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welcome to the crabbing

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Thanks OP I bought 5

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this can't be real

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yeaaa pump it

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How is this a good thing

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They really should have done 77x for LINK

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We can long LINK into the singularity

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This is a mixed bag.
Its going to increase volatility. On the other hand autists never sell which you can see on volume profiles so its probably going to cause bigger up spikes than down spikes when it does happen.

Then on the other hand that chink has now gained another huge tool to manipulate Link. Suppress it maybe but definitely has the ability to extract Link from all the day traders, hype traders and redditors now. The people with small dick stacks are more likely to use that leverage so its very easy pickings to gain their stacks from them now for CZ.

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i hate jews and niggers

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> you just got CHINKED

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looks like i can finally stop trading the BTC futures on binance

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Top fucking kek it’s real

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trips of truth


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Not available in the .US

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The translation - a merely speculative shittoken without any future.


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Is that why it just started pumping?

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singularity status: enabled

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You can short LINK into the oblivion

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this will not end well.
Do you know what happened to all the other assets that got margin trading enabled?

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Do you?

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so this is the reason for the pump.
binance became a pure online casino.

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Could someone explain really simply how this works to a stupid person? (average link holder)

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You lose all your money 75x faster than normal

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You give all your link to chinks and say that it will pump, if it pumps you make x75 link if it doesn't you lose everything. It casino where all the hidden buttons are in chinks hands. Be careful

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trade the underlying usually without having to use the underlying. In this case, trade link without using Link. The contract is based on the value of LINK in USD without using USD (just Link)

Perpetual contract:
This never expires. Usually a contract ends at a set date and trade must be closed. Prepetual never ends, but you must pay a fee every few hours or days etc to keep it open.

You borrow a set amount with corrodes to your initial margin. this determines the leverage.
If i borrow 1000 link, but i only have 100 Link in my margin account, I have 10x leverage.
If i borrowed 7500, with only 100, that would be 75x leverage.

Depending on leverage used, this amplifies gains and loss. on 10x leverage, If links price went up by 10% I would receive 100% Roi instead of 10% with no leverage. My 100 link becomes 200 after i close the trade and give Binance back their 900 I borrowed.
Likewise, if it goes down 10%, i lose my 100 links and the trade is liquidated so binance keep their 900 Link and someone else claims that 100 Link who was on the winning side of the trade.

amplify this as much as your leverage is set to. so if i was on 50x leverage, a 0.5% move would cause a 100% return on investment, or 100% loss depending on which way.

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just lost 100 usdt playing around with btc futures to see what it was like. Anyone who uses this shit will lose everything.

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I enjoy seeing anons ask about margin trading knowing that they'll all lose all their money eventually

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This is a scary tragedy. I hate the jew chimp CZ
Now an unlimited amount of Link can be traded without anyone buying even one token! The supply of our stinky Link just went from rare to infinite.
Not available in US----- without a VPN which everyone has.

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Pretty much.

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sergey surely loves binance and its regulatory arbitrage stance to 'derisk' his giant positions. how can you hate something that your beloved sergers uses, mr schizo?

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Is it possible to do this with 1 LINK? Say I have 1 Link and i do 75x and get green. Does that mean I get 75 linkies?

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what happened to all the other assets that got margin trading enabled?

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It's over for good now, futures will manipulate this shit a little up and down forever now, abort the moon mission.

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What If I win for example 4000 link from link futures, what now? If I want to redeem those 4000 linkies they have to be bought in first place right? or does binance only give the USD equivalent, not the link token itself?

(Retard here)

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If LINK doubled then yeah. It's 75x gains so if you would have gained 1 LINK you gain 75 instead. With only 1 LINK you need 100% increase to gain 1.

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it means you'll lose $2000 and owe it to them faster than you thought was possible

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why this is not good news?
They gonna crab Link-- but in case of Hype they can also let it skyrocket faster x 20

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Why don't we agree to long it all together ?

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someone plox

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Pair will be LINKUSDT, so you will earn/lose USDT, which you can then transfer to exchange and buy whatever.

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USDT pair only.

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>hey guys its us over at Binance we decided we wanted to hand out 75x the amount of gains youd normally get at our own expense.
No. They're going to do small pumps up and small dumps down eternally. It's over.

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What's the best min amount to use?

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I will happily never trade my linkies. It would be a betrayal to them. And how could they mange being separated from one another? No.

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You won't trade your Link, you're gonna trade usdt to pump it to heaven

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> rare
> premined shitcoin right from the sergay's ass


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>inb4 whales, exchanges and/or kikes orchestrate huge downside wicks to trigger stop-losses and fill each other orders

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Yeah. Let's all go long, you first.

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So it's over? poor nu-linker here who was about to break 1k this month.

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Sure I will. Just look how market reacted baboon

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Can’t wait to short this shitcoin

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You're going to get your gender liquidated so fast you're going to need star wearing diapers.

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Its fucking OVER.... FUCK....

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yeah on binance. They are trying to sucker people on the exchange. Binance trades against it users

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So it'll be like the FUN token (i.e. worthless), except it will actually be used for gambling

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I will go LONG x75.
$2000 starting pack.

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This means I can leverage a stack of 100 Linkies to buy 7500?

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Alright, I'm actually worried now.

...should I be?

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yes and if the price moves against you 1% you lose all your money

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Nope. That means you buy 1 usdt worth of LINK.
If price goes up 1%, you earn 75.
If it goes down, you lose it.
If it goes down 1,33%, you're liquidated and lose everything.

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>They're going to do small pumps up and small dumps down
so this applies also to bitcoin?
I don't think so

Yes futures are a short term bad thing for a crypto (look at btc 2018 market) but long term they can transform a period of hype in a x100 overnight.

Immagine whales and insiders all longing up

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Btw, I am fucking bullish here.

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Legitimately moving all of my LINK off of Binance now lmao. These ching chongs are trying to liquidate a bunch of retards and increase their stack, they know something we don't know...

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Moving them won't impact price bro.

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how do i go 75x on my current stack?

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If I’m not mistaken, if lots of people moved their link off binance it could actually impact the price.

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What’s going to prevent me from 75X 1 LINK every month or so like a lotto ticket? Can anyone explain to me? I will actually owe the leverage if it goes against me right? or just lose the 1 LINK

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You don't. You have to transfer USDT to your Futures account first.

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if you did it randomly once per month all year you would lose all your money and get nothing

lf you're a top tier techinical analyst you will still get absolutely fucking rekt... the odds of you hitting the bottom within 1% are basically 1000:1

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Didnt understand much, but about loaning stuff from binance isnt that fucking risky for them lol? What if i just loan 10k link and withdraw them away and never go back in to binance?

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If you had my love and I gave you all my trust would you comfort me? And if somehow you knew that your love would be untrue would you lie to me? And call me baby?

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>75x leverage on a token that’s got 80% of the supply in one guy’s chubby palm
Oh no no no. Sergey’s gearing up for something.

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That’s not the point, I’m just saying since they suddenly opened LINK futures without a massive shift in the underlying price, that they must want to accumulate more in a clandestine manner and as soon as possible. I don’t trust the Chinese not to exit scam desu.

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well technically binance are not loaning you shit officially. the person who goes long is loaning to the person who goes short till it all reach a net equilibrium. thats how it works officially.

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Or they are done accumulating. an argument can be made for both.

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Curious to know why they chose LINK to do this with..

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Fuck it, I'm buying.

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Should have moved them a long time ago, binance fucked the link price the past few years, they'll continue to fuck it up going forward

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>Futures killed gold
>Futures killed BTC
Poor linkies, never even had a chance.

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just get a different wallet brainlet

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actually it will. Last time everyone moved their holdings off binance they had a shit fit

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btc and eth? yeah they fucking mooned retardedly hard

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binance cold wallet has 75 million link and another five million in their hot wallet

you're at the mercy of these chinks. also for you retards even considering this it's worth noting that 5x leverage on link is fucking suicidal, 75x is just basically giving your money away

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yet they are still trying to bait people onto their exchange. If everyone takes their shit off then they have to move their own holding to run the bots/trade.

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Thanks for the financial advice , just went 75x long

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>Legitimately moving all of my LINK off of Binance now
Not your keys
Not your crypto
People still fail to understand that having custody of your own crypto is what differentiates us from fiat and stocks
These exchanges are unnecessary middle men.
DEXs have their own challenges but are still much preferred to centralized exchanges.
Ari did a good talk about DEXs:

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Bonus tip:
Chinance is CCP
It’s why I don’t buy any Chinese crypto’s
CCP is so notorious for fudging numbers that they make the 2008 printing spree of the American banks look like amateur hour.
Time for anons to get educated on the CCP
Look into the concept of “barbarian management”
Most of the european and western left wing sodomites are funded by the CCP:


>moral of the story:
>don’t trust any of the “official” figures coming out of China.
>also they’ve bought out most of the talking mouths (including the “environmentalists”)

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who cares lmao, the chinks are going to pump link for us.
the #1 chinese blockchain project literally announced they're using link a few days ago.

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it's why Sergey spent so much time in China and Asia
western banks/enterprises are adopting Chainlink
him and Adelyn did a good job spreading Chainlink to Asian markets

still, I wouldn't trust anything coming out of China for obvious reasons
they have a rock solid track record of being malevolent actors to their own people and when dealing with foreigners

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Sauce? That seems like it would be all over the catalog

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It was...

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Too much BSV bullshit and that lard craig shitting up the board

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but that implies that the shorters and the longers have to invest exactly the same amount of money

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>Futures killed gold
>Futures killed BTC
is thi true guys?

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Finance is not cyclical

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Ah.. The Duality of Man.

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>gender liquidation
Is this the new fad?

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now would be a good time to set a bunch of staggered orders so you can be notified in case of flash movements, and make further action if you catch it in time.

Kind of interested in setting a couple leveraged positions, 100 link here and there.

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How do I invest in gender liquidation?

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Can any other anons confirm that futures being enabled for Chainlink will make it very difficult to moon now?

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I wish we would just vaporize them all already.

>> No.16877592

You'd be better off putting those LINK onto a paper wallet and flushing them down the toilet.

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there are a lot of beautiful Chinese people (my waifu is from Hong Kong)
the CCP however, is a different issue entirely

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How would you lose all your money? Is 1 LINK on the line in this situation or more?

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Hey 42, glad to see you're doing well.

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Sad but true
Well played anon

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do we know how much they got in listning reward? and how much they have left?

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finally now i can short this pajeet scam

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thank you for your well wishes brother

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is it that bad? BTC went from 3500 to 14000 with derivatives in place.

>> No.16878749

> it dumped
So much for the Chinks, huh?

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This is solid post. I probably won't use more than 3x and potentially only 33% of my stack if not less. I want to double my holdings ideally. I doubt 3x would get called

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10K make it stack basically only 8500ish on 3x leverage. 2x might be the best bet though

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>just lost 100 usdt playing around with btc futures to see what it was like. Anyone who uses this shit will lose everything.
This. I have no clue how any real person ever wins at this. The fucking exchange itself is trading against you, you literally can not win

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I'm sorry you got memed fren, most aisans are disgusting.

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lol it's fucking ogre for linkoids.

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Operations Amadeus, Pegesus, and Watchtower.

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checked and neon pilled

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Incredibly based. I have an army of Linkies and they will never be separated from one another. I will only add new Linkie recruits and make the army stronger

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HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH, this should be a Netflix series, Jestons spinoff
>history of pajeets in crypto

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The futures gods will take us to the fucking moon
Sit back, relax and let’s just wait to be filthy rich

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I remember that. Cz threw a shit fit and called out linkies. Pretty amazing to see the coordinated autism of linkers to cause an exchange to melt down temporarily.

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how can I connect on google+ when its ded cuz m00t?