines right at my back
>still tired from not enough sleep and eyes are drying up, vision getting blurry
>open up window
>5 seconds later some roastie closes it again because it is too cold despite being 30 degrees celsius outside and 40 inside
>roastie sitting across me sneezing all the time
>one of the roasties turns on the radio which plays the same 3 shitty annoying songs in a loop over and over and over again
>desk is too small for all the papershit
>coworker retards start eating and they eats like pigs, with open mouth and you can hear it across the room smells like rotten dog anus too
>one roastie brings her loud autistic kid to work that yells at the top of his lungs and runs around the desk
>look at clock
>still 7 hours left and its monday

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All the time, bro. Success via crypto will be my glorious revenge on the wagekek class.

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I never wagecucked once in my life. I can't see myself doing it at this point and feel completely alienated from any wagecuck when they talk about their jobs

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Yes, it's actually really scary to dream that you're at work only to wake up and go waging.
A bit off topic, but last night I had a dream where I told a friend I was considering suicide. It made the dream 10x weirder.

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I wonder how many mental illnesses and neurosis wagies develop from shit like this, my heart goes out to you lads. I’ll make sure to meditate to all-eve your suffering and watch an extra episode of anime on Monday.

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I can't even get a job because I don't have a license, high school diploma or work experience. Normalfags basically shut me out of ever working. Thank you!

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Haven't had any nightmares about jobs I've had in the recent past but I have probably had nightmares about it in tge last year or so. Have been unemployed for almost 6 months now which is probably why I haven't had any. They went away faster than nightmares about college.

Looking for a job but also working on a way to escape wagecuckery. Hated how some of them would treat me like a worthless dog or for insults. Some of them just make a target without good reason. I'm good at picking up when someone is taking advantage of me or mocking me in a very covert but passive aggresive manner that only makes me look overly sensitive when I call them out on it. I dont go out of ny way to pick on a coworker just let me do my job and go home yet some of them just have to pick a fight and it's infuriating.

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Fuck jews

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I get ptsd flashbacks of having a gun in my face lol you favgot grow up

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Oh shit we good a tough guy wagie over here

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>t. 7-11 clerk

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Took all 2019 off due to crypto gains and these markets fell off a fucking cliff and flatlined so it was literal hell by about November

Just started wage cucking and honestly I feel much better compared to watching crab charts