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How the fuck do you guys make money when taxes are sky high?

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this thread is now about ancap memes

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You finish school and get a decent job not mcdonalds

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Buy link

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tax evasion

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How? The banks share your info with the IRS.

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That picture ignores the fact that the government builds stuff that you depend on (roads, irrigation).

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Hugo http fuck bro

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The us government is becoming corrupt like third worlders. From local to fed

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If you have moderately high intelligence you can figure out how to have an extremely low tax rate (at least in the US). There are plenty of laws on the books that allow tax avoidance. It boils down to this: if you are an employee, your are a tax slave, as there is very little you can do to avoid various payroll taxes and real deductions are minimal. You need to become a business owner and learn to grow capital in sheltered tax-free manner. Because you can grow capital pre-tax as a business, you can grow your wealth even twice as fast as a tax slave. Comes down to if you're willing to do the research
>Be a tax slave, funding your own ethnic replacement
>Be a free man and starve the beast
I know what I chose.

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not an argument

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then there's debt for years, brainlet

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it is. They misuse money i.e. bailed out banks with tax payer money as just one example. This government doesn't do shit hence why most people are struggling

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you don't do tax evasion through the bank
you do it with cash

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Why do you have debt? Are you poor anon?

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>Hoho, you shouldn't be a business owner. Goyi-*cough*, young people such as yourself should go down to you local corporate branch, shake the managers hand and get in from the bottom at $11/hr. Even if the job starts at $10/hr, you'll be at mid management in no time. In fact, you'll look back fondly at the days when you were young, making just $9/hr, it was the start of your corporate journey! In any case, $8/hr is better than nothing.

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At the height of the roman empire, a workers annual taxes were equivalent to two days wages.

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What about a slave's :)?

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Can you give a little more detail? How can i grow my capital pretax?

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fucking have you tried betting?? Stocks are way fairer, and the capital gains tax has loads of way for those with low income to not be overtaxed (from a glance at wikipedia)

Try having a 24% capital gains tax with no rebates, like I have in Iceland. But damn, I'm up 5% in a month, sure beats the bank which taxes capital gains anyway.

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If there were no governments, noone would be stupid enough to build asphalt roads, when you can build concrete ones that costs %80 less, requires %90 less maintenance and hold on way longer.

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I got a $1500 bonus at work the other day. Looked at my paycheck and nearly $400 of it is going to taxes.

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Exactly, asphalt is used because it’s cheap and they can expand cities beyond their means. If the roads were concrete it would assist in keeping cities from getting overbuilt and naturally keep the population under control and quality of life a lot higher. Just another example, out of billions, that we have expanded way too far and now we have to replace everything and can’t afford to. Game over, time to reboot the console.

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That's the game broski. It's been set up that way. Wageslaves at the bottom and more of the elite as you climb up the pyramid.

Most people just want a fair chance at decent wealth. If the banking cartel was never established, then maybe we'd have a proper system with less corruption. The ones that control the money control the world.

I just think no matter how hard they try to keep everyone on on the bottom, they can't break our spirits. Play their game, but play it better.

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Based frens

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I'll try.

Say you want a shed that costs $1000. For a normal person, they have to go out and perform $1500 labor, get $500 taken by the government, and spend the rest on the shed. Leaving them with a $1000 capital investment for $1500 of labor.

Do-it-your-selfer on the other hand, might build their shed instead. Say the shed has $500 of raw materials in it. So you work $750, have $250 taken in taxes, and pay for the materials. Lastly, you build the shed yourself, generating the last $500 of shed value tax free. Now you have a $1000 shed that cost you $1250 in personal labor.

Finally, an entrepreneur builds a shed. The entrepreneur goes and buys the materials as a business expense, so that $500 of labor is converted to capital tax free. The last $500 of value is created by building the shed yourself, likewise tax free. Now you have a $1000 shed produced with $1000 of labor. But then, the entrepreneur rents out the shed for $100/month, and has their accountant depreciate $10 of shed value per month, and buys a brand new F-150 they need for shed rental management that also gets bought pre-tax and is 100% deductable the first year.

Finally, the investor does the same thing as the entrepreneur, only figures out how to borrow 90-100% of the cash and paying others to do all the dirty work, reaping all of the same capital growth and deduction benefits while leveraging other people's money to supercharge their business growth.

Hope that makes sense.

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What's your global tax rate ?

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