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will get get justed?

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who fucking cares about royalty. grow the fuck up faggot

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based and royal pilled

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that woman has the delicate shape of a brick
but i understand the move if not his taste

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t. burger

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He’s already JUSTed. He was a prince, now he’s just a stepdad for a post-wall goblina. Poor bastard.

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totaly, thats a complete cuck move.

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ausfag actually

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I know right...at 35 year old man leaves his birthright and family obligation because of some decent pussy. Mother fucker threw a tantrum and ran out of England. Kek.

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Imagine leaving your Playboy lifestyle behind for some bitch with a with a leech family and a giant forhead

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I'm British and give precisely 0 fucks. Good for him, he'll no longer be a tax-vacuum. On a related note: Prince Andrew in prison when?

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I always thought she was a diversity hire and he was forced into it. But nope, turns out he’s just retarded.

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Marrying Murrican
Not Even Once

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doesn't it hut your nose and throw your aim if you release like that?

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decent pussy? that bitch is pushing 40 and divorcee, thats something even a regular peasant should stay clear out of ffs. royalty? more like royally cucked

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He's unbelievably rich to the point where he could never work again and still die rich. Barring a meteor killing us all, he's literally un-JUST-able.

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Yes he made a huge mistake. He had everything including the full support, The bloodline of a jewish royal family and blew it to be with a goblin woman that is going to divorce him anyways. If he would have married someone that the queen liked he wouldn't even have to worry about divorce because the royal family would literally not allow it to happen since they own the legal system. He's a cuck though and gave up his literally free pass in life to a 40yo roastie, The most pathetic thing imaginable.

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>that bitch is pushing 40
wow shes pretty hot milf

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>If he would have married someone that the queen liked
>I wouldn't put it bare in someone without mommy's approval

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that's not why he left. Europe is going to go through an economic depression soon. bretton woods is over. no more welfare from the US. europe is on it's own now.

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>throwing away billions of trust money and support from one of the most powerful families in the world in exchange for 40yo goblin pussy is a smart idea.
I know this is bait but be more creative.

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her feet are ugly too

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Nah, it’s all relative mate. If you grew up in a pile of shit on a street in Mumbai , driving a cab in New York is making it. If you grew up a prince and are now a stepdad to shitskins, you’re JUSTed. Doesn’t matter how rich you are.

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Creative like the gem studding on a $1 billion chastity belt?

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Probably got a threat at gunpoint. I feel sad for him. Good luck, lad.

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Wasnt he the guy who had some young guy jailed for simply calling him a race traitor?

I'm not even caucasian and that seems like an overreaction to jail some kid screaming some stuff...online.

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Nevermind, looked up more info. Kid went further than simply calling him a race traitor.

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She came into the relationship speaking loudly about being the voice of Feminism in the royal family and was presumably anti-Trump whereas the Queen was pro-Brexit. Imagine the boomers on either side of the royal family arguing about Trump

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The crown will reign again.

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Yeah when the Pakis come over and start shitting on your street and taking your daughters and wives to bath houses.

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He's still going to be able to live in a top-tier Manhattan penthouse overlooking Central Park. He'll still be able to get by without putting in a hard day's work for the rest of his life. And if shit really turns tits up, he'll just have to suck a dick and be welcomed back into the royal family.

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Welcome rddt, we say nigger for short. N i g g e r. See? Not hard.

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it's interestig to see human behavior.

Charles has gotten rid of all ihis siblings and thier families setting a precedent for the same with harry by bro.

So Hazza is forced to do this, set up a rival camp.

IF they can be popular enough who knows?

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>didn't kill his brother, father and grandmother so he could be king
>gets cucked by a nigress
good riddance. he was never gonna make it anyway.

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Fucking disgusting syphilitic dumpster pussy quadroon skank. And what a fucking pussy faggot for letting that ugly bitch walk all over him. He’ll deserve it 100% when he inevitably gets cucked.

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Yeah. Stronk women don't work even in movies. Women are fucking inferior.

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>being the voice of Feminism
>quits within 2 years after getting her fairy tale wedding, forcing her husband to throw everything away (else he'd risk a humiliating divorce) to shill shit on instagram


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trips of truth

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I’d do the same for my wife. Sad nobody on this board has experienced true love.

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He clearly wanted to leave I guess this was his excuse. It must be a lot of pressure and for what? He is not in line for the throne. I guess let the dood live.

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as an american all i can say really is fuck the queen
cunts, all of them

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warm, welcumming and tolerunt cunts, we were
Madame Princess Cunt says, 'fuck opening community centres in Bognor on a wet wednesday ansd sheeit, we're off to turn a new leaf'

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It's already over for this idiot.

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I'm average looking but I fucked about 80 women, none of whom were even slightly overweight, before I got married. If I was getting laid like that, I can only imagine that this rich actress was getting dicked down 24/7.

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The english are beginning to hate again.


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For a literal billion dollars, I can be about that.

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I think I saw the Queen mouth "fucking niggers" when the all black quire was singing at their wedding

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she gonna divorce him. I guarantee it

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I'm not even British but you sound like a typical nigger lmao

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Anyone have a bit of Hopium they left to distance themselves from the potential Epstein fiasco that will wreck the royal family and other elites?

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The rabbit hole goes far deeper. She's one of Epstein's victims.

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To be fair the queen killed his actual mommy so I don't blame him for being angry and leaving.

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I find myself agreeing with Piers Morgan more often than I care to admit.

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not only that, she is also divorced

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If you would rather take a womans used pussy over billions of dollar then that is the most beta simp cuck shit I've ever heard. Women are not unique, they are all the same. Fuck one and you've fucked all of them.

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Drill the oil, get disqualified as a royal.

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It actually is pretty weak that they play the "race card", she is an actress - done nude scenes, a divorcee, she is an American, her personality is also pretty outstanding in a Royal context.
I don't think her "race" has anything to do with it, mainly because she looks European.

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> Women are not unique, they are all the same.
That's a roastie cope. How the fuck a 40year old half nigger woman is the same as 20yo blonde cutie.
Imo Harry was forced into this sth like gtfo on good terms with some pocket money or else. He is the reminder of prince Charles getting cucked. The ultimate revenge was also the niggering of his bloodline.

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Why should i care? i admitt i jacked it to her nudes once though

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Why can't everyone see that Harry has been playing a long game here? The second his nephew was born Harry's already remote chances of being king went to absolute zero, and yet he was still expected to do all the on-brand etiquette crap and duties that come with being a Prince. Sounds like a bad deal. Part of his responsibilities are getting married, he's not allowed to be a bachelor, he needs to cast a woman to play the role.
So what does he do? He tries to test the waters by marrying a half-black divorced American woman whose done sex scenes, will the Queen approve of it? Well she has to, if she rejects Megan then the Queen looks openly racist and antiquated. So Lizzy has to agree to it
The master stroke here was that he chose someone who was mixed race, which makes him seem progressive, cool, open minded. But American and Divorced which everyone, especially other women, instantly know means one thing...
>*Kanye's Golddigger ensues*
When she inevitably divorces him, he looks like the poor victim, taken for a ride by a golddigging American whore who was older and more experienced than this naive sheltered ginger kid. By announcing jointly that he's leaving royal duties he can make it all seem like it was her fault, when in actual fact he's exploiting her - not the other way round.
This way he looks like the 'good guy' the 'cool royal' and never needs to attend a charity ball ever again if he doesn't want to and can get paid millions for endorsing tacky British themed fish and chips novelty restaurants or Aston Martins or whatever.
He'll be free, and he'll be more popular with the public than ever.
He's exploiting a golddiger, this is 4D chess.

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t. Coomer

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This is a high IQ post. I haven’t given much thought to our Royals but it did seem strange Harry would pick such a girl.

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All women act the same and are no different, Some might have bigger breasts or tighter holes which gives them higher sexual value but the experience you get with a woman is the same every time in my experience. My point is that if you take any woman I don't care if she's the most beautiful woman in the world over any amount of money/power you are cucked with a beta mindset. Remember women always come second in life, You never put a woman on a pedestal as a man, Ever.

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is this the thread where we laugh at British people following their Freemason Queen?

>> No.16911746

go on /pol/ and you can see burgers care as much as 50 year old bong women.

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His mother was killed. He wants nothing to do with the kikes and you think its a mistake? Come the fuck on. Harry is who we all should strive to be. Fuck the system. They can all rot in hell for this long game of systematic slavery we call a society.

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>Not knowing the royal family is one of the world's most successful real estate management and PR consulting cartels in the world

>> No.16912255

Burgers care more about the royal family than anyone else

>> No.16912468

Never, r u really a Brit?

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this is the classic story of a narcissistic cunt taking advantage of a damaged little boy
harry is in for a ride

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I would believe all of that if it were not for the ugly mutt baby

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>you want to do what to my feet?

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>white-skinned black girls

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>He is the reminder of prince Charles getting cucked.
Is that why they killed Diana? Who is Harry's father?

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Why are faggot amerimutts so obsessed with pretend people? I literally work with brits and not even the girls talk about

>> No.16913116

You sound like a poor virgin

Not to mention obsessed with race. Amerimutts are some of the most annoying people on this planet.

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So.... What if they divorce?? Will he be asking for everything back?? Kek

>> No.16913161

They already traffic kids so it probably wasn't hard to fake the pregnancy and find a random baby.

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Harry will, but William won't because he is based af

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It would be really funny if he starts a business venture and then goes bust
And then he would have to wage for his money.
Imagine bossing around a fucking degenerate prince at McDonalds because he was stupid enough to give it all up
pic related

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Divorce incoming
Screenshot this if u want

>> No.16913546

>done nude scenes
sauce? for research

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you're retarded, princes do not have to be faithful

he could have been dicking down the entire country and the wife wouldn't have been able to divorce anyway

but now he can get divorced, because he's now a regular citizen

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>she looks European
the absolute state of mutts

>> No.16913631

it's called caramel you uneducated swine

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are the British royals still black tho
we queen now

>> No.16913713

>done nude scenes
dated several porn stars

I love how cucked Brits are. Best thing America did was 1776 and shove these inbred royals off.

Imagine being as big an idiot as Harry. Giving up the life of a literal prince to become some accessory item to some wall-crashed 5 (at best) divorcee, who just got off the porn star cock carousel.

The fact that the royal family never once taught Harry to watch out for these hoes, shows how incompetent the Royal family and how the British empire was just a lucky fluke.

>> No.16913743

>Yeah when the Pakis come over and start shitting on your street and taking your daughters and wives to bath houses.

The unlicensed knives are being stockpiled for that problem.

>> No.16913766

If true he’s retard.

>> No.16913771

You are retarded and know nothing about divorce.

Meghan will divorce him and claim "she felt threatened" so the cops will force him out of the house he inevitably bought.

Harry will run around "waaah I'm a victim" but no one will care. At least not any real men who saw this shit coming a mile away, and considered Harry the worlds biggest beta to ever walk the earth.

And then will be the inevitable roastie parade feeling sorry for him (Poor Harry), but as most of the incels on this thread already know, pity will never, never, never, never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, get you laid.

Plus now that he has no royal status, he is just going to be another balding middle aged divorce raped British man who will have to send 70%+ of his paycheck to Meghan for the rest of his life. Boy his dating pool is going to be full of winners after this guys.

Harry is just a fucking beta retard. I give it 1 year plus, before a Meghan + 5 nigger in nightclub bathroom sex tape is released.

>> No.16913808

>obsessed with race
>muh mutt meme

>> No.16913813

the queen had her offed because she was fucking a muslim. anyone less based than this cannot be a monarch

>> No.16913868

Fuck off we’re full

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This is some beta male simp shit. Why the fuck would anyone in their right mind give up ROYALTY STATUS and money, for some half nigger pussy. Harry, you're in deep shit.

>> No.16914362

Imagine forcing him to do the wagie dance for a tip

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>his royal money
make no mistake he will be far from unwealthy after doing this...

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at least learn how the song goes stupid mutt

>> No.16915215

anon on 4chan acting like he's out of megan markle's league lmao

>> No.16915249

He's swapped the title HRH for biggest cuck in the world

>> No.16915286

My chin is unironically like that except my skull has a weirder shape

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Based and cucked Prince pilled

>> No.16915550

No you're supposed to pull the string against your mouth and nose. It's in the middle of her nose but the angle and dented nose makes it look like it's behind her nose.

>> No.16915558

see >>16915550

>> No.16915582

Better than getting divorce raped and actually losing money on some dumb cunt

>> No.16916896

top chick have a donation going for her with 16 thousand bucks collected so far so not a bad payout

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File: 168 KB, 1200x800, 44835114_1579379994949159_r.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

scratch that, it's almost 30 thousand bucks now

>> No.16917126

that's not how snap traps work

>> No.16917139

dang tori is absolutely bangable

>> No.16917155

lol he got kicked out

>> No.16917242

well fuck you, burger cunt

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>tori is hotter than meghan
makes u think

>> No.16918717

U a bitch boy

>> No.16918841

They left because she found out about the queen being a shape shifter lizard.

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File: 365 KB, 607x654, harry_gets_raked.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Will you learn grammar?

>> No.16920570

As Britain was never in the Eurozone, and is now quitting the EU, it can easily avoid being dragged into an economic depression soon.
Bretton Woods is in the distant past, and good riddance. It ruined the economies of many countries, and literally everyone is better off without it.
As for welfare from the US, that ended even longer ago.

>> No.16920591

Can get any woman he wants in the world. Chooses to ditch his title for her.
You incels say he is cucked but thats an alpha move. Must be love? Idk. Maybe he is just sick of the ritual child sacrifice and picked up a voodoo lady to protect himself.

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File: 50 KB, 462x421, D0BE8C81-63AA-4B5C-B3B0-C11ECBC47D81.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He’s not even a legitimate son.
Diana was a massive whore.

>> No.16920602

Also are you retarded underage wannabe right wing incel faggots too young to remember the costume party incident?

>> No.16920625

God I'm so glad I'm not you
holy shit lmao

>> No.16920626


>> No.16920633

t. underage who wasnt alive for the nazi costume

>> No.16920670

Wow pretty obvious bastard here.

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>38 years old
>many more than just pic related
Harry has a cuck fetish

>> No.16920819

top kek

>> No.16920828

>he'll no longer be a tax-vacuum

the royal family generates more money than they cost retart

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>Gives up royal title bcuz lulz and wife is a royal pain in the ass
>But not abdicating the entire throne over it and Parliament also hates your guts
Am I a joke to you?

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This is now a King Edward VIII thread. The imperial federation would still be around if parliament didn't push him out of the throne.

>> No.16921148

based /v/irgins

>> No.16921590

That’s probably the most feminist move a woman can make. Instead of adhering to a system created by men, she’s creating her own path.

The two of them will have the means to create a billion dollar empire easily, and they’d be able to spend their money without scrutiny from the press or the people.

Megxit happened because of Elton John’s private jet and the media backlash. Blame the media for their fake news and the people for being jealous uncontent bitches.

>> No.16921608

All that money and no woman to set him straight will put him in a path like Uncle Andrew

>> No.16921658

confirmed for having never watched Suits

>> No.16921661

Get woke go broke, Harry.

>> No.16921664

desu this is just disgusting. so much disrespect from that whore

>> No.16921675

>The two of them will have the means to create a billion dollar empire easily

really? He has the charisma of a brick and she does not have the attention-whoring talent of a Kardashian.

>> No.16921679

Hear ye! hear ye!

>> No.16921687

Tell that fb woman that merkle was a yacht prostitute and also gets the royal family good drugs

>> No.16921702

>was presumably anti-Trump
You mean as in "mocked Trump repeatedly in the press and refused to participate in meet-and-greets on either of his official visits"?

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