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Ok, it is unironically happening guys. The satoshi coins are moving, but not the BSV. Really makes you think, huh? The BCH coins where moved just 5 minutes ago


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Huge green dildo incoming 3..2..1..

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Fake, gay AND cringe

The holy trinity of faggotry

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Give link to Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash block explorer otherwise CSW syndrome.

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Oh fuck its real

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>november 2010

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That's when the coins was mined

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2019-10-29 07:38

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>november 2010

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cashies getting scared ;)

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Another one

It looks like the BTC moved last October but the BCH moved 20 minutes ago

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Here's another one. Just the same story. BTC and BCH recently moved while BSV remains

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craig cute ;)

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fugg. It really is happening isn't it?

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I thought he got the keys a couple weeks ago?
Means this isn't part of tulip.

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the BSV will move too or maybe he doesn't even care about that scam.
end of 2010 -> not satoshi

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That's it, I'm going 100% all in BSV.

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Funny BCH is pumping now.

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checked pajeet

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the faggot just needs to sign the genesis block

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Can anyone give me the big enchilada I have no idea what this all means

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haha cocksucker

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>end of 2010
pretty smart of him to start moving the most recently mined coins first, to possibly go more under the radar

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Read this article very carefully and ask yourself what narrative they're trying to craft

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that looks comfy af. Wish it was me

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anyone could have mined those

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Is he even allowed to move funds whole the court case is still open?

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he refuses, he's only ever signed with a reused hash from another block. stinks of desperation

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>op literally posts proof
can you get any more delusional.

guys, my links are on an exchange that doesn't comprehend BSV. which exchange can i transfer my linkies to? is there any where i can exchange link directly to BSV, or btc/eth is always needed as middle man?

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i bought bsv on poloniex and huobi

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its literally dumping rn

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If I were an early miner this would be the perfect time to start moving old coins around. Craig submitted a document listing 16404 addresses that he supposedly owns but claims not to have the keys to. If any of these coins start moving now it would instantly discredit his narrative.

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oh wow some blocks mined 22 months after bitcoin started. thats most definitely surtoshis coins.
just sold all my btc for bsv. strapped in for moon mission!
praise craig!

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fuck you don't transfer your shitcoins to btc before i get the chance to transfer mine

guess ill go poloniex then. but need to convert my stack to either btc or eth first apparently. which one is safer (to not dump during the transaction time)?

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>but claims not to have the keys to
This is fake news. He has never claimed that

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"Satoshi coins". Bitcoin wasn't so obscure in late 2010 that only Satoshi used it, what makes you think it's him?

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fuck you don't transfer your shitcoins to bsv and push up the price before i get the chance to transfer mine

guess ill go poloniex then. but need to convert my stack to either btc or eth first apparently. which one is safer (to not dump during the transaction time)?

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Come to BitMEX, the land of opportunity.(×100 cryptocurrency Exchange) https://blog.naver.com/bisbisbisbis/22177491941

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>late 2010
One of the coinbases I posted is from early January 2010. Bitcoin was definitively a very obscure thing at that time

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eth should have faster transaction time and lower fees, just check how many confirmations they require

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Correction then, he hasn't claimed that he *did* have them. He's being deliberately vague about it in order to delay and distract.

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it means at least that some og who probably enjoyed mining since there are different addresses with keys stored supports sv

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>Bitcoin was definitively a very obscure thing at that time
Like I said, not so much that it's fair to assume that all coins are Satoshis.

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there's something wrong with you

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haha xoxucker

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craig is trying his best to make it appear is if he has the satoshi wallet private key by making confusing and airy statements while the bsv pajeets circlejerk eachother awaiting the movement of said tokens.

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>november 2010
find the nearest gun and eat it

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yeah, I see. It actually means nothing yet for bsv and proves nothing

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my friend you very mean with that pajeet term. Im a proud Indian born near the river. I invest my rupees in different things but many in BSV because of the many foretold vishnu prophecies

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Fk. This is real. Check the explorer

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You're gonna make it.

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Fuck this shit fake news thread.

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Getting all the pieces in place for 1 swift move.

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Yes Bhagatveer... it is happening imminent... buy now or stay poo... to the moon we go!!

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>a-anyone could have mined t-those

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no YOU are fake

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bumb, corecucks are literally seething and fudding with fake news

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