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>We are also building a solution to low-cost computation by creating the ability for Chainlink oracles to run in Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) via trusted hardware such as Intel SGX. Oracle-based TEEs offer a black box environment where nodes can expand oracle services to include off-chain computation and transaction privacy. Not even the oracle is aware of the data going in and out, yet the trusted hardware can provide an attestation back to the blockchain noting that it operated correctly without tampering. TEEs have intriguing potential for bringing scalable and low-cost computation to smart contracts.

Daily reminder that Gilles has already filed various patents in this field. You can't simply go and copy it, fat Sergey.
If you go ahead with this madness we will start a class action lawsuit.

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SGX is broken and full of security holes. Ask anyone on /g/. You'll be called a dumbass for buying Intel in general.