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Why do we care about our sticks when our govt can’t help out our own people? American who loves America b day 07/0401994

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Please please please for the love of god tell me thats a boy.

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suck my cock

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This post is wildly confusing.

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> t.

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As whites wake up and start to realize they're become a hated minority in their own countries violence will increase. The court systems are slowly becoming as stacked against whites (particularly white males) to the point that there will be no choice but to recognize that the government cannot be trusted to represent the interests of whites. Violence by minorities against whites will increasingly go unpunished, as will left-wing violence against innocents.

The only thing to do as an individual is try to live honestly (refuse to call men who dress as women "she," refuse to accept the lie that human races are all equal, refuse to accept the lies of the media, etc) and try to surround yourself with a like-minded community.

The worst is yet to come, but hopefully we can be among the monied elites who can hide from it when our bags end up on the moon.

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