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How the fuck is this legal? A bunch of boomers are buying land in this pattern to block you from getting to public land.
Even ancaps will agree this is fucking bullshit

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just move diagonally bro

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haha fucking OP can't move diagonally. literal pea brain shit.

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Who gives a fuck and why would I ever go there? What state is this in anyway

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wat? people are going to go to the public property anyway lol.

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based AOE boomer

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Use a helicopter you poor piece of garbage.

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Oh I looked up the park name on the bottom, it's in bumblefuck oregon. I have never even been to Oregon. Sounds like you problem OP

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It's not boomers it's China

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>tfw no turn based tactics rpg set in rural oregon

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I used this same strat in Decentraland and it's big ol' titties. Soon I'll erect Swastikas. Swastikas everywhere.

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You sure it's not jews?

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They’re not doing this to keep people out of public land. They’re doing this to maximize the size of their property, nobodies going to buy right in the middle of their property.

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how is it legal that they block land, it's basically theft of land they don't own.

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Explain the colors OP. Yellow is public land? What is clear and stripey?

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The boomers probably aren't smart enough to be doing it on purpose desu

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How come when a conservative does something or suggests it, you liberals don’t complain about it. But when M.Zuckerberg kicks his neighbors out and then builds a wall no mentions anything

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>How the fuck is this legal?
>Even ancaps will agree this is fucking bullshit
>how is it legal that they block land, it's basically theft of land they don't own.
>How can people buy land?
>Why hasn't Bernie put a stop to this?

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seems based

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Niggas don’t know about my bishop moves

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based. survival of the fittest

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This common out west.
Forest service etc sells those blocks to logging companies.
If you notice on that map there are roads that cross the private inholdings. Generally the public can use those if there is no active logging going on.

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Just drive there.

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