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I remember growing up in the 90s. It was just after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Union, leading into one of the most prosperous times of the entire century. Real prosperity and progress, not just the dotcom shitcoins but a true paradigm shift in the average life with the advent of the personal computer. Communicating and transacting instantly over a world wide web of people all over the world from your home was like some kind of crazy Star Trek episode. I often wondered whether this is what the 1920s must have felt like, with all the new amazing refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioning, and other electric appliances.

Meanwhile the video game industry grew out of its niche arcade scene and exploded into vibrancy. I don't think the level of fun in the world has ever skyrocketed more quickly. But Windows 95 was what really cemented it all for me. Using it for the very first time was like magic. It felt like we were truly living in the best possible timeline.

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the 90's were a richer time for most people. With this increasing wealth gap, I fear that we're heading towards a French economy just before the revolution.

With more rich individuals, innovation, value, and inventions truly prosper. Libertarian btw but the amount of wealth difference is actually a detriment to everyone.

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<- OP

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I remember finding furfaggotry on some college FTP server the very first day I got on the internet (September 1994)

Been furfag ever since. I was searching for centaur porn; there were some centaur sex scenes in a book series called "Xanth" - author was Piers Anthony. Started reading those in like 1990 and was fascinated at how much animal fucking and fantasy creature fucking was going on. I was hooked.

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>not on alt.furry.centaur.male
you missed out, son

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The internet, even in its infancy, was awesome (to us at the time)
Video games were awesome
Sitcoms were awesome
Cartoons were awesome
Japanese anime was awesome
Pro wrestling was awesome
Music was awesome
Movies were awesome
Politics was awesome
Everything was just fucking awesome in the 90s

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Looking back the 90’s had it’s issues but damn it was completely based and almost seems like the most pure time to grow up compared to the shit we’re stuck with now.
t. ‘92

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I remember crackheads and broken car windows. 90s weren't that great in the big city

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jesus i feel so bad for you
literal 40 year old boomer on /biz/

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So you were 8 when the decade ended. You weren't an adult and didn't have to deal with "real life", so of course it seems like an idyllic time.

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No, the 80s was the peak and it was only down hill from there

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Because today there are less homeless crackheads shitting in the streets and fucking shit up

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I never got into usenet for some reason. Spent 99% of my time on IRC

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80's or die faggot, I actually got to enjoy the 90's

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Everyone went into the new millennium thinking things would be even more based
then 9/11 happened

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Funny you should say that, I actually was there on launch day. I wish I saved some of the swag I got, wasn't that forward thinking at the time. But I did save what I got from the XP launch

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Yes, at least here in NYC. Anyone who says otherwise doesn't remember when there were neighborhoods white people couldn't even walk down the street in

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windows 95 was sick as fuck. in a lot of ways nothing has been improved or changed in the UI since then.

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I have three gigantic malls within 30 minutes of me that look like that nearly every night. Sans the Christmas decorations.

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The only things that the 80s had over the 90s was the music and MAYBE the movies

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It really was. 95 was that tipping point where computers went from "who cares i'm not an accountant" to "shut up and take my money".

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kek, that ID

age 27 right now

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Oh shit I remember light bright. Brings back memories.

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>nothing will ever top the era in which my best memories were formed
fuck off dumbass

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What if humans figured out how to transfer consciousness into a digital form and eventually discarded the physical world until a once-in-a-millennium solar flare destroyed it all in an instant, and you've stumbled underground into an old abandoned computer consulting firm with earthtone walls and the wireframe model on the monitor is a lost soul who has been trapped inside their own mind for countless ages, desperately crying out for escape with no voice

Anyway, mood music for this thread boys https://youtu.be/RMEauTuOSK0

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Yep, that just stirred up shit that hasn’t been cleaned up since. Sad, probably why the Jews went into turbo overdrive too because “muh NY”

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LOL seething zoomer found
How's that youtuber/influencer "career" going son

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Fuck that pic is so comfy. I remember when malls looked like that back in the 90s and people actually wanted to spend their time there. There were trees and fountains everywhere, now they've all become ugly soulless white corridors all in the name of minimalism.

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This anon gets it.

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Where did it all go so wrong oldfag?

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Check this out


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Fuck the mall near me looks exactly like that. Like a disinfected hospital corridor.

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Yea and you have serial killers running around doing mass murder sprees because of lack of surveillance and shitty video games that are nowhere near as good as today. 90's were uncivilized even though people pretend everything was OK. I'll stick with 2020

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Marley Station?

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They all look like that now. Comfy retail is dead and there's no going back. Pretty soon there won't be any malls left at all. The only retail businesses that can compete with amazon are big box stores built inside warehouses.

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I try to remind myself of the hedonistic treadmill. Why am I so depressed when I live better than a king from centuries ago? I can't find much amusement in video games anymore. Nothing really surprises or excites me anymore. The joys of the 90s man discovering the computer and the internet because they were new, I cannot feel now because I'm accustomed and take them for granted. But are the progresses they brought any lesser in my life? Should I not feel constant awe and wonder whenever I turn on the computer? Or using electricity, hot water, a warm bed? Why must I always long for more when I have enough?

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Based, I'll return the favor

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>shitty video games that are nowhere near as good as today

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I'm right there with you. I have my theories on why I feel this way, but they'd sound like I'm reading from a /pol/ script

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How much lower must we sink?
When will the degeneration end?

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>Dial up internet connection
>2.7 kb/s downloads
No thanks, I'm happy to live in the 21st century.

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satan's spawn digits
what year were you born anyways? fucking mid 90's?

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Adding to the kino https://youtu.be/RYbe-35_BaA?t=201

>the drunk french chick comes in holding a rearview mirror @ 3:21
>a world where interactions with complete strangers can be this joyful

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Comfiest era imaginable. So incredibly grateful I grew up in the early 90s

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Everything that matters still exists, and you can experience it more easily now, and more of it too.

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This truly is an important video that deserves to be archived. The guys made a sequel where they re visited the place in the current year and it's so bleak and dead. People are uncomfortable talking to strangers or immediately assume they're a nuisance or a threat.

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Early 90s kid culture >>>>>>> all 80s kid culture

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Incredibly based

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KEK you'd probably get beat up or have the cops called on you if you did that today

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I can tell what you're saying is bullshit because you posted an off-topic thread.

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>I'll stick with 2020
t. Jamal

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>you have serial killers running around doing mass murder sprees because of lack of surveillance
How many fucking school shootings and other shootings in public areas have we had since 2000?
The only thing 'surveillance' did was give us the ability to get a nice, clear look at the bodies dropping whenever we feel like seeing it

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All filtered through a lens of woke degeneracy

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Did you even read the OP? It's all about the economic prosperity of the 90s, AKA Business & Finance

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More like a nostalgia trip.

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what's sad is back then we thought it was gonna last forever so we just took it all for granted. seeing that picture brings back memories i haven't thought of in years. it was truly a special time.

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Please say it anyway

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Why not both

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>why am i sad when the Jews have removed Faustian destiny from existence? Should I not feel constant awe when I look at how they destroyed my history and are killing my people?
inb4 schizo

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>music better in the 80s

get out

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this is an ultra rare shig

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It's the kikes and their demoralization campaigns. They're done using whites and are going to put them down, like an old dog. From their point of view, it's nothing personal; it's just business.

They're shorting us.

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Meh, the 90s had too much hip hop, boy bands and young-girl-appealing-to-teen-girls singers for my liking
And then rock started to die with that alternative/grunge shit
Probably only the more adult-oriented pop music was still good by the 90s. I know hip hop got a lot better and had way more talented rappers in that period; it's just not a genre I generally care for

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Never again in human history will so many people be so genuinely excited to upgrade their personal computer operating system. It was a special time.
lmao traumatized into deviancy by acute Internet exposure in the formative years
>2020 is so much better thanks to the surveillance state
>t. Hakim Goldberg

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I was also getting sexually abused at the time. You're probably right - it was a perfect storm.

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trump is a pedophile zionist. please stop posting that shit here.

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late 90s ruined pop music

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