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Reserve General

Reserve is a stablecoin system consisting of two tokens. RSV the stablecoin currently pegged to $1.00. RSR the arbitrage coin is used for stabilizing the value of RSV.

Upcoming Events
>Venezuela app goes on chain - TBA 2020
>Major exchange listing - TBA 2020
>Mainnet (RSR) functionality - TBA 2020

Where to Buy
>Huobi Global

>t.me/reservecurrency (official)
>t.me/reservelodge (unofficial)


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I would normally post Satsgang stuff, but I'll let it rest for a while

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Thanks Thomas

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Lqgbt Reddit scam fairy tale coin.

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Fuck off with this shitcoin

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not one mention of it there
make me bitch nigga

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I took some profits off the BSV pump, how much is a make it stack of this?

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It's pretty low at the moment. A breakout to the top 100 would give reserve a 5x-10x. Getting into the top 25 would be 50x-100x.

Id say 500k reserve

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do you see how generic threads get no traction? You have to know your target audience if you want to be efficient at shilling.

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Imagine buying biz pnd flavor of July 2019

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Reserve memes are rather weak in general. The best ones are the BBWs and those are supposedly FUD kek.

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Have fun with your billion ERC-20 tokens. Kek. Buy FRM if you want chad multipliers for 2020.

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100 billion! lol.

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seething poorfags abound

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>shills his shitcoin nobody has ever heard of in every other coin's thread

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That's the best part. See you this summer. 200% up and running.

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Its not an accident. Satsgang does this in every thread they enter. Pumping scamcoin, inside another scamcoin pump thread.

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Most people know about reserve at this point. With the real shit going down in 2020 it's time for discussion theads

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Waiting for mainnet

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Yes lets give Satsgang a break.

>proven they accumulated and still holding RSR
>proven they were telling people to market buy while simultaneously dumping on them
>proven they are in biz nonstop everyday pumping the shitcoins they dump on noobs

Yes Santandatar lets give those poor guys a break and market buy some RSR. You cant buy a toilet if you dont have a big stack of rupees from a pump and dump scam

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Only one pajeet screams the name Raphael. Hi Denny Dagins, you are internet famous now. And your Satsgang admins in DAG are exposed. How does that make you feel as a filthy indian sewer rat? What are you doing in an RSR thread? Oh thats right your in the middle of a pump and dump and stuck with bags of this LBGQT scam.


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two words
>arbitrage staking

imagine all the RSR that will be locked away and burned. price right now means absolutely nothing, no matter how high it goes or how much it dumps. if you're not securing at least 500k rsr right now you will regret it for the rest of your life.

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top 150 etherscan reporting in
how high will this thing go...

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It's estimated that about 2-5% of the $ value of the RSV in circulation will be burned in RSR per year, which based on offline testing will be around 3-4% of RSR total supply burned.

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>sees scam exposed
>pumps it harder

We see you Pajeet

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i am white
upper middle class
i make around 90k a year
i hold 7m rsr.

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which means that there's no reason to rely on arbitrage if you want the price to increase any time soon. The price is mostly just affected by the speculative forces in play.

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Samefagging. Not buying your bags pajeets

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i think it will take off about 5-6 months after mainnet is released since some people will panic sell at first if they think VC investors are getting ready to dump after mainnet (due to unlocking events), but the team is in full control of when mainnet releases and they wont release it until they know for sure that arbitrage is a viable avenue. this means that the majority of VC investors will want to arbitrage since they've already made between 2-4x on their initial investment assuming mainnet is tomorrow.

however, mainnet is not tomorrow and we're nowhere near where we will be come mainnet. RSR will easily hit .005 - .01 by mainnet (if not sooner), and that's a bearish prediction, it could go much higher, into the .05 - .10 range, but assuming a conservative .005 - .01 by mainnet that's going to be about a 15-20x for VC investors

this means that if they invested $100k usd at .0006 they're at $1M usd and at 2-5% arbitrage that's between $20-50k usd per year for literally sending RSR to a smart contract and letting it buy/sell RSV for them.

what this means is that anyone that holds RSR even if you only have 500k-1M RSR right now you can easily get another 10-20x from burning alone, not to mention FOMO/tokenomics that take place when people realize how much they can make just by buying RSR and sending it to a smart contract.

all of this assumes that RSV is in play and people are using it on exchanges to buy/sell crypto and on the app to send money to friends/family and to store their wealth and avoid hyperinflation.

RSV will also act as an onramp for people that are interested in buying crypto. so that's another way that RSR holders will make money from arbitrage when new people enter the crypto space. if BTC does another big bull run you can bet your ass that people with RSV will buy BTC with the app or using RSV on exchanges. especially if they're trying to escape their failing worthless fiat.

if RSV succeeds it will have over a Billion users.

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no one cares nigger. stay poor

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I am white.
I make 150k a year.
I hold 15mm RSR
I am never fucking selling

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>Sees scam exposed. Buying more

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cope harder

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0.001861/0.0004 = 4,65x

how are you so fucking illiterate that you think VC's bought at $0.0006? Also: about 2-5% of the USD value of the RSV in circulation will be burned in RSR per year, not 2-5% of CS of RSR a year. Do some reading before you post, Ranjeesh.

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Satsgang is living rent free in your head lmao

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Satsgang is exposed, deal with it Manoop

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Satsgang is going to pump RSR TO THE FUCKING MOON

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>muh boogeyman
dumb schizo

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yes VC was .0004 and presale was .0006 or .0008 or some shit, im not writing a research paper nigger im posting on 4chan.

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Congratulations Ranjeet. You just hit 2 numbers on Satsgang Damage Control Bingo. Youve hit #2 and and 13. Post your card if youve won so we can restart the game.

1. He bought the top, hes just jealous
2. This is all made up Satsgang isnt real (even though tons of evidence posted)
3. Satsgang is a small group of friendly pajeets trying to help anons get rich, they only have a couple BTC they are harmless
4. Imagine missing out on (insert Satsgang scamcoin DAG, RSR, COTI, FRM, QNT, OCEAN, BOLT, MATIC, etc)
5. I was a member of Satsgang we made huge money always buy their pumps
6. Some faggot paki Raphael is responsible for everything. (the Denny Dagins special post usually followed by 85 autistic nonsense copypasta pro DAG posts)
7. How much (insert Satsgang shitoin) to make it
8. We invented Satsgang to FUD so we can get (insert Satsgang shitcoin) cheaper
9. Fuck you, You’re a retard piece of shit sirs
10. The Satsgang fudders are so annoying im buying 100k today
11. This much FUD it must be bullish
12. They said the same thing about ETH, dont miss out
13. im going to buy now and get in on the pump (even though they get dumped on)
14. I doubt Satsgang can really manipulate a coin
15. Hes seething at our gains
16. Satsgang is a forced meme to scare bizlets from huge gains
17. Fuck off in the next golden bull run this will easily be top 20
18. DAG is a solid project (LOL)
19. You are pajeet fudders trying to stop to stop people from finding gems 1000X
20. Reverse Psychology posts claiming to be exposing the scam but mocking themselves in the process

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i also never brought up burn rate, read again you illiterate fucking ape, i said 2-5% profits based on usd investment.

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I'm holding 600k,but even if rsr will x100 that's just a bit more than 100k $. Pretty good, but far away from making it.

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VC was $0.0004
IEO first round 600 mil RSR was $0.0006 (bought by Huobi bots)
IEO second round 2.4 billion RSR was $0.0011
Private sale was $0.005 which was later effectively reduced to $0.002 by sending out more tokens than initially promised

>> No.16904398

there wont be 2-5% profits, Ranjeesh, you are illiterate.

>> No.16904407

>make list of all possible answers to your FUD
>everyone falls in your trap
Such a high IQ play, bet you feel really smart right now. Too bad you hit nr 73 of my FUD bingo ''It's a Satsgang scam". Everything you said is invalid now better luck next time.

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When moon sirs

>> No.16904466

Make list of specifically Satsgang pajeet responses.
>sees list
>fucking pissed
>dont expose my scam you motherbitches

>> No.16904470

>classic Indian FUD
oh that's really high up on my retarded FUDDER bingo list.
you losers got fucking exposed and BTFO at your own game
got any more generic shit?

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nice quads sir

>> No.16904492

>satsgang satsgang satsgang
I literally outplayed you and BTFO'd you at your own game you pea brain monkey. You literally hit the retarded FUDDER bingo and now you're just repeating the same shit like a broken record
Are you gonna do the Indian FUD next?

>> No.16904554

retarded FUDDER bingo (quick edifion):
1. It's a Satsgang scam
2. Associate coin with Indians, soibois, fat chicks
3. Buy my literally who shitcoin instead (ex: Pegnet)
feel free to expand this

>> No.16904557

is that the best fud you got schizo anon?

>> No.16904626

that's not fud, just your inability to comprehend that "2-5% of the USD value of the RSV in circulation will be burned in RSR per year" doesn't equate to 2-5% return on your value of RSR.

>> No.16904680

so if you arbitrage $1 of RSV and you make .02 - .05 cents what % is that anon?

>> No.16904737

except that you don't make .02-0.5 cents, it depends on the amount of circulating RSV and the price of RSR.

>> No.16904806

also: if RSV is $1, there's no arbitrage opportunity. Arbitrage only happens when RSV is off-peg.

>> No.16904824

you can arbitrage if RSV goes above $1 you fucking mongoloid.

>> No.16904855

how is that an answer? I never said you can't. Profit on arbitrage also depends on by how much RSV is off-peg at that time. How about reading about the protocol mechanism before posting dumb stuff on the internet?

>> No.16904894

>Profit on arbitrage also depends on by how much RSV is off-peg at that time.

no shit sherlock

>> No.16904906

do you want me to explain to you what off-peg means?
this post makes me think you're not very sure

>> No.16904915

$1 is the peg, are you dense?

if RSV is going for 1.02 you can buy it for $1 if you're an RSR holder. therefore you arbitrage the difference by selling it for 1.02 but you BUY it for $1

>> No.16904922

why are you being sarcastic about this in particular when you have no basic understanding of any of the other parts of the protocol design?

>> No.16904938

are you slow?

>> No.16904947

I said: "also: if RSV is $1, there's no arbitrage opportunity. Arbitrage only happens when RSV is off-peg."
You responded "you can arbitrage if RSV goes above $1 you fucking mongoloid." as if above $1 doesn't mean off-peg.

>> No.16904965

>so if you arbitrage $1 of RSV and you make .02 - .05 cents what % is that anon?

as an RSR holder you ALWAYS buy $1 of RSV, so it's not incorrect to say "if you arbitrage $1 of RSV"

>> No.16904978

and if it's under $1 then you still sell the RSV at $1 even if you buy it at .98

>> No.16904983

if you're an RSR holder.

>> No.16905003

that's a different argument then the post you responded to. If you want to back to that argument, you still don't make 0.2-0.5 cents. This is just an example based on preset criteria.

>> No.16905030

2-5% of the USD value of the RSV in circulation will be burned in RSR per year and what the expected return on your current $ vlaue of RSR is are completely different things.

>> No.16905090

Why hasn't the timeline been updated on their official website?

>> No.16905108

if you're too intellectually incapable, just remember these 2 simple things:
1) 2-5% of the USD value of the RSV in circulation will be burned in RSR per year
2) burn rate of RSR depends on arbitrage opportunities on the market, the amount of circulating RSV and the price of RSR.

>> No.16905129

>assuming a conservative .005 - .01 by mainnet that's going to be about a 15-20x for VC investors this means that if they invested $100k usd at .0006 they're at $1M usd and at 2-5% arbitrage that's between $20-50k usd per year

this is what i wrote

if you buy RSR and the price of RSR goes up and you're in profits like the VC investors are on the value of RSR, then if you use the arbitrage pool or the smart contract to buy RSV while the price is .95 - .98 cents you make between .02-.05 cents on that specific arbitrage scenario, then if RSV is going for 1.02 - 1.05 and you once again call the smart contract or have an arbitrage pool automatically looking for those opportunities you will make between .02 - .05 cents on this arbitrage scenario.

assuming there are enough arbitrage opportunities to go around and the value of RSR remains the same by the time you're done using up all your RSR to take advantage of that arbitrage you will be making between 2-5% profits.

this means that if you bought 100k USD of RSR and the value of the RSR went UP and now your original investment did a 10-20x and you're at 1M + USD value and you do basic asthmatics that will give you a net gain of $20-50k USD profits, while you still have the 1M+ or whatever you made as the value of RSR went up.

as this interaction happens the TOTAL supply of RSR is burned by the smart contract and the estimated burn rate will correlate with the arbitrage rate of .02-.05 cents, but it could be more and it could be less.


video of Nevin breaking it down

>> No.16905138

This all sounds awesome, why are you trying to dissuade me from it?

>> No.16905177

>USD value and you do basic asthmatics that will give you a net gain of $20-50k USD

this is wrong and I already explained it. I'm not going to respond to this anymore as you're incapable of understanding the difference.

Currently circulating in retail market: 3,997,804,000 rsr (3,99%)
Unlocked foundation tokens that can be used at the team’s discretion for additional fundraising or other purposes: 2,850,000,000 rsr (2,85%)
Team/advisor tokens - free, unlock after main net: 20,000,000,000 rsr (20%)
Seed investor tokens - bought for $0.0004/rsr, unlock after main net: 12,392,000,000 rsr (12,39%)
Strategic partner tokens (free, unlock after main net) 5,000,000,000 rsr (5%)
Rest is foundation tokens that can be used at the team’s discretion for additional fundraising or other purposes and can only be withdrawn with four-week delay (55.75%)

>> No.16905193

the burn rate and arbitrage rate correlates, it's not exact but it's an estimate. if there aren't enough arbitrage opportunities in a year then of course you wont be making that %, but that's why i also wrote that the team will release mainnet when they believe RSV has enough arbitrage opportunities to go around. and if you tell the smart contract to only buy between .02 and .05 cents then guess what, you will be making between 2-5% and if there is plenty of arbitrage to finish that in a year then you're making between 2-5% per year and if there aren't enough arb opportunities that year then you make less. im making assumptions and i wrote those assumptions prior to making my prediction.

>but the team is in full control of when mainnet releases and they wont release it until they know for sure that arbitrage is a viable avenue.

>> No.16905265

if you have 1 million dollars of RSR and you're in profit on your initial RSR purchase and then you arbitrage RSV for 2-5 cents you will make 20-50k

you're a literal mongoloid if you can't see this.

>> No.16905278

except nowhere on RSR's chart data is there a pnd pattern.
it hasnt even pumped yet but bizlet retards like (You) dont dyor

>> No.16905302

Nice try Satsgang Pajeet, we arent buying your fucking scam

>> No.16905309

imagine the effort

>> No.16905323 [DELETED] 

make yourself known in the discord so i can ban u pls.

>> No.16905328

>the team is going to predict when is RSV being off-peg will create arbitrage opportunities and launch main net when there are plenty enough

lmao, you better be trolling.

when they decide to launch main net has nothing to do with arbitrage opportunities, but has everything to do with achieved adoption of RSV in the target countries and possibly the demand for RSR demonstrated by the market data.

>> No.16905393

adoption of RSV translates to arbitrage opportunities because the more people use RSV the more volatility is added to the network as people buy and sell RSV via app/exchanges.

>> No.16905412

try again illiterate fud nigger.

>> No.16905426 [DELETED] 

do you realize it's impossible to predict the future value of the currently picked collateral assets (which is how RSV falls off-peg)? Possible arbitrage opportunities do not play into the decisions of when they choose to launch main net what so ever.

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File: 151 KB, 1161x505, work.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16905479

Why did you delete your obvious fud anon? afraid I was going to post Nevin directly contradicting what you wrote? They (the team) are 100% taking arbitrage opportunities into account when launching mainnet, obviously they can't predict those opportunities based on asset(s) or the peg breaking, but Nevin himself came out and said as direct as he can that he wants to make sure that RSV adoption rates are high in order to give RSR holders arbitrage opportunities so that when VC investors are unlocked the price doesn't dump and they start to arbitrage right away. He obviously can't say that they will guarantee arbitrage because that would make RSR a security, but I can post several examples of him contradicting what you just deleted. FAGGOT.

>> No.16905487

I'm white
I make roughly $240k with my wife per year
I hold 6.5 million RSR

>> No.16905495

god damn you're a fucking mongoloid. is this the best you got? lol get btfo'd fud faggot. i hope you're fucked and can't continue to accumulate, i hope you sell at 2x and stay poor forever for being this big of a faggot.

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File: 205 KB, 785x731, cry.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>doesn't understand protocol design which translates to
>not being able to defend his arguments which leads to

>> No.16905559

lolol the cope

what a perfect way to end this debacle. you deleting a post and then posting a meme face with green text instead of a coherent response. a true sign of someone who's been fully BTFO'd and defeated in every way. get rekt faggot

>> No.16905622

1) wrong about VC prices
2) admitted to being wrong about RSR burn here: >>16905193
>it's not exact
while previously claiming it was exact
3) had to resort to muh Nevin said this REEEEEE

>> No.16905731

We're reaching levels if cope previously thought to be impossible

>> No.16905768

this is some strong Pajeet level english you've got there

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I'm the OP coper. Thanks for bumping my thread nigga

>> No.16905856

read again illiterate

>at 2-5% arbitrage

you're the one that claimed 2-5% burn rate

the only thing I said about burn rate was
>you can easily get another 10-20x from burning alone

which is referencing the lowering of total supply since the supply that's burned is based on USD value you will burn tons more RSR depending on the price of RSR when you complete the arbitrage process.

if RSR is at .01-.005 like I said then you're going to burn between 100 to 200 RSR per arbitrage interaction. if the team releases mainnet when they see high RSV adoption rates and this translates to more arbitrage opportunities and the price of RSR stays at my predicted price range then

>you can easily see another 10-20x from burning alone

oh no i said .0006 instead of .0004 lol, i guess VC investors are making more than I wrote and that means they'll make more from arbitrage which means that they have even more of an incentive to arbitrage vs. dump. how's that a negative again?

>> No.16905954

he also deleted a post where he claimed that the team wasn't even going to take arbitrage into consideration before mainnet. pretty funny that he thought that fud would work, maybe he was trying to VPN spam and failed who knows this shit is super entertaining though, the amount of cope is incredible.

bet he's mad as fuck that the price is going up right now. notice these fud niggers always come out to claim satsgang fud when btc makes moves it's so obvious. makes it that much more fun to counter their low iq fud.

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File: 793 KB, 900x900, 1563153852903.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Copers gonna cope

>> No.16906092

you're just going back to the same talking points that you previously admitted being wrong about. Why am I even responding to a person with a learning disability?

Arbitrage is not an incentive to hold at all. It doesn't matter what their initial investment was, the reality is that arbitrage offers some low % return based off your current RSR wallet $ value vs your scenario of at $0.01 it being 25x profit from OCT - the incentive to hold clearly isn't there. Only a brainlet would compare a return % from initial investment to a current value of an investment.

>> No.16906119

the post is right here:

>> No.16906414

Still shilling this scam? Nevin, find a real job please.

>> No.16906443
File: 165 KB, 994x833, 191819.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm sorry to break the news

>> No.16906484


>> No.16906512

imagine posting the outdated Linkedin profile just to save your tiny $50 bag of RSR

>> No.16906522 [DELETED] 

the updated Linkedin profile can be found here:


>> No.16906546

lol nice try faggot

>> No.16906554

You are arguing with a Satsgang pump and dump scammer. You know this when you point out logic that breaks their arguement but rather than have an intelligent discussion they just keep moving the goal post and talk in circles.
Some anon is actually tracking their wallets and sees them dumping on incoming buy orders.
Unironically the piece of shit you are arguing with right now is actually an admin of DAG. They got caught pumping and dumping QNT, RSR, DAG, COTI, VIDT, OCEAN, and FRM.
Literally screaming at anyone talking about selling demanding everyone to HODL and market buy.

>> No.16906627 [DELETED] 

did you give up trying to defend delusional thinking thinking patterns? Would you prefer living in your pink bubble of hope?


>> No.16906647

did you give up trying to defend your delusional thinking patterns? Would you prefer to live in your pink bubble of hope?


>> No.16906696

there's nothing to defend, everything I wrote disproves your fud

>> No.16906697

We have a fudder who is actually putting in effort for a change, don't dishonor him by trotting out that stale satsgang shit.

>> No.16906708

you haven't responded to this

>Arbitrage is not an incentive to hold at all. It doesn't matter what their initial investment was, the reality is that arbitrage offers some low % return based off your current RSR wallet $ value vs your scenario of at $0.01 it being 25x profit from OCT - the incentive to hold clearly isn't there. Only a brainlet would compare a return % from initial investment to a current value of an investment.

>> No.16906728

Im telling him not to bother arguing with a scam troll. Who do you think it is on the other side of the arguement? Its a pajeet running an exposed pump and dump. It isnt stale, the evidence was posted literally 2 days ago
Would you like a link or prefer to bury your head in the sand?

>> No.16906742

this is nothing to respond to anon. that's just an opinion. you don't think there's an incentive to hold RSR and I disagree.

ive only debated you on your factual inaccuracies. you made claims about what I said that were incorrect and I defended my claims and debunked your obvious fud attempts by insisting that I didn't know how arbitrage worked. like schizo anon said, you moved the goal post, you still haven't responded to the point I made about what I initially wrote that you incorrectly claimed to be something that it wasn't.

i wrote

>2-5% arbitrage

you wrote

>2-5% burn rate

respond to this and ill make an effort to respond to your opinion.

>> No.16906778

you're also posting fake links and pictures of Nevin's linkedin

>hard cope

>> No.16906789

the point was that you are expecting a 2-5% return on your present $ value of RSR, which a mistake. That given 2-5% figure represents something else.

This makes your >>16904105
>at $1M usd and at 2-5% arbitrage that's between $20-50k usd per year
estimation wrong.

>> No.16906803

here's a tip, instead of wasting time on 4chan trying to fud the unfuddable you should be buying instead, if BTC makes a bull run you're gonna be left behind and then you'll neck yourself for real lol

>> No.16906838
File: 71 KB, 761x529, SEC Reserve.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just like I should buy your other guarnateed 'moon shot' shitcoin DAG, TRB, VNT, QNT, ARGO, LIT, SNTV, MATIC, FTX, CHX?

It's a hard pass for me

>> No.16907009

why bother posting fake fud that's easily disproved?

>> No.16907041

do you now understand where you were wrong >>16906789 or do I need to explain it in simpler terms for you?

>> No.16907099

also: imagine begging jannies to delete the updated linkedin profile of Nevin

>> No.16907551

That's your opinion.

That's your opinion.

Keep posting fake shit lol get rekt faggot

>> No.16908299

>36 posts by this ID
This is ridiculous coping

>> No.16908554

Thanks boy just copped another 100k, RSR is my ticket out

>> No.16909439

>sees scam exposed
>buying 100k
>Satsgang bingo winner

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oc meme upboats to left

>> No.16909665
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moon soon

>> No.16910183

Imagine publicly embarrassing yourself this much because you think it will let you accumulate a couple more RSR.
Assuming you have the intellectual capacity for anything more than posting fake social media screenshots, completing tasks on Fiverr and using the earnings to buy RSR would be a more cost-effective use of your time.

>> No.16910385

why do people get so fucking worked up about this project?

>> No.16910400

The only person getting worked up is the retard with >30 posts.

>> No.16910425
File: 641 KB, 1100x1092, tredhfbrtsfc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

one of the safest bets in this year. Moon guaranteed

>> No.16910455

Reserve has obviously paid shills. I said this during the satsgang FUD when people thought it was 100% satsgang.


Notice these dumb fucks say the same thing every day? "YO HOW BIG OF A STACK DO I NEED" and a bunch of cringe memes made by Reddit fags.

I'm sure behind the MM and the fake accounts in their Telegram this shitcoin has no real traction. Nobody buys into this stupid shit.

kek true, that was because the aspies thought putting reserve logos on hot women was good shilling until it turned into BBW and SSBBW FUD lmao.

Worst token memetric ever. Makes no sense.

>> No.16910478

i'm thinking reserve fud is unironically supposed to be lowkey hype. satsgang??

>> No.16910488


>> No.16910494
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satsgang will pump

>> No.16910521

the satsgang fud was ironically the only thing keeping discussion of this coin alive during december after the bbw memes had effectively killed it

>> No.16911329

>35 posts
imagine being so fucking desperate to accumulate lmao

>> No.16911377

It’s just Social Justice Warrior MKR.

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