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first for HOLDING

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inb4 end of day dump

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First for APT

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>End of the day PUMP

I fixed that for ya. Fuck china.

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I want Corona-chan to cleanse this planet. There are too much people.

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>SPY $340 calls for june
>MSFT $170 call for 1/31 (earnings on 29)

Did i do gud?

Will let you know next week. have a glorious fucking weekend /smg/

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just picked up some LCI, lads

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It's a long day, livin' in correction
There's a starved bear running through the yard
I'm a bad bull 'cause I don't even notice
I'm a bad bull for buying more calls


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Why is Bryan still above $20 per LCI?

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lets go

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FUCK taxes
FUCK neets

Ima 'bout to crack open a cold 'rona for all the chinese lads who died to give me these gains

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APT bros, $7.50 July calls still real cheap - briefly spiked to $1.80 today, my average is $0.95 a piece, anyone else think this goes to $10, maybe $13 next week if WHO declares emergency?

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what should i buy to get a nice dividend nestegg built up?

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come next week it's gonna be a bull on bear gangrape party

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>sell everything
Did you really?

I just put MORE money in the market in the form of puts on SVXY and YINN...
How’d I do?

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next week there will be thousands of dead chinks and full blown panic

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we're gunna make it

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Why would they want that?

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can someone help me figure this out?

Did I gain $1146 or lose?

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You did the right thing.

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Even if the bloodshed doesn't continue I'm getting pretty hyped for the after-market bitcoin dump

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>fuck neets
>buys dividend stocks so he can become a neet

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based. we should make up a Corona Virus drinking game


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It makes it easier for them to artificially pump it and then lock it into a new paradygm. You can expect this to keep happening until the 400mg data drops.

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the difference between my NEETdom and real NEETs is I don't rely on taxpayers to fund my NEETing.

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>puts on SVXY and YINN...
sounds complex
I continue to advocate UVXY calls for their simplicity and effectiveness
I don't mess with YINN or YANG, I've found them to be unpredictable (in a bad way). They never do what I expect

I didn't sell everything, jsut some things. I'm still down overall for the day with everyone else. But I did a lot better than I would have :^)

NEET detected (you never told us how your "job" interview went...)

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what do you guys do on the weekends? im new to stonks.

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Why the fuck is AMRN still above $20?

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Thank you, sir. I have no balls when it comes to risk, so pumping cash into dividends appeals to my vaginal nature.

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Oh shiett, before close dump inbound boys.

>> No.16971455

I’m in

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I... damn it is this the “inverse baggie” baggie or the one who gives real advice?

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I just got back from the grocey store, I've got plenty of 'ronas to last me the weekend

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You're so wrong, but whatever.

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the interview went well, it lasted about 1 minute and they said theyd call me for training in a couple weeks. I would be the only male working there so idk If the matriarchy is gonna call me

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Pay attention to Boeing here. It's doing stuff. I have no intention to play their earnings but I might be in afterwards.

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uhhh your spread was ITM so it routed it for a debit of $1146 since you didn't have the $186,500 times 2 to cover the short contracts.

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>dow goes on a tear for a month
>stonks launch like rockets
>dips less than a percent for an hour
>stonks plummet and recover in 30min

fuck this dumbass shit

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this weekend is about refreshing /smg/ and /pol/ for corona virus news, listening to Bach, maybe 500mg of shrooms for a pleasant sub-trip dose tomorrow while doing housework

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Why is shillanon long LCI, but short AMRN? LCI is a generic, basic bitch generics company, while AMRN offers a highly differentiated, high-demand drug and is winning in court vers--oooOOOooh, i get it.

Now I get it.

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Nice! That sounds promising. Maybe they just need warm bodies... or have an ss fetish

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If you're not buying bullish options on this dip, you're stupid as fuck. The virus scare is nothing burger. The media coverage shows that it is understood and controlled.

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be careful!
those PetsMart ladies are going to try and slowly feminize you with their gossip and scents!
you have to establish dominance quickly with those types. Show that you are the pack leader on day one or else you will have a hard time of it later!

>> No.16971518

Wait. So I shouldn’t have done that?

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>AMRN offers a highly differentiated, high-demand drug
LCI has Levothyroxine coming which is one of the most common prescribed drug in the country.

They have so many new drugs coming that will ALL be in high deman... AMRN has fish oil...........

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yaeh im thinking thats pretty BASED

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yo, what the fuck is going on with VAP. I was expecting the market to go down last week so I pulled out for +$200. Now it seems if I stayed in I'd be up more like $1000. Feels bad man.

>> No.16971546

Fairly based. I thought you were done with school though.

How are these SGMO cheapies?

>> No.16971549

Wtf y my stonks down??

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oof picked fuckin wrong today boys.
bought APT at 646 and LAKE at 1446

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bulltrap status : SPRUNG

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Just when I buy back into the market after missing out on 2019 cause muh recession, this viral outbreak bullshit has me second guessing. Is there gonna be a massive recession or not. I can't live through 2008 again...

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>LCI has another generic coming
>muh fish oil
Which your generic generics company can't touch for another 10 years

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well this has been a day of pure ass cancer

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going into a weekend where there could be major news of a virus that could potentially disrupt global supply chains

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you can buy fish oil at your local drug store.. the fish oil that AMRN has isn't that great.. it's just modified a little and has been blown up out of proportion.

you're talking about one fucking drug.. LCI has hundreds including cocaine.........

LCI to $60

>> No.16971597

I was planning on going into the weekend with a yang worth of UVXY calls... but they just turned into two yang worth and I didn't do anything !
what the heck is this...

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buy securities you think are gonna go up, sell or short securities you think are gonna go down

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I dunno, but I planned on going into the weekend with a yang worth of SPY calls and a yang worth of GDX puts and now they're worth oh still 2 yang.

>> No.16971613

There is cure already. WHO is tracking down everyone with it. The chances of it actually going out of the control is next to zero.

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>> No.16971624

Generally I get fucked up on weekends, sometimes with other people, sometimes not. Usually I watch some shit, play some vidya or go out and about town.

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>Vascepa isn't that great
Yeah, it's about as mediocre as Lipitor, but without the side effects
>LCI has hundreds including cocaine
*drops monocle in brandy* oh my!
And none of them are Vascepa which, like, is so fucking patented

>> No.16971633

There is no cure so far. Would also be Impossible to find one in like one week of research.
The cure right now is treating patients like Influenza victims and hoping for the best

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If you're bearish and/or think the VIX is going to rise in the next few weeks then you are in the clear. If you're bullish and shorting anything that is bearish, you're going to get fucking rekt. I was having a hard time following that reply chain is all.

>> No.16971647

>end of day dump
well, I lost $200 today.

>> No.16971648

virgin here. not in the US. what are some great international brokers?

>> No.16971657

I trade bitcoin/eth

>> No.16971664

I’m shorting bullish ETFs, one is leveraged China one is a short-vix etf

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I use Revolut Metal like a true Chad

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same, am new and didn't realize people are gonna be taking their profits before the weekend.
i have brain

>> No.16971674

actually the cure is to incinerate the corpses to keep it from spreading.

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As you should. Doing the same thing. Sold everything and went bearish.

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Anyone has any good ideas regarding medical companies that'll benefit from the world ending because of the new plague? Please help me die with atleast a little bit of money.

>> No.16971706

I'm gonna regret not buying a few hundred more shares of SGMO under 8 if they shoot right up to 10 and beyond...
but for now I'm resisting the urge to buy anything

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It's earnings season + having you seen the charts?

>> No.16971710

Oh I didn’t sell everything.

Nintendies strong.

Merck selloff is illogical, they report earnings in feb, calls are on sale but I kind of hope they get cheaper next week.

>> No.16971720


>The Shanghai Municipal Health and Health Commission announced on January 24: Chen, the first case of pneumonia in Shanghai with a new type of coronavirus infection, was scientifically guided by the city-level expert team after admission, and the medical staff carefully diagnosed and treated. The condition gradually improved, and the body temperature was normal. At 6 days, respiratory symptoms improved significantly, and pulmonary imaging showed significant absorption of inflammation. Two new coronavirus nucleic acid tests were negative. As assessed by the Shanghai expert group, the new confirmed coronavirus-infected pneumonia cases were released from isolation. And discharge standards have been cured and discharged today.

The patient was a female, 56 years old, and lived in Wuhan for a long time. On January 10, he developed fever and fatigue in the local area. He arrived in Shanghai on January 12 and was treated in a hospital in Shanghai on the evening of January 15. The review and testing and expert evaluations organized by the National Health and Health Commission confirmed that it was the first confirmed case of pneumonia in Shanghai with a new coronavirus infection.

>> No.16971725

I'm holding my shares of medical suppliers (XLV components)
companies like CAH, ABC, MCK, MMM, PG etc. that make things like gloves and general medical supplies

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Hello, margin call?

>> No.16971728

Do I want to hold this shit over the weekend? Should I be buying dips? Fuck...

>> No.16971736

buy the dip, the virus has been cured.

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WKHS heading UP, closing green is within reach.

>> No.16971754

>The patient was a female, 56 years old, and lived in Wuhan for a long time. On January 10, he developed fever and fatigue in the local area. He arrived


>> No.16971760

and for some reason XLV got smashed today.. XBI got it even worse
I was surprised to see that XLV was one of the worst-off sectors today. I would definitely look at those types of stocks before biopharma stuff (XBI components)

I really don't understand why XLV did worse than the S&P... maybe it should be obvious, but I don't get it

>> No.16971768

sell the stocks that sells hormone treatments then. the trannies will just contract the virus for a free sexual reassignment surgery.

>> No.16971770

Trannyvirus apocalypse confirmed

>> No.16971789

Perhaps something political happened?

Kinda looking appealing... but I just bought 1 LLY 1 mrk and a bunch of BMY...

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Ding ding ding! How did everyone do this week? I'm down 1.17% today, yucky end to the week wtf. Covvies cozy though, I salvaged... 30 whole bucks! Busy at work 2day, what kicked off today's dump, has to be coronachan rite? Small consolation is that Chinese and HK stockies are doing worse than ours, finna line up a HK buy after this all blows over.
This week we're going to the Romano's in Honolulu, Hawaii!

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>> No.16971798

>meme broker
>sausage fingers
the power of SNSS investors

>> No.16971800

>horrifically sick
>6th day in a row in the red
Please post some anime girls

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>Chinese and HK stockies are doing worse than ours
I think that they're closed until monday because of LNY, right?

I lost money today, but I beat the S&P :^)

>> No.16971805

>Day's Value Change
oh well

>> No.16971806

>just modified
It's not even modified. It's epa while "normal" fishoil is epa and dha.
They're the first with a study which shows that fishoil has benefits. That's the only thing they have

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Monday will be bright green. Think about it. The front page on the failing NY Times "Trump Acquitted on ALL Charges"

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Down $100

Still up tho

Where my REFR bois

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Ratty... working with ratties?! Sounds fun, I love the animals at my job but I wish they had fur and did anything but swim mindlessly.

>> No.16971817

Last minute pump saved me a few dollars. Still pretty bad, because of SPCE going down 10%, I bought some while it was high, some more after it dipped a few % thinking that was "the dip", and then some more again when it dipped around 9.5%, hopefully when it recovers I'll reap my rewards

if I didn't have some good gains from last week with BYND I'd be mad

>> No.16971819
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>Implying I would ever use a MAC

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>global markets dump monday while chink funds are locked in until the next day because of CNY

>> No.16971821

Lost all gains from last week today. Down 6% and I sold before it dropped even further.
Then bought the dip in APT (lol to whoever bought the top), some Yang and some puts. Holding back 50% to see how this develops. Either next week will be dicount galore or fear will crash all the bulls.

>> No.16971824

wow that is a fancy rat
look at the bright eyes and clean appearance on that little guy

>> No.16971826

I think chink funds are closed all week for CNY.

>> No.16971833

I didn't actually check I just saw a graph on the thumbnail of a zerohedge article I didn't read while waiting in line to get my Miami Cola Bang energy drink kekkies, I have to assume they are though???

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could've been worse red day after all, we'll see if any recovery or to back 300 levels. nao strong stout and healthy sushi


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yeah but my money is on APT and LAKE.
looking forward to next week with news emerging over the weekend as well as NPR and other liberal networks finally covering the outbreak as they've been obsessed over the impeachment as the dying flame of their last hope.
next week gon be gud

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It's like I'm on a roller coaster that only goes down and the brakes aren't working. Somebody get me off this ride

>> No.16971848

Chinese markets are closed the whole week for new year
HKE is closed for two days

>> No.16971853

>hopefully when it recovers
you might be waiting a long time
if they go up from here it's irrational hype

they will be DEEP red on monday when they open, sure
depending on how bad the weekend is in terms of CoronaVirus, they might hit CBs multiple times on Monday. Or it could all blow over and be fine, in which case their indices will still be down like 4%. that's the best case scenario. It's gonna be a painful start to the Year of the Rat for the chongs

>> No.16971854

>"I can pick stocks that don't trend with general market sentiment!"
>Said the anon who was down 10% in a week

>> No.16971857

you wanted in. now you are in

>> No.16971861
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could be a lot worse, especially after lurking in the first /smg/
BA didnt hurt me at all today, I'm close to being back in the green with it.
Cut my losses/sold smaller positions and went long on APT and LCI. Hoping for some more FUD over Modelo Disease this weekend.

>> No.16971865

>you might be waiting a long time
dumb bear, I'll be up 10%+ next week with AMD

>> No.16971870

Shanghai already unwound a months worth of gains in less than a week, because coronachan.

Think they know something we don’t?

>> No.16971880

I just meant the SPCE position
they had too strong of an upward momentum and it broke

they're dying... literally. knowledge has nothing to do with it :\

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>Will the Coronavirus trigger a global sell off?
>Will the Senate give Mr. President his peaches?
>Will Jerome Powell save the day with the first 2020 FOMC meeting on the 28th?
>Find out on the next episode of smg

>> No.16971888

No I mean they knew the severity and how much their govt was covering up.

Or they’re just a shaky market and foreign investors pulled out at the first sign of trouble.

>> No.16971892

+210% on the day! I love volatility, I love Corona-chan! Going to cook my gf soup and play doctor.

>> No.16971900

He said he needs to see a material change in the data to move... what evidence is there?

>> No.16971901
File: 22 KB, 250x241, interesting.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

market sentiment trends on social sentiment.
the market is made up people and things, and it shifts its values as people shift their values around things.
investing in medical PPE companies with 50% and a 100% returns in the weeks prior, at the start of what could at least cause a scare?
yeah i'll take that bet.

>> No.16971915
File: 99 KB, 1235x650, 1563718840944.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

they all have to sell their stocks to pay their medical bills

also the shaky market and everyone (local and international) grabbing their gains and hitting the road thing

>> No.16971916

>I just meant the SPCE position
I see. Yeah I might have to wait a while, but I'm comfortable holding it.

>> No.16971920

Oh you mean LAKE which pump and dumped in 24 hours, Yeah okay buddy

>> No.16971954

2 cases in EU now btw, not breaking news

>> No.16971957

Don’t they have socialized medicine?
Can you send Trudy over there to show them the benefits of socialism and blackface and explicitly naming your programs as “for the middle class”?

Oh wait you’re not the Canadian quint poster

>> No.16971966
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you really shouldn't enter discussions you don't know anything about.
if you're scared of a days red arrow i honestly don't know how you haven't reflected on your own character and enterprise to know when you shouldn't talk.

>> No.16971970
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we aren't dumping yet, still up

>> No.16971974

FUCK! Trump just tweeted about President Xi doing a good job with the virus and shit. I only bought a few shit cheapies before the close.. hopefully they dump it on the open after the weekend just to scare people

>> No.16971978
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Anyone think Microsoft will keep going down after the weekend?

>> No.16971980

Should've listened

>> No.16971989
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they're out of hospital beds
they're running out of room in the hospital hallways and alleys outside the hospital
all the socialism in the world can't help you when you have a fixed number of doctors and an exponentially increasing patient pool

the next step that they're probably going to take is to start loading up the sick in airplanes and flying them to Canadian hospitals

(I have an image of one of the girls in a nurse costume and I can't find it reeeeeeeeeeeee)

>> No.16971995

Volatility isn’t over. Retards like me who just bought pharma don’t even know the dates of the primaries...
Feeling the Bern already

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>> No.16972006

Heh you were also the qipao poster aren’t ya?

>> No.16972010
File: 159 KB, 639x642, IncludeInAllScreenCaps.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We failed to close at the low, this means live meow jump on Monday!

>> No.16972025
File: 677 KB, 800x1084, 1544459836576.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wait I messed up
they don't have a fixed number of doctors, because their doctors are getting very sick as soon as they start treating CoronaVirus

amongst other things, ya
I love Qipao so much you have no idea

>> No.16972028

Global pandemic is bullish you morons. Evolutionary pressure is necessary to fill the herd and allow superior specimens greater access to resources and reproductive opportunity. Every subhuman who sucumbs to this virus is a waste of skin that was holding back the species. Once the fat has been trimmed, we will see unprecedented economic growth without the weight of subhumans dragging us down through diversion of resources to prop up their 80IQ asses.

>> No.16972037

>was scientifically guided by the city-level expert team after admission, and the medical staff carefully diagnosed and treated.
i.e. the patient cured herself after doctors did nothing?

>> No.16972044

I mean I haven't sold anything, I'm talking about entering into trades before the close. Could have done it if Trump tweeted just a few minutes before the close instead of after, but that was probably a calculated tweet to ensure a green open on Monday

>> No.16972057

less consumers = bad (for stocks)
less workers = bad (for stocks)

but I'm still flabbergasted that they let the patient go when the symptoms stop
It seems like there is enough of a chance that the patient could still infect others for a few days, even after their immune system gets the upper hand.... they should keep them for a week to be safe

>> No.16972059
File: 61 KB, 799x667, best.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16972085
File: 136 KB, 687x387, original_191826064.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

SNSS still being accumulated like crazy. Someone knows something.

>> No.16972089
File: 61 KB, 783x639, STILL TIME.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16972098

no its just puppies
I love GREK, Its very cool xD

>> No.16972104
File: 23 KB, 916x278, hohum.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bought the dip on SOXL when it hit 305. Hope I don't regret it

>> No.16972108

Is there an ETF meme ticker I can use to trade this on the NYSE?

>> No.16972115
File: 130 KB, 621x513, Screenshot (1369).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

for anyone doubting us LAKE/APT CHADS

>> No.16972125


>> No.16972128
File: 1017 KB, 480x270, 1345347418458.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

down 2.3% mainly because most of my portfolio is indexes
still technically up 1.2% for the week but that's gonna get fucking obliterated on monday for sure
wish I had $$ for VIX

>> No.16972129


>> No.16972132

Kid your lunch money is better off spent on videogames, at least you'll get something out of that.

>> No.16972137
File: 28 KB, 500x530, 1579207394569.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I thought about this but then I decided I'd rather go to the moon with >>16972115

>> No.16972141

that's from like 13 hours ago dude...
I still think that their 250k infected by Feb4 number is a bit too high

>> No.16972144

Chinese government said they will cover all cost of treating the disease, that is if you can get treated
They are now building new ad hoc hospital whoch is estimated to take about a week. But even if they can provide thousand of new bed every weeks that's still not enough to the current situation.
The LNY holiday last until Tuesday in Hong Kong and Thursday in mainland China, so they will only reopen on Wednesday/Friday respectively.
According to https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(20)30183-5/fulltext they waited 10 days before they let go the patients. But then in this news they say they release the patient only after two negative tests. Probably because they don't have the luxury to allow a presumably cured individual to occupy a bed for ten days given resource constraint.

Also, the link say that, out of the initially reported 41 case (probably the most undistorted sample we have), 32% patients need to be admitted into ICU while 15% died. Both figures are similar to SARS.

>> No.16972146

he posted a screenshot of a videogame
and it's a pretty good videogame, too :D

>> No.16972153
File: 102 KB, 1179x738, BUY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16972156

Those indicators are memes. Pls stop
There are just as many buys as there are sells.

>> No.16972166

I mean I guess it doesn't matter either way since SNSS is an investment on fundamentals.

>> No.16972178
File: 27 KB, 640x477, keikaku.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16972183

I wouldn't put it like that but yes. I agree.

>> No.16972186

what kind of numbers are you estimating for infected?
my guess right now: ~5k-8k in mainland, ~200-400 international+HK?
maybe it's high, but probably closer than they official figure of 900

did you read the thing from Lancaster? their model shows 250k mainland infected in two weeks >>16972115

>> No.16972213

Buy GME. If it doesn't bounce like crazy next week I will fill my ass with cement.

>> No.16972216
File: 42 KB, 551x444, justice.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you guys might be right, all i'm saying is there's gonna be some splash and scare media bullshit next week as more information comes out over the weekend.
never underestimate the incompetence of communist governments in the face of disaster

>> No.16972252

1) No one here knows shit about greek economy
2) From everybody else's perspective you are just a random post on an image board of broken dreams.
You have to provide something.

>> No.16972256

January has been an nonstop barrage of happenings that didn't make me sell my stocks. I'm not going to sell them now.

>> No.16972270

Fitch: Upgraded Greece to "BB" with positive outlook
The international credit rating firm Fitch advanced one-tier on Friday night to upgrade the Greek economy .
According to the ratings agency's report, Greek debt sustainability continues to improve, supported by a stable policy framework, sustained GDP growth and a history of budgetary over-performance relative to targets.
The Fitch believes -malista the records in sigoura- that will agree with the institutions for the surplus target.

Greece is two steps away from the Fitch rating, three on S&P , DBRS and four on Moody's . However, firms, in their previous analysis, estimate that Greece will pass the threshold of the investment grade in the next two to four years and when the banks will eliminate a large share of their non-performing exposures.
At a similar wavelength the DBRS also moved, which maintained the Greek rating at BB (low) on November 1st, but upgraded its outlook to positive from stable.

The positive outlook reflects improved prospects for political stability and policy implementation after the July elections, but also greater confidence that debt will continue to decline positively.

>you can miss the train again if you like

>> No.16972274

there are sort of two sides to the thing: mainland china and international.

will the number of infected completely overwhelm the chinese infrastructure, enough that entire cities (and massive fucking cities, at that) just stop functioning?

will the spread of new cases around the world level off, or will there continue to be an exponential growth outside of china (if infected spread the disease for multiple days/weeks before being quarantined and treated)?

I tend to think that all the people posting things like
>lol SARs wasn't that bad
are being unrealistic about the possibilities of the situation here. From what I'm seeing, it seems like it's already out of hand. And I'm not talking about the LARP twitter posts in the /pol/ threads, I mean in terms of seeing the growing numbers of international cases and extrapolating about the transmission of this thing

>> No.16972275

>What kind of numbers are you estimating
Right now: Wuhan and surrounding cities: I have completely no idea, if I am to guess then I would probably say tens of thousand, Rest of mainland China: Probably in the order of magnitude of ten to the power three or four, Outside mainland China: Probably in the order of magnitude of ten to the power two
>did you read the thing from Lancaster?
I thought I posted the link a few threads ago.

>> No.16972279
File: 77 KB, 720x1280, tr76h8wo68p11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

$NVDA, yes or no?

>> No.16972310

Uhhhhhhhh.... gonna need sauce on this semen demon first, chief.

>> No.16972313
File: 117 KB, 224x221, 1549052694040.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16972321

Ah, I didn't know if it was you or someone else who posted that link this morning

Is there anything on the Chinese-language internet about the virus research facility in Wuhan as the possible original source of the virus? That speculation is getting some play on the English-language net (not official media or anything, but plenty of people are reading about it)

>> No.16972323
File: 54 KB, 482x516, 88f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

same, from an investment perspective i'm cautiously optimistic on my positions.
china's incentive to lie about the severity of this in the early days is a HUGE motivator.
but either way i'm comfy as this tactical risk is controlled for at the strategic level through dollar cost averaging my investments over the year to $1000/mo

>> No.16972374

If the corona meme is still active on monday, I’m buying the chinese stock dip.

>> No.16972387
File: 50 KB, 618x482, biden's there for you.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what's your angle of approach?
what's your play?

>> No.16972406

Not being able to tune the market sucks.

I want to both sell everything and buy everything.

>> No.16972427

Is there shit going on with politics I should know about? Did joe fuck up again or Bernie surge in a new poll?

>> No.16972449
File: 7 KB, 225x225, scary_023.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>suddenly got a cold
I think this is a sign, just sold off all my big stakes. corona chan will safe us with a big sale soon.

>> No.16972452

The Schumer Schiff Sham Show is going now where, the Democrats won't agree to a witness swap, so there's going to be no Biden testimony, and no testimony from Bolton. All eyes will be on Iowa a week from Monday.

>> No.16972472

I prefer Corona over normal beer but it's really not that good. Salitos is quite comfy.

>> No.16972482

Is this the beginning of the end?

>> No.16972487

nah, amber ale in these could months, and warm months too.
there's a dank raspberry ipa that circulates in the summer that's very nice

>> No.16972491

Obama is gonna slam Bernie

>> No.16972493
File: 199 KB, 941x887, 1515433078535.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>want to listen to Kai Rysdall's soothing voice talk about stonks and Mr. Powell on public radio
>tune in to some democrat rambling opinionated statements about drumpf
When will the media realize nobody watches CSPAN, even during 'historic' events?

>> No.16972494

>I prefer Corona over normal beer
whats.. normal beer?? corona light? Lol

>> No.16972495
File: 17 KB, 400x388, 1563768957403.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

imagine dying in Corona-chan's infected embrace and not getting to buy the cheapies after the whole pandemic runs its course
that would suck so bad

buy a full mask respirator with at least general-particle HEPA filters.
Make sure that your immune system is as strong as possible
If you do that, you will probably live, unless you're weak

>> No.16972501

>Live in town with about 50% Asian pop
How fucked am I?

>> No.16972510

Nothing against IPA but amber ale was too malty iirc
Our local beer. barley malt, hop and shit like that aka german beer.

>> No.16972512


Guys it only infects Asians.

>> No.16972525

The panic will be much worse next week. Don’t worry, APT to $10 in no time

>> No.16972542

Irvine CA and most of OC gonna be smothered in Corona

>> No.16972557

just keep at least 15 feet away from them
and anything that they've touched and anyone that they've sneezed on

apparently we're all like 0.1% Asian because of Genghis Khan or something

>> No.16972558
File: 59 KB, 580x563, peps.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's so obvious, the chinese government has huge incentive to lie and western media has a huge incentive to spread fear so people tune in.
the fact i lost 10%, on a friday dump for weekend coke money, FUCKING 10% ON A ROUTINE DUMP, kind of shows the volume and future ceiling.
finna make it bro.

>> No.16972560
File: 24 KB, 853x449, 1575314249205.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Still up for the week, bitches. Send more virus please the cheapies aren't cheap enough

>> No.16972569

The market burns down monday

>> No.16972579
File: 41 KB, 267x401, aww.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>market burns down
just buy water

>> No.16972580

>believing rating agencies

>> No.16972587
File: 14 KB, 251x201, let's-look.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

well first, sell fire
buy water

>> No.16972588
File: 167 KB, 1440x1063, 1568343326515.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hope so
I want it nuked

>> No.16972590

Virologists that studied outbreaks like SARS say Corona-chan could be infectious for 2 weeks prior to any symptoms manifesting.

>> No.16972596

Live meow jump Monday.

>> No.16972601

I got the feeling

We are in for market hell
Fifty million deaths
Countries will collapse

This is it

No lie

Correction could be fifty percent by june

>> No.16972602
File: 27 KB, 600x600, scary_020.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>forgot to close several calls before market close
oh no

>> No.16972606

Why is it so hard to consistenly feed the population shroom derived beta glucans?
Give them people a immune system.

>> No.16972615

Its veryveryvery bad

Lets see sentiment Mond

>> No.16972623


>> No.16972624

Hk put a warning

Shenzhen case six of seven senpai members infected

We are seeing flu like spread

Ten thousand cases in china minimum rn

>> No.16972633

Just got home from work, fucking holocaust in the market today. Hope you guys got your cheapies from yet another bullshit corona scare. Can't wait to be seriously in the money when AMD earnings comes around after this correction.

>> No.16972643

From what i saw

All the suits and big traders do nkt understand this at all

The fear is not enough

This is worse than everything

Ebola hiv everything

This will end societal structure.
Think all hospitals closed with lines

>> No.16972645

Currently sitting in the airport. What are the chances I contracted coronanigger?

>> No.16972652

In the tens of percent chances....

>> No.16972654

kek there is no way to reconcile the current AMD valuations with any earning they get.

virus scare is so overblown. chinks have figured out how to cure it and they will pump out cure for all 2 billion people within this weekend with their robotic ant-like efficiency.

>> No.16972657

Buying a china ETF

>> No.16972664

Based dark pools

>> No.16972665

i believe in modern science and the Trump economy, plus we got the "nvidia killer" GPU coming out this year. im down to HODL all year if i have to but i doubt i will have to, just gonna keep DCA'ing and swing trading.

>> No.16972668

which country?

>> No.16972673

how many people at the airport have face masks, are keeping their distance?

how many have gloves on and are refusing to speak?

humanity is complacent...

>> No.16972675


>> No.16972676

NVIDIA is one of the stocks I’m having a very hard time selling. I only have one share so i can’t just trim, and I would really like to own more.

>> No.16972682

Everything looks normal. Didn't even see those mobile body temp scanners.

>> No.16972683

Just for reference: look at the time on almost any given stock when Trump did the tariffs on the 300b chinese goods, the big escalation of the trade war.

Imagine if you bought during that, compare the price of almost any given stock then to now. Now apply that to the coronavirus scare. CHEAPIES.

>> No.16972686

Oh is that how it works

>> No.16972687

If you want the closest thing to this it's swine flu. We knew it was coming. It still spread worldwide, no chance to contain.

This we have some non zero chance to contain but jesus fuck...

Just imagine swine flu but 10-20% end up at the hospital for 2 weeks.

>> No.16972691

I don’t know what the market will do the coming times. But I do know the coronafear is a meme. Ebola was reason for panic, this isn’t. If the market is dipping because of this virus, it’s a very nice buying opportunity.

>> No.16972697

AMD don't do r&d. they just make the chips. i'm not saying that AMD is a bad company, just very overvalued.

>> No.16972699

Buy nbrv.
It took the dilution really nicely. The drop now is a perfect chance to buy in for the pdufa run up in ?June?(don't remember) ... doesn't matter anyway...free money....sell shortly before pdufa news.

>> No.16972704
File: 90 KB, 1106x1012, 1548798329804.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"With Wuhan virus genetic code in hand, scientists begin work on a vaccine"
Okay so this will be over soon, this was the drop we got in the markets so if the big boys use some scare sell tactic on the open on Monday.. just buy as much as you can

>> No.16972706

i like a lot of tech stocks in general, i literally have a NVIDIA GPU in my computer for years now and love their products. it's just too expensive, i feel like getting in now is getting in late whereas AMD will likely be where NVIDIA is in a few years and right now is the beginning. their innovation is really stellar.

If you can get in at $50 i'd highly recommend it, it likely won't stay that low for long.

>> No.16972720

people are already posting end of civilization shit. the emotion is done, and will be drained by monday. +5% jump on monday opening.

>> No.16972723

Why do we even have the drop? Does corona chan really have an impact on economy besides some specific sectors? I don't think so. I think everything was slightly overbought and everybody was searching for a reason to sell. Buy the dip.

>> No.16972724

Ebola spread differently

The virus spreads through direct contact (such as through broken skin or mucous membranes in the eyes, nose, or mouth) with: Blood or body fluids (urine, saliva, sweat, feces, vomit, breast milk, and semen) of a person who is sick with or has died from Ebola virus disease (EVD)

It spreads in low hygienic countries and areas without sanitation systems.

People on the same hotel room floor got SARS from other guests.

>> No.16972733

that's literally what you have to price in

-50% global market swing at above 20% chance

>> No.16972743

>AMD don't do r&d

>> No.16972747

>less consumers = bad (for stocks)
>less workers = bad (for stocks)
Pademic will reduce the dead weight. These things most significantly impact the elderly and the poor both of which are economic dead weight. Fewer resource drains means more money to buy shit with, specifically luxuries as opposed to necessities.

I would also remind you that the swine flu outbreak occured in 2009/2010. How did the market do during the years between then and now?

>> No.16972752

what's the phrase? when there's blood in the streets, that is the time to buy?

if you understand psychology at all you will understand why we "even have the drop". people are so predictable.

>> No.16972756

You're unironically better off with soxl. Why take a specific company if you can take the sector buy 3x? Amd is a big ???. It all runs on speculation.

>> No.16972765

Swine flu infected 1 in 5, death rate low, study shows. LONDON (Reuters) - At least one in five people worldwide were infected with swine flu during the first year of the 2009-2010 H1N1 pandemic, an international research group said on Friday, but the death rate was just 0.02 percent.

at 1% death rate you have something 50x worse

>> No.16972766

Apparently they are close to an Ebola vaccine because of all the blood samples they got from the last outbreak. Already have one that's like 60% effective I think, using the blood from an Ebola survivor.

>> No.16972768

Honestly, no one really knows why the market does what it does. Check the headlines from 5 different outlets and you find 8 different, contradictory explanations for any given days market behavior.

>> No.16972779

Sure, but 50% of the volume these days is bots. I also don't expect the people with the money and therefore the influence to be emotional faggots.
Money is running into passive investing.

>> No.16972790

literally the entire stock market as as concept is speculation. why did the market drop today? did almost every fucking company in existence suddenly become a shit-tier company? are their products all of a sudden shit, their management became retarded overnight? no, people panicked, and so the market went down a bunch. has nothing to do with the actual fundamentals of the companies, it's just people afraid of risk and gtfo'ing, especially tutes.

like... it's not like just AMD is speculation but there's other magical companies out there that aren't. it's ALL speculation.

>> No.16972792

In this case I can only refer to Nassim Taleb.
Fuck analysts, fuck news. They don't know shit about the market.

>> No.16972796

It will kill old people and the sick who are net economic drains.

>> No.16972807

Yes, I've thought about that being the cause of the virus. Pensions are pretty expensive.

>> No.16972808

>Is there anything on the Chinese-language internet about the virus research facility in Wuhan as the possible original source of the virus? That speculation is getting some play on the English-language net (not official media or anything, but plenty of people are reading about it)
There are some but I didn't pay much attention to those. Like some claiming how the lab have a virus really similar to this new one or how there are actually multiple viruses.

>> No.16972817

>>"With Wuhan virus genetic code in hand, scientists begin work on a vaccine"
>Okay so this will be over soon, this was the drop we got in the markets so if the big boys use some scare sell tactic on the open on Monday.. just buy as much as you can
We still have no vaccine for SARS and MERS that started years ago and we know all of their genetic codes

>> No.16972819

friendly reminder, the loudest, belligerent voices are the ones you should be acknowledging the least
if i had a put on the spy, I'd be a doomspeaker on biz, on stocktwits, on twitter, to my friends and family
it would consume me entirely... this is how the zealous think

it should be understood that the manufacturing industry is currently going through contraction; which does point towards a bear market coming to us very soon
This virus is just the event that we needed for healthy contraction. US GDP growth has begun to contract.

King crab or in the worst of black swan cases, bear will return within 4-9 months if things continue this course.
A more guarded approach is necessary, 70% assets to 30% cash for me.
More trading is required, less SPY.

>> No.16972824

i feel like to a certain degree the bots are making the market MORE predictable. every time some panic like this happens like with the trade war or now the coronavirus, bots read the headlines and sell. when news is good (like the CDC declaring it wasn't a global outbreak or whatever), bots read the keywords in the headlines and buy. china trade war escalates? sell. china trade war de-escalating? buy. usually gold/silver does the opposite of whatever stocks do.

i've only been doing this for a year but even i am starting to see a distinct pattern here, every fucking time it keeps happening. im starting to make plays based on it now as a result.

>> No.16972827

>AMD don't do r&d. they just make the chips
ASS backwards. AMD r&d's out the ass, they farm out production to Samsung and the like. kys yourself mah dood.

>> No.16972833

And how much did SARS kill the economy?

>> No.16972842

I guess. I was 4x leveraged long a week since late 2019 and my sentiment has done a 180 degrees switch

This virus looks hellish

>> No.16972846

The better those bots are at predicting stock market and the mind of human investors to make investment decisions, the further the market is away from one that actually reflect potential value of stocks.

>> No.16972848

Hu said the impact from SARS was manageable and didn't last long, trimming China's quarterly GDP growth by 2 percentage points from 11.1% year over year to 9.1% during the third quarter.

It's a very different situation. If you model ncov 1 to 1 on SARS youre missing a lot.

>> No.16972865

We’ll see. My guess in a month nobody’s talking about this anymore

>> No.16972868
File: 981 KB, 761x1200, 1575914151486.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not terrible! Flat on the high risk portfolio and -1.2% on the medium risk. I repositioned quite a bit to be better covered in case panic gets worse.

>> No.16972882

Spreads easier than SARS - from all evidence
China is more interconnected
China international travel many times larger
Wuhan has a large college student population
Travel season for China
They bungled the initial chance to stop it again just like SARS

>> No.16972888

After 1997 financial crisis, 2000 dotcom bubble burst, and 2001 911, the market dropped to the bottom even before the SARS outbreak start, then the SARS take things down.below the bottom. After SARS was over companies started to recover and that started the long growth into the bubble of 2008.

>> No.16972894

Unironically true, but you learn to figure out which explanations are most likely. Unironically I think Cramer is good at this. And right now he’s saying, and has been saying, the chinese were not telling the truth about the extent of the virus’s reach.

A month? I expect that we may be back into bull mode by then, once it’s determined that it’s under control. But people will still be talking.

Eh... less people consuming medicine and FritoLays will be a negative...

I took profits at 310 ish, Next week could be the beginning of a drawdown.

More panic will set in as we get more deaths or if China.

>> No.16972898

i agree, and in the mean time it should be relatively easy to buy the cheapies and then sell when price comes back up as we keep flip flopping between "OH FUCK" and "okay chill everything is alright, guys". Today was the OH FUCK so I hope you guys bought your cheapies.

>> No.16972910

Just some pharma I’m inevitably going to regret...
Sold out of Activision and dumped some Cisco

>> No.16972940

Sometimes the current price is backed up by the current state of the company and sometimes the current price is backed up by forward projections about the state of the company. Examples for the latter one are tsla and amd. There are others but it doesn't matter. As long as those forward projections are confirmed everything is ok...but should the projectory be slightly lower than anticipated it tends to crash.
We really have 2 problems here as individual traders.
1) We don't know what the market prices in or has already prices in, therefore we don't know what exactly will confirm or disappoint the market.
2) We don't know the projectory
Soxl seems like the better investment than amd imo because we average out here.
Those are very primitive bots. AI is still in it's infancy and human brains are currently way way...(insert more ways here)....better at deductive thinking and pattern recognition than AI. It's just a matter of when this will change. Also, it's just a hypothesis of me but I think higher up people go through all the potential scenarios and programm the bots to do this and that when there are signs of some specific happenings happening.

>> No.16972941

The panic is irritational. But I think it will last longer than just today.

>> No.16972954

SARS isn't really comparable, CNY is a huge deal for their economy and travel. it's like Christmas season x2. And Wuhan is a travel hub, like Chicago or Dallas. The timing and location is almost candid

>> No.16972966

just DCA the panic, sell when the good news comes and the market corrects back up. i like DCA'ing because it's hard to actually pick a bottom so i leave myself the opportunity to buy even cheaper if necessary.

>> No.16972972
File: 9 KB, 291x400, 1368824363020.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16972993

What even is the value of a stock? Dividends and a part in the liquidation? If the company doesn't pay dividends then what is it for? I think value is a meme. It's all about the ups and downs.

>> No.16972995

Is eToro good? (eurocuck here)
I'm currently using the demo.
I like it because "0 fees" and there is a wide variety of stocks and crypto too.

>> No.16973000

>That's the only thing they have
Well that. And IP. And market exclusivity. And other indications on the horizon. And broad provider support. And BP partnerships. And $2b peak sales conservative estimates.

But yeah, that's all they have.

>> No.16973009

my problem with your comparison of AMD and TSLA is that one is valued at over 10x the other. AMD is a growth stock, TSLA is just some kind of cult nightmare rollercoaster and who knows when it's going to go off the rails. or maybe it never will, who the fuck knows. Growth stocks are SUPPOSED to be about the "forward projections" and AMD has been kicking ass through all of 2019 into now. If they keep it up or do even better then watch the fuck out. The question is whether you believe they will pull it off or not and based on the research i've done into the company, I believe they will. I believe they will pass with flying colors.

I'll look into SOXL but honestly I don't know shit about ETF's. I like owning specific companies and either day or swing trading.

>> No.16973032

The value of a company is profit brought to today's money run into perpetuity.
For better valuation put variables such as how much you expect it to grow and whatnot.

>> No.16973042

They also have more than half of their float shorted and just dropped nearly 10% on a stock that is stuck under the $10 per share range. After having been pumped up to almost $16 only to crash losing over half of its value.

They got that too. Don't want to forget that, shill.

>> No.16973052

A company's value is how much capitals and resources it have now and how much it will gain in the future.

>> No.16973055
File: 96 KB, 606x874, 1940s-pipe-smoker.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cannot fucking wait for the John Oliver episode on this shit. He popped back online to do a little bit for push notifications, and I feel like he might try to make an exception for this too

>> No.16973097

>welcome welcome welcome!
>I'm John Oliver; thank you so much for joining us, tonight we’ve got a lot to cover so let’s start with this:
>people are dying. There’s no cure. China is shutting down cities one after another, starting with a city that has 1.3X the population of New York City!
>Just this morning the WHO convened an emergency meeting and declared that this is indeed an emergency

>> No.16973107

Well bought back into AMRN during this nasty red day. Bought it at 20.15 a pop. By eod it had bounded up a tiny bit to 20.33 so hey I look at it as a positive sign. Been working overtime and I gotta work saturday as well trying to get this project done by the deadline. Hey works for me; more green in my pocket. ONTX will climb, to many positive things going to happen to them later. They're still in phase 3 so still a bit of waiting to do till the real stock pumping stuff happens (results come out, FDA approval process, final FDA approval)

>> No.16973134

>AMD is a growth stock
Some people say this about tsla. They think Elon will own most of the automobile market within 20 years or smth simply because they think that everybody will move towards electric cars and tsla is the only e car company with a name. More or less the same argument...it's the potential of the company which the market values. There are definitively arguments to be made about intc fucking up and so on..but I really don't like buying high...if it works for you..fine...I'm not comfy with it.
Yeah, sure...but what do I personally have from it? How do I profit from this? I can't simply go to the company and say somthing like
>hey fucktards, I own stocks...gimme money.
If they don't pay dividend or buy back shares I don't have anything...it's simply a convention.

>> No.16973136

What stocktwits should I join for PnD?

>> No.16973143
File: 180 KB, 1609x407, pol does john oliver better than john oliver.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16973151
File: 53 KB, 1024x576, DsQMCzeVsAUUaob.jpg large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw bought panasonic back in September
>tfw comfy divvie

>> No.16973152

He's certainly autistic but he's soo gooood.

>> No.16973169

Alright, I need to make back my gains. Calls it is. What strike and what date?

>> No.16973172

Imagine buying Boeing

>> No.16973206


>> No.16973216

All this scare about Corona chan makes me think she won't matter.

>> No.16973221

>If they don't pay dividend or buy back shares I don't have anything...it's simply a convention.
Your stock represent your right in the company. You can either sell the right to other for cash or hold till the end when they decided to sold the company or dissolve it or bankrupt and then you can get your share from it.

>> No.16973222

>John Oliver

How can anyone like that hack?

>> No.16973247

Did REITS screw you up when tax season comes?

>> No.16973249


>> No.16973275

>shape of the time series
of my fug
>400 accounts
There are always just as many buys as there are sells. It doesn't work any other way...which means the some other group just sold their bags to robinhood users.
Those are all abstractions. I mean....how do I practically profit from this?...REFR is around for ...I don't know...50 years?...never had a profitable year....they still haven't been liquidated yet. How do I PRACTICALLY profit from this? It's all a meme. This all might be valuable in times when the local currency crashes but else....?

>> No.16973284

Going to make it, unironically.

>> No.16973287

That’s just what the talking heads on the CNBC aftermarket show we’re saying. This is an opportunity to buy Yum China she said! Thanks for the cheapies she said!

>> No.16973289

>the some other group
that some ....
Sorry, I'm slightly drunk

>> No.16973294

This is sadly true. I've seen it in transportation since like last year. It's actually why I've been so bearish. The truth is these tech companies are doing fine, but my industry has been in recession since like april/may last year. I just plugged DJT into my trading view and fucking looking at it, yep saw all that. Truth is if transportation is slow manufacturing is slow.

I just want everybody to watch this video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cesSRfXqS1Q and understand that this man still holds his office and voted for impeachment of Trump.

>> No.16973297

It won't. If it was ever an actual important country like USA where everyone was quarantined and dying, that would be a big deal. But China, a place where you have a good chance at becoming a webm, someone dying of unnatural causes means very little. I'm surpries gutter oil didn't kill them first.

>> No.16973309

Market predictions multiple choice

Minus two
Minus three
Minus five

>> No.16973319


They just bring up sars every time

Prolly already sold and hedge puts

>> No.16973320

Shit where've you been?

>> No.16973330

+.6% monday

>> No.16973336

I actually like her, but I’ve seen her be wrong many times.

Some of the others were recommending gold, and while I agree that we’re going to be more risk-off, Gold looks overbought here.

Pretty confident there, bobo.

>> No.16973347
File: 658 KB, 1000x893, 1579909705038.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.16973357

i'll be honest, im mostly pretty hype about this potential "nvidia killer" i keep hearing about. if they can pull it off and keep taking market share from INTC, it's gonna moon.

>> No.16973371

>Starbucks joins a growing list of companies – including McDonald’s and Disney – that are suspending operations in China, as health authorities rush to contain an outbreak of coronavirus that is gripping the nation.
In fact, are they operating the chain in China directly?

>> No.16973372


It kills old nvda tech

Two years later it can compete.....

Meanwhile nvda has a big launch

>> No.16973384

Its nothing!

All of china i s shutting down lol

Its nothing buy cheapies!!

>> No.16973388

I'm not up to date about those things.
I think amd has a really nice chance against intc...i don't know about nvda...I always preferred nvda because of physx..but maybe that's just me.

>> No.16973394

Remember when the bird flu virus would wipe out humanity?

Remember when mad cow disease would wipe out humanity?

Remember when ebola would wipe out humanity?

>> No.16973404

Whoever creates the cure for the China virus will be rich as fuck (if it don't burn itself out before hand and assuming a cure can be found)

>> No.16973406

Its like saying remember when nukes would get us

But loook out fucking side and thers a mjshrom cloud

>> No.16973414

Remember when you can make money in the markets when it goes both ways?

>> No.16973430

for all doomsday my account is current long/short. Long USA tech, short some random shit in asia

>> No.16973439

You mean like we were going to be nuked 2 weeks ago?

People going all in on these LAKE type stock are going to regret it when it dumps after the crisis calms down. Nothing wrong with warning people from thinking the world will end and they'll become rich from trying to profit off it.

>> No.16973440

I also follow him. jsp4423 has turned me on to a few easy swing trades as well.

>> No.16973451

Buy $infi and $torc. I wish I could compound all those things I have on my list right now but I know that the timing won't work out.

>> No.16973452

Yes. If iran had not sent six hours warning it would be

>> No.16973453

I mean I think all these talking heads are completely wrong about gold. I mean the doomsayers want to say it's real money, but what really drives demand for gold is it's industrial uses and luxury goods. Only schitzos truly believe we're going to be using it as a currency. Sure it can hedge vs inflation, but that's only because it's price is going to rise with inflation like anything else, the supply and demand that actually create it's price well, that's where you're going to find fluctuation... In panic sure it can spike, but you see panic and spikes in commodities all the time. Most of these talking heads sound like that nigger in the video I posted earlier... completely oblivious to how stupid they sound, and clueless to truth.

>> No.16973467

Now think of all those people that sold everything they had and went all in on oil and weapons, what happened right after?

>> No.16973478


>> No.16973494
File: 58 KB, 720x720, 1566083239011.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

God damn it I just want to make some extra money with the savings I saved after waging my ass off why do the Bogs torment me by unleashing viruses that wreck my stocks

>> No.16973495

I remember this meme from the robinhood genrals. I sold for loss.
btw: making new thread

>> No.16973500

Gold is just a separate market, plain and simple. It's not market neutral, it's not bull/bear to the general market. It's just a completely separate market.

>> No.16973503

Market was closed
by the time it opened the situation was much more clear

>> No.16973524

I made some money trading it back when it was pennies before the R/S one of the old timers gave us the tip that the ship was sailing last year, we didn't listen... we could have rubbed it in LCIGuys face.

>> No.16973530

Error: Our system thinks your post is spam.- edition

>> No.16973539

There were people in these very threads regretting doing just that. They fell for the end of the world, tried to play the market and they failed.

>> No.16973546

LMT and LHX still hitting new highs. Only things in the green today. Even those who fomod in to LMT at 420 after hours looking pretty good right now.

Aerospace/Defense sector looks pretty good to me.

>> No.16973552

futures were really active that night. if you were watching the shit in real time and trading, you'd have remembered what you did.

>> No.16973553

i don't need them to destroy nvidia nor intel. i just need them to take more and more market share for them, therefore generating more revenue, more hype, and increasing the share price. that's all. im just trying to make money, im just taking advantage of what i believe to be an opportunity that i can understand.

>> No.16973572

Safety back up referral post

>> No.16973579

You know if there dipping you can sell and then buy at the bottom right?

>> No.16973679

Thanks. It seems like it.
Where the hell do you buy the stocks he mentions tho?

>> No.16973706

Not sure what you mean...everything that is on stocktwits is on robinhood too...
The most important part of those plays is timing...don't fuck this up.

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