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and water is wet

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Piss is salty

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buy signal, bought 100k

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Kek, inb4 curries start cope and seeth posting

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It doesn't taste salty desu

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I told you before the mania even started.

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So I should be shorting this right?

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NO!! BUY ANON, give him your money. He has such a nice smug grin, he deserves it... that is really all he has, you know, that scammer grin.

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NO FUCKING SHIT. everyone knows this except a few terminally retarded incels

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fake news

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Commence the mass-suicide.

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Link please

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Easiest short in our lifetimes.

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Just shorted 5x with 10 BTC leverage LETS GOOOOOOOO FREE MONEY

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>CEO of truwceypt is known craig Wright hater
>confirmed real news

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>Tim COPEland

life imitating art

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Yes we all know bsv is a scam but it’s a good scam in that the truth doesn’t matter much like the whole of crypto just buy and you win

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yeah. I'm about to set up a short on kucoin for it

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Read it carefully. It's confirmed that he didn't receive the private keys, only the public addresses, but he did have the private keys back when he mined the coins. He put them in a multisignature trust and he currently doesn't have the keys.

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I bought at $400 and now it's at $285. Fuck this crypto shit. I'm out.

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>screen caps crap from a non news source

Not a legitimate news source OP.

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>He bought after a 125%/day pump

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>Is a huge faggot
Do your parents know your mouth is a cock holster ?

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Do you seething fags not get it yet?

Craig says things that seem like he’s a scammer to make those who can’t think STAY AWAY from BSV.

Read the article carefully. He doesn’t have them...yet. More couriers incoming.

Pic very related.

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FAKE AS FUCK. He never mined shit. He can't even code. He doesn't even understand the source code. KYS scammer

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You must be the most retarded retard on biz c

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Nah it's 90iq+ fud

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His lawyers literally confirmed he had the keys two days ago.


Multiple sources reporting this and only one reporting OP's.

>Tim COPEland


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Please dont tell me you're actually that much of an idiot.

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What's up, Riktesh? How's the weather in Calcutta?

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>His lawyers

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And the sky is blue.

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literally everyone (except BSV bagholders) know this

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That will not work with BSV. BSV is pure and evil smam thought out ba an old man, who really isn't as smart as he thinks. And you are all plebs

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>satoshi never mined shit
>satoshi can't even code
>satoshi doesn't understand bitcoin's source code

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Not understand English?

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look mom i'm shitposting on 4chan

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I'm worried Asia is going to dump the fuck out of BSV when I am asleep (again).

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get a load of this kike

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Not if they’re diabetic. Diaburetic piss is sweetest because all sugars leaves their body that way

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it does, i had my piss bottle next to my water bottle and accidentally drank my piss

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>coin geek
Calvin Ayre’s personal disinfo website?!

Absolut Mong

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We've all been there

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I wonder what the paid shill team in Poland are going to say about this.

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Who do think can make you buy anything? If you are dumb enough to make your decisions by what polish scammers tell you, please go away.

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Why are people so obsessed with slandering Satoshi? Knock if off with all the fud and lies.

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who'd have thought Craig Wright would turn out to be a liar?!?!

Oh wait, his entire track record points to this.

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Obsessed? No Anon, we tell you the truth. That's it. If you choose to not believe it, fine.

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If I had bitfinex I would be shorting the shit out of this since it went up to even $200. Free money. Craig wash traded it up on pajeet exchanges to try to get people to buy bags. Now when nobody is biting on the price it's going to absolutely crater.

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Lying about Satoshi everywhere you go is not the truth. You people are the definition of obsession, just let the man be.

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>be satoshi
>see this larping aussie cunt make fun of your life's work
>frowns in distaste and ponders if something should be done

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nobody said that ranjeet
we said craig got nothing to do with bitcoin

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>craig: "i am satoshi
>everyone: "prove it, where yo keys"
>craig: "I dont owe you people anything, but anyway im making a new bitcoin that you should all buy"
>court: "I dont think your satoshi"
>craig: "I dont have to prove anything to you"
>court: "youve got until Feb 3rd bitch"
>craig: "well now let me explain how the 8th tulip trust actually works now"
an unironically accurate time line of the craig saga

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Oh boy... you don't learn do you? Ok. Please buy that scammers coin now with all you have. Wait 3 months, and talk to me again when it is over. I am trying to open your eyes, save you, don't you understand?

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larp, no one is this retarded thats able to type out that sentence

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>be satoshi
>see this larping aussie cunt make fun of your life's work
>do nothing

Odd when he spoke out about the guy in your picture.

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Guys, guys listen!
I'm Satoshi!
I swear!
I'm Satoshi Nakamoto creator of Bit Coin.
I don't care if you don't belive me.
But listen I'm Satoshi. If you don't believe me you gonna be so sorry!
I will bankrupt you!
Because I'm Satoshi.
And Bit Coin is turing complete... Yes it is. I'm not gonna prove it you just have to take my word on it!
I made Bit Coin. You will fucking listen to what I say!
I will not prove it because I don't owe you anything!
I don't care if you don't believe me!
Honest to God! I don't give a flying fuck.
But listen here! I'm Satoshi Nakamoto. Do you understand motherfucker.
I will bankrupt you if you don't listen to me!
But I'm not gonna prove shit because I don't care if you belive me or not...
I made Bit Coin it's mine! My intellectual property and you may only use it the way i see fit!
If you try other forks I will bankrupt you motherfucker!
I'm Satoshi. I can't prove it but I am.
Satoshi Nakamoto motherfucker!
That's me.
Don't believe me! See if I care!
You will be so sorry.
Sanjay's Vindaloo is the real Bit Coin!
The original.
We introduced new opcodes that make no sense.
I can do that because I'm Satoshi!
No I will not prove it!
No I will not sign.
Fuck off!
I don't owe you anything!
I'm Satoshi!
I don't care if you don't believe me!
I'm Satoshi! Motherfucker!
You buy, you hodl, anything at all, I will bloody bankrupt you!
I don't give a fuck!
You don't have to believe me!
I'm Satoshi I don't have to give a fuck!
I don't care about you incels!
I swear I don't. I really really truly don't care.
I'm Satoshi! Do you understand motherfucker?
Have a Nice Life!

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nobody believes seriously dorian is satoshi. but his face is the face of satoshi forever. cause satoshi ain't coming out.

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He did that to stop the media harassing an innocent and clueless man. Craig deserves all the shit that's coming his way.

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The people reporting that he was did. Why would Satoshi go out of his way to deny him, but not someone you claim is a fraud using the satoshi name to profit.

Makes no sense at all.

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don't be stupid!

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Beautiful, and sad at the same time.

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you retarded nigger cunt you don't even know the satoshi account was compromised (well known fact at the time) so nothing it said can be taken seriously. it was not satoshi. period. and craig is a fucktard the meme about him being satoy is not even funny.

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Not at the time and besides he could do countless other things to prove CSW is an imposter.

>> No.16895184

>Not at the time
yes at the time. it was compromised in 2011 the post you are referring to was from 2014. don't be stupid!

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It was literally him, numbnuts.

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hos last confirmed correspondence was in april 26 2011 everything after that is a larp.

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Literally from your own source
> However, he has so far only produced the encryption key which unlocks a list of total Bitcoin holdings and has not provided the private keys necessary to access the funds themselves.

As a result, the pressure is still on Wright to deliver the final private keys, which he claims will arrive by “bonded courier” before February 3.

Christ you're retarded.

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... was könnt schöner sein am siegen, als fürs töten geld zu kriegen?

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Top kek

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Kek Coingeek shills for Roubini

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They did delete the first post. True

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Imagine my SHOCK when I learn that the guy who has been caught red handed fabricating evidence that he's Satoshi would turn out to not have the keys to $8 billion dollars in BTC. Imagine my shock when an alleged billionaire has to resort to hiring filthy Indians to shill for him on anonymous image boards online turns out to be lying once again.

desu if you bought BSV you deserve it you fucking tards

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Kill yourself Ramit

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Kek, underrated

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The funny part is some of these delusional retards will still think Craig is Satoshi long after he fails to unlock any 'tulip trust' on, before, or after Feb 3.

"It's far easier to fool someone than to convince them they have been fooled."

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didnt see that lmao

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Jesus the amount of fucking cope

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Can we sticky this so these bsv shills can get fucked

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Buy the rumor... sell the news. jajajajajajaja don't buy crypto after a 125% pump. Just don't.


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at least link the article

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Ok, I found the quote which is apparently some author named Michael Speien, and Google Translate gives me a translation, but what does it MEAN? What's the cultural context? What are his books about? "The Assassins of Umata" ("Die Assassinen von Umata") doesn't tell me if it's a fantasy novel, SF, or some sort of sociological treatise.

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Remarkable. At least someone did do research. Respect Anon.

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>no link, no source
try harder greg

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>craig: "I dont owe you people anything, but anyway im making a new bitcoin that you should all buy"

that's not what happened
he attempted to forge a signature

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>tfw these quads are vastly superior to any proof craig has ever or will ever deliver to the contrary

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Quads of truth. It's unbelievable how people still shill this garbage.

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creg confirmed for not satoj

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I called this scam right here on this board in october, faggot. Nobody believed it. You were all stoked on yay the next big thing

>> No.16897903

Anyone who believed this shit past the first few days of shilling deserves death.

>> No.16897954

Thanks; I wish I remembered enough of my high school German to figure the rest out. The novel isn't available as an ebook as far as I can find, so the only source is Google Books, and at least in my browser I can't copy/paste text from it to get a translation.

>I called this scam in october
What year?

>> No.16898048


Very funny. Hi.
Never mind about learning German. No need.

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holy cheese

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Personal insult till multiple injury is in store for you not me
They simply had to be calling out, calling out to me
Blacked out, I blacked out with a hatred, I hate enough to see
Personal insult leads to multi-injury

Unholy war you will get, you can get, its just bullshit (sandnigger)
A holy war you will get, you can get, jihad is a joke
Fight us the American public
The most pissed off mother fuckers in the world
Personal insult, till multiple injury
Personal insult, destroying
Personal insult to multiple injury


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You know things are bad when that retard fuck Calvin Ayre is instantly on Twitter tweeting damage control.

Everything he tweets is always stupid as fuck. He would do much better just to keep his dumbass mouth shut, but he always has to say something retarded every (mis)step of the way. Even the fraud Craig probably cringes at all the retarded bullshit Calvin spews on twitter.

>> No.16898499


Infinite couriers incoming
Creg is unstoppable

>> No.16898510

Calvin pays someone, he's knee deep in questionable age pussy RN

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>a super secret double-agent courier is on the way, with the precise ordinance of the next courier who will surely have the location of the double-secret probation secure safe with 1 of the letters of the private keys!

wonder how long these gigantic faggots will keep believing the scam

>> No.16898540


I am unstoppable, because I am bound to nothing. I sell nothing, I am just honest. He is a scammer, he lied. And he is therefore very much a victim... as you will you see.

>> No.16898541

>Nobody can stop Craig once he has all seven of the Dragon Couriers

>> No.16898563


>> No.16898564


Get yourself in line faggot, this guy is really nothing but a big mouth. You will see. It is unfortunate that people fell for it.

>> No.16898568

Idiots fell to your fake news

>> No.16898582


They were not my fake news, promise. I would never scam people.

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>More curryers incoming
Holy shit we’re already dealing with enough BSVijays here, I don’t think we can handle more.

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File: 3.26 MB, 2864x1586, 1579069040057.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Different asshole sure, but same shit.

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Pathetic namefag

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>Tim COPEland

>> No.16898641

because the real satoshi died a short while after the naksmoto incident

>> No.16898650


Did you just call me an asshole? ^^

>> No.16898658

I don’t care for autistic Bitcoiner duels between a bunch of retarded faggots. There is no such thing as Bitcoin anymore. Nothing is ‘Bitcoin’. Creg is still a faggot who can’t prove anything. No proof no credibility.

Go have the thing in your ID.

>> No.16898700


I disagree.

>> No.16898713

there's even a panel where Nick Szabo (real Satoshi) was invited and at some point Craig Wright shows up via skype. You can see it on Nick's face that it's all so tiresome for him. That was even before Craig started larping as Satoshi.

>> No.16898737

You mean when CSW pointed out BitCoin is Turing complete and Szabo made himself fool?

>> No.16898749

pro tip: it's not
that was mental gymnastics from Craig Wright

>> No.16898771

Many suicides if you sell now, the show is just about the begin.

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File: 1.18 MB, 1546x1052, 1578659287894.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They died!!!

Craig Wright is unironically Satoshi Nakamoto. Blockstream - owned by Bilderberg group - intentionally crippled BitCoin by refusing to raise the blocksize cap as was the original design, this caused the adoption and growth in BitCoin to stagnate and collapse due to the artificially high transaction fees imposed by tiny blocks. BitCoin would be at least $50,000 by now if it wasn't for Blockstream, they don't want BitCoin to challenge the central banking system which Craig has spoken out against multiple times.

The original BitCoin protocol lives on as Bitcoin SV (Satoshi's Vision). Craig's company nChain has been hard at work to eliminate the CPU bottleneck in the Bitcoin node software which was originally only single-threaded, rumour has it BSV miners are upgrading to Xeon Phi processors (64 cores) which the code is now being optimised for (thanks to the work by Steve Shadders). This is due to be finished by February 2020 for the Return to Genesis upgrade which will remove all limits in the BSV protocol code and lock down the protocol, with the software limitations removed BSV will be ready for unbounded scaling with the short term goal of sustained 1 Terabyte blocks and millions of transactions per second.

This breakthrough in cheap free-flowing data and sound instant money will create a 4th Industrial Revolution as companies compete to start making ever more powerful computers, faster bandwidth, cheaper and more electricity to mine the Bitcoin blockchain. Mining will be the biggest and most advanced industry on Earth, an expected Bitcoin price of millions of dollars is not unreasonable at this level of scale.

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Is this the updated Crypto Blackpill?

>> No.16899002

Man that judge Bloom was already skeptical as shit, she’s going to tear him a new curryhole lmao

>> No.16899027

Hal finney did indeed die the same year

>> No.16899030

fucking bonded courier probably fucked it up, GOD FUCKING DAMNIT FUCKING WAGIES

>> No.16899105

imagine having all that money and being prisoner in your own body you loath and ashamed of

>> No.16899123

He is not a prisoner. He could lose weight any day he is just a lazy fatass. Its not like he was born disfigured were you cant change shit

>> No.16899142

Hal, Paul Le Roux, Dave Kleiman, or Nick Szabo are more qualified to be Satoshi when you go down the rabbit hole. Because Hal Finney was the first person to receive a Bitcoin transaction and he lived in the same town as Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto, that makes it very easy to say it was him. Some will say but that means he emailed himself. Anyone is perfectly capable of being two or more different people at once. Batman and Bruce Wayne. Clark kent and Superman. Hal was all for privacy and was a cypherpunk with some libertarian beliefs. Just because their was a London Times headline in the genesis block doesn't mean that the person who put it in was reading it or living in London. Satoshi spoke with clear english and some British words were used, but that doesn't mean they're from London.

>> No.16899152

so he pays someone to be retarded online in his place - more time to devote to the twerk team training, I s'pose

>> No.16899162
File: 234 KB, 967x1343, pieceofshit3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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So bliderberg wants a free crypto without kyc and craig wants a mark of the beast coin?

WTF i love the bliderberg group now.

>> No.16899207

To be fair Hal Finney is probably Satoshi not only because he lived near Dorian, Satoshi also in his last posts spoke good of finney, this was just when assange was arrested and Satoshi disappeared.

It may make sense for him to larp with two accounts if he somehow understood how big this would be.

The weird thing about Satoshi tough is that the concept of bitcoin is hard to understand for a first worlder that never lived under capital controls.

The only anglo nation that i think experienced that is south africa(and satoshi is supposed to be an anglo or lived in anglo countries due to how he spoke).

I think this is one of the reason why people constantly ask musk kek.

>> No.16899219

fuck bro i bought at 350 $ thinking about ending it soon

>> No.16899238

>providing your private keys
imagine having to do this

>> No.16899244

Its not far fetched that it even was a team of 2 or more of the suspects. Dorian Nakamoto most likely atleast knew about the bitcoin project prior to it beeing public. Im a programmer and whenever i do a project which obviously im entusiastic about otherwise i wouldnt do it i find it very hard not to talk about it with atleast some likeminded people who maybe in turn will be entusiastic as well and might even join for some time or more. Hal finney however was 100% atleast part of satoshi and very likely the mind behind it.

>> No.16899365

how many hints that just perhaps and maybe the fat fraudulent cunt be indeed a lying fucking conman bag of shite did you need to ignore to get the stage of buying this trash for $350?

>> No.16899367
File: 994 KB, 1124x1500, KwxJpER.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What are you smoking? Bitcoin cannot be Turing-complete because it has no way to "back up the tape". That is an essential opcode for Turing machines. Without it there is no way to loop. And because there is no way to loop, there is no way to infinite-loop. That is specifically why Bitcoin doesn't allow looping and never will. As a result, the Bitcoin opcodes are not Turing-complete and never can or will be. Q.E. fucking D.

That is basic theory of computability that any REAL computer scientist learns in a 300-level class.

>> No.16899493

Paul Le Roux had lived and was born supposedly in Rhodesia and lived in the Netherlands at one time. He created E4M and it's possible he created TrueCrypt. Bitcoin generally is seen as ideal for money laundering and Le Roux became an underground, but highly sought after black market kingpin running big time pharmaceutical drug rings around the world. He was also a very talented and skilled programmer. I think Finney is the man though and that Dorian did have some connection to Bitcoin, but he quit out and handed the keys over to Hal. Szabo was also involved. >>16899244
It would make sense that Hal and some others were involved because it was a fascinating thought of having decentralized money without control by a bank. Talks of that go back to the 1980s or even earlier. To think Craig Wright is any bit involved to the extent at which is said about him by BSV shills is crazy. I'd go with the person or people that aren't egotistical and hold the type of demeanor he has, as the ones involved in creating Bitcoin.

It was always a collaborative effort from the beginning. Bitcoin was thought of for a multiple decades until the steps or functionality was pieced together. From Hashcash to merkle trees to how it was going to work. Would have enjoyed going back in time and being around these likeminded individuals and to see what they envisioned first hand.

>> No.16899669

Yea it's clear the cypherpunks are involved, specially by the fact that satoshi disappeared when assange got arrested(and assange also supposedly was part of the cypherpunks to some degree).

It seems they got scared hard for that, regarding early history i am not sure if it was a group , i mean the first guy programming hard on it was Martti Malmi.

The interesting thing about the fag craig is that he attacks all the people that are known to be involved in the early bitcoin and not even in a soft way.

To Martti Malmi the faggot craig literally told in court he was building assasination markets nad shit like that.


You can't make this shit up everyone that was truly involved in bitcoin creation is constantly attacked by bsv shills.

>> No.16899678
File: 65 KB, 825x447, 5kAtath.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pump due to fake volume. Get scammed bro

>> No.16899685

Did anyone actually buy that BSV scamcoin shit?

It’s fun to watch it bleed but I doubt anyone actually bought it.

>> No.16899689

>the plan
oh i trust the plan, the plan of running away with my motherfucking money if I buy this shit

>> No.16899692


>> No.16899710
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Martti has been facilitator in these dark markets, its common knowledge.
Out of curiosity, do you deny Epstein's role in BTC too?

>> No.16899726

desu i don't think they are actually that retarded. It's more a case of people lying for profit.

>> No.16899732

>Out of curiosity, do you deny Epstein's role in BTC too?

What role did he have?And regarding that destiny crap it's true tough , the pandoras box has already been opened if you are going to start attacking things because criminals use it we all end up as slaves.

The us founder fathers were criminals, every people that standed for what was right were considered criminals too.
I am sure that crypto has been using for shaddy things but it also has been used for a lot of good things here in Argentina i would not be able to buy stuff online anymore without bitcoin since they put a 50% tax on credit cards now.

Early bitcoin was constantly attacked for being used only by criminals at some point i would not be suprised if the guys say fuck it ignore it.

I mean what the fuck can you do?It's like getting pissed because criminals use cash.

>> No.16899742

I cant believe he forgot the keys

>> No.16899754

kekked hard

>> No.16900393
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ladies and gentleman, I present to you: satoshi nakamota

>> No.16900399

ugly face ruins ass,vagene and bobs

>> No.16900413

This is what a recessed maxilla looks like fyi

>> No.16900490

>when assange was arrested and Satoshi disappeared
that has become the meme pushed but at the time no one in btc world really gave much a shit about it.
at the time satoshi disappearance was directly attributed to be related to gavin going to cia to give presentation on how btc operated. everyone figured (and i think correctly) that satoshi saw 'now that this thing has the attention of 5 eyes i need to disappear'

>> No.16900515


>> No.16900548
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>> No.16900564

>founder fathers
>every people that standed
>shaddy things

Holy shit Ranjit pack your fucking bags, no third worlders allowed here.

>> No.16900571
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How many bitcoins???
Not stupid 8 billion toilet papers.

>> No.16900781

>providing your private keys
imagine having to do this


>> No.16900808

No that was month before, look at Satoshi last posts and check what happened that week it's probably related

>> No.16901485
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>> No.16901718

Someone would have sell you the BSV while believing it will become more valuable in the future. There can't possibly be anyone stupid enough to believe that anymore.

>> No.16901739

He just spam filed the same paperwork again that was supposedly a later revision. He is just stalling. A month more of this and the judge is going to throw the case out.

>> No.16901853

Decrypt literally interviewed his lawyer and they confirmed Craig doesn't have the keys. Now they're saying Craig never claimed to have the keys.

I'm sorry for your loss.

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