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Military Thread for biz. Veterans share your experiences. Those thinking of joining ask your questions.

Been in about 12 years

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30 year space force veteran here ama

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Thank you for your service to Israel, welfare queen

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Don't join the Army.

T. Was in the Army

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hey your tax dollars at work :^)

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I am just glad to see the Coast Guard emblem in ur pic OP. (prayer hands)

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what mos? I can tell you it was probably less pozzed than the navy

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what rate?
jobs that matter

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To the army recruiter that started this thread, you're in the wrong board dude, you need to go to /fit or /k. Btw. BUY HOLO.

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Anons, only join this stuff if you truly need to. I'm talking like if you are extremely poor and live in the projects and this is the only opportunity to get out of hell. You will learn how to be a robot and your free will will be stolen. When you get out, there is a high chance that you will mentally be fucked up. Huge respect to those serving, but in someway your life will get messed up.

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Link Marine here, serving for about 3 years now.
Nice to see fellow brothers here.

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He's missing the space force though.

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get the fuck out here, McWagies have are less cuked than you. Why the fuck would you become an indentured servant to the fuckin kikes? God they did a number on your country, you probably think your being patriotic & America is number 1 or some shite. What a waste of 12 years, wonder how much blood is on your hands.

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psst hey kid want to not pay taxes on purchases and free gym for life?

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HOOORAAAH war is hell fren.

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got any real life experience to back that up?

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t. never served and probably a 400 lb wagecuck virgin

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>psst hey kid, wanna die for israel in a desert somewhere?
>psst hey kid wanna be traumatized and suffer from PTSD, and be fucked around trying to get help?

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Please don't fuck tell me you believe that shite...ffs.
Taxes don't pay for that shit, all the money spent never gets paid off, it just keeps the mutts subjugated for generations to pay the interest only.
Look up 'The Grace Commssion'

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holo is a giant scam

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sounds like some copium there....i still get paid on the 1st and 15th

prolly not even a burger

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AF bro here. <1 year in. 4 yr contract.

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i heard airforce is shit on advancement....how do you like it so far?
PS. Its probably gonna suck until around year 6 or making e5 idk Im in another branch

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yeah you have definitely never served and you post shit like this because you want everyone else in the same shitty bucket of crabs you are in

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>The report said that one-third of all income taxes are consumed by waste and inefficiency in the federal government, and another one-third escapes collection owing to the underground economy. "With two thirds of everyone's personal income taxes wasted or not collected, 100 percent of what is collected is absorbed solely by interest on the federal debt and by federal government contributions to transfer payments. In other words, all individual income tax revenues are gone before one nickel is spent on the services that taxpayers expect from their government.

have a look, prove you can read retard

Great to hear your indentured servant contract has pay dates WOW

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Since when is service to the kikes a good thing retard?

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>posts a wall of nothing and probably some crack pot conspiracy theory.

The money I make is very real and I am able to buy real things with it.

No one gives a fuck this is about answering questions anons have on this boat who dont want to be losers their entire life

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Not too sure about how shitty the advancement is, but its mostly time in grade until you hit SSgt.
>how do you like it so far?
It's going well. I just got to my first base after 2 months of BMT & 6 months of tech school. Now I gotta pass another series of tests to ensure I am qualified to do my job. I live off base due to my age (31). $550 rent (not including utilities) and BAH is ~$900 in this area.

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>cant refute shit and screams when someone else does something that benefits them

got any other points there numbnuts?

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Sorry, we buy imaginary internet coins here.

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>conspiracy theory
FFS retard,The Grace Commission, was an investigation requested by United States President Ronald Reagan, authorized in Executive Order 12369 on June 30, 1982

Heres the wiki
The full report is about 250 pages, you don't need to read it. I gave you the juicy bit. I knew you'd be to brainwashed to comprehend.
FFS you truly are sub 100 IQ

I've refuted you, look shit up, retard.

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fuckin a right, pocket as much bah as you can. My only regret is not buying up homes sooner. Your VA benefits give you the ability to leverage an ungodly amount of money. One of my guys /vanlives/ and pays one of his buddys 25 bucks a month to park in his driveway and use electricity.

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Hitler served too. There are many great people in the Military that want to do the right thing. Just don't sign up for the obvious "meat-shield" roles. I am currently rocking a Hitler stache and they can't do anything about it because its within regulations.

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I literally dont give a fuck. If this is your only rebuttal you probably cant join and you try to get anyone else to not join and then you pull up dumb shit like this that no one cares about.


back with the namecalling again

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91B/combat medic.

It was pretty pozzed. And BLACKED. And BEANED.

I heard the coast guard and air Force are the best for whites.

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Im getting out of the air force in 2 months. How can I maximize my veteran gibs? Other than filing for tinnitus and hearing loss

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>please anon shave the moustache that any other employer could fire you over
you: "no"

strait chad

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>best for whites
theres nonwhites in every branch. combat medic is pretty intense. I personally prefer army for upward mobility. What was your day to day?

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>I literally don't give a fuck
Go ahead keep killing for israel while dooming further generations of Mutts to slavery.
Your proudly of supporting the global scam as long as you get your 2 tiny paychecks. The job was made for retards like you.
>within regulations.

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go do a sleep test to see if you have sleep apnea

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>What was your day to day?
Doing my best to be invisible and avoid pointless work.

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I think the entire military is pozzed. When I was in tech school, 3/9 people in my class was gay. One girl was engaged to a MtF tranny. In my current shop 2/10 people are gay. Although I do not agree with their lifestyle I just focus on improving my own life/situation.

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make sure you have all your treatment records and complaints/pain documented. if you were injured for any reason during active duty you have a claim even if you think the residuals are minor or non-existent currently. in 5 years when those pains start to come back you should already have the documentation to show a nexus. you want to get at least 30% SC so you can add dependents and spouse to your award.

use your VA home loan.

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>dooming mutts to slavery
if were mutts why do u care europoor
>tiny paycheck
dude i clear over 80k a year half of its not taxed
>die for israel
kek my job guarantees I will never see a desert
keep cryin holeefuck this is amusing

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this right here
in the civilian world you still have the same gay bullshit. Whats great about the military is transfers. Dont like who you work with/for give it a couple years. Remenber the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

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Fed shills, GTFO

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this is the best response for any veteran or active duty personnel serving right now. Don't be macho and not report any injuries. If you injure yourself playing basketball while active duty, and that injury still bothers you and you had a doctor look at you and document it, that can be a future disability payment when you get out of the service.

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The army doesn't brainwash you as much as you'd like to believe. Americans are just generally retarded anyway.

We just did an international comp, ~50 teams. Some borderline 3rd world countries. Americans were the only ones to straight up fail my stand because they couldn't figure out how we (the enemy force) got inside the buildings (the doors) to get to us. I wish I was exaggerating. Best military on earth, hoorah.

If you're not a mutt it's pretty decent. Left highschool, partied hard for years, and joined when I decided I was done. Now I make income in the 90th percentile, benefits and great pension, get paid to hit the gym and work ~5 hours a day while my uni friends are still trying to find a job.

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I'd be starting terminal in 2 months. Is that enough time to make appointments, obtain documents, and file the claims?

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I just hate ppl that shill becoming a mercenary for Israel
>if were mutts why do u care europoor
I thought you might care about the fate as America is become a 3rd world nation more & more everyday.
>Americans are just generally retarded anyway.
Agreed, But they are brainwashed

>And I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free
>And I won't forget the men who died, who gave that right to me
>And I'd gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today
>'Cause there ain't no doubt I love this land! God bless the U.S.A.

These retards actually sing this, they believe this, it starts young!

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b-but anon some guy on 4chins said i would die for israel in a desert!!?!?!?!

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your just a jelly ass europoor. keep barking "die for israel" into the eternal nothingness
no one cares it doesnt matter
you dont matter

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>get MOS with special pay
>gamble the special pay on options
>invest about 1/3 of pay in a more safe way

Can I do this and still live like a normal person who can buy things and maintain a car?

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yes easy i spend most of my day looking at stocks and crypto

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>being a zogbot

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i would honestly pick a mos thats desk work desu...the special pay isnt that worth it

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>your just a jelly ass europoor
KEK, COPE, you have the most cucked job in the Western world & you Burgers have the least financial freedom in the world...why the fuck would I be jelly?
Kikes love people like you that remain ignorant as long as they get their 2 paychecks. You types keep everyone else in line, keeps the scam rolling. Great job on your service to the scam. You really should feel proud of serving.

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depends on how long you will be on terminal leave. talk to the VA rep at your base and file a claim asap. in many cases the VA exam will be in lieu of your standard exit medical exam.

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im proud that my country keeps lil bitch countries like you in line. I love my country that provides me with a cake job with great pay and 30 days vacation...oh yeah tomorrows a red letter day so i wont be working. Have fun doing whatever it is you do.....just remember in 10 years you will still be waging...while Im retired
>financially free
oh i am laffin

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IDK about you but something like loadmaster/flight engineer/air crew sounds pretty comfy to me. i dont want to sit on the same base for 4 years if that makes sense

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you will have a home unit anon. That job sounds like fun...be sure to check out coast guard. you will be a nonrate for a minute but lemme tell u those people are another level of chill. If you want to make rank quickly, go army

dont do navy....trust me dude

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Why not use options for what they were designed? Open a long/short (margin or not), Hedge with options. You might as well do sports betting, but you're probably not allowed. Even then, use risk management. Destruction of capital is never a good idea.
>im proud that my country
I truly am sorry
>just remember in 10 years you will still be waging.
>oh i am laffin
No, you just clearly don't understand. You've already demonstrated your lack of knowledge of the world.

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ok then what country are you from? probably sweden
once again not a single rebuttal just bullshit

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what about the marines? ive talked to AF but I cant choose my job with them :/ And the navy people only give 6y contracts for these jobs so I wasnt planning on going with them

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>not allowed to do sports betting

hahahahahahahahahaha after work i take my guys to a casino for the lunch special and they gamble all the time

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you dont have a say in your job with the muhreens.
Coast Guard is pretty easy and anything airdale is super easy
Army is 50/50 either you like it or dont but you have damn near unlimited career paths....and more probability of getting into the o show (officer) going army

the navy is a damn miserable place and everyone i have met in the navy fucking hates it.

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if you want instant aircrew....army
if you dont mind doinsome time as a nonrate before school (and probably a contract extension) coast guard

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here senpai


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army only gave me a 6 year maintainer contract which is 'also aircrew" but idk if i should believe them. the marines also have air crew contracts, and the only difference is there's lots of possible airframes, also planes. i think its the only marine corps contract where there can't be played any tricks on me.

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from the future? nice.

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thats probably the one branch where they can do the most fuckery

aircrew is a fuckload of training and momey spent on you....6 years is really nothing depends on what you do with your time.....see if you qualify for helicopter pilot. Its warrant officer pay, but it is dangerous.

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here senpai

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>once again not a single rebuttal just bullshit
What the fuck am I supposed to rebuff? I've already given you the link to show you what really happens to the taxes. You won't read/can't accept reality, thats not my fault. How I'm I supposed to rebutt anything with you? Your arrogance of your own ignorance
>ok then what country are you from?
When people hear me speak they ask if i'm from one pic related countries. I don't generally give a straight forward answer in real life, you'll not get one either. Although I deny I'm American unless I'm doing something stupid, then, sure, I'll say 'I'm a stupid American' or some derivative of. Green card has expired before you ask. I turned down the passport due to it being the worst in the world.

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>once again not a single rebuttal just bullshit
What the fuck am I supposed to rebuff? I've already given you the link to show you what really happens to the taxes. You won't read/can't accept reality, thats not my fault. How I'm I supposed to rebutt anything with you? Your arrogance of your own ignorance
>ok then what country are you from?
When people hear me speak they ask if i'm from Ireland, Canada, USA. I don't generally give a straight forward answer in real life, you'll not get one either. Although I deny I'm American unless I'm doing something stupid, then, sure, I'll say 'I'm a stupid American' or some derivative of.

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Air Force cryptolinguist. Super comfy, learned valuable skills, security clearance.

>muh brainwashing
>muh tool of the jews
>muh blood on your hands

I literally do not care because I've been given a job I'm happy doing with some unique skills to boot. Plus, I'm too autistic to fully brainwash/integrate. About half of all linguists are.

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How pozzed and gay is modern USA military? I live in Japan and listen to eagle radio or whatever and the music fucking shot anti American nigger music and sll the ads are for some new weekly diversity initiative or sexual assault or scolding you guys for taking too long showers. The only people I know still in it that weren't blown to shit in Iraq are women. Is USA military fucking gay? Serious question because you guys havabt won a war in 80 years and are too focused on mix sexed combat teams and gender transition surgery so it totally makes sense

>> No.16917480

>a job I'm happy doing
So you are a happy tool with blood on your hands.

>> No.16917492

This is why we can't have things

>> No.16917501

>i wont give a strait forward answer

nothing you have said is strait forward, you are probably from some eurocuck country that taxes 50% and requires a masters degree to be a bus driver. All the crying and vagina tears you have typed cant repudiate any of what ive said

>reeee ur cucked burger reeeeee
thats all I see....fucking waste of space

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Im sure your mustache makes up for being collaborator scum

>> No.16917528

Every wagie is a tool; all whites have the blood of their race on their hands that must be redeemed.

>> No.16917532

this....... look at all the faggots in this thread cry and bitch because you improved yourself

>> No.16917549

yep and your a keyboard warrior virgin goin nowhere in life

cry more because some autist makes more than you and has a future

>> No.16917611

>he thinks I worked a "job" even a single day in my life

I'm a retired crypto NEET. Didn't work for anybody before crypto either and never will.
My hands are clean.

Go steer some drones into innocents, wagie

>> No.16917617

its about as pozzed and gay as everywhere else. My life is pretty unpozzed and ungay as far as work goes. Only thing that I have to do is a yearly sexual assault online course (takes 15 minutes) and civil rights awareness every 3 years. Thats it.

>> No.16917630

You sound triggered as fuck.

>> No.16917631

>retired crypto neet

cool lies anon

>steer drones into insects

not what I do.....cry more

>> No.16917652

no its just fun dabbin on losers

>> No.16917665

>can't believe that people have retired off of crypto
There are plenty of people who've literally made it off of crypto. Do me a favor and take a look at the verge chart for example and report back:

>> No.16917703

imagine being so triggered you double-post

being in the military is the most cucked on all levels anybody can be and all anons know.

>> No.16917721

>im a retired crypto neet
post bank account or your lying

>military is cucked

how would you know you have never been in

>> No.16917726

>being in the military is the most cucked on all levels anybody can be and all anons know.
It's true it is. I'd go haywire if I had to take an order from a drill sergeant. My father literally told me that if I had entered the military at 18 I would have sunk my platoon and killed my drill sergeant.

>> No.16917733

>nothing you have said is strait forward
I told you whats happening with the taxes, you said you didn't care, but you care about where i'm from on an Anon board? OK, I guess this is something you care about, thanks btw! So do you want to know where i've been in the world? Dates? Duration of stay? Why I turned down an American passport? Which nations can I call home? Which nation do I call home ATM? Of what race (nation) were my parents? Oh, let's discuss this, on a finance board, let me write a fuckin blog post. Let not discuss finances & taxes. THATS BORING
Not going to respond the the rest of your unenlightened world view, Its just drivel from someone that can't accept reality & calls it a conspiracy theory.

>> No.16917748

less than 1% of US population in military. I rather be in the military than wagecuck in a wagecage in an Amazon fulfillment center.

>> No.16917774

>how would you know prison is bad you have never been inside
You know what you're right

>> No.16917784

>post bank account or your lying
You don't understand, wagie. I may have a couple million in boomerstocks and crypto. Or maybe I'm a neet living off my mom or off welfare.

But in all those cases Im less cucked than someone who sells his time and dignity to the vermin you sell yours to.

I will NEVER wage in any capacity. When I worked I worked for myself. Had I run out of money, I would have neeted on welfare instead of crypto. I will never participate and be cucked like bootlicker OP

>> No.16917804

>how would you know you have never been in
I and everybody on this board know whose bidding you are doing. That would be cucked even if your service consisted of getting 24/7 blowjobs.

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>my father told me Im such a worthless loser I couldnt hack the military and get everyone killed

drill seargents are only in bootcamp which is like 9 weeks

>> No.16917826

why are you double posting....triggered?

>> No.16917841

>whose bidding Im doing
if your a retired millionaire why do you care

oh yeah because you cant handle a simple job and have to live with mommy and daddy

>> No.16917871

>still cant refute a fucking thing and uses smoke and mirrors tier bullshit response

god your pathetic

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How much more of your precious weekend free time are you going to invest into this thread? Long day of serving them tomorrow.

>> No.16917898

God, you are insufferable.

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only 3 years left, anon

>> No.16917926

actually im off tomorrow, red letter day. I dont really care about work anyways i only work 6 hours

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Thank you for serving for Israel

>> No.16917944

yep and he will have more opportunity than you will ever have

>> No.16917945

gotta say wasting your time to autistically screech is pretty cucked

>> No.16917947

pathetic welfare KANGS you guys all suck

>> No.16917964

You are quite literally to dumb though, its not my fault. My second post, when i noticed your tard view on taxes was a quick run down, including the name if you knew how to use google. Followed with further details, then the fuckin link as you're so brainwashed you instantly thought it was cope/conspiracy theory.
Oh, but yea, it REALLY matters where i'm from, right, I must give further details on this important subject matter.
fuck off retard
>god your pathetic
Projection of the highest degree, typical from a Mutt.

>> No.16917976

I was talking about that anons contract

>> No.16917977

i heard the space force is a good place to work??

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>hurrr le stooge for israel

pic related....its you

>> No.16917992

Daily life as flight commander?

>> No.16918001

>his only argument for not joining the military is some stupid policy no one cares about

still gettin paid

can you even have guns where you live?

>> No.16918016

honestly i dont know, im not in aviation

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File: 66 KB, 916x852, boot trap.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.16918035

>the sheer levels of seethe in this thread

>> No.16918044
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>tfw anti US military psyop threads were created by mossad to weaken the US armed forces
>really jogs the noggin

>> No.16918065

i know i shouldnt reply to these fags but its so fun watching them rationalize their shitty existence

>> No.16918067

Also outside of some based mexicans 90% of the Marine infantry is white.

>t. 0351/0317

>> No.16918072

can somebody give me the rundown on the french foreign legion? is it worth it?

>> No.16918074
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nooooo you cant do an easy job with 20 years and retirement because 4chinz sed sooooo reeeeeeeeeeeee ur cucked and jewish

thats literally all they know

>> No.16918082

>he thinks 80k is good

>> No.16918083

>Business & Finance

>> No.16918085

better money and life in the burger military desu

>> No.16918101
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kek since you ran out of shitty arguements mow you say 80k isnt a lot
lmao at you

>> No.16918114

muhreen enlistment codes are the hardest to understand. How did you like ground poundin?

>> No.16918148

>his only argument for not joining the military is some stupid policy no one cares about
Don't twist what I said cause your confirmation bias won't let you look into reality. How can I explain if you can't even comprehend base level shit.
>can you even have guns where you live?
KEK, yes, ffs I know more gun owners here than I did in the states, countryside is full of them, again more of your tard view of the world.
Besides you can't use them for the reason the founding fathers gave em to you for. The second amendment died the same day they took away the first amendment. Cause ignorant people like yourself will come along that just want a paycheck and throw you in jail before you've even got your guns out.

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yea its not even 6figures and you probably take home around 65-70k

>> No.16918180

>he wont say what country hes from because he knows his argument (which there isnt) will fall apart.
>he keeps autistically going on about how the military is funded(no one cares)
why wont you say where you are from anon? you scared or something

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File: 398 KB, 645x773, 1579454747035.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Like anything it had its stong and weak points. It was worth it in the end though. If you like doing things the hard way go infantry, otherwise go into another branch or be an officer.

>> No.16918195

yeah most of it isnt taxed and thanks to President Trump we get even more payraises
and i get muh pension

>> No.16918208

from what I heard when your state side in the infantry the work days are super short and you work out most of the time

>> No.16918214

>Cares about where I'm from
>Keeps changing it back to this even though this is a finance board & he clearly has no clue about money & its creation.
you scared or something?

>> No.16918236

wow what a gay attempt at redirecting

you have done nothing but talk shit about the US....and you absolutely wont say where u are from

if anyones scared its you

>> No.16918298

>wow what a gay attempt at redirecting
more projecting, you've been redirecting since you couldn't accept reality, focusing on me & where i'm from. Its fuckin COPE so you can avoid reality.
>you have done nothing but talk shit about the US
You're too dumb to make a statement like that...I couldn't get any further as you 'didn't care'/now ONLY care about where i'm from.
>and you absolutely wont say where u are from
& you absolutely wont accept reality
looks like we're at an impasse
>if anyones scared its you
More projection from someone denying reality

>> No.16918357

hahahahahaha your country sucks so much ass you wont even tell it on an anonymous crypto trading board...it just sucks that much.
Literally being so much of a pussy you wont even type it on a futaba style image board

>> No.16918474

two things, wagie. Neets don't really care about "da joos" and Neets don't seethe. Capeesh? Now do me a favor and be a good boy and pay your taxes. I don't want my welfare check to be short this month. Capeesh?

>> No.16918548

As I said, impasse, I don't see why should be honest with you if you can't be honest with yourself.
You're actively avoiding my subject that I brought up first. Its the whole reason why we stared talking in the first place, Now you want to talk about some other BS to avoid reality.
COPE harder you fuckin retarded mutt this is finance board & you're out of your depth.
Nothing else needs to be said, so night cognitive dissonance Anon
> don't want my welfare check to be short this month. Capeesh?
Yet another tard that doesn't understand money/taxes on a finance board. Or is this OP samefagging?

I'm out, no point in wrangling 2 tards

>> No.16918599

Wtf you doing here? Trying to recruit some anons to join your death cult? If you aren't talking about how the military serves the particular interests of jews, globalists and corpotocracy then you have no business talking about it on /biz/. A free membership to the gym isn't business related. You better take that to /fit/ or /k/.
>unironically serving in the military
You're a fuckign retard.
>Muh country
It's not your country you dumb nigger. It's the Joos country now and you're dieing for Israel. Israel doesn't care about you or the land you call home. They are only interested in using dumb americans like yourself as brute force for what they don't want to accomplish themselves cause they figure their lifes are to precious to die in some desert wasteland over oil fields and US paper money, that's where you come in.

>> No.16918613

awww is pussy leaving because he flounders the same non argument and is too scared to post what country hes from


cool use of fagtalk anon...no one cares and I know calling you out on bullshit makes your vagina hurt

dont feel bad lil puss puss no everyone can be from the best country on earth and have a cake job. Just go get a masters degree to be an assistant store manager at aldi or something or whatever it takes to get a job in whatever freedom hating socialist country you're from

>> No.16918638

whats it like joining so old? srs question i 32 and need some security

>> No.16918642

because military service is a quick way to make good money and improve your life....not that you would know anything about either

>take that shit to k

no fuck you

>da joooooooossss

oh hey its this tired argument again

dont like it.....stiff

>> No.16918655

you can still join the army anon, go get a pog job at a desk. If you have a degree go officer. dont listen to the fags who never been in. What questions do you have?

>> No.16918671
File: 814 KB, 1660x1110, 1578705441714.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wish. If you're not in the field your either at the armory cleaning weapons, police calling or on some gay ass working party, and doing squad or platoon pt every morning. Once in a while you'll do a battalion March and in between all of that if you're a boot your seniors are fucking with you. Then you're waiting around until 5 every day to get off work because first sergeant doesn't want to have to go home and listen to his fat ass wife complain about whatever.

I will say though that the first 3 months after a combat deployment are really chill. During that time you actually do get off early and are allowed to fuck around. But once a work up for a deployment starts its balls to the wall. But since the marines haven't done any salty shit for the past 5 years none of this really applies to anyone who joined after 2014 so they're all eternal boots.

>t. Saltdog

>> No.16918684

Just fuck off overseas and die already.

>> No.16918705

It's not bad at all. Sure you deal with 18-22 y.o. fuktards at times. You already have 10 years of life experience over everybody else. In the AF there were people at the age limit (39) joining. I recommend joining the AF, it is the most like a civilian job.

>> No.16918737

I did 4 years as a combat medic. Army paid for my undergraduate degree and a graduate degree. 1 deployment. Overall not very bad.

The main issue with the army and that all of the intelligent people end up ETSing and all of your leadership are actual, factual, welfare queens and niggers.

>> No.16918752

This guy gets hit by the way. I was attached to a 11B company and I spent all day every day sitting around doing absolutely fuck all unless I could sham and hide.

>> No.16918800

sorry my job doesnt deploy to the middle east unless you specifically volunteer...which i wont

>> No.16918810

yeah he does.... military is as easy as hard as you make it......cant remember the last day i did a full 8 hour work day that shit was years ago

>> No.16918825

based af. Any good memories?

>> No.16918826

I just read the thread, meep merp. Thinking of commissioning but also wanna get out and make $$$$$

>> No.16918842

so heres the thing with the military...the long you are in the better the money and job gets. Commissioning is cool but as an officer you dont get to fuck off and play games. The work is easier but theres much more of itm

>> No.16918856

then do it....but remember it will be hard to find a job thats easy as this.

>> No.16918857
File: 124 KB, 1300x867, 43008507-corn-cob-boiled-served-with-mayonnaise-and-ketchup (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is it true?

>> No.16918860

Do 4 years, get a TS clearance, go work for Raytheon basically doing Captcha all day for 140k starting.

>> No.16918884

is what true?

>> No.16918898

this or just find a nich in the military (officer career map) that you like and do 20 years and retire with a sizeable pension.

>> No.16918922

but advancement is stagnant and being older in the army if hes not a tard theyll probably give him e5 in 3 years

>> No.16918947


>> No.16918961

If you’re 30, you should only go in via commission unless you’re a retard without a degree. At least as an O-1 you have a little more control over your life.

>> No.16918989

i agree on that point, being with a bunch of 19 year old dumbassess would get old

>> No.16919034

I don't think it's so much being around kids but the fact that many of them will outrank you and drag you into their retardation. That said, I'm happy I got in and out 18-22 top jej.

>> No.16919108

yeah i always tell people only do your initial contract...do anymore you might as well stay in for the long haul..
Honestly now my job as a shop sup is teaching and mentoring...which I love. Its awesome watching these kids achieve goals and better themselves.

>> No.16919119

OP calm the fuck down, I'm already trapped in the belly of this horrible machine.
I've already done this part which is why I know I can get out and make bank. Already have the outside connections. It's just that retiring under 50 sounds comfy. Emphasis on sounds.

>> No.16919127
File: 58 KB, 642x654, 1578105914673.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sniper school was awesome. All we did for three months everyday was shoot and practice field craft. I also like being an assaultman because of the breaching, demo and rockets. My deployments were pretty rough, but there was something about living like a savage that stayed with me after all these years.

Thats why I laugh to myself when someone goys me on here about joining the military. Ive received world class training that will stay with me for life. And besides if someone honestly belives that khazar milkers shape US foreign policy in any meaningful way then I think its more of a case of them coping about not joining the military. Sour grapes and all that.

>> No.16919130

>73 posts

>> No.16919143

Coast guard here, 6 years in. Putting in an OCS packet soon. Bought Chainlink in 2017. Fuck all of you.

>> No.16919190

Honestly this. I only did 4 years and 1 deployment but normies eat that shit up on a resume. I got a worthless community college certificate, a BA and an MBA all from the GI bill. (Top tip: Take as many courses per semester as you can)

Between undergrad and grad school I briefly returned to the civilian version of my MOS and I mopped the fucking floor with those retards, thanks to the training and experience I had in the military. I joined as an 18 year faggot shitposting on /b/ and got out as a 22 year old faggot with an extremely high earning potential shitposting on /k/.

It isn't all sunshine and roses though, the Army sucks and is extremely retarded at times but who suggests that you're not getting the better end of the deal, (unless you get seriously injured or killed top kek) doesn't know what they're talking about. That's my story, hope you enjoyed it.

>> No.16919226
File: 83 KB, 608x800, 1579446471992.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Glad to hear it king. Keep killing it.

>> No.16919267

Thanks anon.

>> No.16919311

I have some for you. 11b w two tours in Iraq 05-06 &08-09, one in Afghanistan02-03. Lost over a dozen of my closest frens in theater of the course of all 3 mobs, destroyed my back and shoulder, got given endless amounts of oxy. Picked up a gnarly case of ptsd, insomnia, which the va tried giving me cerequil to treat, along with a laundry list of other narcotics, several of which were being sued by vet advocacy groups for vet suicide, have had 5 other brothers of mine eat a bullet of their own after we returned conus. Spent 5 years battling addiction to pharmaceuticals and alcohol in and out of blackouts that could last days on end where I got into dozens of fist fights and in some rare but scary circumstances risked the safety of my own frens and family. All so haliburton/kbr/dynacorp/iodt could rake in 4 trillion in contracts and help destabilize greater israel while building a few pipelines to help jews get cheaper gas. Might have missed a few things, but, yeah, don't be dumb goys, stay home and start a family, only defend our country when we start to get invaded or the our own govt needs flushed to feed the tree of liberty. Just my humble real life experiences.
t. filthy dirty leg who carried a SAW on 2 deployments.

>> No.16919345

>apply to nsa as computer scientist
>get job
>background investigation stops 3/4way through
>job no longer offered

>> No.16919380

I did six years, two of then spent at COP Baraki Barak in RC-East. I ETS’d without PTSD, in better shape than I started and with a fat stack of savings.

I guess that people who are losers when they go in are doomed to be losers when they get out. You need serious help, lol.

>> No.16919400

>boomer is sad that his friends died 17 years ago
Unironically, get over it

>> No.16919409

god damn you fucking ruined that man

>> No.16919421

what rate anon?

>> No.16919422

>mentally ill when you enter
>mentally ill when you leave
Math checks out

>> No.16919428

BM my dude.

>> No.16919433

thats a good story

>> No.16919445

EM here my man hows your unit treating you?

>> No.16919451

Actually just got out of active and joined the reserves man, got the same station i was active at which is cool though. Not too bad. Don't miss being underway on a fuckin WMEC. What about you?

>> No.16919490

Why are euros SO FUCKING MAD about the us and our military all the goddamn time? Did Tyrone from the base in germany fuck your whore of a mother? Merkel literally sincerely and actually invited millions of illiterate swarthy mongloid men into your country - and you re elected her! The bongs can’t figure out brexit or their dogshit pedo raping royal family, france is overrun by muslims and covered in banliues, the north euro countries are taxed at 60%+ and lie about refugee rapes. What gives? Italy, spain? Not worth mentioning. Unless these guys live in poland or hungary I don’t want to fucking hear it - and even then, PPP is so low.

>2nd amendment is dead

You fucking kidding me ten thousand armed men are going to march in richmond tomorrow to protest. That’s two brigade combat teams worth of manpower - also known as enough to manhandle any euro military in existence.

That meme where don draper goes ‘I don’t think about you at all’ could not be more true

>t left the army as a captain, collected that sweet sweet GI bill and have a great job with no debt

>> No.16919498

i got a true funny story for you golems. I was working a construction job 2 years back. my foreman was an older guy in his 50s. he said he was a vet of the iraq war. anyway on to the funny part. one day we were working together and i guess he got comfortable enough with me to start telling me about his life. so one day he starts talking about how he was in iraq but got called home for an emergency. turns out his brother shot can killed himself and his young daughter. when i asked him why he told me his brother had came in one day late from work and caught his daughter in bed with a black guy. so he told the black guy to get out of his house then went and got a .45 and blew his daughters head off. after that he must have realised the severity of what he had done, so. he stuck the pistol in his own mouth and pulled the trigger.

and no this is not some made up horseshit. so remember when you enlist. what you are fighting for.

>> No.16919502

good, im on a big white one right now. Great command so its pretty chill. How is reserves? Honestly if chainlink takes off i might stay in and just do sectors and nesus for the rest of my time.

>> No.16919523
File: 199 KB, 1574x551, no combat cib.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tough guy posts about being in a no action backwater with zero American casualties (pic related)

im sure you saw a lot of shit over there anon sounds like it was one really tough deployment you made. next time you try to larp for 4chinz as a gi joe maybe you shouldn't try to have a pissing contest with someone who was in al Anbar/Ramadi/Fallujah in 05-06.
tldr, op is a faggit who got a cib for being a cop bitch in a region with a pacified insurgency and thinks hes special cuz he didn't get ptsd even though nothing he experienced was traumatic or stressful, unless you count the time he got the shits for drinking chai.

>> No.16919532

ok that one story makes joining the military useless?
you still working construction anon?

>> No.16919539

Should an opioid addict nigger be drinking? You sound pathetic. Stop scaring these kids lel

>> No.16919545

not anymore. started my own business. that was 2 years ago. only worked construction long enough to build enough savings to start my business.

>> No.16919547

no your just salty and gay you pick the job when you enlist....if you want to be billy badass warfighter its on you.

>> No.16919557

so edgy
I assure you he did not
I know its hard for pogs to understand so I wont even try

>> No.16919580

thats good, but yeah that one story sucks, but that isnt the entire united states, also you pick the job you want to do. Buddy of mine joined the army (he isnt the brightest) as a cook. He hated it at first but he did what he needed to do and now hes an e8 and has life on easy mode.

>> No.16919601

>getting mad at pogs

Its like complaining that you picked nightmare mode when playing doom

>> No.16919624

You having fun underway? Reserves are good man, just going to college using the GI bill. Plan on going back in active after I finish the degree. And fuck ya man if chainlink takes off I''ll be a happy man.

>> No.16919639
File: 46 KB, 1280x720, 1566762938182.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>1 year in, 3 years left
this ZOG shit is like legal slavery, i wish there was a out that didn't involve going to jail or fucking myself when it comes to finding a job for the rest of my life because ZOG said I was a bad boy on my discharge papers

>> No.16919641
File: 124 KB, 653x523, 1579396384619.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16919642

le edgy zoomer, I got blown up by a deep buried with 3 155 shells while riding in a fucking hmmvh, it shattered all of the vertebrae in my lower back, haven't had a pill since 2012, but thanks for your goncern bucko
your just a faggit who played army, never actually had any engagements beyond getting mortared at your cop and you are trying to pretend being a soldier is something other than it is. Had dinner a few months ago with 5th group (O-5) retired and we had the exact same assessment of our TIS. I didn't mind gassing haji, I joined on my 17th birthday right after 911, what I did mind was watching good men die for nothing and then seeing those that survived it being set up by the VA to failure. What shitbirds like you who never saw anything like real combat don't get is that you get stuck in a catch 22 if you are fucked up and need help, they will discontinue your help from the VA if you don't take their meds, and most of the meds they are feeding us are simply for some cunt in DC to catch a kickback from the pharmacorp who is bribing them. You tink you have a clue and you are some high speed tough guy with it all figured out, but you are actually a fucking poser who is probably a fucking POG who never saw any combat who is internet tough guying on biz about his larp of a career. I'm not salty about the choices I made, and im well beyond the dark parts of what I went through with a successful biz and senpai, and I run my own VSO helping guys who dealt with similar shit to me, so save you ad hominem cheap shots. I just want to make anyone reading aware that you are a fake bitch.

>> No.16919652

>your just a faggit who played army, never actually had any engagements beyond getting mortared at your cop and you are trying to pretend being a soldier is something other than it is. Had dinner a few months ago with 5th group (O-5) retired and we had the exact same assessment of our TIS. I didn't mind gassing haji, I joined on my 17th birthday right after 911, what I did mind was watching good men die for nothing and then seeing those that survived it being set up by the VA to failure. What shitbirds like you who never saw anything like real combat don't get is that you get stuck in a catch 22 if you are fucked up and need help, they will discontinue your help from the VA if you don't take their meds, and most of the meds they are feeding us are simply for some cunt in DC to catch a kickback from the pharmacorp who is bribing them. You tink you have a clue and you are some high speed tough guy with it all figured out, but you are actually a fucking poser who is probably a fucking POG who never saw any combat who is internet tough guying on biz about his larp of a career. I'm not salty about the choices I made, and im well beyond the dark parts of what I went through with a successful biz and senpai, and I run my own VSO helping guys who dealt with similar shit to me, so save you ad hominem cheap shots. I just want to make anyone reading aware that you are a fake bitch.

Holy shit is this the new Navy Seals pasta

>> No.16919674

yeah u/w is fun if you make it. Its funny watching the video game wars and taking shit to get one of the non rates to rage quit. Fish calls are great. You know the deal with my rate. Engine room watch, fix shit. Bet your happy not having to do btm bullshit. Were you nav or dickforce?

>> No.16919688

i second this

>> No.16919694

actually regret not joining the CG and doing counter drug ops while living beachside in a free condo, but you are still a faggit and I own more link than you.

>> No.16919696

You standing throttle or EOW? I was a nonrate in deckforce on one cutter, then nav BM on another. Nav is definitely better. Messing with nonrates is awesome though.

>> No.16919708

wow it really is like peering into the mind of a complete zogbot who is entirely dependent on the american taxpayer to survive

excellent post anon

>> No.16919736

EOW, its pretty ez pz unless you have to initiate a mainspace. I tell the nonrates they should start buy crypto and 10 years theyll be set but I remember how I was all I wanted to do was ride dirt bikes and get puss

>> No.16919745

Israel has no right to exist and eric holder had paul walker killed to cover up his unconstitutional gun trafficking organization. 4/10 b8

>> No.16919746

I’m thinking of joining coast guard, Age 27, have a uni degree.

What are my prospects??

>> No.16919765

your best bet is commissioning. If thats not your bag then pick a rate with guaranteed A school. I think EM still has enlistment bonuses and guaranteed A school

>> No.16919784

Or if you want easy job like cake af go yeoman

>> No.16919803

ya man i hear that. Everytime i went underway I'd end up with less money than I started with just from blowing it all at port calls.

>> No.16919814


>> No.16919815

Talk to a recruiter, visit some units.

>> No.16919816

where have you been u/w?

>> No.16919829
File: 138 KB, 704x904, 1537331509847.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just wanted to remind you one last time b4 I sign off for the night that you, OP, are a fake bitch faggit remf, who prolly owns BSV and you will not be gaining entrance to Valhalla.

>> No.16919832

Imagine being in your late 30s posting on a racist anime imageboard

>> No.16919833

or just go yeoman and do fuck all and not stand duty and have everyone kiss your ass.

>> No.16919835

Caribbean and Central America/Mexico. You?

>> No.16919840

Thanks for the help. Could you translate into civvy speak?

>> No.16919847

I have done and seen more than you ever possibly could, crybaby. Suicide is always an option.
>t. 18D

>> No.16919851

bearing, fla coast, pacific coast, coast of Hawaii

>> No.16919860

arrows and timestamp or you are a larp

>> No.16919864

I legitimately created the boomer meme and I think you’re a faggot btw

>> No.16919878

Go in as an officer or Enlist with a guaranteed job and get promoted to E-4 immediately after training. The Coast Guard is unlike other branches, you normally do NOT get a guaranteed job when you enlist. You enlist without a job, or a "non-rate". You would then go to an "A-school" and become "rated". Rates are the equivalent of MOS of other services. It's essentially the name of your job. Some rates include Yeoman, Boatswain's Mate, Electrician's Mate, Aviation Survival Technician (rescue swimmer). etc. etc.

Seriously just go talk to a recruiter, lots of people say they are going to join and then do fuck all to actually get in.

>> No.16919880

sooo being 27 being a non rate will be gay you are doing bitchwork. Having guaranteed a school means you dont do any of that and go straight to job training. I am an electrician....which is in high demand meaning you can have guaranteed A school and an enlistment bonus

>> No.16919881

>I’m signing off
Attention whore lmao sage

>> No.16919885
File: 26 KB, 581x230, 7a5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no u

>> No.16919890

Sounds OK but I’ve sailed around the world on sailboats & I do want to do work on a vessel.

In fact I’d like to serve in a highly challenging environment like Alaska. Vikings blood & all.

I can rot away in an office with any job. What would I be doing as a yeoman?

>> No.16919896

So you must be on one of the NSCs or the 378s. That's awesome man.

>> No.16919910

>What would I be doing as a yeoman?
Tell people with real jobs that it's their responsibility to do your job for you.

>> No.16919921

yep watching the nonrate battles in rec 2 is funny af.

>> No.16919928

Sound gay as fuck lol.

What I’m gathering is that I should specifically NOT become a yeoman. Sounds like a welfare queen position

>> No.16919934

lol but honestly knowingI was gonna do 20....I would have probably have gone yeoman....which area wmec were you on?

>> No.16919944

First or Chief? You must be if you're standing EOW on there right? I was only ever on a 210 and 270, don't know much about the larger ones. Only that you stay out a bit longer and go a bit further.

>> No.16919951

Alaska is the coast guards greatest kept secret. You make more money with extra allowances. You fish a lot. I remember going on hunt calls ie. the small boat drops us off on an island to go hunt

>> No.16919967
File: 8 KB, 259x195, 1553356230859.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wanna collaborate?


>> No.16919970

Ya yeoman are the fucking worst. If you want to go underway, there are some jobs you can choose to increase your chances. EM, DC, and MK are all engineering rates with a lot of underway jobs. BMs are everywhere, they are the guys who run navigation and deck department. This is probably the most similar to you and sailing. OSs and ETs do secret intel shit to catch drug runners, but they are the guys behind the scenes. The people actually going for drugs can be any rate, as it's mainly a collateral duty.

I was in virginia then oregon.

>> No.16919976

i want to answer but you know how small my rate is. I would be almost doxing myself. Dont have anchors yet. I am on "a dying breed"

>> No.16919987

were you on the alert?

>> No.16919997

Nope the other one right next to it. Steadfast.

>> No.16920007

damn, I knew some people on the alert. never understood why you guys never did alpats

>> No.16920010

[email protected]

>> No.16920014

didnt do alpats*

>> No.16920032
File: 26 KB, 314x475, 403E47C6-AD1E-4B18-AB07-0C5A23B02C9D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy fuck anon please tell me more about the Alaska times.

I read pic related and now I dream of the last frontier (Besides Siberia & N. Canada, which are basically same as AK but flatter). Highly recommended book.

Good surf in the aleiutians supposedly.
John Muir said to never visit AK as a young man because nothing else will ever compare. This from the man who lived in Yosemite all him life. I want to go to AL, breathe in the last frontier & be struck with Wanderlust until I can transfer to Space Force for the last last true frontier, lel.

Also, anyone know about best way to transfer to space force?? Serious question.

>> No.16920034

idk man, honestly I'm glad to have finally snagged a small boat station. I felt like I was just doing a bunch of retarded shit on the cutters until i got to the station and qualified coxswain. Felt like I finally started doing the job I signed up for. Search and Rescue with a bit of LE on the side.

>> No.16920037
File: 8 KB, 235x232, 1556069505201.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you think my website is cancer?
> feeling sad

>> No.16920044

i still cant believe they used to have the exhaust going out the back

>> No.16920070

My grandfather was an EM in the CG way back in the day, and he took a tour of the steadfast when I was there. Those boats are so fucking old that he said they were the "new" cutters when he got out.

>> No.16920080

You have the opportunity to do your entire career in Alaska if you wanted. There are so many different units its insane. I love south east alaska even though a lot of people like kodiak. I cant tell you how many cool things I have seen. The crazy hunts. The fishing cant compare. Its a lot of fun

>> No.16920087

I was in 'Nam and knowing I won't accumulate enough Kleros to truly be comfy is a constant fear greater than war.

>> No.16920096

Im glad you like it anon, as an EM it sounds pretty boring. I like NESUs like the ones where you travel to different units.

>> No.16920098
File: 29 KB, 474x405, 1488666132348.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Fuck those Jew-lovers on /k/ and their low-IQ, enlisted tier obese asses.

>> No.16920118

if you want to do spaceforce best bet is airforce

>> No.16920127
File: 118 KB, 768x960, 5BD5D70F-837D-4503-9769-71DD81BF717C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tell me stories of insane weather, bears and glacier stuff.

Do they need people out there?

I feel like the recruiter would cream their CG-standard-issued panties if I mentioned Alaska, and that would settle some of the problems I’ve heard about CG being “the hardest branch of service to get into”...

>> No.16920133

NESUs seem like one of the better units you could be at. Just fixing stuff with no bullshit, which is what most engineers want from what they've told me.

>> No.16920151

well as far as the recruiter if you sign up for a critical rate theyll like you. Which state are you in?

>> No.16920167

>Do they need people out there?
If you want Alaska, you'll eventually get Alaska. Nothing is guaranteed at the start though.

>some of the problems I’ve heard about CG being “the hardest branch of service to get into”...
I'm not a recruiter but I'm fairly sure they don't have any say in what unit you go to. It's all up to an assignment officer. Recruiters will be very interested in you if you ask about rates that are low on people though.

>> No.16920210

Don't go to the Air Force Academy. Those 4 years aren't worth it. Do ROTC if you want to be commissioned as an officer. The only advantage the Academy has is you are practically guaranteed to get whatever occupation you want. You are also guaranteed to get active duty. However, if you want to be a pilot - join the Navy. Everyone thinks the Air Force as more planes/jets, but the don't. The Navy does.

>> No.16920223


Aka a place with a shitty coast, desu there’s probs low rates here

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