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Silver is going to explode within a few years or sooner

Silver/Dollar ratio is currently $1,124 per oz

The current price for silver is 18.13$ per oz

the current spot price for silver $18.07$ per oz

Join ther /sg/ Silver General Riot Server here
No email no phone number just good old fashion username and password:

Articles and videos to get informed on why to buy into silver











For Beginners https://youtu.be/7hC8LSJMgYc

I recommend getting your hands on these starter kits

The JM Bullion Starter Pack
Money Metals Exchange Starter Kit

Best places to Silver at the moment( if you know any other good places to buy silver feel free to post links)

https://www.texmetals.com/ Best US place to buy far to purchase PM's







https://www.silvergoldbull.ca/ for the fucking leafs

If you also into crypto but want a price of silver check this out:

https://www.agxsilver.io/ One AGX coin = 0,54$ physical silver

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Buy these PM counterviet veifier tools to make sure you're not being scammed

AMAZON SE 8036TM-NEW 30” Telescoping Magnetic Pick-Up Tool with 15-lb. Pull Capacity

AMAZON BelOMO 10x Triplet. Jewelers Loupe Magnifier 21mm (.85")

AMAZON DIYMAG Powerful N52 Neodymium Disc Magnets

EBAY Magnetic Slide Counterfeit Magnet Test

For the anons who plan on sinking huge investments into a lot of PM's here's

EBAY Sigma Metalytics Precious Metal Verifier Basic Set

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EBAY Sigma Metalytics Precious Metal Verifier PMV PRO

EBAY The Sigma Metalytics Precious Metal Verifier PMV PRO w/ small wand and Bridge

If you have anymore helpful information please post for the following updates on the next general!

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Philly anon, are you still here? I can't find a good LCS, lmk if you find one. I am an hour NW from Philly

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There is a friendly anon who told me how he DCAs his silver by buying combination of junk and .999 based on a historical average value of like 15.53 or so. Interesting strategy but not sure I want any junk silver right now until I get at least a few hundred oz of .999. Am I being a stingy Jew by not buying oz at $18+ and wanting to wait for a dip or should I just keep buying 10-20 oz./month regardless of fiat price?

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Scranton Anon here. Lots of Pa anons in these threads. Following for Philly anons response

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why all these silver threads all of the sudden? is this the ATH and you trying to dump your rocks on us?

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Posting in silver thread. 5oz stacklet here. I buy 1 oz every week now thanks to these threads.

One thing keeps bugging me - are silver and gold really no longer available in the Earth's crust or is it just too expensive to mine for? What evidence is there that silver will become finite? If demand increases, wouldnt it be justified to mine for more in harder spots?

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no, unlike digital shitcoins you can hold PM's in your hand, it can also be used for building things too and the best part is it lasts forever it was here before and will continue to be here after we are long dead
I'm not a pajeet shill making 8 million threads at once or shilling in unrelated threads
As to why you are seeing them pop out all of a sudden is because we are getting closer to the mother of all financial collapses soon so I want anons to be able to become part of the survive 1% when it does happen.

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Where's your trip?

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I haven't tripfaged in years, last time I did was in /sp/

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Is silver a scam? Everyday the same post that silver will explode in price and that I should buy more, safex uses the same tactics to attract investors, any correlation?

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You know you can look at charts to see if this is the ATH or not, right?

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yes it will explode but not what you think, it will be the next monetary system.
the actual scam is the fiat currency we are currently on and that will soon collapse, so even if silver shot up 1000$ you still don't sell it, never ever sell it until after the crash happens

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There is enough silver and gold to mine, but u have to explore new mining grounds and it will be much more expensive to mine the pms so the price will go up the next decades.

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Also have to take into account growing government environmental regulations. Countries are not going to want to have their national parks and wonders torn up to trash just to extract a few hundred tons of silver.

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I sincerely hope you all do this to flex on your stacks and socialize a bit since you are unironically making me fomobuy every silver junk coin near spot price i can find around, and since i'm from Spain i don't have easy access to that US 90% constitutional coins some of you have your hands on so i'm stuck collecting 80% silver coins from a long gone local military governor kek. Once i feel more comfortable i'll start dumping some cash on bullion but those premiums, shipping costs and taxes are spooky, not gonna lie

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Isnt Silver supposed to crash soon?

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What's spain like? Are there a lot of spanish QTs where you live?

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Not here to flex anon, I'm here to help spread the word about silver so no one here can get fucked by the impending financial crises collapse

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Sure, wait for the dip.

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DCA Anon here. First it was $15.23 as of this year.

Second, the key with the method is that while fiat may be on borrowed time, for now we have to live in that world. Your budget cannot be based on how much silver you will spend this year, it is going to be fiat-based. Thus the DCA method I use is meant to keep me within budget rather than trying to time the market or recklessly buying silver by the ounce no matter the price. Silver does not put food on the table (for now).

What's more, because you spend the same rough amount of money every week (or month, quarter, etc) you will buy more silver when it goes down (you buy the dip) and you buy less silver when it goes up (you avoid a trap).

In the end while we all dream of the day when silver moons us all into the new kings of men right now you still have to pay attention to money the way it is right now. Never FOMO and stay the course.

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kek you thought that was me? Means im doing good work, others are relaying the truth on their own
it literally cannot go down below $16

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What is the DCA anon?

and I agree on't buy into fomo, my apologies if I am coming across a fomo person

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Since LINK still isn't taking off, I amend my goal of 25k ASEs to 25k mercury dimes. A bit more reasonable I think. I'll still go for the eagles, but I fear I won't have enough time :/ shit is whack.

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No. Serious stackers are banking on a reversion to silver and gold as money. It's not that they plan for their silver and gold to be worth a bunch of USD, it's that they plan for the USD to crash and for the world to return to using silver and gold as money.

Such an overhaul would cause a massive deflationary event as formerly inflated prices become revalued in terms of silver and gold. Things that once cost thousands of USD become valued in ounces of gold and there will be coinage reflecting specific weights of gold and silver reintroducing metal-backed price controls. Issued bills will be backed by gold again.

That is the real dream, much like how cryptocurrency envisions a future measured in Satoshis and the currency cannot simply be printed and prices of goods cannot inflate. I hope both succeed with silver and gold for the physical world and Bitcoin for the digital world.

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It will be measured in LINK.

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Would be the perfect country if it wasn't for the socialist government and lots of illegal immigration. Chicks are beautiful here overall but most of them have fallen into radical feminism

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Just got my stack up passed 100oz
I can only afford about 50 oz a year.
Especially since I have been looking for a job for the last few months. Once I am hired my budget will be 40oz a month every month until this bad Larry goes off.

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A small but temporary correction, if it does happen, gonna take advantage of spot deals to get some silver on the cheap.

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In a less extreme sense, metals are also seen as a hedge against inflation, not just dollar collapse. In terms of likelihood I see the scenarios in this order
Inflation>dollar collapse>>>SHTF (guns, ammo, barter society etc.)

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>sinky linkies
nice meme

since >>16948556 said everything would be value in ounces, how would you price everything in gold an silver?
like household appliances to vehicles to electronics to food to real estate to land ect...?

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Its odd how they started to appear just a month or two after i got into silver. My mind must be leaking into reality and shaping it, sorry anon.

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It's a collective consciousness that forms our realities.

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My calculations brought me to $15.23 as of this year. It requires you to buy into the CPI records of inflation but in the end it keeps silver artificially cheap and manageable.

You take that historical, inflation-adjusted average and divide it by the spot price of the day you are going to buy and multiply it by the amount you planned to buy. I'll walk you through it as I'm buying today.

> 1. Check the spot price today.
Went to KitCo (up to you what source you choose) and it says at the moment that it is $17.82/oz.

> 2. Divide $15.23 by $17.82 to get ($15.23/$17.82 = 0.855).

> 3. Multiply 4 oz (in my case) to get (4 oz x 0.855 = 3.418oz).

> 4. So that's three whole ounces (ASEs for me). Leaving 0.418 oz. That's basically 1 War Nickel (0.056264oz) plus my choice of 1 Half Dollar, 2 Quarters, or 5 Dimes (each adds up to 0.3617oz of silver). That's a total of (0.056264oz + 0.3617oz = 0.417964oz or basically that remaining 0.418 oz).

Therefore, before premiums I will go out to my LCS and buy 3 ASEs, 1 War Nickel, and my choice of either 1 Half Dollar, 2 Quarters, or 5 Dimes.

So let's compare and contrast prices. 4 oz of the historical average would come out to $60.92 spot. If I bought 3.418oz with silver at $17.82/oz that comes to $60.89 before premiums.

Hope that helps.

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I have LINK too. ;)

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I work up there sometimes. How long have you been stacking?

Also, let's find some shit in PA we can profit on. There has got to be hidden gems in coal country. Everytime I'm up there it just feels like a different world.

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Could probably pan for gold there.

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I do feel like humanity is collectively taking its last deep breath before going under a big wave even if most people are completely unconscious of it.
This will be a very interesting century i feel like between the rise of AIand automation, a depraved late stage capitalism reflected in the state of the financial economy, the moral and demographic crisis of America and Europe, the rise of China and Africa, the clear polorization of people. Its going to be a spicy century and i believe most non retards can see it on the horizon but just surpress it or live too much in the present.

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I’ve only bought online but will soon be checking out a place called South Street Coin and Jewelry Exchange. Not sure if Philly sales tax would apply, wouldn’t be surprised if it does so suburbs could be a better bet.

Based and Papas Pizza pilled. I grew up just outside Scranton.

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Yup. Makes me nervous.

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I made a Riot room so you anons can discuss it

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I don't believe gold is present in the rock type of the region. Coal and fossils are the main things I think according to a geologist anon on here.

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I'll get the app after I'm done waging

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The Gold to Silver Ratio (GSR) is needed for a bimetallic standard to function. The known supply of gold versus the known supply of silver. Right now if you look at the national debt clock:


You will see two dollar ratios in the lower right hand corner.

> Dollar:Gold=$9098:1oz Gold
> Dollar:Silver = $1098:1oz Silver
> $9098 / $1098 = 8.28oz of Silver: 1oz of Gold

That is probably roughly what a monetary reset would result in. So if something costs 1oz of gold you could buy it with a little over 8oz of silver. So what could 1oz of silver buy?

Let's say I am a hipster who wants an Apple iMac. Here's one: https://www.amazon.com/Apple-27-inch-display-8th-generation-processor/dp/B07Q1NBCVB/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=apple+imac&qid=1579717749&sr=8-2

That says it's $1721. If silver was $1100 that means that that iMac would cost me 1.565oz of silver or barely more than two silver dollars (2 x 0.77345oz = 1.5469). You read that correctly. $2 face value in silver coinage should be buying you a goddamn iMac.

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holy shit

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That's just at current ratios I suppose. Maybe during the greater depression it will have more buying power than that.

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I impulse bought an oz of platinum and a tube of silver eagles. Not sure how to think about.

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What will happen to existing mortgages and other types of personal debt after the dollar collapses?

>> No.16949082

My local coin shop is charging $3.50 premiums on ASE. This seems high to me. Are premiums always more in shops than online?

>> No.16949089

Measured in gold and silver.

>> No.16949096

Almost certainly the case. That was based on the current absolute state of the national debt.

>> No.16949112

yes but how? What would a 200,000 mortgage equate to in gold/silver after the collapse?

>> No.16949141

>Measured in gold and silver

Which they won’t be able to pay because the lack of supply and it being held up in the (((banks))). So essentially you’d have one catastrophic default throughout the nation on all debts because there would be no way to pay for them allowing the kikes to buy every asset up and become even more controlling even under a Soviet style system because they own everything as silver and gold barrons and probably leading to the beast system unless you yourself are able to own silver and resist the synagogue of satan through your own sovereignty. *Wild ride ahead*

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5 oz of silver hopefully.

>> No.16949159

If gold and silver are still valued as they currently are against the debt then a $200k mortgage would cost 21.98oz of gold. To put that in more relatable terms consider the American Gold Eagle. If you have one whole tube of them (20) then you are two ounces, just two more Eagles away from what we currently value as a 200K mortgage.

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Probably 50oz is silver or less. Being that people say the real value of silver to dollars is 5000$ per oz. I’d imagine it would be higher if everyone wanted silver so maybe 20oz of silver for a house traditionally worth $200k.

>> No.16949172

And that's based on the dollar:gold ratio right now. Things could get much steeper and thus gold may very well buy much more.

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if bankers were to profit from the collapse that *they* caused then i really hope people are willing to stand up to them

>> No.16949258

>the system of the beast

fuck I don't want to be reminded, my anxiety shoots through the roof when people post en time prophecy videos

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You best believe in end time prophecies, you're in one!!

>> No.16949353

and I hope it doesn't happen in my lifetime, I hope all this shit happens 100 or 1000 years after I'm dead, I still want to experience my goals in life like getting married and having a family

>> No.16949391

I think some would, that said we have to remember 98% of the population is literally nigger cattle. It’s up to the percent of free thinking non kikes to lead the NC to a better society which they would follow because that’s just what they do.

Me too anon that said if you read the Bible And realize God will protect those who resist and I believe small pockets of resistance will pop up. You just cannot be in a city and must go to rough terrain in order to avoid this. It could be pretty comfy in a quasi Amish dystopia that is well armed defending itself for literal ZOG bots.

Have faith and stack silver and lead. have a bug out plan with as many people as you can. “If you don’t have a sword sell your coat for one” something along those lines from the good book. Everyone in this thread is essentially preparing for this whether they know it or not, call it a mass conciseness or the Holy Spirit telling them (which I believe) but something is happening to make anons prepare like animals preparing for winter they are being guided by an unforeseen force to prepare.

Tl;dr: stack silver and things that will help you ride out any mass calamity.

>> No.16949431

How much ammo minimum?

>> No.16949439

My plan is to move into the country side of Alabama and build a fruits/veggie farm, get married have lots of children build a small community of people that I know an who I can trust, I've been planning this out since last year, but a few months ago thanks to schiff for planting the see of silver into my head

>> No.16949444

>I hope it doesn't happen in my lifetime

I know this feeling. All I want is a farm and a wife to give me the blessing of a family.

That said if the end is near that we will experience the most interesting time in human existence. It will be hell but the end is Christ destroying evil and allowing the human race to live with him in what I would imagine to be a perfect society. So talk about the happenings of happenings. Until then though prepare with silver, we have to be able to feed ourselves and our loved ones who are not prepared. It’s our duty as anons who have the ability to think to do it for those who are unable to. Which makes us men of destiny who actually help move the ship of history compared to your average normie who gets drunk every thirsty Thursday ands biggest goal is skydiving for Instagram.

>> No.16949473

Look into Joel salatin’s https://youtu.be/smVYindYP3w

As well as permaculture for creating your fruit farm.

I am trying to do this in rural Maine or Idaho. Good luck anon, by the grace of God we will both have our dreams attained and be able to support those who have not prepared for the Glory of the lord.

>> No.16949637

so how are we going to defend ourselves with just guns, the zog with completely overwhelm us with technical weapons and hunt us down

>> No.16949661

Well your standard load out is 6 mags plus one in the gun so about 210 rounds. Per engagement (not sustained just shoot and retreat)

I’d say in order to be safe 3k .223

3k for .22

1k for 9mm

1k+ for hunting rifle. (.308)

Shotgun probably 2k bird shot 1k buckshot.

This is minimum I’d say and also plan on having a bug out bag. In mine I have the ability to carry 600 rounds of .223 a mason jar of .22 to t-bone on my Ruck a varmit rifle.

That’s with sleeping system, change of clothes, tarp, fishing hear, several knives, water purification system, 10 supply of rice and tuna, and 4 days of water.

Ways about 65-75lbs.

Prepare to stay at your home but have the ability to leave and survive in the woods.

>> No.16949692

Probably like the currency reform in western germany in 1948:
foreign exchange rate was for cash and deposit 100 RM = 5,50 DM
e.g 1000 RM deposit = 55 DM
e.g 1000 RM debts =100 DM
wages ,pensions, rents, stocks 1000 RM = 1000DM
exchange rate: 1RM = 0,238 $ (1940) 1 DM = 0,30 $ (1948) 1$ =3,33 DM

Summary of currency reform:

10,000 Reichsmarks on the savings book were exchanged for 550 D-Marks. The loss was 94.5%. 10,000 Reichsmarks in gold were worth 7,912 Deutschmarks.

The loss in gold in the before-after comparison was: 20.9%. The increase in value compared to the savings book was: 1,438%

The average price of a single-family house with a small garden was approximately 8,000 Deutschmarks in 1950. The investment in gold "before" the currency reform made a huge difference in everyday life for the gold owner.

The investor received more than 80% of the monetary amount and even increased purchasing power.

>> No.16949706

I think they will leave the pockets of resistance alone for the most part. You have to remember to get to remote areas especially rough terrain takes a lot of effort. Effort that sometimes just is not worth it especially if you are out of sight out of mind and they think you’ll just die out there anyway given a long enough timeline.

You won’t be able to fight directly but making yourself a hard target that isn’t worth the juice will be your safest bet. An example would be that in rural areas some in California you have armed pot growers (at least in the past pre legalization) that were essentially making lawless areas and the police just didn’t go there. Same with ghettos in the city, it’s just not worth the man power and the threat never leaves it’s no go zone.

>> No.16949742

but anon they have drones and air strikes, and it is said the the Dragon will overcome the saints

>> No.16949755

But anon, my dad and I are going to happy hour for half off wings and a beer or two. Will I still make it?

>> No.16949775

Again, is it worth the resources to destroy a target that essentially is laying low and is out of mind? In the Bible the dragon does overcome many but there is a remnant that resists the mark. They go underground or to the mountains. There is still a church that survives in hiding from the beast. Again I believe that under that terrible system you can hide in remote areas just as many criminals/outlaws today and of the past have and do.

If drones were that effective there would be no Taliban.

>> No.16949790

UBS knows the drill


>> No.16949795

we would need military equipment

>> No.16949805

As long as you stack silver and ammo. You’re going to make it. Having some father son time is important anon. Especially since boomers only know how to bond with their sons over beer and wings nigger ball. You have to prepare for him to make it with you because alone he cannot.

>> No.16949807

Screenshot won’t post for some reason

>UBS, along with other Swiss banks, owns and operates undisclosed or otherwise secretive bank vaults, storage facilities or underground bunkers for gold bars, diamonds, cash, or other valuable physical assets.[203][217] The geographical location of these facilities are undisclosed to the public but are known to be present in the mountainous regions of the Swiss Alps.[218] These facilities are not subject to the same banking regulations as banks in Switzerland and do not have to report holdings to regulatory agencies.[218][219] According to the Swiss Armed Forces, UBS purchased four former military bunkers to convert into storage facilities throughout the 1980s and 1990s.[203][220] Three of these bunkers are not accessible by road or foot and require aircraft transportation.[203] The transfer of assets to these bunkers is selective as a multi-stage security clearance is required and is not available to all UBS clients.[218] In special circumstances, UBS contracts smaller banks in Southern Switzerland to maintain company assets.[203]

The largest disclosed Swiss bank vault is five floors (19 metres or 62 feet) underground the bank's Geneva headquarters.[221] In July 2013, UBS established a gold storage facility and depository in Singapore for high net worth and ultra high net worth clients in their Hong Kong, China, and Malaysia markets who are willing to pay high fees and commissions for the highest level of secrecy and safety for their assets.[220]

>> No.16949829

>Implying /k/ bro’s and military anons haven’t been stealing and stacking military equipment since the 60’s

Anon there was a story of gun buybacks in CA and people showing up with stinger missiles. I think those who are preparing have some crazy shit they have absconded with over the years.

>> No.16949847

So how do I get some of those /k/bro's to be part of my little community, I need people who can teach how to use these defense weapons

>> No.16949870

IRL meetups are tough. I’d say go to church find some guys who like shooting and go to the range. From there it’s probably easy to figure out who knows how to actually shoot and who doesn’t. Be nice and offer to buy ammo in exchange for some
Training, most people will say yes. Just don’t be too fedora or act like a homo and you should have not problems.

>> No.16949931

I have to do this. I have lots of guns but I can't hit the side of a barn with any of them except for the 9mm H&K.

>> No.16950046

I trust anons more than I trust IRL people, because anons don't get offended when you say nigger

>> No.16950060

Don't worry about others. People will not be as receptive as you imagine.

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How many oz to make it? I got like 200+ but I know thats small comapred to some

>> No.16950103

1000oz of silver and 10oz of gold

>> No.16950127

Check the dollar:gold and dollar:silver ratios. Compare them to your stack and that should answer your question. Things are probably going to get more drastic than now.

>> No.16950237

like 3 hours from now?

>> No.16950297

Fucking glow nigger fuck off.

>> No.16950335

/k/omandos are easy to find irl but you need to take the gunpill first. without it they may seem illusive.

>> No.16950353

sorry anon I'm not smart or strong enough to be glownigger

aren't those anons in general?

>> No.16950382

Why can't it go below $16? It was below that price in July last year.

>> No.16950384

kind of but finding an anon is public is hard. finding a /k/omando at the range or secret shooting spot cuts the odds down alot.

>> No.16950440


I am a /k/ommando. I won't put numbers but I have at least 1 gun and 1 bullet. I know other /k/ommandos IRL. I'm not former military but many are, your best bets will be former military

>> No.16950486

>goes to gun range
>are any of you guys n gals from a little website called 4chan?
>are you the /k/ommando's?

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File: 165 KB, 960x720, 2aF3F8eiG9L1zPmf9J5CsrOhe6bDqS_4rCseC9s8wVA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pic related are your average /k/ommando's

>> No.16950527

those are not /k/ommando's especially that faggot with a bow

>> No.16950557

just yell nigger and see who doesnt look up.

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File: 2.24 MB, 375x300, 1528151519032.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>shout from a distance

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You're right, they look more like this.

>> No.16950629

i dont see why it couldn't, but also i feel pretty confident the 15-25/oz is rock bottom prices.

>> No.16950732

You'd be surprised. Not all of us anons look like spergy autists

>> No.16950773


I've met anons on here who are complete chads

>> No.16950868

I just want to put this in here that if silver/gold goes to those levels, and no other money will be worth anything.
Then it will also be a deflationary collapse of all asset prices. Because it wouldnt be as much money in circulations as now.

Prices on just about everything would probably be 1/10th or something like that. Or even more.

>> No.16951342

Yes, a lot of glow niggers lurk here for sure.

>> No.16951384

I'm not deny that they aren't, fbi/cia are retarded enough to train people to use 4chan

>> No.16951794


Most glow niggers are to retarded to use image boards. Now for some of the glow niggers connected to NGO’s that’s a different story.

But your average college grad normie who goes to an agency only knows how to use Facebook and the
rare autist who goes to an alphabet soup agency has this as his guilty secret to collect hentai and say nigger without getting fired.

All and all those who are here are here forever and most come here because they can’t leave. All the alphabet niggers are kikes or autists that actually are able to engage and understand how to post. Besides the amount of man hours it takes to monitor this site is on the level of personal addiction.

Just my two cents Though.

>> No.16952163

I'm a major stacklet. only bought the starter kit and a few oz. But these threads revived my interest in PMs as a whole. Its so refreshing to see actual threads on /biz/ discussing a topic and not shit posting or shilling a shit coin/investment.

>> No.16952236

Fucking wish I was paid for this. I should be.

>> No.16952347

Yeah but what would you report?
How neets are talking about kikes running the banking system and the fiat debt based currency that is worthless is going to collapse and to stack silver or buy link?

Only assblasted kikes who are pissed that some goyim know are here trying to get out of their control. Feds are retarded and barely can gather any info here besides trying to entrap retarded teenagers in honey pots that get called out by anyone with two brain cells and can be beat by getting a lawyer.

>> No.16952471

how can silver be a scam when its used in everything from cars, electronics, industrial cases, batteries etc. Its proven its use cases and already has a track record of being used throughout history. Eventually, we will run out or it wont be economically/environmentally viable to mine for more.

>> No.16952652

i don't get this meme that 4chan is still this secret place where people "lurk". it's accessible to anyone and you don't even need to log-in or anything. it's harder to post just on linkedin or glassdoor. try making an account on zogbook these days, they require phone verification and if you say something weird they'll ban you immediately even after the phone verify.

>> No.16952854

I think it’s more of it’s a complicated place to somewhat navigate for normal people. Easy to find but most people click on boards obsessed with my little pony and leave immediately. Or find biz and just see link threads and pictures of Asian women and depart.

>> No.16952873
File: 221 KB, 500x500, lMd4xI2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bought 5 more ounces today. 10 ounce stacklet, but for sure adding a lot more.

>2 ASEs
>1 Kangaroo
>1 Philharmonic
>1 Krugerrand

>> No.16952907

Bought 2 ASEs, 1 Peace Dollar, 1 Walking Liberty Half Dollar, 2 Quarters, and 5 Dimes (mix of Mercury and Roosevelt) today. Thinking of exchanging my War Nickels though. Something about them being 35% just irks me when I have four sexier 90% junk silver coins right next to them.

>> No.16953407

Lurking just means you don’t post, fucking newfag

>> No.16953443
File: 472 KB, 640x1136, C2D5DEF7-5105-403F-A202-BF46A6472409.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Awww,it’s so cute

>> No.16953463

> QE Is going to create inflation silver to explode 2012
> Market going down a bit, definitely going to crash 2015 Greece is going to collapse the system! Silver moon!
> China's crashing, market crash 2016 Silver to $5,000 oz
> Market crash coming 2017
> They raised interest ratese haha Silver's going to explode when the market crashes 2019
> #TradeWar market crash inc 2020, bubbles over folks!
Will we still be here in 2030 anons and what will we say over the next 10 years?

>> No.16953485

> Serious stackers are banking on a reversion to silver and gold as money. It's not that they plan for their silver and gold to be worth a bunch of USD
Half true, there's also the issue of massive inflation crashing the price of housing for example, enabling stackers to use some of their holdings to obtain physical property at a discount relative to their cost of investment

We want physical assets, a hedge against inflation and to be setup for the next system with our own little slice

Of course who knows if they're just going to confiscate all physical holdings for the supply of the new system and no one will be able to stop them

>> No.16953515

Eh, I've paid myself by making the right investments, you're right, not much going on to tell them about.

>> No.16953524

At this point it's for them to spread disinfo, or shut down the occasional sensitive information leak.

>> No.16953535

You are incredibly dumb, Anon!
It is extremely easy to avoid a collapse with fiat money.
But if silver were used as money, there'd be a 100% chance of a collapse when you run out of silver!

Silver itself isn't a scam. It is indeed useful, but there are alternatives for nearly all its uses, so the price rises are self limiting. Plus of course a higher price makes it more economic to mine.

>> No.16953549
File: 859 KB, 2970x2483, 1558477100408.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Redpills generally keep the normalfags at bay.

>> No.16953723

>Will we still be here in 2030 anons and what will we say over the next 10 years?
idk but if the next decade will be anything like the last, then i'll be sitting on 5 to 10k ounces of silver and some 10s of ounces gold

>> No.16953775
File: 190 KB, 418x498, 1534027836397.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll probably unironically take myself out with a silver .45 if the boogaloo doesn't happen by then.

>> No.16953861

too many family members, frens and otherwise good people that wouldn't make it, so i don't actually hope for a boogaloo to happen. but i know rough, very rough times are inevitable, so i prepare as best i can for my sake and those close to me

>> No.16953917

What part of Alabama? NE here.

>> No.16953957
File: 1.43 MB, 4096x3965, 1566520835168.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy fuck you too? I inherited a few dozen OG morgans then these threads showed up.

>> No.16954140

I plan to move to white plains

>> No.16954162

Newfag question here. I have a couple sleeves of Silver Maples I bought some time ago... when I bought them I didn't think much of handling them with bare hands. Took them out the other day for first time in years. Very cloudy but no dark tarnishing. I assume some are milk spots which they are known for but some clouds appear to be fingerprints, just wondering
1. can they be cleaned and how
2. Is it worth clearing them

>> No.16954183

Does upstate NY ever get hot in the Summer? I wanna move somewhere that never gets really hot and there is still a Wegmans within 15 miles.

>> No.16954205

Sorry anon I'm not from NY, I'm from the south

>> No.16954258

Is there a White Plains in GA or something?

>> No.16954266

no in alabama

>> No.16954306

Youre in the better part of Alabama then. I also have plans similar to yours but over in Dekalb/Cherokee Co...So you dont also own some LINK? Maybe I am delusional?

>> No.16954415

No you misunderstood, I don't live in Alabama yet.
and no I don't have link, fucking pajeets shitted up the entire board to make me want to completely avoid that shitcoin same with bsv

>> No.16955020

1. yes
2. no, and even if it was, improper cleaning actually decreases value

>> No.16955765
File: 613 KB, 1920x1080, saratoga.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Saratoga Springs reporting. It gets pretty hot in the summer. 85-90 degrees is the highest though.

>> No.16955948

Says the riot.im room doesn't exist

>> No.16956803

More gooby

>> No.16957245

anon I didn't have trouble with it


>> No.16957360


Urgh mac, no thanks

>> No.16957734
File: 201 KB, 1280x720, 346547879809.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ooga bogga rock market go kaboom boom

>> No.16957915

long island fag here. That pic looks comfy im gonna have to check out saratoga and some horse races this summer

>> No.16958414
File: 20 KB, 326x272, 4L_SdnqVuoB.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Based tractor beam never fails, market lift underway

>> No.16958489

Whoops meant for /smg/ but the ayyyys lookout for the pms too, trust me

>> No.16958531

based spurdo poster

>> No.16958558

you should buy now. silver and gold are not going to drop anymore for the next upcoming years. And if they do it will be marginal at best. do not miss out being a dumbass Jew

>> No.16959025
File: 50 KB, 750x780, 4L_Zvo7tf3x.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And just like that silver goes green

>> No.16959302

Saratoga is comfy mate. Most of the buildings in the photo are still here. Also Saratoga, unlike most upstate NY cities, is actually growing and lively with people.

>> No.16959326

noooo anon I want silver to be red so I can buy more

>> No.16959419

Thanks anon. That's all I needed to hear. I'll order some today

>> No.16959439

>you should buy now
No there will be one more dip in the spring before the rise

>> No.16959635
File: 162 KB, 962x532, silver.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bought these silver coins while on vacation last week. Don't care if they're meme coins, they were cheap and I can't buy them here. The bar on the right was a gift from a friend.

So how do I clean them? The coins are dirty, but still shiny, you can see the reflection of the phone in them. The middle bottom Canadian coin has a black mark, something like a burn mark? The bar is clean, but not so shiny anymore.

Google tells me I need to use baking soda, but English isn't my native language, so I'm not sure what this baking soda even is, lol. I do have a container of what's apparently "pure NaHCO3" though, which is something like baking soda I guess? Can I use that?

>> No.16959665

Where do you live that you can't buy silver?

>> No.16959682

That black mark is silver oxide. That's what silver looks like when it oxidizes. You DO NOT clean your coins, especially numismatics (I.e. collectors coins) unless you know exactly what you're doing.
See >>16955020
Best bet is to leave them as is or put them in a capsule to prevent possible future oxidization.

>> No.16959716

I can buy silver, just not coins with that design. My local coin shop only has American eagles and Kookaburras and stuff like that.

Well, fuck.

>> No.16959731

Lmfao you went out of your way to get coins with the queen's face on them? You should be ashamed of yourself.

>> No.16959793


>> No.16959899

>get a chance to buy dank Bahaman silver coins close to spot price that are unavailable in my home country
>"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you can't do that because there's an image of the queen on them >:("

>> No.16960034
File: 66 KB, 500x561, E41E0F80-2BF6-471B-A175-BB59A703855B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


An excellent series of videos on gold and silver.
Get your girlfriend or sissy boy to watch with you tonight.

>> No.16960264

The baking soda hot water and aluminum foil cleaning method is pretty straight forward and shouldn't cause any damage as there shouldn't be any abrasion as long as you rinse off the powder. The black marks are silver sulfide. The baking soda and aluminum create a chemical reaction that takes the silver sulfide off the silver and then creates an aluminum sulfide layer on the foil. And the silver returns to its elemental state. It's a galvanic reaction and any risk of losing silver in the solution and is likely unnoticeable on a scale or visually

>> No.16960321

Fort Knox? Jony? Pap? Eddie? Joey?

You still trying to make a living swing trading Safex? You should never have taken those credit card loans at ATH. It's a HODL coin.

>> No.16960336

Any thoughts on earning interest from silver in the near future? I'm wondering whether, after the collapse, villages, town or cities will hold PM stores to issue their local currency against.

>> No.16960497

Silver does not yield interest. It only appreciates capital. However, the real long shot is silver becoming currency again.

>> No.16960529
File: 261 KB, 1043x800, 1579783214634.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16960544
File: 164 KB, 640x466, 1561517053797.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It won't be silver alone, you have to think a little bigger fren.

>> No.16961263

Kilo silver bar vs a kilo in ASE or....... gold? I don’t have much gold, can still measure in grams.

>> No.16961313

the dollar has already collapsed. Rent, food, land prices are experiencing almost exponential growth. People dont care because they can still buy (or lease now lmao) the latest iphone. Were literally in the shitter and its somehow okay because muh stonks are booming

>> No.16961569

any eurozone fag here??
where do you buy silver vat-free? is it even possible in the fucking eurozone??

>> No.16961589

American silver eagles for sure.
A safe ratio is 1 oz of gold per 50 oz of silver.

>> No.16961599

What ratio of boomer rocks should I stack?
Right now I'm about 40/60 gold to silver, in terms of overall value. I do believe that silver has a greater upside long term, but gold seems to be rising more consistently in the short term.

>> No.16961625

Just depends. You're probably safe. Most people are around 1:50 gold to silver.

>> No.16961628

if youre speculating thats a good ratio, even better is probably platinum/palladium/rhodium. If youre stacking I would reverse it, 60/40 gold/silver.

>> No.16961644

That ratio is ounces, not value. You're at right around there.

>> No.16961739

Do you fags only invest in precious metals?
Or do you also own stocks and bonds?

>> No.16961757
File: 1.87 MB, 3264x2448, 20200123_164707.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I finally finished my first roll of American silver eagles! It's hard for me because I'm between jobs right now.
But also it's a testament, if a fucking loser like me can stack, than any of you canl as well. I don't want to see any more excuses as to why you can't stack silver unless you literally have no legs or hands or some shit.

>> No.16961766

Metals and crypto. Stocks and bonds are for boomers, jews, and boomer jew faggots.

>> No.16961779

What about other basic savings accounts with the government (like certificates of deposits) or with banks?
Do you literally put all the cash you have to save/invest into precious metals and crypto?

>> No.16961804

I hold silver (physical) and digital silver (litecoin)

>> No.16961892 [DELETED] 
File: 295 KB, 785x731, 1567786427182.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


> What about other basic savings accounts with the government (like certificates of deposits) or with banks?!?!?nooooooooooooooo you can't just not hold worthless fiat that the banks can undermine with inflation noooooo!!!
You sound like such a kike...

>> No.16961995

Fucking annoying ass Tripfag, You only have 1 fucking roll of ASE's and you post and bitch and moan as much as you do?
Fucking pathetic goy

>> No.16962034

This guy, this guy right here fucks. I bet he doesn't even know how to spell 401(k), much less invest in a Jewish ponzi scam like that.

>> No.16962081

I’m thinking of taking on more gold because it’s easier to hide and travel with. I’m split it’s 5 oz of gold or 400oz or so of silver. I already have 450 oz of silver.

>> No.16962491

Not my only silver, just my first roll of eagles.

>> No.16962503

I could get a fuck ton of them but then I'd have to sell my crypto. Why would I harvest fruit from a tree that's not yet ripe?

>> No.16962604

I feel like buying local is a good way to get up-charged. Is buying local a mistake?

>> No.16962787

kys nigger

>> No.16962893

what site do you use to buy crypto?

>> No.16962898

depends where you go i guess. i found a bullion dealer on my way home from work that basically had online dealer prices.

>> No.16962932

Mostly crypto and silver.

>> No.16963112

Based anon telling it like it is.

>> No.16963137

Not buying anymore, when I did I used binance when they were still open to u.s. customers.
Not binance u.s

>> No.16963254
File: 256 KB, 790x837, 1576431841735.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't even know what the fuck a 401(k) really is to be quite honest.

>> No.16963277
File: 34 KB, 680x591, 1579016266665.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16963455

since the IRS are fuckin jews, I can't bring myself to buy crypto anymore

>> No.16963624

What do you hold?

>> No.16963629

Safex community must be really small that you know the names of the four idiots who are holding

>> No.16963799

as of what I have left, literally brave tokens I've grinding.
before I was buying ETH and traded between tron and other shitcoins but I had to pull out for a loss do to me being a financial retard

>> No.16964185

Question: how do you verify you aren't getting scammed when buying by using those tools?

I know silver and gold are diagmagnetic metals, so if they are pure, they aren't attracted to magnets. What should I look for in coins and bullion using a jeweller's loupe?

>> No.16964271

ive been looking for silver jewelry at antique shops. how can I tell if its silver?

>> No.16964317


>> No.16964342

If silver is worthless, why does antique sterling silver flatware and service sets still cost an arm and a leg?

>> No.16964527

Get 2.5oz of gold and 200 oz of silver.

>> No.16964602



>> No.16964617

Thanks fren

>> No.16964628
File: 30 KB, 600x600, 1579678941927.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Always here to help fren

>> No.16964697
File: 18 KB, 425x409, 71h2S8inNxL._AC_SX425_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have my own metal smelter. Go to boomer garage sales, buy their overpriced garbage like silverware and gold jewelry on a fire sale.

>> No.16964923

Really you can just DIY smelting just like that? I thought you had to take it somewhere because it's super expensive to melt?

>> No.16965420

As long as you can get up to 2000°F you can melt Au and Ag no problem.

>> No.16965662
File: 496 KB, 1430x1627, SmartSelect_20200122-100258_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We're running out of silver. JPM is buying it all up for a reason.

>> No.16965688

Can I just buy silver stocks if I'm a lazy retard

>> No.16965703

Look up kwik kiln. Cheap way to melt silver for casting.

>> No.16965769

>copper running out any time soon
I have my doubts. IF it does wind up hitting peak copper, elemental metals are recyclable enough that it will become like aluminum or paper. That's ignoring the fact that the commodity price of copper for the last couple years was lower than the cost of extraction. The number of copper mining firms that folded since 2000 is actually pretty astounding.

>> No.16965934

Estonia has VAT-free silver -- if you're a Britfag then I have heard you can order from Celtic Gold

Yes, but I don't know much about it - so far I've mostly just been lucky. And the goal is to use the earnings to buy more PMs or other wealth.

>> No.16965990

Ok I decided to be lazy. How's this? Seems to be the best price for something around this size.

>> No.16966018

Wait, is there anything wrong with ebay?

>> No.16966038

don't you need special chemicals to extract pure gold and pure silver though.

>> No.16966394

Better here up I’m buying on of those and a tube of ase when the ole paycheck hits

>> No.16966404

If u just want to speculate on pm prices trading the bull or bear 3x leveraged ETF or gold and silver futures is where it's at but if you're trying to build a life long nest egg in pm you want to do physical

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