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Based CZ

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oops, wrong picture
t. op with a phone

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Shitcoiners that dont understand bitcoin everywhere.

Im going to be fucking rich.

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Thank you based chinaman

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Wrong man.
This is the man who dumped 700k 14x.

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Based Binance BNB Boiiii

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Can an anon who actually has an IQ over 130 and has a far deeper understanding of markets than me, please explain the implications of this development?

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leveraged link derivatives have been around for a long time. However, I am of the opinion that getting link delisted from this chink's scam casino would be an overall benefit.

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Varg Vikernes?

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no way dude thats Jason Parser

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what did you do this time?

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it's not fair. it was sergey's idea.
he won't be able to compete with binance though, so i'm gonna convert all my linkies to bnb. but it's not fair. i was meant to make it with link.