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Buying PNK is akin to the feels of nabbing the Quake 1 demo in PC Gamer. Feels good man.

Sell it out : https://sale.kleros.io/

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It's gonna sell out no matter what at this point. I'd put PNK on it. That 1000 ETH buy unironically killed all FUD AGAIN.

> Not having a bag of PNK, ngmi

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Yeah I'm thinking we're gonna make it

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That buy would have cleared the order book 10 times over

> What did they mean by investment bank support
> What did they mean by World Bank support
> What did they mean by Vitalik support
> What did they mean by Bitfinex-Tether mafia support

Non-holders are going to get fucked

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>$0.008164 USD (-2.61%)
kys streetshitters

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>He STILL thinks this is indicative of anything with this much new money coming into the sale.

If this is the best you got, a 100x is certain.

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It's the best he's got. Most of biz will only look at CMC (lol) and nothing else. Then they feel accomplished with buying a rank 100+ coin with 80% discounts to VCs. They can't be helped, some of us can. I was saved.

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Has anyone in this thread ever even voted on a case? Where is your $10 worth of ETH? lmao

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> $0.008164 USD
I don't even hold PNK but putting alts against USD is indicative of your brainlet status

as long as everyone holds LINK here go ahead and shit up the place idgaf

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held this for months but wont the token sale dump it?

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I ROI’d my first buy in ETH at 5 months. How’s your shitcoin going?

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Yes, surely the $750,000 is dumb money and will immediately dump on themselves along with the year long accumulation in this exact range.

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Why would that happen? The sale is literally at a higher price than the market last I checked. The only bonus is the spread being perfect essentially.

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Just let them be dumb money.

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absolutely SEETHING lmao
i hope you didn't put more than 1% of your stack into this. think of me before you commit sudoku

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> mfw I have 15% of my stack in this and i'm not worried AT ALL.

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Imagine being this stubborn while you could simply join us.

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Yes sir Kleros will finally bring Vishnu’s justice to the foul goat thief stalking my village! Do the needful and many lamb barghinis await you

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>3k volume
No thanks. Try shilling on Reddit. :)

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Ok ranjesh

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Let me back you up.
> What did they mean by investment bank support
> What did they mean by World Bank support
> What did they mean by Vitalik support
> What did they mean by Bitfinex-Tether mafia support

Also check

It's all real isn't it. We're all going to make it.

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>we’re gonna make it, says the increasingly nervous pajeet for the 5th time today
Top kek

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You just don't get it do you


Go ahead and verify what I'm about to say. 5 addresses have contributed more than 200 ETH. 2 of them contributed 1000 ETH.

In its current low volume, it takes 100 ETH to clear the orderbook entirely, and 60-70x the price. If these whales didn't have to buy off the market, imagine the buy pressure this thing would have right now. Look at my post. It's real anon. The hype is real. I really doubted it at first too. I haven't felt this much bullish vibes since 2017 and i'm not kidding. I'm sure the math is a bit more complex than this but literally from these 5 whales alone nearly 3000 ETH. That's a 1800x for all PNK holders here if that same math for the 100 ETH applies. It doesn't but its not unreasonable to assume we are in for a 200-300x over the next year based on these whales which surely know something not all of us do. That's just those over 100 ETH whales alone. Not considering the several dozen plebs who put in 20-100 ETH.

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Bought 108k yesterday from my eth. Gonna wait a few days then sell 4-500 links. Hope link pumps until then

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This anon unironically bleeds justice LEAD US PRAETOR

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Lol fren

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mfw when top 150 wallet holder. Feels good being a whale from the ground up on a promising project with connections and an actual working product.

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"but but but muh only pajeets say we're gonna make it repeatedly"

> GFgbwV.jpg
> mfw

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>Anonymous Sun Dec 8 12:31:44 2019 No.16500233

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Made a lot of money on link, sold a good portion of my stack for kleros. Getting those same Link nail salon vibes.

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I used to fud when I saw $3k volume but now I realize what’s going on. Still thinking whether to buy in or not. There’s that guy who holds link who keeps buying huge chunks of it. What do they know that we don’t.

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This entire thread is just me and you talking. Very sad. Many such cases!

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I fudded this but then I looked into it

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Yeah. Sure. We'd prob have a drink and kek this over in real life. At this point we're basically Biz friends...r...r....right?

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I'll see you at the yacht party, anon. Don't put all of your stack into Kleros though, there is potential but it is honestly 99% speculation at this point.

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Few will understand this.

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What’s the honest play here boys don’t fuck me over I’m down to my last crypto

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What more is there to know?

Thomson reuters shilled it.
World economic forum shilled it.
World bank shilled it.
Vitalik shilled it.
It got funded from french hedge fund.
It's an actual working product.

If you see all that, and also have an opportunity to buy a microcap with essentially ZERO liquidity issues via token sale, then you have to hate money not to buy it.

T. top 150 wallet holder

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Why would you bother with the token sale? Isn't this stuff already trading on Bitfinex?

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We're looking at some serious bullish action once the sale is over if even a tenth of the current demand is still there. The play is, get as much as you can without breaking the bank or selling LINK.

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Moon soon

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No doubt anon. I am happy with my stack but am tempted to put in more eth. The struggle is real.

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I have 500 Pinkies, dunno if I should get more. Sure it has a use case and backup from some companies and government, but sometimes shit tokens get pumped mainly on shilling and these crab for a awhile and might no go higher

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Shit I meant 500k

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You have shilled it pretty good desu, im a noob a this shit, but it seems like it's going to dump if IT repeat it's pattern

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kek you are like herpes

Your chart shows usd pricing. It has remained stable in ethereum which is how everyone looks at it but you already know this you low tier fud salty no pnk having faggot. This is becoming comical watching you squirm

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Look at the buys from the smart contract.
Then look at the IDEX asks book.

We're not gonna dip for an extended period of time, that's almost a sure thing.

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Not sure why you are like herpes. I think this anon thought you were fudding, Fren. Let me apologize for him. It's ok to be new. I wouldn't trade against USD unless you are cashing out. Also, you can't cash out. You should buy some LINK too but PNK will almost certainly probably out-perform it in the next year or so.

Listen to this poster about where it really should be.

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Im getting antshares vibes, just bought 500k

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Do you realize how retarded you look when you try and act smart? Holy fuck you are a brainlet.

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I've got more PNK than you

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Just to illustrate how stupid you are, those fluctuations on that chart are nothing but bitcoin price swings, idiot. These kleros threads bring out the biggest retards with their reverse fud larps. Holy fuck. Now this clown gets a cookie for getting a rise out of me. He will probably tell me to have sex but i actually just fucked his crackhead mother so he can suck my dick.

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>why buy cheaper than market buys goy?
>why buy without fees at cheaper rate?

This is what you are saying you retarded fucker

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kek you wish boomer

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How many PNK to make it frens?

>> No.16957599

Atleast 100k I’m thinking

>> No.16957614

Atleast 15k when price is 0,10$.

>> No.16957635

That's assuming a future price of how much?

>> No.16957637

1 mil is the make it stack
250k suicide stack

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Awh fuck am I unironically a mini whale?

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>tfw I bought at 0.000048

feels goodman

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Is someone going to tell this guy yet?

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>50$ in volume.


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The most unbased trips this board has ever witnessed. If you had half a brain you’d realize token sale on website has raised nearly a $1m in the last 10 days and exchange volume means jack shit. This fud is fucking bullish unironically.

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I was there in the first shill thread.

You're just another cuck getting ready to get coomed on by satsgang.

But, fuck it. I'll bite. How much kleros will you give me if I offer you 1 (one) TRON (TRX)

>> No.16958298

How can satsgang benefit from this if the volume goes straight into the sale and the price likely won't dump after? Holy fuck your brainletism is killing my head.

>> No.16958356

Ahhhhh yeah. Late 2017. Those were the days.

>How much kleros will you give me if I offer you 1 (one) TRON (TRX)
One PNK for one TRX. Want to Kleros it? You do know they have working products...right?

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Thanks for this

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People selling on the market right now literally are struggling to pay rent. Surefire gains right in front of us guys let's just hope the whales get the asking liquidity. Cause I'm not selling anything until at least 10-20-30 cents and my majority of my stack holding on final rally to a dollar. That's when I will have attained Satori. Koans should occur in nature naturally. Things like PNK present themselves when the ready are willing. Seeing the true nature requires more than sight but also circumstances. Everything appears to be aligned. Buying bags here may be an event on the way to salvation.

It's not everyday I feel like this. Days like this seem to occur when I am active but not able to give time to contemplation. The implications of PNK working inside the ETH ecosystem is th closest thing to a citadel I can find but in this moment I can imagine anyone else here will join me. I hope you do but you need to take the pill. I'm in ecstasy right now. I can't imagine being alone on the citadel but there is not much more like me. You need to have at least 500k to help great the new nation. A great change is around the corner old structures will fall similar to how church rules societies feel to science.

Go all in if you can

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>cant buy more than $1500 worth of pinkies a month starting tomorrow
w-will i make it?

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Who knows but there’s atleast some potential

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>Zen and the Art of Decentralized Arbitration

>> No.16959119

If you see an alien object do you get entangled in the minds pattern of notating everything that occurs? The purest way to learn about this is the silencing of that which notates. Sometimes it moves naturally so you cannot fault it but observing what Kleros is...brings me feelings of great euphoria. There's something here. I'd imagine it's a similar feeling to when the golden disks were found. I said were because when something is certainly going to happen in the future and we won't do any hint wboutnt. It essentially isnhwoo n infnnow. This is why I'm so bullish on Kleros.

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Based schizo poster

>> No.16959693

You okay anon?

>> No.16959803

So when it comes time to sell, what exchanges do you use? I am unable to use Bitfinix because US resident.

>> No.16959909

By the time I'm ready to sell, I expect PNK will be on Coinbase or Binance. Otherwise I'll just use Uniswap.

>> No.16959937

This is probably a retarded question but can I buy eth on Coinbase and buy it that way?

>> No.16959950

you can, but metamask is less gay

>> No.16959957

Don't send your ETH from Coinbase to the sale address, you won't get your PNK. Setup Metamask, then send the ETH you buy on Coinbase to your Metamask wallet. Then you can buy with that ETH either through Uniswap or through the sale.

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Based. This kind of shilling WORKS.

>> No.16959975 [DELETED] 

Buy eth from coinbase, send eth to a non exchange address (preferably ledger) then follow instructions on https://sale.kleros.io/ don't perform the trade from your coinbase wallet.

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Thanks frens

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Coinbase > Trust Wallet > Sale also works, if u are on mobile.
You will definitely lose your PNK if you send directly from Coinbase contrary to what >>16959950 said

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