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How do you get cash off your paypal while in Japan?

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>get to nipland
>get cardmaxxed in a girl bar on the first night
>have to wait for money to transfer over
>can't deposit to account because it will just fill up the negative

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Well looks like you're fucked in "nipland" now, racist faggot.

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How is "nipland" racist? The country is literally called Nippon. That's like saying "Americaland" is racist

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Lmao what a weenie

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Did you at least fuck?

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Says the faggot going to girl bars and getting his card maxxed out the first fucking night probably buying faggot drinks for dudes. I may be a weenie but at least I'm comfy as fuck while you're stressing over being a retard.

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Yes and even got her to punch and choke me while fapping

Few lady drinks here and there. And im not stressing I just learned an expensivd travel lesson is all you fucking weenie

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Well thanks for sharing. Now get the fuck out
and you didn't fuck anyone, anon, you're not fooling anyone

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this is u right now

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Cool it with the toxicity

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My dick is still greasy from the condom lube, and i'm still pulling long strands of black hair from my hairy velcro-like taint you turd burglar
But you wouldn't know that feel would you?

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