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Gonna throw 1k at McTap, Dana wants his boy to be back in the game. Donald just wants to chill and receive a good paycheck. Where the smart money at in this card?

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mcgoober knocked out in 2nd

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this fight goes the distance right?

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Fuck no, donald is rusty (shitty record too the last 1-2 years). I'm telling you, Dana did this on purpose: he wants his boy back.

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whats your bet then

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Donald gets kod in round one

too short

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Mctap, odds are shit but 300 bucks profit on 1k is okayish. I can afford to lose it so I won't recommend anons to follow me, I'm high as fuck.

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i dont know though, cerrone isnt a bum
conors been out for a while...

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Based, I like your odds. I agree with your analysis, Dana probably told cowboy to take it easy in training camp

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Mcgregor is washed up. You don’t make a comeback from the way Habib crushed his soul and ego in the ring infront of the world.

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I got the impression that Cerrone doesn't give a shit about this fight, he accepted it with a happy smile as it gives him a fat check fighting with this leprechaun. Mcgregor has to win this fight, otherwise it's literally over for him. Wouldn't be surprised if Dana indeed gave Cerrone some extra pocketmoney to take it easy.

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when does the fight start, are there going to be any links?

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Actually I think I'm going to place the bet on Mctap + Holm, wish me luck kek.

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No idea, UFC will be streamed on a channel that I pay for in my country. Go check out plebbit, they usually have the illegal stream links there.

For the bets: I'm using nitrogensports, you have an instant account and it's trustworthy with your BTC.

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the value is on cerrone
we don't know where conor's head is at
he has tony robbins in his corner and sounds like a coke addict who's just out of rehab

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This fight is going to end up like Cerrone vs Barboza.

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Yeah that's the only thing that has been bugging me, mans looked like a crackhead during interviews. Could be either a murderer or a Rousey 2.0.

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Ya'll motherfuckers discounting Cerrone like you know something about the sport, fairweather ass mother fucking fans. You want a good parlay bet on Cerrone and Dober. 50 dollars wins me 580 tonight

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cut some weight and don't act like crazy man during interviews. You guys really need to learn this sport.

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I'm good

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if mcgregor loses this, it's ogre for him, he cannot lose this fight...

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Im betting on pic related.
Going for Haqpasrat.

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uhh anon... You realise he was actually gaining weight r-right...

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he's not cutting weight for this fight
I'm getting rousey 2.0 vibes but cerrone is kind of on the decline with some bad knockouts recently so it's a pickem

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Any streaming link to the event?

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>I'm getting rousey 2.0 vibes

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He’s too soft and Hollywood now. Isn’t hungry anymore.

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Cowboy isn't either, he just an old man trying to get as much fights as possible to retire comfy. Old version of Pettis kek.

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I think if cerrone can drag it into round 3 and starts to land mcgregor looks for the out tap

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Kek please tell me someone has a high res of this pic

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how long till the start of the event?

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why the FUCK isn't Bovada working on Brave browser

this shit is infuriating

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You just got BTFO by chad Dober

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Based, thank you anon

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Tony Robbins? Connor is a fucking dead man if he dedicated anytime to that snake oil guru horse shit rather than actually training.

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Alright, I'm back from a little nap, let's fucking do this

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>risking 1k to make 300
But why? 30% is too low on that.

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Most of cowboys loses are from boxing; conor has the best hands, same reach as darren till (rd1 ko vs cowboy), enough power to drop nate diaz's rock chin and never been koed, he is advance striker will see cowboys setups a mile away. Only way is if cowboy can wrestle fuck him like khabib.

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based op

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You guys also placed the bet? Based evening bois

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He's... he's going to drink 1.75L of whiskey? Is that safe?

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They told cowboy to take a dive. He probably just received the 5mil dollar check to his caymans account

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this. he didnt even try to fight. hes not that bad of fighter.

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Kek at this absolute staged bullshit

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It's business lads, Dana smugged the dollar papers in his ass

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ABSOLUTELY STAGED and faker the BSV being bitcoin. Stop watching sports its (((RIPPLE))) (((FAKE))) (((RIGGED)))
ps fuck texas amd cowboy

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notice mcgregor didnt talk shit to cowboy like he always does prior to his "fights"
obviously broke back took a dive. manlet is still rousey 2.0

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wow would you look at that, I can bet again on Bovada after it wouldn't allow me to take the most obvious bet in the world due to """""""""""website being down"""""""""""""""""""""

fucking jews

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Use nitrogensports, account is automatically setup and you can bet with BTC. Easy as fuck.