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Beside all that crypto stuff: Anon what you sell or planning to sell atm?
How much should the initial invest be? Or is it to late and all a big meme?

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Initial investment could be $1100-$2500. Just depends on the product and the deal you are getting on it. I sell apparel. 3 products right now, about to be 5. Around $3 each with shipping and everything. I sell for $20 a pop. During most months I can sell anywhere from 3-16 of each product a day. About $11-12profit per unit sold. January is just so fucking slow for me. I may sell 1-3 units total a day right now.

Get into FBA but only if you are getting into a solid niche you really understand, or can bring something new or unique to the table. My products sell because I am the only one bringing the quality.

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seems like bullshit people trying to sell courses, either do something that helps people or innovate the market

all these shit businesses are destined to fail

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Yeah that what I’m thinking also. That maybe the money is just by making videos about it and selling webinars for noobs idk

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where do you get them?