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can you say fucking bullish i mean jesus chtist this is going to $15 soon bitchrd holy shit we're all gonna make it LINK MARINES HUP TWO THREE FOUR HUP TWO THREE FOUR YEHHHAHHHHHHH

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Volume is drying up, no news coming. It's going down you dumb shit

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i still have doubts about the Alt coin market.. it is not just Link that is doing great atm.. i kind of want link to do this alone, otherwise the pump probably has nothing to do with link in the first place..

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Crazy Jew Hair.

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I’ve read this post everyday for two years now

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sell while you still get good money from it and buy bsv, it really makes link useless

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>no news coming
Wrong, I feel things coming soon.

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>this fucking post
Time to sell? Time to sell

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i really feel like today was the last time to take any profit from shorting or selling
sell off while you still can if you're ahead
im pretty sure it's gonna dump tonight or tomorrow.

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How many rupees did you get for making this godawful meme

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not my meme, some gentleman has done it. you really should own at least 21 bsv's, i am now being serious