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Id graduate with 15k debt if I finished. I need 9-10 more months. Not interested in joining the fucking military. Can only imagine doing some job at a school with it, but nearly half of young grads are underemployed which makes it feel like a huge waste. Plus im mediocre (3.0 going to prob drop to 2.7-2.8 if I finish).
With that said...
With interest and 5 years, lets just avg to 18k. Thats 300 a month for 5 years. I basically make 420 a week after taxes currently. Like a fucking 3rd of my check goes to the goyment.
I have no skills. Just do security since no one wanted to give me a chance (this is actually why I dont want to "make it" by being an employee. FUCK america and employers).
Like 20k a yr. I expect to make MAYBE 40k (~30k after taxes) after graduating with my degree (bus admin econ). Have an associates. Its shit and the most I can get is like 20 an hr with it (I apply, but never get the jobs).
That would be like 30k a yr after taxes..

Anyways, should I even bother at this point? I'm 24. Almost 25. Wont graduate till 26. Suicidal as well and school makes my quality of life even more shit. I also plan on dying (99% sure) before 30 (age 29 is the max future I can see).

I expect a net pay of 9k a yr if I graduate (750 more a month after taxes. It's pretty significant).

The number ONE reason I even question if it's worth it is due to how I feel btc will go to 80k-100k+ eoy and feel I'm better off just focusing on that (working full time and school full time is a bitch).

Also, being a pessimist, I feel even 40k with a bachelors and in my 20s is stretching it (im not a unicorn cs/engineer. Im average with intellect which is the same as being retarded in this society).

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so 1. I can possibly get 20 an hr with my 2 yr degree, but options are limited and highly competitive. 2. I will prob start at this pay (only if lucky) if I graduate.
We all know those starting salaries for college grads are propaganda bullshit lies. Chances are Ill get ass fucked. Hate retards that fudge stats.

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>ONE reason
btc and my age so 2 reasons. I feel btc will give me the capital needed to become self employed though.

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Murica is in so bad shape average student loan bigger than yours. Just spread the down payment as long as possible and get a loan from bank and pay off if student loan has high interest, try get interest to 1% or below and just pay down slowly

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are you some kind of suicidal tranny? I would GO BACK to college at 30, would be easier to take advantage of opportunities(and girls). Your mediocrity is all self imposed.
>i have avg intellect
>i will never make more than 40k
>school sucks
cry more bitch, you don't sound like you have ever had to support yourself at any point in life. If you really wanted to quit being a bitch and make money you could, but I have a strong feeling you would rather suck cock.

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>you don't sound like you have ever had to support yourself at any point in life.
retard alert. Retard alert.

1. yes I do hence why im beat up (self esteem)
2. Statistics = fakenews huh? Dumbass. I loathe retards that disregard data
3. whats your age and job and when did u graduate, faggot?

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Fuck corporate memes

SAGE, kys

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tranny thread is that way ->
gtfo, cock sucker

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Kys tranny

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stealing my insults. nignog

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Whyd you run away, bitch? Pussy

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hey bitch. I have a question. Do you know what scarcity is or are you too retarded? What was your major if any? I highly doubt its anything impressive going by your dumbass logic