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>tfw 200k linklet.
Why couldn't I have bought 1 million links like most of biz have...

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Most of us have atleast 2 million link. If you have anything below 500k you might as well sell now since your never going to make it anyway.

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how does it feel knowing big papa sirgay has 350 million linkies

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10k link is a suicide stack.

they all had two years

its so sad knowing all the nulinkers have less than 10k ahhah losers

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Imagine unironically having less than 600 million Linkies left to dump on the open market.
You lessers disgust me.

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>he doesn't have at least 10 million LINK
You had two years

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Most people have less than 1k link, you people are just a bunch of jokesters. 300 link is a good stack. 1k is make it stack

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>300 link is a good stack. 1k is make it stack
Joking aside, that's a pathetic stack and you're coping.

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Coping as in how? 400 LINK costs over a grand and that's more in savings that 90% of Americans have.

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And you could have had it for less than $100.

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1k isn't a make it stack im sorry. Honestly it all depends on what "making it" is to you. IMO anything between 5k-10k is ok, but 20k+ is ideal.

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>tfw only 60k link
am I gonna make it bros?

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