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>why yes i only hold ETH, how could you tell?

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Because I told you to buy it remember

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>of course I invested into chainlink in 2017 how could you tell?

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Wow, this guy has A HUGE personality. I bet he learned to be very confidence despite his physical flaws!

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kek unironically the truth

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the final blackpill
thank fuck I’m tall and handsome

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what the fuck

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gotta get my ass back to the gym. Thanks i guess OP...

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>women love men of all ethnicities
Thanks jews for your subversive porn industry

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Notorious white power coin chainlings?

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Firm cockshake.

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eth will moon so hard

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god damn Patrik Antonius

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why even live

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This shit is about to blow the fuck up! Get in here!! The ratio chart is looking massive bull dog

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Funny. I went to middle school and high school with the guy in the top left, Sean O'pry. He was a bit of a class clown. I remember everyone in home room laughing when someone said that he went to New York to become a model. Turns out it was true.

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Post yearbook photo of him

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now this is based

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in future please say "i look good" don't say "i'm tall and handsome" sounds cringe, like something an oldfag would say

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If you're not >6' tall, jacked, and have at least $1 million net worth you have no chance.

t. 6'1", on steroids, multi-million net worth. Girls throw themselves at me.

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This is 6th grade at Awtrey Middle School.

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Ill start then.
1 4 5 let 2 and 3 fight to death for my entertainment.

Dash is bullishaf btw

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absolutely BASED

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von moger is based but those bitches are ugly.

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was he a chad from a young age? or was he /ourguy/?

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>tfw everyone laughed when they heard this guy wanted to become a model

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in 5-6 years when IF those shit devs finally complete eth2.0 eth will moon so hard from rank 100 to rank 40 on CMC

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Definitely leaned towards Chad. He was funny in a disruptive/annoying way and intelligent during class, but he hung out with the popular kids and played football at North Cobb High School.

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He was a class clown. It sounded like something he would lie about as a joke.

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hello kennesaw anon

i met sean before and remember asking you about some things a year or so ago

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cheerleader effect