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how do i turn 150k into 2 million?

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pepepoopoo, lmao

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Yo it’s not always possible to do this.

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14x it based anon

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Put them in a index fund that makes 9-10% annually and in 30 years you'll have 2 million+.

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let it sit for 40 years in the sp500 index fund

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Buy an asset for 140k and sell it for 2mill

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Buy DAG, wait and reap 2m

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All in chainlink

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based and buffettpilled

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As pajeety as it sounds, this is the only real answer here.

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FTM brother

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wow cool, my money 14x after 40 years!!! but wait, this inflation thing, if i count it i've only 3x my money after 40 years, something i could've done in one week in crypto

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Crypto is actually gambling

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You don’t.

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Why not just put it all on red?

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Just put it all in ETH

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how do i turn 800k in to 8m?

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Buy ETH and wait for it to retuen to ath

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150k in Bitcoin right now will turn into roughly 2mil within 2 years. I have little doubt in that.

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very similar. same answer

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Yes BSV is a great buy right now

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imagine going all in on digital pogs

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Buy DAG and hodl if you want to be dumb and poor

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invest in rabbits, sell offspring, profit

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is tether a good investment? it doesn't seem to move a lot but it's pretty stable

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Time travel 2 years into the future and buy 150k worth of crypto

Return to the present on the same timeline and it should be worth 2 million

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lol that is only possible if cryptos devalue! you know that is impossible!

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VIDT is down the hall and to the left

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Satsgang soft shill thread confirmed.

1. Ask dumb fucking question how to get rich quick
2. DAG, FTM, and VIDT suggested

Fuck off pajeets we dont want your PnD scam bags

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No brainer, get CENNZ

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That's easy with RSR!

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