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This board is honestly dead


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so the 'big pla' all along was to hook up with some chink scam coin.
Fucking lolling

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>*checks price*

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It'll come back with more garbage than ever when the bull run starts for real

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this would have been front page news for linkies in 2017

nobody gives a fuck about some irrelevant scam coin, the bar is way to high and we all know every shitcoin platform will be using link anway

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>every shitcoin platform will be using link anway
Also this and nearly quads

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What’s there to discuss?

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>chainlink partners with yet another scam
Color me shocked.

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We're waiting on bigger names now.

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You don't get it. It's now >literally who ISN'T using LINK?
Any crypto related project that wants to have a chance at succeeding needs to integrate LINK.
It is infrastructure now so it's more notable to find a project that hasn't already integrated it.

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Icon is a literal shitcoin that nobody uses. And iam a deluded stinker

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Chainlink doesn't even do anything at the moment, when are they going to fucking finish it

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no one gives a shit about gookCX

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>396▶>>16954433 >>16954435 >>16954441 >>16954454 >>16954464 >>16954518 >>16954560
>This board is honestly dead


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>he doesn't know it's a bsv board now
kek newfag

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Even when you faggots are being ironic I cannot take it

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Nobody cares. Link is a fuckin scam retard.

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Unironically bad for LINK

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Bad only because LINK is too good to be associated with it. But everybody is going to be using LINK, so it was inevitable I guess.

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Are you deluded qanon faggots EVER going to get it???? “Partnerships” mean nothing and are 2017 style hype BS so whales can dump their scam coins on ur retarded asses

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>comparing Linkies to Q boomers when there are unironic BSV and XRP faggots on this board

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>the state of your post
lurk more faggot

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biz is not buying low,
they are buying high

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chaincucks btfo

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