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>tfw lost my nano ledger s

who here quite JUSTed?

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i left one in a 4 star hotel in central berlin and the staff was so fucking rude about it i bet someone stole it. oh well just reset the seed on another wallet and transfered everything away.

do that ASAP op, before someone finds your wallet and lucky guesses the pin. it self destroys after 3 unsuccessful tries but you never know. so hurry.

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You have your recovery seed dont you?

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hardware wallets are such a meme. just use an old laptop.

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the 24 word one? yeah ive still got it

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So get a new ledger and move your coins fren

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no worrys then fren congrats welcome to crytpo

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I have a ledger here that I forgot the password to, has minimum of 26 ETH and bunch of other shitcones. And yes I lost the words as well
I am on my final try before it locks, praying I see the password in my dreams or something

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do not break it

these things can be broken into. at least save it until you find someone who can help you.

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This is why I dont like ledgers. They feel less safe than just using "trust wallet"

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nah. this shit is strong. it has something called secure element, a computer within a small chip. only the company and nsa kinda things could break probably

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>hacker steals eth
>"sorry, fren. I couldn't unlock it"

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Personally I think they’re lost for good and o treat it that way and yes I won’t lose it. Like I said I am hoping I can see the password in my dreams or in a DMT trip or some shit

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so what, there have been many supposedly secure chips cracked over the years

I would keep the ledger for at least 20 yrs just in case. it's better than losing the coins.

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>losing over $4000 to your own stupidity

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What if I told you I have close to 300k in Crypto, all in exchanges cus of that incident and will never use a ledger again, would you believe it?

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>doesn't protect his seed phrase
>loses his own hardware wallet
>blames ledger
at least you still have 300k so you aren't completely stupid

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Kraken discovered some kind of plundervolt-style attack vector on hardware wallets. It requires physical access to read pin voltage fluctuations.

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N I g g er
Wallets are a hassle, had five of them during the last bullrun and it’s just hard to keep up with everything
I fell for the “not ur keys, not ur Crypto” meme and yes it’s a fucking meme
And yes lost a lot of money in Cryptopia....well it was a lot of money now those shitcones are worth nothing
If this space is to ever go truly mainstream the wallets situation has to be solved
Ain’t nobody got time for this shit

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D u m b a s s
You seriously think keeping an application updated, remembering a numerical password, and plugging in a device is too much work? Trezor doesn't even need software. It uses your web browser.

>loses money to exchange shadiness
>still keeps over a quarter-million on an exchange

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Less stressful than a ledger, it’s just is for me

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>put seed into mew and mycrypto
>all of my shit was on the first wallet in the list
>up to wallet 680 and still cant find the address all of my shitcoins were stored on

how many wallets do they give you? it doesnt just keep going, d-does it?

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