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Is there a reason to hold anything but LINK?

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Yes there is.

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Say link goes 10x and you put everything on link you now 10x your money but if you find something as good as link sya another 10x moonshot you can split your money in both basically 20x your money instead of 10x.

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(0.5 × 10) + (0.5 × 10) = 10, retard, not 20

The only reason to hold anything other than link is diminishing marginal returns. If you already have such a massive bag of link that the utility gained by aquiring additional link (marginally increasing your expected profits) is less than the utility gained by diversifying (reducing portfolio risk and gaining exposure to other interesting projects) then yes you should begin to diversify. But we all know the expected reward/risk ratio of holding link is so unusually high that you probably won't hit that point until you've got many tens of thousands of link secured. Or if you're a giant pussy with ultra low risk tolerance.

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here here, only got a small atm stack so all in for link, never selling

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Very high IQ answer. It’s hard to diversify because I “know” LINK is the best bet in crypto but at the same time reducing my risk exposure by diversifying is statistically much more sound.

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As a serious investment, not really. But there are some bottomed out shitcoins that are worth picking up, like Stellar. Some of these shitcoins will experience huge pump and dumps during the bullrun.