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XRP = $1 this weekend.

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god please

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xrp will free us

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god answers dubs

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>only $1
Nice FUD

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What's this about Davos?

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the standard in dumping

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Literally none of these predictions has ever come true, just yesterday (and the day before) you idiots were saying LINK would be 5$

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any info op?

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no one really thinks link is going that high

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and no one with a brain believes this shitcoin will go to 1$ either

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it's been $1 twice.

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Unironically 1k EOmonth

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The Smiling Ones have smiled on us anons. We must free as many NPC's as we can and rid the world of niggers when we become elite. It is our blessing and burden to do so.

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no, it hasn't you're lying

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the FOMO will be incredible. IOt will pump to triple digits in matter of minutes, or even seconds.

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This thing has been scraping along the bottom for so long, even in recent altcoin rallies. It's got nowhere to go but up, r- right?

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bsv and xrp are scams - this post has to be bait

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Imma hold until it hits fiddy bois, then I'm gonna surround myself with asian whores

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Smart man. Man of taste.

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Those in power have probably accumulated enough now....time to ascend

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>can’t even pump in this market

big red flag

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Honestly I'm just waiting for BTC to jump up big again. Back when it hit 20k other cryptos like LTC mooned as well. Shit if XLM or XRP hit 100 like LTC did I'll cake my pants.

That said keep buying and holding lads, I'm feeling good about the near future.

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lmao they haven't been cumulated XRP for the last 2 years.