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I made the thread first, suckers edition

List of popular brokers:

List of basic stock market terminology:

Risk management:

Real-time market news:

Live Bloomberg stream:

Educational sites:

Free charting tools:

Stock screeners:

Pre-Market Data and Live data:

Bio-pharma Catalyst Calendar:

Pump and Dump Advertising:

Boomer Investing 101:

Dividend Reinvestment (DRIP) calculator:

Basic rundown on lean hogs:

List of hedge fund holdings:

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Me in the OP pic

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first for unemployment

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is that really you uncle donny? i thought u were in jail

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The market is closed for MLK day. And yet society had moved beyond MLK. He wanted people to be judged by the content of their character. But our progressive betters want us to judge eachother by their race, gender, and sexual orientation as well as award positions, honors, and wealth based on them.

So why do we still celebrate the man when his message is dead? Only because he was black.

America in 2020.

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Jail? No big deal

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Shut up stupid drumpfkin.

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What do I study first?

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Stock market is closed. Do you guys have any plans for the weekend?

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>Shut up stupid drumpfkin.

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I agree.. such a stupid reason to keep the market closed. But no president will have the balls to remove the "that black guy" day because that would be viewed very badly. I'm not even american, but I have bitcoin to trade aswell so I guess I'll be fine..

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>tfw telsa dumping in the after hours

wheres the baggy JUST post?

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I'll traveling to Japan to spend time with some JAV qts of course!

I'm going to the tesla dealership to test drive a tesla and ask a bunch of questions.

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Just shitposting on /smg/

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>market is closed for MLK day
Why do niggers ruin everything

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I think I'm coming down with the flu so that's pretty fucking great.

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Should I buy a call option on Visa? $.64 per for a 207.50 strike price on the 24th. seems too easy. Visa keeps pumping. Thoughts? It close at $204.36 today and was up almost $10 this week.

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>someone bought 136k shares of SAVA at close
Aw shit, hoping it was an insider, that would pump it on tuesday when its revealed.

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Pray to God for a Tesla to get their shit together on that share price

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Are you fucking kidding me with this shit anon?

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I don't know, am I?

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I hope so, or I at least hope you enjoy getting dumped on

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Been waiting since the last 404 for this mother fucker. For once OP isn't a faggot!
Nah the real meme is everything the left accuses the right of the left is guilty of themselves. Take screwing over the lower class for example. When non-college educated wages have risen at the lowest rate when compared to other demographics, what do they run on? Free college and forgiving student loans. Sure that will help some people out, but what about that 30 year old single mother who dropped out of high school to raise her kid? Sure she could go back to school, but sadly she was told 7 years ago it would be better to have more kids to collect more welfare. So now she's a single mom 30 years old with 4 kids...

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SAVA to $100

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How is this book?

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I have about 1,000 dollars to invest. I'm a total brainlet when it comes to investing and don't have the time or the brain power to invest myself. Are robo-advisors memes, or what? I got lucky and went all in on DOGE and ETC, but I know that this isn't sustainable. It was just a guess. I have a friend that suggests just buying funds or whatever through Vanguard. Sorry if this is pulling teeth. I didn't see a questions thread.

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~1000 a month, I meant.

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I saw a 600k transaction for XLF at 30.03 did someone just fat finger or are we gonna go way down

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It's probably shit, but I'm not going to buy it. Link a pdf that I won't read either.

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you didn't get the e-mail thursday??

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Vanguard is for faggots. Look up what an option call is then do that for Apple.

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Stop buying that shit, the head mother fucker is dead, now it's run by a bunch of people who don't fucking have the same drive.... You're better off with friends in this thread. If you have 1000 dollars you don't need for 20+ years... you can buy tons of reckless risky shit. You're on your own man... I decided to start drinking again.

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was meant for
you lavender twins fucked me up....

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Well, I wish you luck, friend.

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You too... The Warren Buffet approach in his middle age years was very relaxed hands off... looking mostly at fundamentals in the sustainability and capability of the company to maintain itself... you have no idea what a buy out offer looks like to an owner of a private company.... now it's like competitors merge and buy each other, but leadership should be the first fundamental when you do an investment that you'll never sell and have to question which one of your beneficiaries will get it.

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Teach me da wai

I made tendies. All time shows when I discovered options + earnings.

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Why do you measure your wealth in worthless fiat?

The true measure of wealth is equities. How many shares can you afford of QQQ?

The TRUE measure of wealth is how many Q’s a man has. Anything else is just cope.

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not sure if that applies to me in anyway. I guess I'll stick with my Betterment account. I don't bet sports, but what do you think the Titans chances are escaping Arrowhead on sunday with a win?

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Nope the wealth of a man is equal to his bitches' loyalty.

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Then we are all truly impoverished...

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to be honest, andy reid has a bad record in play of situations like this... he coached the terril owens or how ever you spell the niggers name. with fucking donivan mcnabb when he was with the eagles, but i don't think they will have enough time of possession to win... it's going to be a game of ball control. The Titans can't kick field goals, but have a great punter... and if they can just run the ball, it'll be a great day for Titans in Arrowhead.

>> No.16896211

The titans were a miracle to get as far as they have, but the truth is they have the best offensive line i've seen. They don't need to score a ton of points, just avoid turn overs and keep the football and time of possession. their coach vrable or what ever, he was an inside linebacker for the patriots, this dude is legit played with guys like brady and brusky... sharp as a tack, the guy would move into center linebacker when they brought in the nickleback.

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>tfw the SPY calls you sold Thursday for a $50 profit would have netted you over $2K today

A profit is a profit, r-r-right?

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It is, good job anon

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It was actually Tuesday now that I think about it. Thought almost for sure the news would have been sold. $331 calls expiring Tuesdays. Welp.

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This happens when you get greedy.

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what was the drawdown on that dip?

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Just found out what MetaTrader 4 is today from a friend. Is this really a legit way of making money? I know there are millionaire success stories and I've already read they are misleading, but I'm keeping my expectations low and realistic. I'd be very happy making $1,500 a month off this.

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I have no faith in Andy Reid. I have never seen a more unprepared team than the Chiefs last week. The only saving grace they had was the even larger and institutionalized ineptitude that Bill O'Brien brings to the table. Andy coaches one side of the ball. If the Titans are able to follow the Pats blueprint from last year in Arrowhead, they'll be okay.

On a side note, to pile on Billy O'Brien. . . what kind of fucking retard goes for an absolute chip-shot field goal, AND THEN on the the NEXT FUCKING POSSESSION, goes for a fake punt deep on their own side of the 50. You can't do both. You're either going to play conservatively, or you're going to be aggressive.

And like -- even if they converted that stupid fucking call on the fake punt, What if they stalled out again on the 50? What -- are you going to call another fake punt? That stupid son of a bitch. As a card carrying Brady bobo, and a die hard pats fan, Bill Belichick's coaching tree is absolute shit. Eric Mangini, SUCKS, Josh Mcdaniels, BLOWS. Matt Patricia, SUCKS AND BLOWS. Brian Flores can't even fucking tank properly. Trades off two incredible players for pennies on the dollar, and then fucks up their draft position. Joe Judge's press interview made me wanna kill myself. Fuck.

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I decided playing earnings and calls on AMD. Sold puts and bought calls. I was up 28% and decided to let it ride, ate a 54% loss before closing.

>> No.16896329

Edit to add:
Drawdown was the fucking nuclear war bullshit with Iran. Got fuckt with that as well. Had spy calls and ate a 80% loss

>> No.16896340

Yeah, the problem was in coaching regarding the fake punt... after the penalty you just have do punt, but it's not like they practiced and were on the same page for that moment... the 50 yard line 4th down, yeah it's a punt... if you really trust your defense you can do crazy shit, but i'm a conservative as far as time possession and just win the game.... you can sneak it on 4th and inches... it's a good play.

>> No.16896348

this fucking left tackle for the titans, he's created more holes and blocked into the second line+ in a way i've just no homo

>> No.16896371

you watch, if the titans get a second and short, if they go for a play action screen pass to the running back on the left side.

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Proud holder of GREK

>> No.16896405

Oh, I know. I love me some fucking football. I wouldn't pay Tannehill, I've watch him for far too long, but god damn. He's putting his fucking sack on the table. I hope they win it all. Don't pay Tannehill, and don't give Derek Henry a second contract. I think Mike knows that, but I don't believe he has a say in personnel. Someone in that organization is going to get stupid and overpay both of them.

>> No.16896427

omfg... i finally get it. the greeks didn't pay their tab, so we make global warming a thing to increase opportunity for greeks tourism.

>> No.16896446

uhh im a Giants fan, but you can have my opinion... Sunday you give Derek NIGGER Henry the fucking football until he's hurt.

>> No.16896461

he has shown the shuffle steps, stopping tempo and making tackles miss... you can't teach this shit on paper, but he's fucking great.

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Yeah. But how bad was it?

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Is it possible? Yes. Is it likely? Depends.
It's a lot easier to do $1,500/mo if you have $1,000,000 starting capital as you only need to make 0.15% a month as if you start with $1,000 you would need to make 150% to achieve your monthly goal instead which isn't very likely.

>> No.16896608

But my redemption saga was a little more agonizing...

>> No.16896616

Let's say I put down $5,000 starting capital and hope to make $1,000 a month. How likely is that?

>> No.16896624

>. Are robo-advisors memes, or what?
You dont need to pay someone a money fee to put your money in an index fund

>> No.16896625

So if the market hasn't crashed over 50% from a peak since black friday, whats stopping me from just going 100% SSO or whatever 2x leveraged S&P 500 etf and holding forever?

The fund shouldn't collapse unless we have a depression so bad it makes black friday look like nothing. Then I get wx compounded returns forever. Am I missing something?

>> No.16896644

It happens. Learn and live.

>> No.16896650

Go with NEED
It is 3x leveraged and has a sub 2 beta

>> No.16896662

Yes, there’s also the risk that the market just goes sideways and the decay from leverage eats away at your investment.

But I’m considering giving up on watching the market and going into a 2X fund for the next several months.

Has anyone done the backtesting? I don’t even know how.

You’re that bullish on consumer staples?
NAIL seems like a better play with that pickup in new homes starts they reported today.

>> No.16896664

I wouldn't know the exact probability but not very much.
Warren Buffet who is considered one of biggest if not the biggest investor of all time averaged something like 20% annually. You want to do this on a monthly basis.

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No one has answered me in the past 4 SMG. Is stacking nokia stock for a risky investment good idea?

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Anyone watching this NIO?

>> No.16896689

>You’re that bullish on consumer staples?
No but is is just a much safer play so I am willing to take on more leverage

>> No.16896697

uhhh, well if the EU gets their shit together, and embraces all of the eastern block including ukraine, nokia will be standard for millions of people.

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ATTN: Real Stock Investors
Given the Nikkei’s recent breakout from its many years of rangebound crabbing, how bullish are you on Japanese equities, and how do you trade them? Anything besides EWJ?

Here’s a 3 minute primer from Morgan stanley on why they’re so bullish on Japan stocks.


>> No.16896714

yeah tesla is getting fucked over seas... you haven't been fucking paying attention.

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Quick rundown for a newbie on how to buy in?

>> No.16896759

I'm interested in what kind of aircraft they're building, and how I can get a nip and gook to fight each other, rip their clothing off and suck my cock after they're done.

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First real recession we have the Central Bank of Japan will get fucked. I'm never bullish on Japan.

Hopefully weeb shit will get cheaper when japan crashes

>> No.16896772

uhh how much are you willing to lose?

>> No.16896780

100% of $500 how about?

>> No.16896795


>> No.16896804

celebi was my favorite pokemon... but yeah japan's pretty fucked... they have what we all love... sovereignty... the truth of the matter remains, investments into a foreign country can be lucrative, but are taking resources from your home.

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looks decent, will watch for a dip

>> No.16896820

what are your goals? you got timescales, some people look 20 years down the road, get killed in a horrific a car accident and never see a pay out.

>> No.16896829

kill yourself tripfag

>> No.16896868

>First real recession we have the Central Bank of Japan will get fucked.
Can you explain further?

>> No.16896892

I masterbate to Gardevoir and I'm proud.

>> No.16896913

What doesn't kill me makes me stronger, and since I haven't killed my self I'm constantly getting better. Fuck you too asshole.

>> No.16896925

show us on one of those nip candle charts fucking amnatur.

>> No.16896991

shit i scared him off... fucking japanese guy got pissed off at me for insulting him and everybody by asking for a candle stick chart instead of a stupid growth over one year from when Trump singed a bilateral deal with Japan, and what ever you're all fucking going to remain morons.

>> No.16897006

the absolute state of this poster

>> No.16897067

Damn right my brotha
Salam alekem

>> No.16897071

he will be back later with more... I think that's our fren from boston the old fidget spinner...

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>found a good opportunity to short a company
>based purely off info found online
>tfw same company is the biggest client of ours at work
>tfw test their "product" every single day

is there a potential conflict of interest? my choice to short this dogshit company is based on financials, production numbers and my personal worldview alone

>> No.16897083

yeah yeah yeah, can you guys start blowing shit up? I got 55 put contracts on spy that are out of the money, and the faster you make this shit happen the easier i can sleep.

>> No.16897092

Insider trading unless you dump the information on here, desu.

It looks bad, blah blah blah, post it on here, with your autism crap, and SEC no touchy ur pp

>> No.16897097

>3X Japan
Are you mad? Japan is the ultimate crab territory. The decay...

>> No.16897101

Bro wtf this is the same /smg/ edition you nerd. We need a new edition

>> No.16897106

depends on your contracts and what you've signed since you don't own either business, you're fine. You're protected as a whistle blower.

>> No.16897107

3x leveraged = 34% downturn the etf folds tho, thats just a minor recession

>> No.16897109

First you need to know that the Japanese Central Bank has been lending and money to Softbank for quite a long time.
Now what is Softbank? It's basically a fund that buys and invests in startups.

Now that wouldn't be a problem by itself but recently we have a large number of startups that just aren't profitable and that don't know if they will ever be profitable. This means that the biggest reasons those companies exist is because someone (like softbank backed by the japanese money printing machine) keeps giving more and more money so they can keep afloat. One case that comes to mind was the WeWork IPO where they had to cancel because nobody wanted a company that just loses money.
The thing is that once a recession comes and we see a capital flight a lot of those companies that are now valued at billions of dollars will go to 0. This in turn will mean softbank would go bankrupt and wouldn't be able to honor their debt. The japanese government then would have to print money to pay bond-holders.

This is a very brief way to put it.

>> No.16897111

its not a US listed stock

>> No.16897118

Fucking europoors.

Surely they have suppliers.

>> No.16897130


>> No.16897131

we are only at 100 posts faggot.... new edition after like another 200 posts. faggot

>> No.16897149

>I decided to start drinking again.

that is not how it works.
the fund seeks to achieve 3x daily returns. The daily return tracking is the important part here.
I'm not sure if a 30% daily drawdown would wipe their books, but either way the circuit breakers would prevent that.

>> No.16897150

Oi, m8, why didn't you say so? How's the emu-fucking and burning to death going this summer?

>> No.16897157

The guy was looking for a way to play a potential bull market and didnt care if he lost everything
they adjust daily

>> No.16897159

do what you're saying is softbank is failing and the problem with japanese demographics are harsh and you can't import chinks to take care of you because of the harsh reality that chinks and nips don't get along... well tough tuna. fucking import chinks and lose your culture.

>> No.16897160

No it's the same edition as the last thread, stop drinking baggie

>> No.16897181

damn it... the first time i drink all year and i get told to stop again!!! fucking fuck fuckiddy fuck fuck fuck.

Let the record show I'm holding 55 put options on the spy think the strike is $303 and the uhh strike date is wednesday... fucking im going to sober up just drinking beer now.

>> No.16897201

>the strike is $303 and the uhh strike date is wednesday

that isn't even realistic.
what kind of Armageddon are you expecting lol

>> No.16897203

Bold move, I like it though. I have a bunch of 5 cent put contracts for Russell 2000 3x fund set at like -20% strike. Hopefully we both make some deniro

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File: 342 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200118-000735_Robinhood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Same boat. Sell on the monday dip.

Buy calls

>> No.16897217

The tv and all reputable news networks promised war at this point.

I am beginning to think CNN is fake news.

>> No.16897223

These bitches are retarded

>> No.16897225

these fucking kikes at stella artois sell these 12 packs but they're not full fucking beers man 11.2 oz... it's not a full 12 ounce beer, and damn i though the thing was light but haven't had to carry beer in a while and been working out thought i was a little stronger.. shit stella is a god damn good beer. but the .8 oz they steal from all 12 cans is like a whole beer. and i think this is the end for me and stella

>> No.16897235

lol Monday is Black Day... you fucking ignorant nigger.

>> No.16897238

How dare you speak ill of Ai Shinozaki! She's best 3D girl.

>> No.16897244

Monday means stonks go down

>> No.16897255

Don’t put faith in the circuit breakers
They’re not failproof

Softbank is a telecommunications company, and the vision fund that’s fucking it up seems dumb right now, but it’s a high risk kind of investment vehicle, and holds other moonshots besides wework which is fucking it up right now.

Pretty sure it’s the big banks that loan it money, MUFG, SMFG, mizuho, but I guess you could say it’s the same thing because they’re almost certainly too big to fail.

I don’t really like this thesis. What makes more sense is that if they had a recession they’re basically out of ammo because they’re already cutting rates into negative territory.

What news? What Armageddon?
I’m guessing they’re just talking about the same old shit, impeachment and Iran and maybe USMCA.

They haven’t even talked about Davos. The risk I would see is trump, enboldened by phase one, getting tarrify on the Europes. Especially since they’re trying to regulate big tech pretty aggressively.

Also Canada might get cheeky about usmca. Trudy pulling some sjw or climate thing.

>> No.16897256

>cheapest for a carton (24 pack) here is $50
>tfw dont even sell 12 packs

>> No.16897257

nah. it's better if i can buy my weeb shit for cheap

>> No.16897260

Err you meant shifty pedofile nigger day.

I C. Tuesday means stonks go down.

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>want to put on a spread trade to reduce market and sector risk
>struggling to find a good long buy

whats a decent US miner that produces copper? will be exposed to currency risk but thats ok since the AUD is going to shit itself over the next few years

>> No.16897302
File: 60 KB, 1064x512, screenshot-finance.yahoo.com-2020-01-18-06-18-01-036.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Where my Xiaomi chads at? WOOOOOOHOOOO!

>> No.16897333

My advice would be to not force a trade
look for something that presents itself to you and makes sense. Don't go rummaging through the corners of the market, don't find a stock that you don't have a good understanding of to initiate a trade. Especially involving options.

Like you should never be saying "hey, I want to do an option trade, someone help me find a stock to pin this on".
Just my 2c

>> No.16897349

Switching to shitposting desktop for a real keyboard.

>What news? What Armageddon?
mostly shitpost, but bought on the fear mongering of war with IRAN, I should have known that TRUMP, like every other god damn time would be a dove. Turns out I completely fucked up the timeline of "Drumpf lets world think we're going to war"; it was all over in days, not the 2-3 weeks like I was expecting. I should start tracking his tweets more closely.

>I’m guessing they’re just talking about the same old shit, impeachment and Iran and maybe USMCA.
See above, as well as the democrats are currently in a circular firing squad during the primary debates no one is watching, and come to think of it, I haven't even heard word if the RNC is even going to attempt to have primaries. Like ... literally nothing, when this time last year they were planning to do all of the challengers to oust Trump. Now? Radio silence.

>> No.16897362

what are you a fuckin pussy? buy more tsla

>> No.16897366

>They haven’t even talked about Davos. The risk I would see is trump, enboldened by phase one, getting tarrify on the Europes. Especially since they’re trying to regulate big tech pretty aggressively.
Who the fuck is DAVOS? Trump is going to win re-election easily (so long as democrat voter fraud is kept under control), which is why you see so many states singing the national compact for the popular vote. Democrats plan to blow out voter fraud in sanctuary counties (IE California, Texas, Miami / Davie / Broward ETC) to try to steal the Electoral college vote. Risky plan. Lots of drunk hicks might start renting ryder vans. It's not going to succeed. NO biggie.

The only EU country we're going to show massive favoritism to is Britain, after TRUMP feels they're punished enough for the whole five eyes spying on his campaign thing. Sad fact is they're 100% dependent on the USA as a real country, as they decided to eliminate their nuclear program back in the day for cost savings. We're the people that service their (AMERICAN) trident missiles, which means when the detritium decays every 180 or 90 days, we're the only ones able to service their boosted warheads. They're sort of our cucks at this point.

France is the wildcard in the EU. Study France.


>Also Canada might get cheeky about usmca. Trudy pulling some sjw or climate thing.
Literally no one cares what those fucking snow mexicans care about. They're too busy importing terrorists and voting for President Blackface.
They also hilariously banned pipelines that would have saved their economy, and are undergoing a decent ecoterrorism vibe right now. Short their industries.

>> No.16897385

What fucking burger broker do I need to trade this?

>> No.16897407


Stock market is closed on Monday due to holiday incel. Stay ignorant!

>> No.16897419

it wont be an options trade since the short side stock doesnt even have the option to trade options for it. was just gonna look through any related stock tickers that may have been mentioned

>> No.16897464

Have you been drinking too?
You’re kind of shitposting nonsense but I’ll give you a real response.

Davos is the site of a world economic summit that draws world leaders and CEOs together from everywhere that matters and some places that don’t.

Any time these guys get together there’s a chance of a pissing match.

>> No.16897493

ah I misunderstood
I can't help you with the copper miner, I have no knowledge of the segment. I do like copper though, it's good stuff...

>> No.16897495

50/50, drinking yes, had no fucking clue what DAVOS is. I tend to not get sucked into those one world conspiracy bullshit; literally don't pay attention

Turns out it's a George Soros Ops. BIG THINK

Fuck all that noise.

The important bits is they have no nuclear deterrence without france. Why do you think the globalists want to get rid of nukes so hard?

>> No.16897504

You don’t need to track his tweets, just listen to some people who know what they’re talking about and then think carefully and assign probabilities to possible outcomes.

I was in here telling you: NOT NOW. Trump just needs the pieces in place JUST IN CASE somehow he looks like he might not win re-election. Then he can start the fireworks and rally everyone around the flag.

Americans re-elect incumbent presidents most of the time. It’s much more likely if there’s strong economic tailwinds, and its even more likely if there’s a military engagement heating up.

>> No.16897524

Before I respond to you, you're either not american are you? Or do you live in a liberal enclave?

>> No.16897531

Based BYND 132 weekly calls my niggas, sorry you didn't pick up on these 5000 gainz

Trump literally needs to think at a 200IQ level to do what he does AND stay in office, its honestly the greatest thing I have seen in my whole life, I don't love Trump but I respect him greatly, to do what he has done with the adversity every step of the way is godlike.

>> No.16897562
File: 33 KB, 474x426, CC43CDA0-44B4-4734-B5C2-AAC129B9D9F2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No. That’s not the important bits if you’re hoping to make money on your bet against the American economy.

Which is treasonous as fuck, and bears should be strung up.

>think trump is nearly guaranteed reelection, and setting up contingency plans for just in case
>”you must live in a liberal enclave”
What the fuck are you talking about?
You need to slow down and reread my posts.

>> No.16897593

Uhhh... this martin luther the king guy sounds pretty based.... not going to lie.


I'm like watching him in hindsight but his voice wasn't the best and shit... he isn't g_d. but damn it he's fucking coming from a true libertarian persona... and damn it if I can't agree i'd want a bullet in my head right now.

>> No.16897610

Man, I must spend too much time outside the wire at this point. Bush crazy at this point.

>just listen to some people who know what they’re talking about and then think carefully and assign probabilities to possible outcomes.
That I'm doing, but it's quite obvious we're following different drummers.

>Davos is the site of a world economic summit that draws world leaders and CEOs together from everywhere that matters and some places that don’t.
Tracking a Continental Soros op was the first yellow flag.

> Then he can start the fireworks and rally everyone around the flag.
Throwing the red flag of nationalism bad and/or Trump being a Neocon.

>Americans re-elect incumbent presidents most of the time
Detached third person phrasing is another redflag.

> even more likely if there’s a military engagement heating up
But they're not.

Too much time outside the wire fren.

But I think you're still too plugged into the Continent and missing key markers here stateside and obviously missing key global assumptions like the nuke thing. It's basically the nation state equivalent of having your Concealed Carry License. The ... implications are enormous.

Doubly so with Brexit.

>> No.16897655

I think you’ve got some reading comprehension difficulties, hopefully it’ll improve once you’ve sobered up.

>> No.16897660

nevermind I now remember why niggers only have nightmares, the last one who had a dream got shot.

>> No.16897672

"I Have a Dream" is overrated.
Listen to some of his other speeches for some comfy Americana.


He was a good orator, some of his sermons are very nice. This one is rather political, but it is sort of the "next step" after IHaD if you're getting into King speeches.

>> No.16897673

godspeed fren

>> No.16897691

Keep telling yourself that. You're barking up the clique that's about 10 billion short right now.

You still haven't confirmed if you're a burger either.

Anyhow, start examining the five eyes, start examining how the current foundation blocks of nation states dovetail together, and start examining how they're trying to break free. Lots of things clarify from there.

Enjoy your British plays.

>> No.16897702

ok damn this is all fucking bullshit black panthers and shit... im listening... Vietnam was bullshit... we could have nuked, but we didn't.... im pissed. so many years... 1969 we left and freedom from our chains from our 1954 starts,,, Truth lives on and truth sets you free.

>> No.16897713

silence is betrayal... fuck mlk... silence is protected by the fucking constitution asshole.

>> No.16897740


Just listen to the speech to enjoy the rhetoric and wording that he uses.... don't get wrapped up too much in the politics or specifics. Think about the phrases that he uses, and the way he uses his voice and constructs a coherent argument.

Studying MLK is about learning to communicate with people. Look at the construction of the argument, the points supporting it, the flow of the sermon, and the even the flow and construction of each sentence, each phrase.

There isn't any modern American rhetorician or orator who can perform like MLK when he was really preaching. Again I'm not trying to support or deny his arguments in particular, but his craftsmanship of those arguments

>> No.16897747


Y'all know he was killed by muslims for leaving Nation of Islam.

I'm gonna sperg for a moment, because it's obvious in this point of the discussion this is my forte BUT . . .
Vietnam was not bullshit, politicians ruined it for us, it was our first foray into PR wars. The previous war in Korea, we leveled every single fucking building in the god damn country. Spinless Politicians ruined that war for us. Patton and his nuclear DMZ would have won the war or another 1,000 other good suggestions.

Even our limited ditty-boppers into Cambodia and Laos, would have been effective, until we started leaking what are LRRP and other similar tiger stripes were doing outside the wire. Go read some of the Medal of Honors for those glorious bastards. We did them dirty.
We did them dirty.

We were dropping them into leaked by ARVN forces LZ's to be captured by batallions. Without ever calling a prairie fire. They never deserved that.

>> No.16897879
File: 93 KB, 1520x1015, 1560072328817.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Friendly neighborhood SOXL shill, futures trader extraordinaire here. Go here: https://longshortgame.com/
and fight me. You won't be able to beat my score but see the game as a humbling experience for how absolutely objectively terrible you are at picking longs and shorts purely from chart reading. Except for me that is. I'm great at it. Unlike you
>nb4 inspect element

>> No.16897896

niggers are preventing me from making money

>> No.16897929

why dont you buy stock in private prisons if you hate them so much?

>> No.16897970

so basically you're telling me the supply chain to korea was so fucked up in the late 40s and early fifties that russia and china had our ass out there? if we could have done a fly over japan and bombed north korea with another nuke why didn't we? why did this manifestation occur?

>> No.16897991

I'll tell you why! It was Hollywood! the glitter and romance of these movies and their political agenda hurt all of the American war efforts.

"Why should I fight in this war.. im not old enough to drink a beer and i've never kissed a girl before."

These ideas get into younger generations heads and make them twirl like the engines of a jet propelled aircraft.

>> No.16898003

That's a ... very complex issue that involves everything from McCarthy to the flavor of globohomo you're seeing the EU try to replicate currently. I'm going to mix a drink and step outside for a cigarette and consider how to condense 50 years of warfare into a few brief sentences.

>> No.16898007

let me ask you this, do you think the guys filming Marin Luther the King during his I had a dream speech were black?

>> No.16898028

Lynden Johnson decided niggers would be voting democratic for 200 years.

>> No.16898032

but back to the Korean war... this is the best war of all since it is still ongoing conflict.

>> No.16898051

Not a single Politician can recognize the true power that is nuclear power... We've locked into butting heads... What north korea has is complete sustainability and isolation with the power to fuck shit up if push comes to shove...

The real truth is oil and nat gas.. im willing to say 100s of millions of jobs are tied directly to this fuel source and to render it obsolete will take time, and im going to say it is possible... the thing is most people have no fucking clue who neuton was and what Isaac did for us as a humanity.

>> No.16898055

Off the top of my head, media and hollywood was owned by either the mob or jews in that time period, so there's no fucking way they'd let a NEGRO operate a camera that's worth over 800k in 2019.

Now let's see what google says:

Turns out the only name that pops up is the photographer Dan Budnik. Decide his ethnicity as you wish.

The jews seem to want to claim him.

>> No.16898086
File: 303 KB, 613x568, L9090L.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I miss the good old days, when you could walk to the carnival and play a round of African Dodger

>> No.16898109

No, korea was the last war these united states ever fought as a total war. We leveled every single building in north korea during our little peace excursion. Yes, Russian advisors and chink conscripts ruined our little excursion over there, as were weren't just about to go toe to toe with people that some (((chosen people))) fed bomb info to. Crying shame that.

Go look up why MacArthur was relieved to conveniently die. He wanted to nuke the fuck out of the 53rd to prevent north koreans from having sleep overs in our area. Turns out certain political faggots resented that. Funnily enough, that strategy came back during Vietnam, and also goes back to what country stole what Nazi scientists. Poor old Russians never had the CEP we had, so they had to design big boy nukes and we designed smol bois, which is the only reason it was feasible. Turns out Truman really didn't want to nuke commies. Weird.

But it turns out, he was right, and should have been allowed to conclude WWII on his own terms. His original plan was to more or less ignore Japan ish, then team up with Germany to defeat Russia via nukes while we were the only country to have them. We could have had our current American Empire and global peace ~60 years ahead of schedule.
Go lurk some of the rumor mills. Old hollywood is not what you think. Focus on Wayne and Monroe and JFK and MOB + Vegas.

>"Why should I fight in this war.. im not old enough to drink a beer and i've never kissed a girl before."
Commie propaganda fren, many a year too early for the beer thing. You're thinking the big one, PANAMA of course! Or our first forray into the sandbox.
>The National Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1984 (23 U.S.C. § 158) was passed by the United States Congress on July 17, 1984

>> No.16898119

the carnival sucked, i got kicked out because i could throw a fucking ball.. took 84 dollars from this carney game of knocking the cans down... got to the point i said fine i'll just use my other arm to throw the ball... kicked out because he was supposed to pay me a 100 but what ever i left there a winner and they got to remain losers.

>> No.16898127


Korea is already an ended war thanks to trump. How the FUCK do you send the head of the CIA or whatever to a country you're technically at war at for negotiations ... and it doesn't leak?
Then you have the president trapaise over the DMZ which had previously lead to the biggest USA show of force ... ever?

Operation Paul Bunyan was a thing.

It involved everything from ROK soldiers duct taping claymores to their chests to taunt the norks into crossing a bridge, to a line of apaches rising above the treeline for CAS duties, to a group of B-36 peacemakes up in the air with canned sunshine ready to release the hate . . . just to cut down a tree.




>> No.16898132

Douglas McAurthur had the right idea, but you have a serious supply chain fuck ... and the truth is the president wanted to de-escalate conflict so people could bask in success.

>> No.16898133

I'm not even white. Please try again with your race baiting. INCEL.

Should have doubled down to 88 dollarydoos and played the goldfish game.

>> No.16898142

we have have the grandson in charge, that's like generations... this fuckers grand father is younger than the queen of england ffs.

>> No.16898147

>Douglas McAurthur had the right idea, but you have a serious supply chain fuck ... and the truth is the president wanted to de-escalate conflict so people could bask in success.

Yeah, once you destroy every fucking building the country has, literally, and they're being propped up by Chinese soldiers, with russian advisors, you either declare thermonuclear war, or back down. If the (((chosen))) spies hadn't done their thing, or McAurthur was allowed to proceed under his original plan, this would never have occured.

>> No.16898153

Amazing, innit?

No leaks.


>> No.16898158

im good at the ring toss too... fuck i got 3 of those fucking big ass bears my gf didn't want them so we just gave them away.

>> No.16898171

the truth is we never had a chance at china... korea was our shot, but we got nothing now.

>> No.16898185

Now we wage economic ware and wait for their paper tiger to collapse.

4th revolution in warfare. We're never looking back bby.

Thank the jews and their bleeding edge counter islam efforts. Why do you think we pay them so much?

>> No.16898186

vietnam was a shot, and now we're trying to knock through iran? i mean why not just fucking come from kamchatka with the nips.... except chinks, and gooks have nukes so frontal attack isn't possible... economic warfare and population unrest is the only warfare these days, unless you're stupid enough to be next to the 3rd temple

>> No.16898193

You! I like you a lot.

>> No.16898201

I've been dumping about 50% of my paycheck into the stock market and crypto since July when I graduated college.

Hope I didn't buy the top...

>> No.16898207

well if i didn't know any better i'd say im one of them jews.

>> No.16898220
File: 15 KB, 262x353, spy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I wonder what drives a person to buy SPY Puts when the government is giving away billions of dollars everyday.

>> No.16898227

These bulls have been on a drug called euphoria.... they're oblvious to actual bullshit like europe and foreign money is pooling in... i guess you're fine just keep buying shit and don't sell for like 20-30 years... truth is top is in.

>> No.16898244

Igor just called and said Baggholder youre fucking wrong, SPY 410

>> No.16898256
File: 22 KB, 236x302, edda49945741ede8c20a6ac9ec519b7a--pizza-boxes-dominos-pizza.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It was the first PR war completely subverted by the communists in the mainstream newspapers. The first time those fucks flexed and realized that subversion works. I've done PHD papers only based on current sources; I'm talking academic books published before, during, after Tet.

> except chinks, and gooks have nukes so frontal attack isn't possible... economic warfare and population unrest is the only warfare these days

Mandrake, you're thinking to small. It's not hard to create a basic bitch bomb, just getting your hands on the proper fuel is the difficult part. Any half competent machine shop could build you a little boy in a few weeks, probably even a week, with an aurdino.

Babby, the real bitch is the delivery system. Why do you think the B52 still exists? No one else in the world is going to give world wide delivery in 30 minutes or less with the CEP (circular Error Probability) we can. That's why we're going back to tac nukes.

Thank the jews. It's a big deal what they pioneered. Taking out the VIP VIP VIP in the passenger seat but leaving everyone else in the car unharmed? They're even doing some wild shit with what appears to be fuel air bombs that are ... somehow targeted in blast radius that they can target one main in a loosely grouped squad.


Nice to meet you Mr. IDF man, hit me up if you wanna rent another ryder truck to drive into the World Trade center again, then dance on some roofs.

But realistically we both know you're here for sentiment analysis and black funds.

Literally just hedging faggot.

You're showing your internationalism again.
Americans don't give a single fuck about Europe or actively think about it. They literally don't matter.

I honestly couldn't tell you the governmental structure of germany because it doesn't matter. I *think* they have a parliment and am pretty sure they don't have a king. I've visited twice.

They're utterly inconsequential.

>> No.16898269
File: 399 KB, 1771x830, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

put him on hold tell him I'm discussing this chart with clients.

so as you can see from our latest downloaded material the snp or SPY as you will call it will hit level close to that mark and crash to next lower level to serch for support. If you will excuse me I have a phone call to take.

>> No.16898300

So you're thinking like me champ? WE"VE GOTTA FUCK THEM ALL!

>> No.16898312
File: 137 KB, 450x359, tumblr_nrjggyvf6L1qivon6o10_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Time to ditty bop and do the whole fucking village.

>> No.16898319

Hold on I just got a message.

>> No.16898335

Thanks for confirming you glow in the dark with the IDF.

Drop a dime next time one of your "training exercises" are going down.

Some heads up for the towers would have been nice.

>> No.16898358

i'm only 31 years old sir... i had nothing to do with those towers.

>> No.16898384

I do speak hebrew... they'd probably let me in, but I'm in movement with a grass routes campaign that wants to change our constitution so dual citizens can't hold public office... I love america, but truth be told... I just hate how jews and christians have been treated by muslims

>> No.16898397

>open up charts despite not being able to trade
so this is addiction huh

>> No.16898405

Oh I C.

Mandalay it is.

Inshallah brother. Inshallah.

I wasn't far off the original mark, was I? Huh.

>> No.16898428

“There is only one way to salvation, and that is to make yourself responsible for all men's sins. As soon as you make yourself responsible in all sincerity for everything and for everyone, you will see at once that this is really so, and that you are in fact to blame for everyone and for all things.”

>> No.16898436

uhh addiction is a made up disease so that shekel grabbers can milk money from people who have nothing wrong with them... See I was told I was an addict, and here I am living proof that it's all about control. You look at the chart and you just have to draw lines and make plans.... fuck I drank like 9 beers did fucking half dozen shots.... first time all year... but im not an addict. I mean I stopped for over 2 weeks, fucking a it was hell, took lots of will power, but I'm going to drink like 10 more shots tomorrow and probably parlay the 69ers bet i have with the titans taking both spreads and the under on the afc game and the over on the nfc game and then get a few yang when it comes in.

>> No.16898448

I have come to this understanding on my own as well.... fucking hate it when anon is right. take care of your self, and I hope the best things in life are ahead of you and everybody you care about.

>> No.16898452

He's jewish, retard. The New Testament isn't canon for them. They've still got the pre-son God, where he hates humans and is all like "Don't Eat shellfish" and all like "Don't wear mixed fibers" and they work to perform pilpul on god.

Watch this for a quick redpill.

>> No.16898459
File: 77 KB, 640x480, Tucker Carlson PMC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Take care man. Do your repentance in the morning in flavor of gym.

We'll meet again at some point. You can figure out how to auth, between the over used thunder-flash, or a prariefire.

Enjoy a rare tucker carlson, before he got rich. Works well against the JIDF shilling against him/fox.

>> No.16898460

I still wear rubbers while I watch your mom get fucked!

>> No.16898470

Good luck digging her up.

Also there's a holocaust joke in there, due to cremation.

>> No.16898479


>> No.16898483

You missed the self butt end cuck joke.... My half-assed apologies.

>> No.16898509

damn it... im so fucking roman catholic and pissed off because im not jewish enough since my mom's mom was a fucking scottish irish broad in new york and fucked a jew.... like a ton, she had 8 brothers and sisters and then had 5 kids of her own after being the oldest...

>> No.16898514

It's alright fren. only an ashanki would think mother-son incest is a regular thing which means you can cuck a son.

It's alright.

I have never thought of that. Can we sell steam cars to the jews? It'd be all mechanical and be ready to roll in 90 seconds of preheat

Ah yes, the eternal matriarchy strikes again. You're a half jew who's never going to be jewish jewish.

>> No.16898517

i guess i got a big family, but fuck it all i just want to be a jew.

>> No.16898529

yeah and i got a little dick... bomb https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8hEtI9AI0U

>> No.16898533


>Later on the same guy, who had been LLER, port and stbd, was getting messages from God in the condensate pump flow tones. They told him he was supposed to be Jewish. He attempted to circumcise himself with diagonal cutters.

>> No.16898534

I got blonde hair blue eyes and a desire to rebuild our ancestors temple.

>> No.16898546

You're too arayan for the jews to accept you.

Start pitching yourself to the Mossad.

>> No.16898550

i've only given my self a circumcision in public zipping up too fast while peeing on the side of a building in a city when i was in college... fuck you man

>> No.16898573

sorry im going to enlighten you all tomorrow... but for now it's time for my self to get some sleep sleep... I hate it. I hate life... Too many people depend on me, and fuck... too many is an obvious problem.... only options i have is nobody depends on me and i got selfish or I'm wrong.... I'm going to hope im wrong.

>> No.16898587

Don't hate yourself frend.

Catch ya on the flipside

>> No.16898596

>to do what he has done with the adversity every step of the way is godlike.
It's very impressive. Unfortunately he's unlikely to get proper credit for it until long after he's left office and his administration is examined with an impartial professionalism.

>> No.16898704
File: 1.54 MB, 2200x2200, skoomer.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There are 2 reasons why I fap to furry exclusively, and they're quite simple:
1) Post nut clarity. Uber important when processing trades.
2) Lack of (((jewish))) influence in the furry media. They're more focused on actual 3d wamans because their satanic overlords demand actual flesh or whatever. Your brain is affected negatively when viewing porn made by das Juden, and worst of all you probably don't even know it because their methods are subliminal. The majority of furry, on the other hand, is made simply by horny people with little desire other than to coom.


>> No.16898756
File: 16 KB, 274x301, 1543521580488.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.16898997

Me too anon. Take lots of vitamin c.

>> No.16899001

Learn programming.

>> No.16899107

Guys i am starting to learn.
But how much do i need to start

>> No.16899133

You don't need money you need skills. Skills will yield money.

Or you could just I don't know toss them all into ETFs and USG Bonds and forget about it.

>> No.16899216

>just print more money
why should they stop printing money if they are the FED?
serious question here. They gain off this beacuse they print cash and they put into the bonds marcet

>> No.16899254
File: 186 KB, 377x512, 1571180893939.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]





>> No.16899278

There's always the chance the domestic population wakes up to the scam.

>> No.16899356

Reminder to accumulate REFR

>> No.16899425
File: 1.19 MB, 805x842, history.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How tf do calls work in practice? Say I'm trading on robinhood, and I've bought an amount of calls at a premium of say 200 dollars and I want to sell my position because profit, do i first have to buy the stocks and then sell to get the difference or do i get the difference directly without first buying the stocks???

t. paper trader atm who wants to gamble 200 dollars every month

>> No.16899438
File: 188 KB, 636x699, nevershouldhavecomehere.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I've bought an amount of calls
>i want to sell my position
>How do I sell the thing I bought?
>Do I have to do [completely unrelated thing]?
never should have come here.

>> No.16899569

This is true

>> No.16899639

Do you think TSLA will skyrocket when they make their first profit?

>> No.16899668

You don't really need skill. Just picking 8 random large cap companies in 8 different industries will beat any tracker.

>> No.16899853

ONTX - More Fat Cat investor groups buying in all the time. Fidelity just entered oh my. That brings the total to 12 I think. Now I don't know about you but these groups won't sell even when the stock hits $1 so neither will I. But I will hit that button when we cross the $4 dollar line cause 12110 x 4 would put $48,440.00 in my pocket. Sure there's been pain lately but long term the huge gains will make this all worth it. At this rate wouldn't surprise me if Vanguard takes a slice in the coming weeks.

>> No.16900078





>> No.16900084
File: 39 KB, 1133x566, dobber.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine working.

>> No.16900093

in the mailroom

>> No.16900125

Fuck you
I plan on going to kfc on that day
Fuck niggers

>> No.16900339

When do we sell AMD? Should we risk waiting for the report or take our profits before that?

>> No.16900358

It amazes me how Americans are babysitted for once and I can trade away my whole euro earnings in one second, shorting 10x leveraged on OGI or SPY. Without any oversight.

>> No.16900408

intel is literally stuck behind fixing their current lineup. just go long.

>> No.16900429

just click on the call from the homepage and then on the right of the page click sell.

>> No.16900518

Hope you got some of that AMD breakout yesterday. Made a cool 2% trading that shit from 50 to 51, easiest money of my life. Shit is about to get real from here lads.

>> No.16900563

My broker made me sit a test before they let me trade options

>> No.16900764

The real deal is in March anyways. Till then it can only rise in my opinion. Looking at the line ups of the PC industry its AMD all the way

>> No.16900831

You know, Robinhood is shitty in a lot of ways, but at least they never did that.

>> No.16900934

Why would you not just put everything in Microsoft or AMD stocks?

Microsoft for the last 5 years has been consistently 20% YoY and AMD has fucking doubled in the last 3 years.

>> No.16900953

Zoom out

>> No.16901038

you just sell the calls. thats the beauty of options - you never need to actual buy the shares

>> No.16901282

which language?

>> No.16901301

Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

It's not just good advice, it's the law.

>> No.16901319

Javascript for now. I'm a beginner. I want to probably learn one of the C languages, maybe C++ since big corporations use it.

>> No.16901540

javascript is gross. there's money there but the point of javascript is to learn how to use webstacks, the focus isn't the language or programming itself, it's about throwing a bunch of other peoples' code together to make something work

python is fun, python is beautiful, python is good for learning the basics. learn python. Then keep using it, or learn C#/Java for get a jobbo.

>> No.16901548


C++, Java & Python are the most common, I'll go through them too.

>> No.16901678

Quick, name a sub-$20/share stock with a stable price and a monthly dividend.

>> No.16901700


>> No.16901747


>> No.16901781

That's basically what I've done with SNSS, at least as far as my money earmarked for risky investing is concerned. I still have about 60% of my money in safe crap but 95% of my risk portfolio is in SNSS

>> No.16901919

Anyone investing into 5g, AI, Biotech, STEM, weed stocks?

>> No.16901956
File: 489 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200117-165833_Brave.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hope you anons bought ACB, McGregor fight tonight

>> No.16902127

i... is that related?

>> No.16902189

Biotech and weed yes
Biotech is a crapshoot and weed has a long way to go

>> No.16902212

CMTL has been a pretty solid choice for telecom so far. I think it's a good look.

>> No.16902217

Conservatives on this board hate all non whites

>> No.16902222

> 5G
> "AI"
Yeah, they'll boost productivity out of the ass.

>> No.16902224

The only thing out of those I'm actually INVESTED in are 5G. I'm looking for some nice AI stocks though, but there's no reason for me to invest in AI stocks that have pumped non-stop for years.. I rather wait until a slowdown happens

>> No.16902225

Has Europe had the crashes our market has had thanks to greedy retards?

>> No.16902228

I work two jobs because I only make 54k at my big boy job and I want more money to invest :(

>> No.16902231

Complete noob here, looking to do some light investing and see where it goes. I downloaded the Questrade app and am in the process of making a self-directed TFSA account. Is this app a meme? If so, where should I start? Again, I'm a total newfag at this so pls no bully.

>> No.16902235

Yup. We just barely looked at FIVG and QTUM.

QTUM might as well be "semiconductors and largecap tech: the etf"

FIVG has alot more long term growth potential I think. They do hold some trash overleverged largecaps like Verizon though which I think is going to be a drag on their return longterm.

>> No.16902263
File: 618 KB, 1330x611, thelook.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

one of our local Canadian posters should come around to offer you some assistance.
Questrade is probably fine.

>> No.16902284

Thanks, lad. I'll bump and monitor the thread.

>> No.16902395

How do I calculate the probability of profit with a diagonal spread? Optionsprofitcalculator and interactive brokers show the same looking graphs for it, but it often seems too good to be true.

>> No.16902431

Let’s get a 2020 M3M3 portfolio list going (can include memetic ETFs too):

Please help me create a copypasta list for the OP I feel like we recreate the wheel in wvery damn thread

>> No.16902485
File: 401 KB, 1340x690, allSet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the 2020 "aggressive but responsible" ETF portfolio is still:
there has been no change.

>> No.16902516


At least I'm trying ...

>> No.16902537
File: 328 KB, 600x856, PA sperg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Alright, which one of you TSLAQ faggots is running this account?


>> No.16902564

Just switch to TDA anon. I just joined, make $30k a year, and got approved for level 2 and margin like instantly

>> No.16902623


>> No.16902641

>suddenly people here are bullish on weed and ACB of all things
What changed?

>> No.16902664

Is there a way to invest in RenTech?

I think I found a swap inside an ETF . . .

If I can dig up my notes then I will add the ETF to the list

Why ARKG and not ARKK?

>> No.16902671

Everyone realizing the postitve benefits of weed and how much it will explode in stocks

>> No.16902707

>inb4 Snoop Doggy Dawg D O doubleG launches an actively managed ETF focused on weed, tobacco, music, entertainment, autos, and fast food

>> No.16902724

ARKK is a QQQ subset, I'd rather just have QQQ (or better yet, QLD) ...
I'm only 'OK' with paying the premium fee of ARKG because I'm too lazy to buy all the constituents

>> No.16902737

Weedbro stocks increased some so they turned bullish in hope of dumping their $10 ACB bags. The weedbro crowd are the same as the altcoin crypto crowd. I'm in on ACB but that's a trade, investing in that shit is a no-no from me

>> No.16902831

How about QTUM?

Lulzy enough to make the m3m3 magic ETF list?

>> No.16902836

What happened was OGI is doing really well financially, and instead of people buying OGI, they are buying other weed in hope of getting in early before they also report strong financials. Basically OGI alone created hype for other weed, but OGI has numbers backing it while the others are just hope and hype. I would suggest being careful because they can suddenly plummet if the truth is what people have come to expect by now.

>> No.16902910

I am experienced programmer and have been in IT. Here are things that are required in 2020 and beyond and the languages you need to learn. The bracket ones are complementary languages, I have put the main one I have used and think you should use. If some languages are missing it means they are not used so much in that field.

web-development: HTML/CSS, Javascript(php), Java(C#,C++,Ruby,python)
web-application development: Java(C#, C++)
web-services: javascript(python,ruby, C#)
game development: C++(Java,C#)
Data-science: python(R, don't use R will tell u below)
Machine-learning: python(C++). See python has set itself as ubiquitous language for both data science and ML. It's library is growing at a faster rate than R. So don't R for data science.
System-level-programming: Assembly(C).
Application-development: C++(C#,Java,C)
Android: Java
Ios: Objective-C(swift)
MacOs: Objective-c(C)
Finance: C/C++
Physics/Simulation: C++(C)
Mathematics: python(C)
Well. Programming is more important than anything else now.

>> No.16902913

Can only talk for OGI, but for them the initial investment phase is over. Facilities are there, supply chains set up, laws getting clearer, workers and management more experienced and the product ready for sale. Its a growing market, summer/growing season is upon us and even during winter they made good money.

So I looked up the numbers and news and could not find a single reason to not buy their stocks. So far I got +40%.

I also looked at the other weed stocks but their numbers look way worse. It feels like OGI is led by a management that likes money and ACB/APH/etc. are run by people who like weed.

>> No.16902919
File: 286 KB, 1231x1165, IMG_1966.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Did I blow it by not buying that stupid dip in GSK after trimming my holding 80%?

>> No.16902929

Well thanks sir.

>> No.16902960

Best risk/time vs. reward opportunity for a brain let who hasn't used calculus in 10 years?

>> No.16902982

I don't care at all. I only trade weedbro stocks when an opportunity arrives, like it did in ACB

>> No.16902989

5G. We already have enough speed. 5G is just for sucking in more investors in the name of next gen telecom standards. Just like is enough but 120ghz monitor is enough but they will make 144ghz for nothing.

>> No.16903000

You want a job?

>> No.16903032

tech industry is always exaggerating. same thing happen with TVs when they tried that curved screen or the 3D TV or even the 4K. HD is enough already why bother with 4K.

>> No.16903064

>4K. HD is enough already why bother with 4K.
People transitioned from HD to UHD at a much faster pace than they did SD to HD.

>> No.16903108

>Programming is more important than anything else now.
being charismatic, attractive, and social still trumps any technical skill.

>> No.16903142
File: 45 KB, 778x512, 1569980926897.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>120ghz monitor
I want a 120GHz monitor....

some of my normie coworkers are getting into VR
I've never even put on one of the headsets...
my TV is 1080p...
I have kids show me how to use cell phone features...
I'm on the fast track to my boomer license

>> No.16903153

That's not an argument. We need faster speeds with massively reduced latency. The problem with 5G is the fact that it will probably not deliver on the promise, hence the reason people are already looking at 6G. But the companies aiming for 5G will have the equipment for 6G so investing in them still make sense.

What?? Are you guys boomers or what's going on here? Have you ever compared 1080p to 4k? Of course its a difference. Are you the type of people that claim it doesn't matter if a game has 60 fps since the human eye can't register over 30 fps?

>> No.16903174

if you are in 4chan then you are not using your charismatic, attractive and social skills. In 4chan and in this part of life you better do programming. try applying charisma, attraction and social skills online.

>> No.16903202

>I'd like to thank Xyience and Jesus...

>> No.16903203
File: 2.04 MB, 2048x1536, IMG_1900.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes sir

I can't keep spending all my time speculating on the stock market, And my current career path is going to entail a lot of waiting and one night class for most of 2020

>> No.16903220

Questrade is a fine broker. I don't know anything about the app. Do your TA elsewhere with tradingview or something.

>> No.16903222
File: 99 KB, 1267x785, 1570305237008.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm using my charisma on you right now
can you feel it?
I can tell that you are attractive, charismatic, and have huge potential in the social areas of your life. Stop programming, get out there and have fun with people!

>> No.16903238



and they'll try to make it faster, even. Just like mobile phones, the general idea is that you have to buy a new one each year. This applies to most consumer electronics. If you don't buy it but pay a "monthly usage fee", well even better. For them, that is.

I'm still holding to my hd tv, though. same goes for my phone and my laptop. They won't jew me each year for new stuff. However, this is the trend. Now, how can you profit from it?

>> No.16903278

I am in telecom. I wrote the code for interfacing two components of telecom infrastructure. Whatever I said is correct. What Cisco, Erricson, Nokia and Huwaii are doing is to scam investors. Telecom is out of innovation. It is no longer "Big Fives or Big Fours". Today any software company can provide what these are providing. No new softwares are being made. Only old one are appended with "5G NR"
The only thing keeping them in business is hardware sectors. And Huwai , Ericsson and Nokia are winning but very little.
IOT: yes this will probably come but it has nothing to do with 5g.

>> No.16903336
File: 48 KB, 197x176, -___-.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Monday is gonna be one of those rare weirdo days where leaf markets are open and US is closed (for kangz day). Canada is usually bearish when big brother is asleep so we'll see how this shapes up.

>> No.16903344
File: 20 KB, 333x499, theoryofconsumption.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Consumerism is a sin. Imagine buying new apple phone every year because it is your duty to give APPL money every year.
Ahh I have to read this.

>> No.16903352
File: 45 KB, 745x732, 1574804555028.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.16903362

People still have to replace their things when they wear out or break, might as well add some incremental improvements so they can pay a little more and feel better about it.

My phone is dying. I have to keep it plugged in almost as often as unplugged these days. Rechargable batteries don’t last forever.

>> No.16903378

>People still have to replace their things when they wear out or break
Planned obsolescence is a thing, unfortunately. Make you thing that lasts four years then breaks due to intentional design weakness. You buy new.

>> No.16903390

You said: "What we have is enough". Which is not true. Also, do me a favour and look at the difference between 120ghz and 144ghz on youtube, because there's clearly a difference. Not to mention that when me and my friend had a LAN last summer, we tested my monitor on his computer and compared it to his monitor and the difference was huge.
Are you trying to deny that or what?

>> No.16903396

>My phone is dying
the battery is dying, not the phone
just get the battery replaced for like $20...

if one of your kidneys wasn't working at 100% would you kys yourself?

>> No.16903398







>> No.16903406

please find me a 120ghz monitor that I can buy

>> No.16903416

Totally. And sell an extended warrantee that's expires right when the average lifespan of the product expires.

I like it when people have jobs though. Not every feature of the system is plainly good or evil, and some of these things keep it rolling smoothly.

>> No.16903436

What's your budget

>> No.16903437

Yes. What do you recommend?

>> No.16903445

any amount of money

>> No.16903498

that's why you invest in many markets, anon. Asian markets are open too.

>Ahh I have to read this.
>(((milton friedman)))

the kike that literally brought all the "emerging markets" of the 70s and 80s to their knees and impoverished the middle class in the span of a couple of decades with his idea of """free market""". no thanks.

They're designed this way. It is your duty as a user to fuck that vicious cycle. Buy new batteries, install them yourself, replace old HDD with SSDs and so on. Then, if you have to, buy used. let someone else take the financial hit of buying brand new stuff for you.

>> No.16903510

Javascript and python.
Machine learning is and will be huge. If there is a bot reading all 4chan posts and mining useful information(Like those Virginia alleged shooters caught yesterday. "The base"), that bot is programmed in both javascript(client side) and python(server side).
Start with python. Give it 3 months. Do javascript only if you very comfortable with python.
Both are easier to learn than C/C++/java/C#

>> No.16903511

the second paragraph was for >>16903344

>> No.16903550

Why not go for 240hz then?

>> No.16903554

>Start with python. Give it 3 months.
Those are some pretty absurd expectations you're giving him. If he doesn't have prior programming experience 3 months is just ridiculous. You have to rewire your brain completely to think logically. He'll be lucky if he can be good enough for a job in a year

>> No.16903562

I was promised 120ghz
240hz is about 120ghz less than that

>> No.16903578
File: 27 KB, 128x128, what the cell.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>240hz is about 120ghz less than that

are you high? It's obviously way better

>> No.16903661

Realistic expectations are good, but I'm heavily cynical so a little hope is nice too.

Mostly good ideas, I usually do my own service whenever possible, but I might just pay a fixit guy. These things have so many fiddly little parts and cables, if the teardown doesn't look doable, sometimes a "professional" who's done it 100 times is worthwhile.

But as far as not reading a book because you think it's dangerous or destructive or you disagree with it, I think that's questionable.

>> No.16903753
File: 65 KB, 964x348, asf342222.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Boeing is such trash. From a strictly investment perspective why would you want to own this? it might be good for a trade

>> No.16903793

Yeah except your hope is gonna lead to his frustration and disappointment.

>> No.16903833

>But as far as not reading a book because you think it's dangerous or destructive or you disagree with it, I think that's questionable.

by all means, read it. The book might be great, I just wanted to point just what kind of evil entity wrote it.

>> No.16904568

>Conservatives on this board hate all non-whites.

I wish that was the case :(

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